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  • kpop newbie
    kpop newbie 6 days ago

    Haechan looks like heechul 2.0

  • 재꼭이♡
    재꼭이♡ 7 days ago

    He’s actually adorable man

  • heavenliight
    heavenliight 13 days ago

    his mind seriously

  • Keyona Blaylock
    Keyona Blaylock 15 days ago

    Doyoung is sooo cute his little “I lost” was the cutest

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 11 days ago

      God bless Doyoung

  • Kookie Koala
    Kookie Koala 16 days ago

    wow. Haechan really is a genius. I'm calling him for my next test

  • Jungkook Juice
    Jungkook Juice 20 days ago

    Stan Haechan

  • deborah zhang
    deborah zhang 24 days ago

    gemini swag

    LEEJONES 24 days ago

    4:37 just imagine doing that challenge with all nct members... it well be worth watching

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 11 days ago

      literally wouldve failed 2 seconds in

  • Leo Anandra
    Leo Anandra 24 days ago

    No one: Literally no one: Haechan: *OkaY LoSeR* You will really be a loser if you fight that child!

  • Kristin White
    Kristin White 27 days ago

    Bruh I love that female mc she is soo funny

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 11 days ago

      i love her too the divorce bit killed me

  • stop that's greasy
    stop that's greasy 27 days ago

    *the heck I had a blues clues ad*

  • Zoe Frencello
    Zoe Frencello 27 days ago

    I'm gemini and HOW DO I RELATE TO THIS TF?! As a gemini people doubt me and think they're smart for me idk how to do an amount of stuff others can do but I can adapt quickly

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 11 days ago

      adaptions all that matters girly :)

  • Levay Zafiro
    Levay Zafiro 29 days ago

    Su inteligencia también se nota en lo limpio y prolijo q es su baile. Movimientos precisos y equilibrados

  • K. M.
    K. M. 29 days ago

    Mom I love Lee Donghyuck.

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 11 days ago

      mom: invite him over

  • Jungwoo? More like junguwu

    To summarize the long comments above or below me. Haechan is smart, hella funny, and can beat literally anyone at anything if he tries hard enough.

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 11 days ago

      I appreciate this summary, really hate to read

  • Rochie Novo
    Rochie Novo Month ago

    oooooowwwwwwww~ Haechan'iiiiieeeeee ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 11 days ago

      Haechannaaaahhhh <3

  • Analia Orteg
    Analia Orteg Month ago

    In conclusion he is good at everything

  • park hello
    park hello Month ago

    1:01 Haechan acting innocent Hahahaha

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 11 days ago

      keyword acting lol

  • NCTZENS 127 mark haechan

    He is my ultimate sexy bias of course xx hehehehehheehhehehe bit mark is soo cute as well

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 11 days ago

      @NCTZENS 127 mark haechan no problem hun <3

    • NCTZENS 127 mark haechan
      NCTZENS 127 mark haechan 11 days ago

      @Yuwinta thank you for replying xxx thanks alot ❤

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 11 days ago

      mark is a cutie, you may have both

  • mORk’s waTErmElOn

    Hyuck is a person who has a stupidly funny and adorable personality but, he is really smart and educated.

  • M.K. Fox
    M.K. Fox Month ago

    Rip Doyoung Edit: I’ve probably said this to like 90% of NCT 127 videos

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 11 days ago

      honestly cant blame em

    • M.K. Fox
      M.K. Fox 11 days ago

      Yuwinta after dealing with the other members for so long, yeah probably 😂

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 11 days ago

      he dead now

  • Channy Whocares
    Channy Whocares Month ago

    As someone who studied days and days to end up with C-G marks I feel for Doyoung. As an adult I am impressed now by those Youngsters geniouses by IQ or behaviour or both, but in class those people are rather annoying, they don't led you think and know the answer before the question was even finished.

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 11 days ago

      itss crazy how genius people can be maaaannnn

  • Akurisuwa
    Akurisuwa Month ago

    4:01 Idky this one Haechan's laughing made me rely laugh

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 11 days ago


  • Justine Anicah Montealto


  • wavesan
    wavesan Month ago

    you have 127 subs lol

  • Jaeyong's Daughter

    doyoung : *confidently says that he can beat haechan in aritmathics also doyoung : i lost DOYOUNG-AH GWENCHANA❤❤❤

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 11 days ago


  • Mike Legend
    Mike Legend Month ago

    If you are born after 2000 and you feel foolish don't worry sweetheart it's not your fault. The forces of nature took too much effort making Lee Donghyuck exist.

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 11 days ago

      im glad to be sacrificed

  • Özge
    Özge Month ago


  • Özge
    Özge Month ago

    He is so smart and this is amazed me

  • Hyunee and Hyuckee

    2:04 I love his laugh❤️

  • toaster19_3
    toaster19_3 2 months ago

    every good story has one, and like all legendary villains he's too easy to love to need any redemption XD

  • Anne Li
    Anne Li 2 months ago

    i feel stupid

  • Goenkar Prasheel
    Goenkar Prasheel 2 months ago

    And I love this genius✨❤️

  • shaoshao bei
    shaoshao bei 2 months ago

    I think knowing Haechan more, this is where I'll apply Lucas' motto. "Me is a foreigner" haha. I'm older than him, but I want him as my oppa. Howwww baby?

    • shaoshao bei
      shaoshao bei 10 days ago

      @Yuwinta boy got that manly side too so I'm whipped 💚💚

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 11 days ago

      relatable i wanna call him oppa too but were the same age

  • Laura Wojcik
    Laura Wojcik 2 months ago

    I need Haechan on problematic men when they start up again, something tells me he'll be freakishly good

  • naruto bill
    naruto bill 2 months ago

    OH MY GOD HIS LAUGH IS SO CUTE I'M SO IN LOVE :"""""((((((((💞💟💖💗💞💗💓💞💟💕💝💘

  • Rachel Lee
    Rachel Lee 2 months ago

    2:53 his face😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • i.fullsun
    i.fullsun 2 months ago

    haechan is that kid in maths class who has everything done before you even have the title written

  • J
    J 2 months ago

    Legen-wait for it-dary That’s Haechan for you

  • I am in a fantasy Bleh

    is it me or does haechan look like a baby even without the filter in this video

  • Haenamii
    Haenamii 2 months ago

    I just love hyuck so much, his voice calms me down when I'm mad idrk but he's my sunshine. ✨

  • Destaweave
    Destaweave 2 months ago

    I love his laugh 💚

  • Athena Zang 臧世雅
    Athena Zang 臧世雅 2 months ago

    0:33 where is this from?

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 2 months ago

      NCT 127 weekly idol

  • Stefy Hadjistoqnova
    Stefy Hadjistoqnova 2 months ago

    His laughing is sooo sweet ♥️♥️♥️

  • sooa loves jisung
    sooa loves jisung 2 months ago

    i dare people to try and tell me he isn't a full package

  • sooa loves jisung
    sooa loves jisung 2 months ago


  • Mario Mario
    Mario Mario 2 months ago

    I'm so whipped to Haechan I even named my snake after him 😂😂😂😂 "rude" 😂😂 sorry

  • ayedisha
    ayedisha 3 months ago

    Alternatively titled Haechan being _Haechan_

  • Sophia Ballerina0315
    Sophia Ballerina0315 3 months ago

    Hello I am a NEW fan of NCT and Im a ARMY/BTS fan and my bias in NCT is Haechan and my Bias in BTS is Taehyung and they rlly look da same 🙂

    • Sophia Ballerina0315
      Sophia Ballerina0315 Month ago

      @Krystal no its not like dat its like..... i cant explain

    • Sophia Ballerina0315
      Sophia Ballerina0315 Month ago

      @Krystal They look the same for example Haechan and Taehyung are the Funniest or Happiest hung Haechan and Taehyung are like..... Have a chubby cheeks? A bit? Idk but they look exactly the same

    • Krystal
      Krystal Month ago

      they don't '-'

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 2 months ago

      I can see that

  • Paula Vargas
    Paula Vargas 3 months ago

    Indeed a genius

  • Amethyst 6104
    Amethyst 6104 3 months ago

    Well Lee donghyuck ia gifted 💖 I hope SM promotes him well in the future 💖

  • Himani Chand
    Himani Chand 3 months ago

    He is following SM's Savage maknae line

  • Mariana García
    Mariana García 3 months ago

    So smart🥰 I love him

  • Sunshine Hyuck
    Sunshine Hyuck 3 months ago

    Haechan's type of intelligence is easily figuring out things and adapting to them. And I think that really fascinates me. He's a good observer. He's honestly the whole package. Kind,talented,smart and adorable.

  • FullSun Shines
    FullSun Shines 3 months ago

    He's is a FullSun literally... Man everyone should acknowledge his smartness

    gia #SUPERHUMAN 3 months ago

    He really is smart, tbh. I love Haechannie🥰

  • Monica Zeng
    Monica Zeng 3 months ago

    4:13 Edit: Mina from TWICE cannot relate to that. She loves ketchup. I can’t relate to that either. 😂

  • starsappear
    starsappear 3 months ago

    just a genius!

  • Yidan Ren
    Yidan Ren 3 months ago

    4:39 which show is that from?

    • Moomin injunnie
      Moomin injunnie 3 months ago

      Weekly idol flying glass game. ruclip.com/video/YDA5uDIzg_M/video.html

  • What is sleep when you can watch Markhyuck' video

    5:12 minutes of why I love him so much. Plus of course his dancing, voice and stage presence

  • anakarolina freitas
    anakarolina freitas 3 months ago

    I loooooveeeee him aaaaaaaaa 😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖

  • Mikaila Amanda
    Mikaila Amanda 3 months ago

    2:54 THAT FACE I CANT HANDLE 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Paul Jack ,Pentagon frog

    Omg, now he is my role model :) I want to be an evil genius too hahha

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 3 months ago

      you can do it! <3

  • eeysi
    eeysi 5 months ago

    If sm promotes him well, he can be one of the top highest earning members in the future through variety shows & mcs. He’s so intelligent and can pull off witty jokes well

    • Pocket Ocean
      Pocket Ocean 2 days ago

      I think Haechan mentioned this before idk where, but he said that although he wants to go to variety shows, it scares him.

    • Pariah Carey
      Pariah Carey 29 days ago

      im honestly quite surprised that they don't send him in other variety shows. I feel like he would really shine in em.

    • papalala
      papalala Month ago

      @Knight Enchanter and he killed it

    • Knight Enchanter
      Knight Enchanter Month ago

      They centred the main vocals in Highway to Heaven on him though. And even in Superhuman he was finally given vocally challenging parts.

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 3 months ago

      yeah i feel like he only really shines in dream as a vocalist

  • sehun's mom
    sehun's mom 5 months ago


  • Dancing Vocal King Haechan

    Haechan doesn't get enough credit for how smart he is. He's also always the first person to figure out where he's supposed to be in random dance parts. He figures out songs quickly. He can also read the room quickly and can fix an awkward situation with ease. He's really such an ace

    • hyunsoo_zx
      hyunsoo_zx 2 months ago

      And his logic is amazing... he always figures out the best technique for problem solving, games, etc. I FREAKING ADORE HIM

    • Lo No
      Lo No 3 months ago

      And now after the new Weekly Idol ep, we now know he is a great guesser with mad Sherlock skills

    • Odré
      Odré 3 months ago

      gemini attitude

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 3 months ago

      We love a genius

  • Annette LuBaek
    Annette LuBaek 6 months ago

    Wish I can be as quick witted as my sunshine 😅😅

  • Jen Shi
    Jen Shi 6 months ago

    He's really smart, he even beat Doyoung and Taeil in arithmetic, and can memorize every kpop dance steps, can quickly come up with witty remarks and funny jokes... Damn so unfair. He even has this beautiful face and voice and damn long legs... AND HE CAN PLAY THE PIANO!

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 11 days ago

      @I am an ARMY and I will raid the comment section God did us a favor, bless

    • I am an ARMY and I will raid the comment section
      I am an ARMY and I will raid the comment section 11 days ago

      @Yuwinta can't do anything about it it's true though. I admit Donghyuck is a prodigy but you can't have everything sooo. God knew that he was going to make a perfect being but thought it was too much and knew we're not going to handle it so he spared us with Haechan's legs

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 11 days ago

      @I am an ARMY and I will raid the comment section Im dead

    • stop that's greasy
      stop that's greasy 27 days ago

      He can also remember TY Track

    • I am an ARMY and I will raid the comment section
      I am an ARMY and I will raid the comment section Month ago

      idk about long legs tho lol

  • xorange 09
    xorange 09 7 months ago

    My sooon 😍

    • Yuwinta
      Yuwinta 3 months ago

      he's a full sun

  • Tiara Ko
    Tiara Ko 7 months ago


  • Vanessa H.
    Vanessa H. 8 months ago

    He is AB blood type and a Gemini so it does make sense

    • letswin
      letswin 29 days ago

      im ab too

    • Mohd Sukor
      Mohd Sukor Month ago

      omaigodd exactly the same with me😭💖 I'm AB type also Gemini!

    • Knight Enchanter
      Knight Enchanter Month ago

      I'm both, but I'm a potato. Why is the world unfair *sobs*

    • Markhyuck, the Love
      Markhyuck, the Love 2 months ago

      @Blink_ Once lolwut every horoscope says that gemini are genius (maybe because only they have 2 heads so 2x more brains) but I never heard that about aquaris lol. I heard that they are easy-going and calm. that's it. I love Haechanie too <3

  • Nctzen X BL
    Nctzen X BL 8 months ago