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Auction Drift Car Is Back!!!
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  • Budget Builds
    Budget Builds 2 minutes ago

    A lot of “daaannnngg sooonn”s, time, and clear coat later.......Ferrari 458 GT-3 is Finished video

  • Extreme Kustomz 615
    Extreme Kustomz 615 3 minutes ago

    They make a 25 series tire also you might can try to see if it get you the clearance you need

  • petru ailenei
    petru ailenei 5 minutes ago

    I really like the goonz but chopping a sports car to make it look more sporty it's just a bad idea.this 458 now just looks good no doubt but its just a bad car to drive at high speeds because we all know italian car are all about technology and engineering.also i believe the price on this car will go down and not up like it should.

  • Phree Will
    Phree Will 14 minutes ago

    Add spacers , and lower profile tires to stop the rubbing.

    ALVIN VARGAZ 16 minutes ago

    can you find wrecked New Toyota Supra?

  • Maverick
    Maverick 17 minutes ago

    "how to ruin a Ferrari episode 6"

  • Nathaniel Mathies
    Nathaniel Mathies 17 minutes ago

    Those nuts on the damper don't adjust the height of the car, they are preload adjustment.

  • Lalo
    Lalo 17 minutes ago

    Put “Dannnngg son” on a shirt and sell it I would buy that😂

  • Maverick
    Maverick 23 minutes ago

    The rear flares dont sit that nice, they are wavy.

  • medusa little
    medusa little 25 minutes ago

    gosh darn. huge leap from the goblin failed attempts to this. props to the teacher!

  • dncrra
    dncrra 27 minutes ago

    Rear Fender Flares has some nasty looking gaps. Maybe use some seam sealer like Akai does on the RWB Porsches

  • Fleet Robotics
    Fleet Robotics 30 minutes ago

    Anyone got a link to that epoxy & dispensing gun?

  • I Need Money
    I Need Money 32 minutes ago

    Wide body kit doesnt even fit has gaps all over and cheap

  • oPraxy
    oPraxy 34 minutes ago

    Wait a second... Where’s the boat...

  • iMorTal936
    iMorTal936 35 minutes ago

    Pfffff white again black would have been better in my opinion or just the red

  • Don Wayne
    Don Wayne 36 minutes ago

    Billy and DANG son back at it again 😂

  • Alfred Arreguin
    Alfred Arreguin 39 minutes ago

    Bad ass work on those Jeeps. Just got one myself. Just following you guys and doing what you do, lol ◉‿◉

  • masskilla469
    masskilla469 51 minute ago

    That transition into the camera was really dope looking guys!! Eating your food on dat #BIGWING

  • masskilla469
    masskilla469 52 minutes ago

    White and Red will look dope!! Wrap those Screw heads for the corner panels black or red and make those slits on top of the fender red or black for contrast don't leave them white!!

  • ZOO Hanos
    ZOO Hanos 53 minutes ago

    Cop car

  • ZOO Hanos
    ZOO Hanos 54 minutes ago

    Play cops and robbers with a couple

  • Andre Roestenberg
    Andre Roestenberg 54 minutes ago

    Like the channel. Why white though? Kinda boring. Wish was like a matte orange, black or something with goonsquad on the wrap.

  • Oscar Wiese Winther-Rasmussen

    It need's a carbon hood


    I asked to buy your nissan 4 times and no reply. Come on guys.

  • UnkTob
    UnkTob Hour ago

    6:58 Well, Billy did call that wing a kitchen table in an earlier video! 😜

  • Lawrence Eich
    Lawrence Eich Hour ago

    It's a Jam Nut!

  • David Wong
    David Wong Hour ago

    How about Shelby gt

  • Just Build er'
    Just Build er' Hour ago

    Sand down the wing and throw a full sheet of cabon than clear

  • Robert Lopez
    Robert Lopez Hour ago

    Hey goonzquad since you were going to replace the coils did you consider just cutting the old one out or torching them out then would it have been easier to untighten the coil over nut or the top nut? Or were you guys going to hang on to the old coils?

  • Muhammad ALI KHAN JADOON

    Plz make a video atleast 40 to 50 minutes .

  • Ja Tiyo
    Ja Tiyo Hour ago

    Id rather have real paint than wrap. Pretty good change of style and pace tho.

  • Amon Davis
    Amon Davis Hour ago

    That piece of clear coat that has harden you should give it a way to one of your subscribers as a giveaway item

  • s r
    s r Hour ago

    Great job on your first wrap guys...

  • Zany Wabbit
    Zany Wabbit Hour ago

    note to oneself, don't use that wrap guy if you want your wrapping finished in a few days.. guy known to go walkabout

  • Andy Adams
    Andy Adams Hour ago

    Y’all should do a livestream Q and A. So the viewers can ask some questions that don’t get answered in the comments. Do any of the previous owners of the vehicles get in touch with you?

  • xRain_BeAsTy
    xRain_BeAsTy Hour ago

    Idk why but I’m feeling the next huge build needs to be a 720s

  • Jeffrey Rivers
    Jeffrey Rivers Hour ago

    Wow... how exciting: white!

  • Zen Jamin
    Zen Jamin Hour ago

    Youd think they would have a real shop heater breathing fumes....

  • Bl00dn
    Bl00dn Hour ago

    Is there anything you guys can't do? Nice job on the wrap :)

  • David Wagner
    David Wagner Hour ago

    Also are you looking for an interesting challenge car? Try a 1969 jag coop with a 318 hemi and change over plates + trans but do not spin those spoke wheel with knock wheels. They bend

  • David Wagner
    David Wagner Hour ago

    Wood stove, try some charcoal lighter fluid to light it, also you need a fan on the stove my shop is 32’ X 52’ and when it was -20 out the wife put wood in it and left all the drafts open, 95 degrees and alarms were going off.

  • startup tech & go

    Clean the engine

  • O'Daya Chapman
    O'Daya Chapman Hour ago

    Dat wrap go hard Son.....But what about u guys doin a 2007 Evo Build????

  • Billy Gaffin
    Billy Gaffin Hour ago

    Just sayin, she rips

  • Josh Letroy
    Josh Letroy Hour ago

    Holy cow... Max is growin so fast! :D Another awesome vid boyz! Keep up the killer work 🤟

  • bkpickell
    bkpickell Hour ago

    Now that you know how to do the wrap, you should revisit your wrap attempt of the kit car

  • Joshua Silverman

    Why are you always going white?

  • komang supastika

    How about custom supercar project?

  • Ricardo Torres
    Ricardo Torres Hour ago

    Show us all of the cars you have build

  • Art Roa
    Art Roa Hour ago

    Guys can you please stop saying ACTUALLY. Does everyone else agree!

  • Gertrude Beadle
    Gertrude Beadle Hour ago

    how do you guys find the time to do so much !! have you got a production team working in the background ? will have to start calling you " the time bandits" !! best wishes and peace from the u.k.

  • Shuaib Siddiqui
    Shuaib Siddiqui Hour ago

    Is this your GT3 or something else

  • Tuff n Ruff
    Tuff n Ruff 2 hours ago


  • Bryce Genson
    Bryce Genson 2 hours ago

    “ThEY’rE cOpYing tJ HuNt”

    • phoob
      phoob 2 hours ago

      Said no one ever

  • Ricardo Bautista
    Ricardo Bautista 2 hours ago

    Ask the hunt about the wheel fitment

  • Elijah Mayfield
    Elijah Mayfield 2 hours ago

    At 14:37 why is the honda s2000 engine in the back corner

  • Tuff n Ruff
    Tuff n Ruff 2 hours ago

    You guys half assed that car. Should have painted it first and not have the random primed spots. I work for a body shop and would never ever do that. I have more integrity than that, and so should you.

  • Adrian Sánchez
    Adrian Sánchez 2 hours ago

    I really think that Ferrari deserved more than a wrap. A sick candy red paint could be

  • Matt Vannorstand
    Matt Vannorstand 2 hours ago

    Jt hunt had driveability issues when he lowered his I would raise the rear and send it

  • Prestton Rodriguez
    Prestton Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    The wing Mounts are kinda ugly yall should make custom ones with goonzquad ingraved in it

  • Tony Colvin
    Tony Colvin 2 hours ago

    The de torque spec is probably to weld a long chunk of steel to it and it will move....get new bolts if you try it

  • Yanick Frei
    Yanick Frei 2 hours ago

    Look at this color, oh its white, again. Also carbon pices😔

  • John Colligan
    John Colligan 2 hours ago

    When I did the rally decals I used the wet method, mixed up 1 tsp of dawn to a gallon of water, then used a spray bottle to apply it to the decal and the car, used silicon squeegee to work out the bubbles and excess solution, looked great, not sure if wrap works that way, dry application is probably preferred , any way the car looks awesome and legit.

  • Shyam Sh
    Shyam Sh 2 hours ago

    What happened to tomas🤔🤔🤔

  • Nusrat Noor
    Nusrat Noor 2 hours ago

    We dont need tim for wrap he work cpuple of hpirs and go home for 2 days goonzquad can do it teir selves

  • Alron D'Abreo
    Alron D'Abreo 2 hours ago

    Fun Quiz How many times did they say wrap in this video? Winner gets the WB-Ferrari!

  • Matti Virta
    Matti Virta 2 hours ago

    why not paint, this car have wery little and cheap paint front etc cover easy cheap work, only totally stupid wrap if car have easy paint. shit what boys play alltime somethink fail,

    • Gary Packwood
      Gary Packwood 18 minutes ago

      Why not Paint? The owner probably didn't want it painted.

  • Matti Virta
    Matti Virta 2 hours ago

    totally stupid poor men only wrap car ,normal human paint car, lot lot better and cheap. i understand wrap vinyl only if car come somethink pictures what no can paint to car cover. then have better wrap only, but one colour and idiot boys, fail all. stupid all idea.

  • Smart stats
    Smart stats 2 hours ago

    Goonzquad unit of measurement is fingers🙃🤣🤣😉

  • Brian
    Brian 2 hours ago

    Why don’t you want it to stay red? Why white? I feel like the original paint looks better and fits it better

  • Vishal Kothavade
    Vishal Kothavade 2 hours ago

    Who thinks this car is gonna go to DDE?

  • Steve's Shed
    Steve's Shed 2 hours ago

    Watching you guys tackle that wrap after getting some OJT from the pro. I was confidant that you could knock it out perfectly ! Amazing !!

  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode 2 hours ago

    I think you should do a rear bumper delete on it dude

  • Ken Tries to Finance

    Great job guys! Looks amazing

  • Jeff supercars
    Jeff supercars 2 hours ago

    Why wasn't it painted first?

  • Darkstar57
    Darkstar57 3 hours ago

    You should watch TJ Hunt’s video on how he handled the front wheel rub.

  • Cinema Bioskop
    Cinema Bioskop 3 hours ago


  • Luel Alemu
    Luel Alemu 3 hours ago

    new music is dope

  • Billy Buckner
    Billy Buckner 3 hours ago

    Yooo..take some width too 235/40..middle number is a % of the width of the tire. Not a measurement

  • Mr Spud
    Mr Spud 3 hours ago

    Why not wet the floor when you are spraying.

  • Matthew Garrett
    Matthew Garrett 3 hours ago

    Absolutely amazing.... Absolutely amazing...hear that every 30 secs

  • Richard Wiliams
    Richard Wiliams 3 hours ago

    Hi both brothers,,, I'm deaf,, why are you like white Ferrari wrap? Look good new paint red Ferrari,,, u know see door inside red,, back motor hood inside red,, look like funny ,,, I know you are choice ,,,

    • Gary Packwood
      Gary Packwood 14 minutes ago

      Because of your hearing loss you probably didn't hear about the plan for this car which is understandable. Goonzquad does not own this car. They are doing the work for someone else who makes many of the choices.

  • Caddi Man
    Caddi Man 3 hours ago

    Why would u wrap a red car in white when u already have a white car? Is it just me or does anyone thinks that these guys are complete MORONS? Just me dont judge🤫. But... But... maybe i am the true moron.🤨

  • Gil Rivers
    Gil Rivers 3 hours ago

    I love how you guys have no fear to just go ahead and do it!!! Goonzquad ROCKS!!!

  • AADH saam
    AADH saam 3 hours ago

    U copied what tj hunt did

  • ᙅYᙖᙓᖇ ᗪOᙅ™

    Why do ya'll act and perform like automated media robots with every word and physical emoticon reflex you enact? #Weirdflexbro. Must be catering to algorithms and love of money, fame, and corporate whore-ism. Wake up and revolt or succumb to the rest of us.

  • Iftikhar Akhtar
    Iftikhar Akhtar 3 hours ago

    Nobody: Litterly nobody: Goonzsquad: dang son

  • Edwin Heck
    Edwin Heck 3 hours ago


  • Luis luga
    Luis luga 3 hours ago

    Tim is a master at his skill

  • Soldier f
    Soldier f 3 hours ago

    What’s up with Nissan?we’ve been waiting for a while.

  • 1BAD2SS Blackhawk
    1BAD2SS Blackhawk 3 hours ago

    Boo.... I expected a complete wrap job. Oh that’s right the boys aren’t doing it that’s why after a week it’s a partial wrap. Maybe next video it will be a completed wrap job.

  • VacancyJB
    VacancyJB 3 hours ago

    kinda wasted to wrap in white color, should wrap some insane shinning color.

  • Arya Pamenang
    Arya Pamenang 3 hours ago

    I need to know what's that camera man's name (friend of Billy)

    • Gary Packwood
      Gary Packwood 12 minutes ago

      Billy's Brother and we don't know his name. Just call him Camera Guy.

  • cool cuates gonzalo
    cool cuates gonzalo 3 hours ago

    Your engine is so so so bad

  • Al Kachow
    Al Kachow 3 hours ago

    Stop making everything white😂

  • Hans611
    Hans611 3 hours ago


  • Moe Black
    Moe Black 3 hours ago

    Goons you 2 should had bought a gt3 kit be the first 458 gt3 Spyder

  • steve lozano
    steve lozano 3 hours ago

    Congrats on the wrap attempt. Did good job for first time. It was good class to watch guy wrap car while you watched and assisted, them jumping in and trying small area yourself. It's how you learn. 👍

  • shumail larik
    shumail larik 3 hours ago

    370 persons who dislike their vedio who are they 😁😁

  • William Howard
    William Howard 3 hours ago

    you got the correct paint mix.... just go get a used one