UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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UFC 244: Press Conference
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UFC Vancouver: Weigh-in
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UFC 242: Fight Motion
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UFC 242: Weigh-in Recap
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UFC 242: Weigh-in
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UFC 241: Fight Motion
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UFC 241: Weigh-in Recap
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Nate Diaz Top 5 Finishes
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  • fjordag dagsland
    fjordag dagsland 3 hours ago

    Costa will crush stylebender 🤣

  • gulfsurfco
    gulfsurfco 3 hours ago

    Stephens will win by KO in round 2, then KO again in round 3.

  • Philip Chan
    Philip Chan 3 hours ago

    Whitaker is very durable.

  • Jeffrey Diles
    Jeffrey Diles 3 hours ago

    Take Israel out somebody plz!!! He is too cocky and a shit talker. Don't like that mafucker

  • zan man
    zan man 3 hours ago

    How are you gunna have that man fight a girl?

  • Cristian Vaccarella
    Cristian Vaccarella 3 hours ago

    all show no go

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 hours ago

    Was Ortega ever given a choice?

  • Baltimore Ravens
    Baltimore Ravens 3 hours ago

    Black dude don't have no kick, sometimes you gotta have to kick to the head too. But black dude too dumb

  • Luis Juarez
    Luis Juarez 3 hours ago

    Robin black has a voice u just wanna smack

  • abhinav gupta
    abhinav gupta 3 hours ago

    Dude got handover the win..next 2 fight he got dumped.m

  • bob morane
    bob morane 3 hours ago

    MEGAN 😍😍😍

  • Ricardo Castro-Garcia

    Not even 1 million views. Shit conference

  • Israel Equals Servant of the truth God

    Israel Will Beat Him Very easily Whith This Chicken Dance. Although i like Robert To win.

  • Nawaf Noory
    Nawaf Noory 3 hours ago

    1. Tony 2. Nate Diaz 3. Masvidal 4. Adesanya 5. Francis ngannou

  • Express yourself
    Express yourself 3 hours ago

    Ya rear looks like he had a bad weight cut

  • white sox pride
    white sox pride 3 hours ago

    All this fight needs is the commentator from the guy that did 8th Street Latinas ( only true fans know what I'm talking about )

  • Baltimore Ravens
    Baltimore Ravens 3 hours ago

    This fight is hella gay

  • Papaver Somniferum
    Papaver Somniferum 3 hours ago

    full sheet

  • Dillon Perera
    Dillon Perera 3 hours ago


  • Josh Schaeffer
    Josh Schaeffer 3 hours ago

    It's awesome to watch the masters who dont have it physically the way they did but mentally they make themselves able to compete. As good as I've heard adisanya is I just cant imagine him being able to handle Anderson during that decade after Franklin up until just a little before the first Weidman fight. He wasnt very impressive against Anderson here who's past his prime not way past it but on the other side of it for sure.

  • arsalan as
    arsalan as 3 hours ago

    Israel Adesanya has really damn style

  • Jensen Anthony
    Jensen Anthony 3 hours ago


  • ric barrera
    ric barrera 3 hours ago

    Great chess match! No ground game at all.

  • Mustafa Ali
    Mustafa Ali 3 hours ago

    Is it me or does Brunson lose to everyone

  • The Highlight Reel
    The Highlight Reel 3 hours ago

    Incredible round! One of the best rounds of that year...

  • californyeah
    californyeah 3 hours ago

    7:21 Look at the Idiot ..Fucking around with his hands...??????????!! "ohh look at me i'm going to blind him or something with the weird shit i'm doing there..it's Sooooooooo effective and Dangerous..!!" And yes seconds before i paused, commentators are saying what i Shout at my pc...." STOP FUCKING WAITING..!!!!!"..and what his corner told him to do..." Be First,...fake and Attack..!!" yeah you might get tired but as long as You are First the other guy Must defend ...and Duuuhhh is Not On The Offensive..!!!!

  • Mpanzou Gaspard
    Mpanzou Gaspard 3 hours ago

    le plus beaux combat de l'ufc depuis le commencements de l'histoire de l'ufc

  • Dog Lounge
    Dog Lounge 3 hours ago

    This is cool, but not as cool as the choice that Brian had 10 years ago.

  • Biruk Tebaae
    Biruk Tebaae 3 hours ago

    bru im just noticing conor been coced out for a while lol and now it caught up to him

  • tato jole
    tato jole 3 hours ago

    am I the only one looking for thor´s reaction?

  • Ziya Baig
    Ziya Baig 3 hours ago

    He is best untill he meets the eagle☺

  • ryan McKenzie
    ryan McKenzie 3 hours ago

    Why was Brunson falling around everywhere lol isreal taking the strap tho get at me

  • baglebites
    baglebites 3 hours ago

    Tony Ferguson gives pigs tony back rides

  • Mox Ruthless
    Mox Ruthless 3 hours ago

    Paul Craig always tries to intimidate his opponent, then always gets his ass kicked

  • S.M. Shan Ali Zaidi
    S.M. Shan Ali Zaidi 3 hours ago

    Derek's takedown attempts are worst I have ever seen

  • BudduredToast
    BudduredToast 3 hours ago

    Jesus Christ, Herb. Do you hate Chris Weidman or something?

  • Kristopher Rice
    Kristopher Rice 3 hours ago

    Brunson is too heavy or something😂 once he starts going forward there is no stopping🤣🤣🤣

  • KingBeanCOMEDY
    KingBeanCOMEDY 3 hours ago

    Which they were both in their prime for this fight

  • Daniel Valbuena
    Daniel Valbuena 3 hours ago

    Who the fook is that guy?

  • californyeah
    californyeah 3 hours ago

    5:40 Don't get me wrong; i love Silva..but ooohhh he pisses me Off; Not protecting himself correctly, and dropping hands (SOB got caught few years back by a NOBODY...weirdman...and lost his Champ title..!! Now not being in his prime, not the same reflexes, not the same speed..he Must be Careful, Respectful of Adesania's strength and accuracy and Speed..! He Must protect himself and be more active..!! But i know the whole fight through...he won't do that..!!!

  • killamist420
    killamist420 3 hours ago

    Adesanya has the personality of a twat, But he is as sharp as knife.

  • RolLz AloT
    RolLz AloT 3 hours ago

    He lost, that was a bs decision.

  • Da Vid
    Da Vid 3 hours ago

    Beautifull !!!

  • Cameron Blackwell
    Cameron Blackwell 3 hours ago

    Too hot for tv type shit... Fuck yeah✊🏻🔥

  • Frip Flip
    Frip Flip 3 hours ago

    Разминайте палцы!(всегда)

    EL SCIENCE 3 hours ago

    These female fighters really have some big dick energy.

  • Charles Gasko
    Charles Gasko 3 hours ago

    Jeremy is such a fucking cornball. Colby will follow in the same path. Couple corny ass goofballs

  • ツJudahBGames
    ツJudahBGames 3 hours ago

    Chris Hemsworth in the crowd 4:47

  • Kristopher Rice
    Kristopher Rice 3 hours ago

    Bro that flurry is the most powerful shot I’ve ever seen😂 not so accurate but when you’re knocking dudes out through their block you have some real power, Anthony Johnson might be the the only LHW to but harder than chuck, chuck smelt the blood in the water and swarmed Jesus Christ fuck standing in front of that man in his prime😂 fucking animal

  • brent s
    brent s 3 hours ago

    Cool sparring session

  • BB Coll84
    BB Coll84 3 hours ago

    Uriah looks amazing in this fight I still think uriah is the dark horse. .dont forget he almost beat Costa ...

  • Mustafa B
    Mustafa B 3 hours ago

    Stylebender is sharp

  • Bob Kraft
    Bob Kraft 3 hours ago

    wait who the fook is that guy?

  • Michael Gorilla
    Michael Gorilla 3 hours ago

    Jeremy Stevens is so cringe when he has to do all the media stuff like interviews but he is one of the best 145ers because of his violent style Definitely a favorite.

  • MS Vids
    MS Vids 3 hours ago

    is this a comedy show ?

  • Green Mountain
    Green Mountain 3 hours ago

    Real criminals here are McNuggets and mat life stadium securitys.

  • SuperJcoleFan
    SuperJcoleFan 3 hours ago

    imagine thinking a fight from 2014 proves that in 2019 Khabib will be able to smesh

  • Edward Mendez
    Edward Mendez 3 hours ago

    If the decision was made KO

  • Jordan Reid
    Jordan Reid 3 hours ago

    I respect israel and his game but lets be real here. A 35 and under Anderson woulda broke him down.

  • Tom T.
    Tom T. 3 hours ago

    Damn this is gonna be a tough fight. Someone is gonna get hurt. Really hurt.

  • payneicecold3000
    payneicecold3000 3 hours ago

    Izzy is about to snipe this fool. I hope Whittaker makes it to this fight.

  • Ikhtisar Hernu
    Ikhtisar Hernu 3 hours ago

    No one survive when khabib put them down on the floor....

  • loki the jokester
    loki the jokester 3 hours ago

    Dennis sever ?

  • wojtek cieślak
    wojtek cieślak 3 hours ago

    flaki z olejem i gwiazdorstwo...

  • Mark Barajas
    Mark Barajas 3 hours ago

    Bruhhh why y’all not putting when Bruce buffer introduce the fighters

  • Not Mick Blotters
    Not Mick Blotters 3 hours ago

    Most annoyed I’ve ever been by announcers. You’re watching two panthers circle each other and Dom Cruz (I think) is talking about throwing feints. I know it’s a solid part of picking apart your opponent when boxing but bros. Stfu and admire what they are doing. Pretty annoying to hear a dude who got punched for a long time give advice to Silva. They’re both HOFers but one for brawling and one for proper striking.

    • Not Mick Blotters
      Not Mick Blotters 3 hours ago

      Decision clearly lost, 1 min left. Silva still trying to bait with his hands down and Cruz still saying they need to be up. He’s down three rounds. If he survives the minute he loses. If he gets pegged, he loses. So he’s trying to bait his opponent into being too aggressive. So goddamn obvious that this is the proper time to do it. Which someone had the balls to correct his idiotic statements

    • Not Mick Blotters
      Not Mick Blotters 3 hours ago

      I’d like to see Anderson’s guard up... then don’t fucking watch Anderson Silva ya dumb prick. He has a style. Perfect defense and showing your opponent you’re concerned about their strikes is not Anderson’s style. But no one knows that better than a UFC ringside commentator, which is why it’s so frustrating to hear. They barely talk about Stylebender in any way. This is just ass. Rogan Goldberg 4 lyfe lol

  • killamist420
    killamist420 3 hours ago

    Forest Whittaker is no joke..

  • Nadeem Wolverine
    Nadeem Wolverine 3 hours ago

    1 Brock lesnar 2 Conor mcgregor 3 Khabib 3 Jon Jones 5 Shevchenko(misspelled)

  • Pavao Pšihistal
    Pavao Pšihistal 3 hours ago

    khabib celebration after beating connor? hahahahha

  • Gum Disease
    Gum Disease 3 hours ago

    You don't get why people don't like Jon Jones? The fuck?

  • stefanoagostinipuntocom

    Shamrock used techqniques used 10 years later in ufc

  • seanwinter sax
    seanwinter sax 3 hours ago

    stop implicating the fighters for smoking weed. please.....

  • clayton davidson
    clayton davidson 3 hours ago

    I love it when a talented fighter finds the right team. Especially Hall. I remember that season. He's so honest with himself he definitely reminds me of pure samurai code martial arts Bruce Lee philosophy with some ninja swag.

  • Dhinsa1990
    Dhinsa1990 3 hours ago

    Another trademark late stoppage by herb hahaha

  • Forest Whitaker's Eye

    Brunson makes my eyes burn from sleepiness

    MRSUPERIFICATION 3 hours ago

    Tony Montana grew a beard

  • Opening GT
    Opening GT 3 hours ago

    Tony "Jorge Masvidal" Montana vs Nate "Vegan Terminator" Diaz

  • Dazey Lacey
    Dazey Lacey 3 hours ago

    Judge:u got hella time still faam 69: George,Dana,Nate are taking steroids on fo n em

  • Misael Estrada
    Misael Estrada 3 hours ago

    Well yes. They don't fucking move

  • Luke n Caro Wittig
    Luke n Caro Wittig 3 hours ago

    1. Holm/Rousey 2. Serra/GSP 3. Weidman/Silva 4. McGregor/Aldo 5. ...

  • ?,?,
    ?,?, 3 hours ago

    Conor looks like 45 years old

  • Miguel Sánchez
    Miguel Sánchez 3 hours ago

    Técnica pura

    FOLLOW the LEADER 3 hours ago

    I am willing to bet all my friends that Jorge will ko diaz got

  • Powermove Squadron
    Powermove Squadron 3 hours ago

    Jorge Masvidal clean as fuck just missing the gold cuban chain

  • maister Gz
    maister Gz 3 hours ago

    Whittaker doesn't have stamina for fighting adesanya. .take it to 3rd round adesanya wins. .sorry just my opinion. .

  • Heidern Heinreich
    Heidern Heinreich 3 hours ago

    Silva's getting old. He's gotta retire.

  • Steve Thorn
    Steve Thorn 3 hours ago

    She should fight transgenders.😁

  • Jerry G
    Jerry G 3 hours ago

    So no bj penn interview after Nick Diaz fight?

  • Mrhighlight84
    Mrhighlight84 3 hours ago

    I hope yall know Prime Silva would have destroyed him. He couldn't even finish the old man. Israel looked better against Kelvin Gastelum

  • Athletic Endeavor
    Athletic Endeavor 3 hours ago

    I’ve never worked in sound production in my life so I guess you could say I’m perfect to work for the sound production team of the UFC.

  • Joshua Patrick
    Joshua Patrick 3 hours ago

    Israel is a world class Kickboxer...maybe one of the best ever but I don’t see much past that. Not to say he doesn’t have it and if your Kb is that good do you need it? Not against low level or mid level guys, but against top tier guys in their prime I would say yes, which is why Gastelum have him so much trouble.

  • Nate Richeson
    Nate Richeson 4 hours ago

    I want to see bens corner reaction from that angle

  • Matias Asconeguy Raco

    3:18 they did cut off that illegal knee xD

  • Walker Of Paths
    Walker Of Paths 4 hours ago

    All the money you make and you can't get the mics working

  • Count Forever
    Count Forever 4 hours ago


  • YoungSaurex
    YoungSaurex 4 hours ago

    no gloves shit crayz

  • no comment
    no comment 4 hours ago

    Rob is the Aussie and Isreal is repping New Zealand

  • Js森
    Js森 4 hours ago

    Like Subcrise comment I will do the same. super fast

  • ProcyonAlpha
    ProcyonAlpha 4 hours ago

    Such a pleasure to watch this guy fight unlike that boring wrestling twat khabib.

  • T.H.S 91
    T.H.S 91 4 hours ago

    Dan “Cheeky knee to the head from forest Whittaker!” Hardy