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  • Josh Reddy
    Josh Reddy 3 hours ago

    2020 is the year BTC will change many lives!

    JOHN KMETZ 3 hours ago

    This guy is 19 years old ladies n gents. I wish I had 1/2 the head on my shoulders at 19 you do brotha - Don't ever let anything change that awesome positivity

  • rbutler8585
    rbutler8585 3 hours ago

    Thanks for the tribute to Kobe :)

  • elconcepto dematiz
    elconcepto dematiz 3 hours ago

    I think your 25x trade will be a disaster and voted yes accordingly. Bet small Jebb we love ya bud

  • Yaroslav Rudenok
    Yaroslav Rudenok 3 hours ago

    Hey guys)) What's going on?) Ho ho) Like as usual)

  • Fernando Farandato
    Fernando Farandato 3 hours ago

    Are you crazy?? 25X ? Come on, live a little, do x50 hahaha

  • Jonathan Jackson
    Jonathan Jackson 3 hours ago

    I appreciate your grounded words of wisdom! God bless

  • Anastacio Castro
    Anastacio Castro 4 hours ago

    Corona virus has the stock market down.. gold up and bitcoin ..

  • Gabriel Marques Alves

    there is a new GAP

  • Vic Holtreman
    Vic Holtreman 4 hours ago

    Jebb, Check out the monthly Heiken Ashi. Whenever there is a monthly neutral Doji, historically it's meant the start of a BIG bull run.

  • Rudi
    Rudi 4 hours ago

    Informative and enjoyable, nice video(s)!

  • m t
    m t 4 hours ago

    I dont know about this accident nothing... send link please

  • Eric Walker
    Eric Walker 4 hours ago

    ** we're about to go over $9,000 ** an set up shop !!! This life in the FLESH is not the END (in my I opinion) the next life the spiritual one is the one we need to plan for !!!

  • Brad Stone
    Brad Stone 4 hours ago

    I thought that the MACD would cross on the daily in 3 or so days before I watched the video... so it's nice to see you think that too.

  • Raymond P. Kot II, Esq.

    At the moment I am a hodler, but 25X leverage seems way too much given how volatile Bitcoin is. Maybe 10X leverage? Bo Polny put out a video that predicts a strong upward trend from January 24th. to February 1st. I know make the trend your friend, but 25X is too risky.

  • Michael Manfro
    Michael Manfro 4 hours ago

    8 total people

  • Elena Efremova
    Elena Efremova 4 hours ago

    Can not live without your videos 😻

  • Rares Marciu
    Rares Marciu 4 hours ago

    I like that u changed The ending music aswell

  • TimeHawkings
    TimeHawkings 4 hours ago

    Live update, this thing is cruising up. $8930 at time of comment.

  • Giuseppe
    Giuseppe 4 hours ago

    Theres no volume Jebb

  • Michael Manfro
    Michael Manfro 4 hours ago

    9k baby

  • Adri San
    Adri San 4 hours ago

    Sounds like you going back on your video from a few days which one is it?

    • TheHornyBear
      TheHornyBear 3 hours ago

      Adri San I know, but he only cares about the money i guess.

    • Adri San
      Adri San 3 hours ago

      @TheHornyBear not trying to bash this kid but people actually listen to his advice and he should be more responsible with the type of analysis he puts out...just saying...specially since he has his Cohort where people pay for his investment strategies and courses.

    • TheHornyBear
      TheHornyBear 4 hours ago

      Adri San exactly :P

    SHAZOM 4 hours ago

    Super Guppy turned green for the first time since early 2019.

  • zoobie doobie
    zoobie doobie 4 hours ago

    LOL, I hope you do better for your paid Group. LoL Green Horn Tradder

  • mary dean
    mary dean 4 hours ago

    8 other people died with Kobe

  • johnmcnatt1
    johnmcnatt1 4 hours ago

    Sad yes. But I can't agree with everyone who is saying, "You'll remember where you we're when you heard about it." Nah, I won't. Not even close to our country being attacked and thousands of people jumping from flaming buildings. Not even close to the same. Just my 2 cents though.

    • JP H
      JP H 4 hours ago

      johnmcnatt1 I couldn’t tell you where I was when I heard about the crash.

    • Crypto Jebb
      Crypto Jebb 4 hours ago

      Totally agree. Completely different incidents, just an example

  • D Powers
    D Powers 5 hours ago

    So you use tech analysis like the world is in a normal state. Pandemic spreading, Stock market is fake, world debt is through the roof, so many countries economies not doing well. Of course BTC is going up, its about to moon with all the world instability. Stack your wallets! AND GET YOUR CRYPTO OFF THE EXCHANGES!!!!!

  • supralex1
    supralex1 5 hours ago

    Jebb what do you think about Litecoin

  • robin Danielson
    robin Danielson 5 hours ago

    I’m really impressed with your last minute motivation speeches It’s a way better twist than other RUcliprs and I say yes he’s 19 when I show other people

  • Dextar
    Dextar 5 hours ago

    you give me everytime goosepumps with your ethemotinal speeches jebb!

  • Robin Phillips
    Robin Phillips 5 hours ago

    Erratic flight pattern and flying into a mountain at high speed through fog. Kobe was connected with the crypto revolution. I believe this was a crypto related murder. Time will tell if I'm right.

  • William Moore
    William Moore 5 hours ago

    Your the man jebb.thanks for talking about kobe

  • Sophie
    Sophie 5 hours ago

    Can you possibly do a video where you talk about how realistic calls for sub 6k$ still are? I'm no bear or anything like that - just curious to discover why it was (still is?) a prominent target for many.

  • Nico Fiechter
    Nico Fiechter 5 hours ago

    You only die once but you live every single day. This is why I make most out of every day!

  • Cindy Marks
    Cindy Marks 5 hours ago

    Good words. Use your money to help others. 💚👍

  • S Mc
    S Mc 5 hours ago

    Good job!

  • ThexvxNameless
    ThexvxNameless 5 hours ago

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  • G4L jack
    G4L jack 5 hours ago

    Fake out! Ppl well get rekt! I buy AFTER the having.

  • neilsmith2009
    neilsmith2009 5 hours ago

    Macd has crossed wkly

  • Rich Formoso
    Rich Formoso 5 hours ago

    25x - hell yeah! Also interested in your thoughts on a leveraged long position on a longer time horizon (ex. “Holding” a leveraged long for the full secular bull run)

    • Gabriel
      Gabriel 5 hours ago

      I'm thinking about doing the exact same thing, so yes, any info is appreciated. I don't mind paying the fees as long as the position is profitable to be honest.

    • Rich Formoso
      Rich Formoso 5 hours ago

      @Sophie Thanks, Sophie! Yeah, that's mostly why I'm asking. I'm definitely a longer term investor, enjoy Jebb's observations but not a trader by any means so far. I'm curious how the fee structure works.

    • Sophie
      Sophie 5 hours ago

      Not a bad idea. Just make sure you know the fees encountered on holding a margin position!

  • Gefari Productions
    Gefari Productions 5 hours ago

    rip kobe & gigi

  • Austin Kiely
    Austin Kiely 5 hours ago

    Wise beyond your years Jeff! RIP Kobe! <3

  • Trap Town
    Trap Town 5 hours ago

    Crypto Jebb

  • Andreas
    Andreas 5 hours ago

    Jebb! Life is not long. you will realize this in about 20 - 25 years from now.

    • Josh Reddy
      Josh Reddy 3 hours ago

      You must live life without fearing or dwelling on death! Then you will realize how short AND long life really is.....

    • Ren Hoek
      Ren Hoek 5 hours ago

      So true. After 40 everything becomes different. And then you get 41, 42, 43 and then you realise: "Fuck, I really gonna die in the not so extrem distant future"

    • Andreas
      Andreas 5 hours ago

      Believe Me! It's short but you need to get your years into the 40s before you realize it. You have just passed the I want to be older stage of life so enjoy it while you still are in that mindset.

    • Crypto Jebb
      Crypto Jebb 5 hours ago

      It's both. And should be treated as such

  • Steven Hubbs
    Steven Hubbs 5 hours ago

    There were 9 not 5 people in the helicopter.

    • Crypto Jebb
      Crypto Jebb 5 hours ago

      You're right. The information I was reading was early, and apparently wrong. My mistake.

  • LoPhat Melk
    LoPhat Melk 5 hours ago

    Great message Jebb, keep up the good work sir. It's ok to be right or wrong, because at least you tried...

  • Tales_of_the_crypto Crypto

    Amen Jebb! Life is precious! 👍🏽😪💞

  • Nathan M
    Nathan M 5 hours ago

    Great Video! Liked and shared.

  • Questions Answers
    Questions Answers 5 hours ago

    There was 9 people on the helicopter.

    • Crypto Jebb
      Crypto Jebb 5 hours ago

      Guess I read some fake news. You're right. My apologies.

  • J. D
    J. D 5 hours ago

    I know what is predictable - the fact I will never get in a helicopter, not ever

    • TimeHawkings
      TimeHawkings 4 hours ago

      Yup. Most people cant use Helicopters to get their kid to their basketball practice.

  • 911zhenxiang
    911zhenxiang 5 hours ago

    Fake out ... Bitcoin will drop one finale time to below 7700 to fill the CME GAP and destroy all those Altcoins and then BITCOIN will explode and go to the moon !

  • E'Ondre' Lee
    E'Ondre' Lee 5 hours ago


  • Common Man Crypto
    Common Man Crypto 5 hours ago

    I was doing some technical analysis this morning. It kind of looks like Bitcoin is going to consolidate in a bullish pennant feature over the next few weeks before ultimately taking a giant rip to the upside.

  • Crypto Jebb
    Crypto Jebb 5 hours ago

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  • King K
    King K 5 hours ago

    audio is good again

  • Common Man Crypto
    Common Man Crypto 5 hours ago

    2020 is the year of the bull.

  • Elena Efremova
    Elena Efremova 12 hours ago

    We need 2pray for it ‼️💕

  • Samuel Silva
    Samuel Silva 12 hours ago

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  • Laura G.
    Laura G. 13 hours ago

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  • FuckILoveYouTubby
    FuckILoveYouTubby 15 hours ago

    I like 94k click bait titles. Have a down vote

  • Speeltjes Fabriek
    Speeltjes Fabriek 15 hours ago

    You forgot to mention that bullmarket tops out way above the stock/flow ratio. Last bullmarket stock/flow was 6K ish while BTC topped out at 20K

  • Raul Dobble
    Raul Dobble 17 hours ago

    I really don’t like how you made this hopium video right before a major dump comes to bitcoin.

  • Mr T
    Mr T 17 hours ago

    Stock to flow is relevant until the ass hats that want to manipulate the BTC price and suppress it thru CME and cash settled futures on BTC.

  • Stewart Mcfarlane
    Stewart Mcfarlane 21 hour ago

    This dude got chicken pox?

  • nimo hobbs
    nimo hobbs 22 hours ago

    Great video..

  • Famous Plan
    Famous Plan 22 hours ago

    Please do news again!

    BAZ BAZ 23 hours ago

    167-425k for next market top imo

  • Mark Davey
    Mark Davey 23 hours ago

    Ur finally getting it ..with stock to flow ..then all the technical stuff day to day

  • Verge Cryptocurrency

    Very bad sound

  • Line of Sight
    Line of Sight Day ago

    Don't buy Bitcoin, wink wink.

    • Greenwalt Ella
      Greenwalt Ella 23 hours ago

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  • Oscar Trevino
    Oscar Trevino Day ago

    Man, most of these you tubers contraindicate themselves everyday. One day they say were broke bearish and one day they say we are going to the moon. Just listen to you guy feeling. This shit is heading into a positive direction.

  • 124612
    124612 Day ago

    Bitcoin is yesterday's news. The only thing it's gonna hit is the floor. what you smokin' Willis?

  • garry garretson

    dca through just buying in or mining at profit is the best way to get into this market. great video per the usual my friend

    BLIND MUNKEY Day ago

    Hey Jebbo. Ever tried or coincider getting color blind glasses?

  • Jerry Man
    Jerry Man Day ago

    you picking up so much of your room with that mic ... not sure whats wrong.

  • Soso
    Soso Day ago

    Jeppi di Jepp Love from Germany and Palestina

  • TachyonFasterThanLight

    who forgot to mention inflation will be cut by 50% too :)

  • m t
    m t Day ago

    Who know's how gonna be go,it's only predictions

  • Free Spirit
    Free Spirit Day ago


  • King K
    King K Day ago

    Jebb, just to let you know if you don't already, there seems to be an issue with the audio today

  • deathrodcustoms

    Bitcoin is physically nothing But its scarce And scarcity can make even nothing valuable What a world we live in

    • Boinky
      Boinky 3 hours ago

      @JoshuaJameson With the financialization of the economy, the lines between solid physical investment and digital investment are becoming so blurry, to the point where I am viewing BTC as a more viable investment than the stock market.

    • JoshuaJameson
      JoshuaJameson 11 hours ago

      @Boinky at least you’re willing to adapt

    • Boinky
      Boinky 22 hours ago

      The young generation has been accustomed to placing value in items that are physically nothing. We old geezers need to get used to it.

    • vlun121
      vlun121 Day ago

      It.s a bunch of letters and numbers called internet money.

  • Ian Gesman
    Ian Gesman Day ago

    I agree with Stock to flow as long as derivatives are not part of the equation, I point this out simply because of the Silver/gold market. Like Jebb!

  • Tyler Heal
    Tyler Heal Day ago

    Great show Jebb! I think you’re recording with your laptop mic.

  • Daniel Christenson

    Something is messed up with the sound Jebb

    • Crypto Jebb
      Crypto Jebb Day ago

      Yeah, it was a one time problem, sorry!

  • Blaster Jones
    Blaster Jones Day ago

    Thanks Jebb, very interesting, great times to come.

  • Lee Gagnon
    Lee Gagnon Day ago

    Cant wait to hoin your trading academy. I got hurt and work and the workers comp is taking forever

  • Steven Hubbs
    Steven Hubbs Day ago

    good video Jebb; like to see your long term TA videos

  • elconcepto dematiz

    Jebb the 2017 bull run had nothing to do with stockflo/ supply & demand fron 2016 halving. No correlation, 90% of buying in 2017 was from Korea and China, the 2017 bull run was entirely speculation ie. Gambling

    • elconcepto dematiz
      elconcepto dematiz 21 hour ago

      @Inspirado Rupees Crypto is the everyman trade, and no trade can make everyman rich, that's not how it works. In late 2017, many people had crypto, but very few sold and they were considered crazy at the time. This crypto community belief that bitcoin will moon and we'll all get rich isn't happening. It was only ever a speculative ponzi, if you didn't buy in 2016 or earlier, you're on the losing side of the ponzi and not going to reap 10000% gains or the ludicrous amounts those lucky few did.

    • Inspirado Rupees
      Inspirado Rupees 21 hour ago

      elconcepto dematiz so no more bull runs? I guess I better cash out then 😓

  • Javier Gutiérrez

    Yesterday he said it was Bearish and he was going to put his own money. He was wrong and today he avoids the topic. He is a FRAUD.

    • Francois Badenhorst
      Francois Badenhorst 4 hours ago

      @Mr.Anderson 311 I will look into it.. thank you for introducing me to yet ANOTHER term to investigate! ;-) In the meantime, please save this noob some time and let me know where the Bollinger bands say we go with the Bitcoin price over the next 4 years and beyond?

    • Mr.Anderson 311
      Mr.Anderson 311 Day ago

      @Francois Badenhorst look at the Bollinger bands. There's very low volatility. Of course, you won't hear jebb talking about it because he doesn't know about it.

    • Javier Gutiérrez
      Javier Gutiérrez Day ago

      Francois Badenhorst Problem is he talks about trends not volatility and he is always wrong

    • ubalen3j
      ubalen3j Day ago

      As usual. Kid is smart, but has no balls. I was expecting some kind of fairytale. Maybe next time. :)

    • Francois Badenhorst
      Francois Badenhorst Day ago

      Ever heard of "volatility" ? Welcome to crypto dude. ;-)

  • Kelviin Tan
    Kelviin Tan Day ago

    Jebb.. Why is that? How come U can talk with Ur mouth closed after that? Are U a ventriloquist ;-D

  • Yaroslav Rudenok

    Where is INSANE, OMG like Carl does??))) Liked this video)) I'm creating indicator of all youtubers, it's lagging like MA or EMA and very interesting insights of bears and bulls)

  • Rami Tamimi
    Rami Tamimi Day ago

    Thanks Jeb!

  • Ryan Yoshimura

    24 months, yeah I think it’s possible.

  • VentionMGTOW
    VentionMGTOW Day ago

    Love it! You may be a trader but you have an awesome channel and a hodler like me can get a lot of great into from you. Thanks! Lol, I was hoping to file the EZ form on my taxes this year but I ended up spending some just so I could use lightning, back around 13k. Bought some hotel stays, meals and travel using btc for gift cards using bitrefil. Now though, I have to the more complex forms. Oh well. Ive done it before.

  • Nathan M
    Nathan M Day ago

    Dude everything you say the exact opposite happens lol

    • elconcepto dematiz
      elconcepto dematiz 22 hours ago

      @Mr.Anderson 311 Hey this teenager provides an actual product and service others are willing to buy, that is far more than you do pretending you're not losing your money gambl-- uhh I mean TA😉

    • Mr.Anderson 311
      Mr.Anderson 311 22 hours ago

      @elconcepto dematiz Those guys are professional traders. That's their job. And yes, all three of those guys livestream their trades and post their trade set-ups. You sound like a really butt hurt moonboy who has been burned over and over because you listened to wrong people who said it's all going to the MOOOOOOOOON. You need to learn to make money on the ups and the downs. Stop being so bitter, dude. Learn to trade. Watch the real TA guys, not this teenager who is borrowing his opinion from other scrubs.

    • elconcepto dematiz
      elconcepto dematiz 22 hours ago

      @Mr.Anderson 311 and do any of these experts show you their trading records? No, but hey that one vague prediction of the 17 vague and contradictory predictions they make a week came sorta true. Sweetie, if they were experts at money for nothing they wouldn't need to peddle you TA clicks and courses fyi.

    • Mr.Anderson 311
      Mr.Anderson 311 Day ago

      @elconcepto dematiz Go watch a true TA expert like Krown, clay trader and thechartguys and you'll understand that it's a useful tool. Jebb is not a good example of someone who knows and understands TA.

  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali Day ago

    Less flow of stock doesnt = more demand demand needs to increase aswell and we have no real reason for that to happen

    • Ren Hoek
      Ren Hoek Day ago

      Demand just has to stay the same

    • Rami Tamimi
      Rami Tamimi Day ago

      We will when recession hits

  • Lucas Freitas
    Lucas Freitas Day ago

    BTC looking beautiful rn.

  • Nayeem Jamaly
    Nayeem Jamaly Day ago

    "Coffee with Jebb" 😎

  • D. Monk
    D. Monk Day ago

    Just about to start the TA section of the course bud. The Hekinashi candle info was great too, great help.