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  • Shawnalee Young
    Shawnalee Young 3 hours ago

    Imagine, What must be goin through Rafferty's mind, knowing that all of these investigator's will eventually find out about his sick web.searches of underaged girls being raped and assaulted. Plus all jonzed out for more pk/oxys, not ta mention what a pos everyone will know for sure that he my opinion, both of these scumbags can rot in jail. While they'll Nrip. I'm absolutely sickened by this case, especially finding out that The lil angel was so excited to bring her friends to see her new bedroom, that her mom fixed all up for her.😥rip 👼Angel girl... rip👼

  • Hopes Alive
    Hopes Alive 23 hours ago

    Your demon wants an attorney. I wonder if that is the first time he ever said that

  • Melissa Ryan
    Melissa Ryan 23 hours ago

    Chris claims he wasn't in his right mind but he had the presence of mind to grab one of his "fat shirts" because he knew he was going to be throwing it away - ok - whatever

  • Patricia Foster

    The jail interviews are not about Chris. They are waiting for him to slip up about NK. I don’t believe he’s in his right mind YET.

  • Melissa Ryan
    Melissa Ryan Day ago

    You can hear them interviewing Chris Watts in the next room better than you can hear this interview .

  • Patricia Foster

    I hold NK responsible. She killed five in reality.....Chris lost his life too.

  • Paul Francis
    Paul Francis Day ago

    Watts : I killed them. Police : Fine, now do you understand why you failed the Polygraph Test ?

  • Lorie Anne
    Lorie Anne Day ago

    Damn Boomhauer.

  • Paul Francis
    Paul Francis Day ago

    If my wife went missing, I'd be going berserk, yelling at, and choking the cop, telling him to stop wasting time and look for her,. This bastard is cool as a cucumber. It's obvious the copy is letting him bury himself in bullshit.

  • ka chi
    ka chi Day ago

    i hate NC accents🙉

  • Katiehawke Navarre

    God bless you Nikkol. We should all be blessed with a friend like you.😔

  • Renegade Blade
    Renegade Blade 2 days ago

    She's an awesome friend! Anybody would be lucky to have her as one! Who knows how much of his crime he would of got to cover up had she not cared enough about her friend to be persistent.

  • SerialShagster
    SerialShagster 2 days ago

    Who knows?, in China she may have been killed at birth...It's a strange world in which we live.

  • Suzzanne Stofko
    Suzzanne Stofko 2 days ago

    Nicole and her son were snapping pics of the car and shoes even before anyone would have thought anything was wrong, Piss Watts you didn’t stand a chance! Nicole my condolences go out to you! You brought justice to Shanann and her babies!

  • Alex Nicoletti
    Alex Nicoletti 3 days ago

    Look at the Silverback in the room.

  • anna coolmum
    anna coolmum 3 days ago

    Gid love shannon pregant, sick, tired, add lupus which i heard makes u very tired, a hard worker only to be attacked by ur husband i hope she didnt see her girls god poor women all she wanted was to save her marriage chris got seduced by a sexy body he mustn't be use to female attention. Idiot chris will talk when nicole meets a new bloke and he reslaises hes in prision for life and the people that helped him or that he killed for are loving there lifes..

  • Mark Hirstwood
    Mark Hirstwood 3 days ago

    teenager? she was 8.

    GRACE SLICK 4 days ago

    I read Frankie Jr is back on drugs

  • Lynn Scotland
    Lynn Scotland 4 days ago

    Why would you interview in a park then she say she only went once to the house lying shit .

  • Andrew Spoto
    Andrew Spoto 4 days ago

    Asshole saying right off the bat it is wide that the neighbors cam did not pick up his wife walking in to the house.

  • Ville Pakarinen
    Ville Pakarinen 4 days ago

    Chris on the night of the murders: "I'm gonna get away with this!!" Nickole: "Hold my morning latte."

  • Alabama Worley
    Alabama Worley 4 days ago

    This entire family is beyond vile and psychologically unstable! They're all equally delusional, lying, hateful, and vindictive narcissists! Throughout the entire interview I've heard nothing but irrelevant rambling and lies about Shannan, or at the very least, grossly exaggerated incidents which serve absolutely no purpose given the circumstances in which he's being questioned. During nearly 2 hours of questioning, the only time Ronnie provides a direct and relevant answer is when he's asked about having prior knowledge of NK, which given his baseline of incessantly rambling about Shannan in an effort to slander her character, is clearly a lie. That is literally the ONLY instance in which he directly responds to a question then stops talking, as opposed to his relentless smear campaign against Shannan throughout the entirety of the interviews. This family is the most classless, emotionally twisted, pathological bunch I've ever seen in a case. Ironically, aside from what Chris ultimately did, he was the only seemingly respectful and decent one, but with folks like that it's no wonder how things ended the way they did. I'm entirely sure that they were fully aware of NK, that Cindy had spoken to NK, and the vile and evil hatred they all shared for Shannan united them. These people are clinically sick, and knowing that Shannan had to endure such a dysfunctional, malicious family for 8 years legitimately breaks my heart. THAT'S probably why they moved Ronnie, not because of "her friend's", you ignorant hillbilly!

  • Chelsey Lynn
    Chelsey Lynn 4 days ago

    He was checking on her that night Chris arrived 🥺Now we know that’s bc Chris gave her the oxy to cause a miscarriage!

  • 1 ova kind
    1 ova kind 5 days ago

    He said “super smart”!!! 😂

  • 1 ova kind
    1 ova kind 5 days ago

    Who the hell is operating the Drone, why don’t they go get the sheet and look at the truck tire marks! All those cops just standing there

  • Pamela Smith
    Pamela Smith 5 days ago

    Killing over loud music so sad

  • Pamela Smith
    Pamela Smith 5 days ago

    How can he be so calm

  • Pherioxus
    Pherioxus 5 days ago

    Stephen HAD to have watched interrogations before it's not just that he kept completely still, stoic and retained eye contact to avoid any body language (which is a defensive gesture in and of itself) but he knew most of the tricks. 1:33:43 the detective offered him an alternative reason, which is a way to get the suspect to at least partially admit his crimes, Stephen knew of this, and just said he didn't kill her. That just shows how intensively he learned about past interrogations where subtle tricks like these are used. That just gives me the impression that Stephen planned his murder, and what he'd do in a scenario if he was caught (which of course he is) for a very long time. Had the trashmen been on schedule; Stephen might have killed again.

  • Jennifer Napier
    Jennifer Napier 5 days ago

    5h 21 m: c: I haven't had a soda in years! T: do you have any bad habits? C: pause...... does family annihilation count???

  • jrlv62
    jrlv62 5 days ago

    Seems to me this lady is wasting an awful lot of time!

  • Bastian
    Bastian 6 days ago

    Sad story. Sad live

  • Pamela Fuentes
    Pamela Fuentes 6 days ago


  • Andrés Fernández
    Andrés Fernández 6 days ago

    this detective's a pro, anyone else would have beaten him dead after the first 10 minutes

  • Stephen L
    Stephen L 6 days ago

    I love how the detective will just stare at him for like 15 seconds and make him uncomfortable.

  • Ville Pakarinen
    Ville Pakarinen 6 days ago

    9:01:21 A great moment to smack his son in the head.

  • Patricia Foster
    Patricia Foster 7 days ago

    At this point....this mumbling brainless demon doesn’t realize that Chris is showing detectives the tanks. I wonder if he shut his trap later?

  • missbeehaven
    missbeehaven 7 days ago

    Hmm...if my mother found her her grandkids and daughter-in-law were dead and by her own sons hand she would be inconsolable. My dad would be speechless. Just beyond odd. On top of that still bashing SW. DISGUSTING!!

  • Jane Tudhope
    Jane Tudhope 7 days ago

    I smell bullshit makes me wonna believe nk lies now 🤭🤥🤥🤭

  • Diane Farr
    Diane Farr 7 days ago

    I am so sorry, Frankie, for the loss of your sister, nieces and nephew. May God hold you close.

  • Caroline Whitney
    Caroline Whitney 7 days ago

    Chris never had a shot in hell at getting away with this he doesn't understand the intricacies of friendship and how many people truly loved, cared for and supported Shanann, that's why he was blindsided by Nickole. He only thinks of himself and his point of view and had no idea they were on to him within hours of her disappearance because he doesn't understand love and how friends protect each other smh textbook narcissist psychopath

  • Melisssa Cunningham

    Poor Frankie I really feel for him,and his parents.

  • Kate Murphy
    Kate Murphy 8 days ago

    Also, for someone who was debating whether she wanted to get involved with him, my God, she gave him SO much advice and guidance about what apartment to buy/how his kids will take the 'separation' etc. She's a snake with blood on her hands, directly or indirectly.

  • Kate Murphy
    Kate Murphy 8 days ago

    Oh my God, I'm so angry with her whole nochalant way she's speaking about them 2 little darlin babies....🤬. Not one bit of emotion out of her at all!

  • Rrikikiki
    Rrikikiki 8 days ago

    what a nice guy

  • Kate Murphy
    Kate Murphy 9 days ago

    If she ever gets done for being an accomplice, perjury, deleting messages...etc...Juan Martinez, please please please grill the bitch and get her sent down 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Kate Murphy
    Kate Murphy 9 days ago

    "It was like SOOOOOOWH" long ago. I mean, like I can give you recent conversations, but anything like 6 weeks ago?" Mate, I thought he was asking her to go back to when she was in her mamas womb. 6 weeks is not SOOOOOOWH long ago, and you WOULD remember significant conversations. What a skanky bitch.

  • Fee Mac
    Fee Mac 9 days ago

    I hope they charge her for wasting police time.

  • Thomas Fisher
    Thomas Fisher 9 days ago

    The coward brought a gun to a fist fight

  • Erica M. Flores
    Erica M. Flores 9 days ago

    CW is an liar.. Shannan was very supportive of his exercises & actually was the one who started it!! So much contradictions when it comes from N.K and C.W.. No, hes just trying to find his excuses why he would cheat on his wife.. Pathetic, but its in the narcissist playbook.. Blame the victim and never take any responsibility!! He is a hoe, player, liar, women beater ( literally ), child abuser ( literally), selfish and 100% dead beat loser.. The new CW interview: Is questionable. He said once "We" had to get the shovel.. Yet, he changed the subject.. Now, If it was him, why would it be "we"?? He has not told the truth and wont until the day he days ( which he has stated..).

  • Tyler Bean
    Tyler Bean 9 days ago

    “The last thing I’m looking for is trouble”. Okaaaaaaaay. Yet, you roll down your window to ask a person (who you’ve judged is threatening) if you’re the one he’s talking about killing? Hello, Trouble, nice ta meetcha. And Rhonda! Goes into the store with her normal life and cute shoes 👠 for vino and returns to her fiancé THE MURDERER! 🤯 The old saying is true. Fact is stranger than fiction. 😑

    • Alex Nicoletti
      Alex Nicoletti 3 days ago

      Tyler Bean Don’t Blast that shit music if u don’t want trouble.

  • penelope j bishton
    penelope j bishton 10 days ago

    what is it with this guy and LIKE every outher word is like

  • Kristin Marie
    Kristin Marie 10 days ago

    1:33:30 I wanna throat kick this girl! Did you meet his kids? "Nope and I didn't want to" she says with no emotion. Once she corrects her slip up, notice how different her tone changes as she's giving all these excuses as to why she didn't want to meet his kids. Just like Twatts did when he rambled with excuses about why and what he loaded into his truck that morning. These 2 insecure, psycho retards are covering for each other

  • Erika Elyse
    Erika Elyse 10 days ago

    Just fyi for anyone who wondered, to my understanding, amber alerts have very specific requirements. Like who they were last seen with, that person has to be a known or probable threat to the child/children, make model of car and plate number. Not sure what else, but I know those things for sure. So since the girls were last with their mom, they couldn't issue an amber alert, bc they didnt know if they had been taken and by who.

  • Nicole Servos
    Nicole Servos 10 days ago

    Crime tube, thank you so much for making this audio available for us viewers :) 💟

  • Anna Łuniewska
    Anna Łuniewska 10 days ago

    Frankie should go to make tests before he will decide that he isn't fertile. Sometimes it's an issue that can be fixed.

  • Lee Richards
    Lee Richards 11 days ago

    Clayton Carr's hi IQ niece What a FN Joke!!

  • sherwood991
    sherwood991 11 days ago

    This "interrogation" is absolute comedy. I found myself cracking up with laughter several times. Between the investigators' interesting phraseology, accent and questions and Stehen's repetitive and monotonous responses, you will get everything that you need to get you through the day. "Look at all that on your head", the conversation about Stephen's underwear...

  • Romald Rendina
    Romald Rendina 11 days ago

    This is brevard the screen says jacksonville in duval county

  • IamSofia
    IamSofia 11 days ago

    I'm surprised you don't have more subscribers, I guess people don't know how to search for these interviews.

  • IamSofia
    IamSofia 11 days ago

    I wonder if Shanann's dad was a bit "medicated" in this interview, he sounds a little slurry and detached.

    • FancyTruth
      FancyTruth 22 hours ago

      He was probably exhausted and unable to get any sleep.

  • samcad2013
    samcad2013 11 days ago

    Epic friend goals. What an absolute legend this woman is.

  • Tyler Bean
    Tyler Bean 12 days ago

    PS: Thanks for the wedding memories, Dad. 🙄

  • IamSofia
    IamSofia 12 days ago

    It's easy to hear how much Tammy was manipulating Chris on his interview, she is very professional and different in this one.

    • missbeehaven
      missbeehaven 7 days ago

      She was that way with Chris because she and the investigators knew damn well he did it and they needed him to stop wasting everyone's time, confess, and get to the bodies...especially after his epic fail with the lie detector test.

  • IamSofia
    IamSofia 12 days ago

    He talks a lot like Chris. I'm not saying it to insult but I can see why they were buddies.

  • Truth hurts
    Truth hurts 12 days ago

    Wow, the amount of comments from people that pick at the most stupid things on here. Let me unpack. The Watts family: Targeting Mr and Mrs Watts simply for not getting on with the daughter-in-law. For not going to her parties, wedding or other familial events. For not showing much emotion etc... First of all, why should the Watts have to lie and tell the police that things were hunky dory, because a tragedy has occurred? The police could’ve arrested them for hindering an investigation for lying about the relationship, they had with her. Perjury is an offence even if it’s just a white lie. This is an interrogation, not a job interview. Secondly, why go to familial events, to cause an atmosphere and for perhaps further animosity between them to occur. Thirdly, they have every right to hold that opinion, they have every right to express it. You’re either for freedom of speech or you’re not. You can’t have it both ways. Why should they keep their opinions to themselves, to keep YT viewers happy? The Rzuceks knew how the Watts felt towards Shan’ann, those revelations weren’t a surprise. Fourthly, “how can anyone act that way, blah blah blah?” Who are you to police how anyone deals with a tragedy like this? No two families are the same. If all our families were the same, there would be no need to have a government, because we’d all be good little people all controlled by morals. “That family is dysfunctional blah blah blah.” Who gave you the right, to judge how a family must raise their children? Or how their parents are as people? Fifthly, “Cindy Watts has no morals, she’s always Shan’ann bashing” If she lied and said nice things, you’d have something to say about that too. She’s damned if does and damned if she doesn’t. You can’t force people to like people. You can’t force them to remain silent just to suit the internet either. Sixthly, I’m not taking the Watts side here. I’m just saying that the double standards in the comments section in regards to freedom of speech. The 1st Amendment applies to the Watts too. Sometimes the truth from others is ugly. Putting people on a pedestal after a horrific tragedy like this, only seeks to cause division to an already divided world. Seventhly, note, all these people lost someone, they both lost children and grandchildren. Even though Chris is still alive, he’s really not living. He’s existing in a 6x10 cell. He’s screwed his own life and the life of his wife, children, his parents, her parents, his friends and her friends. Last by in no way the least, Nichol Kessingers life too. He’s destroyed hers too. Which brings me to my last point. The only thing that woman done wrong was fall for a married man. She never killed those children or their mother. It was Chris and he alone. What she done was moralistically wrong, however morals are subjective. There’ll be many that thinks their affair is wrong and many will think the opposite. The truth is humans cheat, humans are not perfect.

  • JuliesJusSayin! B
    JuliesJusSayin! B 12 days ago

    He’s a LIAR! I have screenshots of Kodi Roberts AT SW HOME with vision board party. Hello. Look on her Facebook he’s tagged with a girl and one with Girl and boy Sitting IN SHANANNS open dining area with rug. To say he don’t n ow her is a lie. The pics on Facebook from vision board party he’s there. So personally he knew her to be in her home. This dude is lying for some reason.

  • Alabama Worley
    Alabama Worley 12 days ago

    3:51:50 "When WE got home", regarding the Saturday night he went to the Rockies game and The Lazy Dog. Yet another Freudian slip. NK came back with him on Saturday night, and I recall the babysitters mother saying how Chris sped into the garage, not realizing that she was waiting in the car, and believes that she saw someone else with him in the passenger seat of the Lexus. 4:43:49 "They showed up AFTERWARDS", when simply asked if any other operators were present at the site. At 4:45:50 Chris mentions that he offered to go to the site to avoid a possible "health and safety violation", which just so happens to be the exact position NK held at Anadarko. Hence, she would have been privy to said location needing to be checked out BEFORE Chris was, and likely concocted the failed explosion plan to take place at said location as a result. HOW is NK still free?!?! There are more than enough incongruent statements between the two, and incriminating evidence which should have warranted a formal investigation and subsequent lie detector test of her. It's beyond infuriating!!!

  • Mann Made
    Mann Made 12 days ago

    Couple years ago, my dog ran off and I freak out big time. I ran all over the neighborhood looking for her. Lucky I found after searching a few hours, but I remembered that feeling of guilt for leaving the door open and that feeling of dread. I was a wreck. Now watching this guy act so calm, collected, just NO EMOTION AT ALL, You know the interrogator noticed that immediately. He was probably convinced he did it.

  • Insightful Carrie
    Insightful Carrie 13 days ago

    Oh to go with my other. Comment about her not wanting to marry Chris she was trying to become the high priestess of a coven(she pretended thy Chris would be in to,but he and his family was the sacrifice) to become that she had to have a ritual ceremonial (nonlegal) marriage they wear proper dresses and stuff and to seal it and create power for her and any other spells used.chris wasn’t the high priest I dunno who was But with all info we now know timeline makes sense she just put a love type spell and other techniques to change his perception he’s guilty IMO still cause he let the door open to the evil Only good thing is the rule of 3*3 she got some heavy karma debt collectors coming her way

  • Erica M. Flores
    Erica M. Flores 13 days ago

    Wow, Her family talked VERY respectful about Chris, but his mom disrespected and rude about Sha'nann.. I never want to feel like to lose my child & grandkids.. I pray every night since I have learnt of this to help heal there pain! :(

  • Robert Emmet
    Robert Emmet 13 days ago

    Dreadful mumbler 🙄

  • Isabelle L.
    Isabelle L. 13 days ago

    Oufff i listen the hole interrogation and take about 5 or 6 breaks to eat. I thought to myself: she must be exausted from the stress.....but hinking that she is so strong (along the interrogation) must be because she was very very disciplin by her parents. And remaks in the answers she was specific in details. Like she plan a story in her head and try to be consistent but the inestigator keep asking specific questions in the details,,,,thats how they (the invesigators) break her up. Make a lie to cover another one and another one. After watching 1/2 hours i was having a head hake.

  • Erica M. Flores
    Erica M. Flores 14 days ago

    She really cared about those girls, her best friend & that baby.. Man, I really wish I had a friend like that....

  • Alabama Worley
    Alabama Worley 14 days ago

    He makes so many Freudian slips, it's absolutely unbelievable that the investigators didn't pick up on some of the more significant one's. It's clear that they knew he was involved early on and did a fantastic job interrogating him, but they became so focused on obtaining a confession that they failed to catch many of the crucial omissions which indicated a much more insidious plan, involving other people and weeks of methodical premeditation that went awry. When Tammy was talking to Chris about NK's odd questions to him via text, and he initially tried to explain that NK was making reference to HER dog and gym, not HIS, he simply agreed with her upon realizing that she didn't catch on. He says things like "I don't want to protect her", "None of this makes sense, like, why she would be there", "I didn't know what to do, like, I just did this to my wife, and I was the ONLY one left in the house", "She laid over and was blue", "She didn't come BACK downstairs", and many other's. I wholeheartedly believe that someone else murdered the girls, and he placed Shannan's name in place of that person(s) several times during his initial interviews. It's odd how he so vividly recalls the way all 3 of them looked afterwards, has extensively detailed what occured right before, yet provides absolutely no corroborating or forensically expected details about the acts themselves, as if he only saw them pre and post murder. Shannan would not have immediately "given birth" or relieved herself like he suggests, and he wouldn't have witnessed the girl's being stiff per his account, because it would have taken hours before rigor mortis set in. The mascara and other extremely descriptive details he repeatedly provides had to have been things he physically witnessed, but the order of events in his timeline contradict him being/acting alone, or having experienced all this in such short succession. We know NK was in Frederick at 6am that morning and they spoke for nearly 2 hours leading up to Shannan's arrival that night, and we also know that Bella was still alive when Chris left at 5:20. So, if the atrocity committed upon Shannan occured at 2am when she arrived home, it would make sense that by 6am Chris would have witnessed the post mortem birth. However, in order for Chris to have witnessed the girl's, or at least one of the girls in rigor, they had to have expired hours prior too, and I believe him when he says adamantly that he did not hurt the girls. Hence, someone else was inside the home, as he unknowingly omits twice, and THEY likely murdered Celeste, at which point he notes her body being blue after someone "laid her over". He admits that Bella was closer to him and favored him, so it's fair to say based on that and her injuries, that she was the one seen alive leaving the home with him, thus putting up a fight after having witnessed everything. I believe it was more difficult for him to allow her murder, and that became even more evident after he saw Cece. There's a reason why her autopsy report indicates such terrible injuries, yet the other two had none. Then we have the coincidental text from NK asking Chris to search the lyrics to the "Battery" song immediately after he leaves the site, and all the other very strange symbolism between the two prior to the murders. I have absolutely no doubt that NK orchestrated everything, acquired help from someone that fateful morning, and simply left him hanging once she found out NA called the police. There was definitely a further plan to conceal what happened, but between Shannan's flight delay and NA showing up that morning, they didn't have enough time, which is why Chris was unable to effectively cover this crime up. At that point NK began to cut ties and cover her own ass, and Chris literally didn't know what to do, just like he admits. We can see at least two very different minds at play based on the evidence. One extremely methodical and calculated mind, and one completely void of common sense.

  • Steve Gad
    Steve Gad 14 days ago

    3:04:43 R.I.P Headphones. :-(

  • Steve Gad
    Steve Gad 14 days ago

    2:58:56 Watch Dieter get a better view of what's going on. Imagine the tale HE could tell, if only he could speak.

  • Steve Gad
    Steve Gad 14 days ago

    4:10:44 Is it my imagination, or is Tammy starting to do the 'Like' thing too at this point? I'm pretty sure she is, either unconciously, or - most likely - to ingratiate herself witrh him, by assimilating his mannerisms. Remember Detective Paul Smythe interviewing Russell Williams, where he did a similar thing - although in that instance he was copying the physical gestures of the accused.

  • Bob Jolly
    Bob Jolly 15 days ago

    Chris is so uninteresting and such a boring nerd.... a monstrous bore

  • Bob Jolly
    Bob Jolly 15 days ago

    These things happen? In hell maybe

  • Kode Man
    Kode Man 15 days ago

    Did hevfart in the guards face at 4:13 or was it just the chair moving?

  • Kode Man
    Kode Man 15 days ago

    Was his videos above on RUclip before the shooting? So crazy

  • rice withaspoon
    rice withaspoon 15 days ago

    i can hear only like 10% of her there a transcribed version?

  • rice withaspoon
    rice withaspoon 15 days ago

    i don't know man.... i think the first guy was not good... he just rambled on about credibility and seemed to be inhis own movie - i too would have said what the f*** are you talking about, people believe what they wanna believe.. - i think the first one should have developed a sense of understanding the opposite by now if he had so much experience, and see/feel that this is not the way to go on after 15 min. but perhaps give him a little more space and platform to 'feel' understood... acknowledge the 'fears' rafferty had etc and get more into that? and then get terry into the topic and pick out specific little things she said and ask if that's true... (which he'll deny of course - and then go into: see? that's what i mean... different perspectives and the truth needs yours man... - do you think you have a kind of predisposition being attracted to younger people? .....etc...) - but in the end it's irrelevant no? as far as i understood they had enough evidence anyway going into his interrogation?

  • Citra VS
    Citra VS 15 days ago

    What’s Happening with your Throat ,You SOAB ? The way your Talking Was Like... Yiiikesss.. 🤮🤢

  • Carolina Native Woman

    His dad and him are humble people...Just listening to them he said he feels for the man that killed his sister and her babies....They are special kinda people

  • Carolina Native Woman

    Such a humble man and he was honest...He could have just came out with rage and anger...He sounds so sweet and kind...He is down to earth just country folks ...Praying for them its so so sad...

  • loveforanimals33 Shourbaji

    He was probably planning his meal when he would go home , and seeing his dumb mistress . He was so effing delusional to think he was going to get away with it.

  • Sarah Alba
    Sarah Alba 16 days ago

    Who's conducting the interview??

  • Sarah Alba
    Sarah Alba 16 days ago

    Why is there so much whispering?!

  • Toulla Komis
    Toulla Komis 16 days ago

    We are praying for you and your family❤️ So sorry your daughter met a monster and what happened to your family may Shannan be with the Lord with all the children God bless you. Cindy Watts never even went to her sons wedding and had nuts all over her house even when warned about Cici and her allergic to nuts. That lady has strong issues and instead of writing a book she should be sorry for the lose of Shannon and her family 😖😖😰😰

  • Love of music
    Love of music 16 days ago

    1:33:34 did you meet his children? Nope and i didnt want to 1:33:56 but then proceeded with "yes of course i wanted to meet them, it would have been an honour blablabla pathetic

    • Tabby Lynn
      Tabby Lynn 12 days ago

      Love of music yep she caught herself after she said that.

  • Jennifer Scott
    Jennifer Scott 16 days ago

    You do an awesome job editing videos and putting together different data! Kuddos to you!!

  • Jenny Jumbo
    Jenny Jumbo 17 days ago

    @2:40:03 love the way she immediately changes her facial expression when he asks her to show him how she was able to call while tied to the banister. She didn't expect that question so she asks if she can just tell him how she was able to call.

  • Mav
    Mav 17 days ago

    this is sooo Fricking UNFAIR - Tory was raped and killed with no chance of seeing the light of day again - no mercy showen to her...while her killer gets all the babysitting and care he doesn't deserve- can anyone plese kill that fucker NOW ?!!!!!

  • Vincent Mayes
    Vincent Mayes 17 days ago

    Sickens my heart

  • 1 ova kind
    1 ova kind 17 days ago

    Damn his voice is bitchy!!!!!

  • Vincent Mayes
    Vincent Mayes 17 days ago

    This young lady has been taken by demons I feel almost sorry for her

  • Andy Thiccums
    Andy Thiccums 18 days ago

    I quit watching after 3 hours. I hope he found his family. What a sweetheart!

  • Carolanne Kimmitt
    Carolanne Kimmitt 18 days ago

    Dopiest detectives ever!! Omg Dead set need a different career

  • Carolanne Kimmitt
    Carolanne Kimmitt 18 days ago

    Some the worst detectives I've ever seen try to interrogate smdh.