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Now this... IS *EPIC*
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My 9000th Video.
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  • leobra __
    leobra __ 24 minutes ago

    i love you vikk

  • Eren Gonzalez
    Eren Gonzalez 52 minutes ago

    JJ is ksi

  • Thunderdash107
    Thunderdash107 Hour ago

    The ads do

  • Ato oke
    Ato oke Hour ago

    honestly your edi justing

  • Blue Man Scoops
    Blue Man Scoops 2 hours ago

    This was so ass

  • Jake Roscoe
    Jake Roscoe 2 hours ago


  • Jbird
    Jbird 3 hours ago


  • iTzDan_OG
    iTzDan_OG 3 hours ago

    Viks Aim Is 💥

  • sans Earthbound
    sans Earthbound 4 hours ago

    This song is just amazing

  • Xx_mad_xx
    Xx_mad_xx 5 hours ago

    I thought there were using an edit for the thumb nail 😂

  • Crosley’s Toy Party

    Crosley really wants this

  • Scott Barrett
    Scott Barrett 6 hours ago

    You guys are fun to watch! Do a 4 player Heavy Burger vid!

  • Luis-Felipe Ferrier
    Luis-Felipe Ferrier 6 hours ago

    6:30 Smoke trees

  • TheOriginalGrownB
    TheOriginalGrownB 7 hours ago

    I remember when this guy had 98k subs

  • Nick phipps
    Nick phipps 7 hours ago

    From selling curry

  • Hamilton O'Dea
    Hamilton O'Dea 7 hours ago

    Bs video. Fake title and you couldnt even get 30

  • Frederik Mikkelsen
    Frederik Mikkelsen 7 hours ago

    Greenday boulevard of broken dreams

  • Ghadeer Nazeeh
    Ghadeer Nazeeh 8 hours ago

    1:10 the Sunday league comntry

  • Samuel Brown
    Samuel Brown 11 hours ago

    There are rifts that jj calls wormholes

    BEN DOVER 11 hours ago

    I want to win

  • Rinesh -
    Rinesh - 15 hours ago

    where them montages at i'll be waiting

  • MSM Rkdnen
    MSM Rkdnen 15 hours ago

    17:26 when JJ gets pushed halfway across the stage but can only push joe one step😂

  • Johnrain ancayan
    Johnrain ancayan 16 hours ago

    who is watching because of the end where josh backward action

  • Jersie Pro
    Jersie Pro 17 hours ago

    0:18 why the hell is jake paul's car here?

  • Bolt_Kyng
    Bolt_Kyng 17 hours ago

    Mp5 is annoying

  • Ja ja BING
    Ja ja BING 20 hours ago

    When I read the title I yelled really KSI VIK JESÉ

  • Dobson Collectors
    Dobson Collectors 21 hour ago

    That’s soooo annoying how he missed the scar

  • Ant O
    Ant O 21 hour ago

    This guy actually used a tac lol

  • Davide Pulizzotto
    Davide Pulizzotto 21 hour ago

    10 dicembre 2019?!

  • Aussie Legend
    Aussie Legend 22 hours ago

    3:04 more is jealous that vik is better than him at soccer but at 4:05 jj has had enough

  • chong ziyern
    chong ziyern 22 hours ago

    anyone still out here ?? (2019 btw)

  • Duke
    Duke 22 hours ago

    U did that NO CAP!!!

    REFLEX Day ago

    i dont know if this a bug or not but you cant join console players from pc and you cant be put in a game past 9pm, im on EU servers so i dont know if thats why but its been happing for 2 days now

  • Micheal Jordan

    Clown of the year goes too.......

  • zarry mlolpp
    zarry mlolpp Day ago

    Bass slaps harder than the toilet after eating my moms curry

  • TheFunkystewie

    Stadia doesn't work it is very laggy good concept poor execution


    I wasn’t going to say anything but come on vik everything in the battle pass is free!!!! How much you getting paid dude the game is broken and dead 💀 and you probably reverse boosted to get in this lobby

    • basses atta
      basses atta 21 hour ago

      BDB ENTERTAINMENT doube he reversed boosted or else people wouldve exposed him. but yea this is 100% an ad

  • jorick4312
    jorick4312 Day ago

    Play the objective!

  • Ena Mestry
    Ena Mestry Day ago

    Vikk: We can't sabotage and he has 3 extra hooks Also Vikk: Has a toolbox and spends it on generators

  • John Danby
    John Danby Day ago

    Anyone here in 2019 and sneezed 3 times

  • jean b
    jean b Day ago

    Vikk is the irrelevant one who begs the others to play with him

  • Frick
    Frick Day ago

    Ok eyebrows

  • Dabster Yeetamous

    5.69 subs rn

  • Marnie Lacosáe

    Surprised Vik doesn't have milk in his fridge lol

  • reality gone wrong

    that was sooo good vik,instant sub

  • Rey s
    Rey s Day ago

    They took it out, anyone know when they puting it back??

  • Jack Gledhill-Dixon

    KSI at 17:57: ‘oh boy’ - he knew he fucked up😂

  • King Lucas Tracey

    I am going

  • Giggity Giggity

    If this was on T-series I'd say that T-series deserved the Win

  • Luke Beck
    Luke Beck Day ago

    Yh vick my 16-27 year old brother broke his collarbone on a slip and slide in greece

  • Maverick024
    Maverick024 Day ago

    You love what they've done 😂😂😂😂😂 bro your deffintly a partner this game is dead on arivall 😵#bring back cod

  • Matt3667
    Matt3667 Day ago

    Vikk u need a new team mate. Im actually better than this guy ur playin with

  • Elite Hustle
    Elite Hustle Day ago

    Durka durka

  • Franciszek Malec

    We love vikkk

  • NMLK
    NMLK Day ago

    2017 youtube was different bruh...

  • woo wop
    woo wop Day ago

    Rip juice wrld

  • Gaming Nugget
    Gaming Nugget Day ago

    what is this mans aim 11:29

  • Leo Clarke
    Leo Clarke Day ago


  • Dutchboy gaming 2.0

    If you scared are you here safe. We have food and drinks and gadgets 🥖🥔🥑🍐🍊🥝🌶🥗🍲🥤🥃🍻🍺🍹🕹🎮🎧🎤🎸📱

  • wilheim wilheim

    josh: the real founder of faze clan vikk: the true founder of t series

  • jonesy is god
    jonesy is god Day ago

    The face vik pulles when in a fight 😂😂😂

  • Jason Wooster
    Jason Wooster Day ago

    Running back and forth between camping spots but you didn’t camp

  • TruzziYT
    TruzziYT Day ago

    OMFG I cringed so much when they left the scar

  • John B
    John B Day ago

    Bot's are tied in with the skill based matchmaking. The better you get the less bot's you will see, and this is by playlist. I have not seen a single bot in the Duos playlist in over a month. Get a higher win % and you will stop seeing bots. When I started off this season it was the same as this game you played, it seemed half the lobby was bots. Now that I have my win % higher, no more bots.

  • Mro Vlogs
    Mro Vlogs Day ago

    I miss these type of videos

  • Harry Tompsett

    People like you ruining the game claymores, stims and riot shield what a joke

  • Silent_Puttock-GRT6-

    The map at 5:43 is part of a mission in mw2 where you go through the bathrooms and you get surrounded

  • Santino
    Santino Day ago

    play the objective tf

  • Max Hvdv
    Max Hvdv Day ago

    Im sorry to bring you the news but you did camp alot😂

  • Luis Rodriguez

    Holyyyyy camper

  • PeakManager
    PeakManager Day ago

    Actual goated at the piano

  • Moses Manukia
    Moses Manukia Day ago

    “ with the battle pass you can unlock everything by playing ! “ 🤨 isn’t that what bp is for ? 😹

  • Sam Sherriff
    Sam Sherriff 2 days ago


  • Soren Axelson
    Soren Axelson 2 days ago

    Yo, who wants to be a squirrel?

  • Azzyhaque
    Azzyhaque 2 days ago

    Must be nice getting a Nuke after botting to get lower in SBMM lmao

  • Conix Blue
    Conix Blue 2 days ago

    10:50 no josh, hes better

  • Erik Olaussen
    Erik Olaussen 2 days ago

    Greenday Broken dreams

  • George Nash
    George Nash 2 days ago

    Vick u seem so concentrated while plqying

  • DreamThreats
    DreamThreats 2 days ago

    Anyone who just watched mini minter vid about this

  • connor Griffiths
    connor Griffiths 2 days ago

    At 5:43 onwards what song does Vic sing

  • lucy jumper
    lucy jumper 2 days ago

    everyone else: “everyone” vikk: “every people”

  • Harry Robbins
    Harry Robbins 2 days ago

    anyone clock harry call vik a smelly indian?

  • Latto Erica
    Latto Erica 2 days ago

    Imagine dying at 29 kills

  • Dee Rao
    Dee Rao 2 days ago

    That beeping noise is hella annoying

  • Ivy the elemental heart

    Wow can't believe how long ago it was and I'm rewatching again.

  • Sosig
    Sosig 2 days ago

    7:53 I’m selling replay buttons 1 like = 1 button to 👇 You

  • Thomas Richards
    Thomas Richards 2 days ago


  • Trap Money Bobby
    Trap Money Bobby 2 days ago

    Do a crazy challenge like back in the BO1 days. TSK... maybe a domination comeback using only flash bangs.

  • Andrew John
    Andrew John 2 days ago

    There is no recoil ?

  • Grace Campbell’s World

    Pls can you go again so I can take a pic with you and my brother at his football qpr he took a photo with all of you

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray 2 days ago

    Bro they are good mates.

  • Forza10 Milan
    Forza10 Milan 2 days ago

    Camper fire👀

  • Jay Cruz
    Jay Cruz 2 days ago

    Who’s come back just to see the bankrupt streak

  • Kermit The frog
    Kermit The frog 2 days ago

    It's 25

  • UmarKM 7
    UmarKM 7 2 days ago

    It looks like vik never had a haircut

  • Swarnaraj Siva
    Swarnaraj Siva 2 days ago

    wow what a video vik

  • Reuben Dark
    Reuben Dark 2 days ago

    You carnt unlock everything you have to buy battle pass for 2400 cod points you only get the stuff that says free above it

  • happy NERF days
    happy NERF days 2 days ago

    Bring back the pack