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  • You Don't Need To Know Sh!t

    colby nr.1

  • Thomas Jordan
    Thomas Jordan 8 seconds ago

    Who else thought Usman was getting to airbrush artist to paint a new hairline?

  • loveforthe90s
    loveforthe90s 10 seconds ago

    Aldo speaks fluent English don’t @ me

  • J Caesar
    J Caesar 25 seconds ago

    This guy has the vocabulary of Tito Ortiz and body language of Luke Rockhold.

  • Ve'ton Broussard
    Ve'ton Broussard 28 seconds ago

    Tell me who going to win

  • Nice N’ Toasty
    Nice N’ Toasty 28 seconds ago

    “Not gonna happen Johnny boy”

  • yaRaa
    yaRaa 30 seconds ago

    KETLEN is a boiiiii

  • Pro Fights Info
    Pro Fights Info 33 seconds ago

    “All Hawaiian sugar and unlimited cupcake platter” - Rush ‘Mini [blessed] Holloway

  • Deadcool
    Deadcool 35 seconds ago

    I think Marty Usman needs to understand that there are people all over the world saying all sorts of dumb things and saying that he is going to smash Colby Covington is one of those things. He will simply be outwrestled and outworked. Once you get past the stupid "notice me" antics you realize Colby is really good and better than Marty at everything. Marty has a slight edge is power but will never land the punch he hopes for. Yes?

  • And so
    And so 42 seconds ago


  • marcelo martinez
    marcelo martinez 49 seconds ago

    Go USMAN,kick his ass and shut his mouth!!!!👊👊👊

  • X3MA
    X3MA 59 seconds ago

    Rice & Cup Cakes? Idk Max, that might be the most disgusting pair. Rice goes great with just about anything, specially meat and seafoods, but f*cking cupcakes? LOL

  • Shaun Bang
    Shaun Bang Minute ago

    It’s so obviously fake especially since his villain loud mouth shit started here but he made the mistake of actually saying super offensive shit to all of Brazil cuz he was trying to copy Chael and Conor dissing Brazil but they did it in a way to get Brazil to root against him but they still respected th Em as fighters but Colby straight up called the entire country filthy and just low kicked them all in the balls calling and making them all seem like poor bums as a country. All Chael and Conor did was that they run Brazil cuz they’re the boss of the fight game. Even that made Chael and Conor need security for protection against actual violent and scary Brazilians so Colby is likely to actually get hurt or murdered by mobs if he ever went to Brazil with no security

  • Sideways 740
    Sideways 740 Minute ago

    sad to see the Illuminati logo on your chest for Bohemian Grove

  • VIK S
    VIK S Minute ago

    Jones by TKO

  • Ted Cleveland
    Ted Cleveland Minute ago

    Katlyn Choke-Again

  • sean kakegamic
    sean kakegamic Minute ago

    Fukin guy has to be the UFC fighter

  • Aiden Rawlins
    Aiden Rawlins 2 minutes ago

    There's nothing Jon said thats not true

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 2 minutes ago

    I'm still bumped he didn't beat Poirier either time

  • james hallas
    james hallas 2 minutes ago

    Aldo was shit in this fight he’s lost it he’s not as good as he once was

  • Cray2TheZ
    Cray2TheZ 2 minutes ago

    That moment between Aldo/Pederneiras and Faber was beautiful! Much respect!

  • Tyler Milton
    Tyler Milton 2 minutes ago

    I think colby repeating the same fuckin lines over and over again are driving usman nuts. That's why colby wins this fight.

  • R. Kh
    R. Kh 2 minutes ago

    @8:37 HAHHA guy in red shirt deserves title shot after that performance hahahaha

  • Jose Reyes
    Jose Reyes 2 minutes ago

    Someone 1 gotta go

  • Brian C
    Brian C 2 minutes ago

    Even this press conference makes Reyes nervous as hell bet he will have a nervous breakdown when they start the fight.

    JOHNNY BYTHEWAY 2 minutes ago

    30% of Marty's hairline is gone.

  • muamer delic
    muamer delic 2 minutes ago

    Max is hilarious, he underrated

  • Atish Zimba
    Atish Zimba 3 minutes ago

    I don't understand why there is so much hate for the 'Platinum', people can go calling him a slob but we need more fighters like him. Fight fans should know that not everyone can become champions and if we were only going to have to watch only championship level matches than there would be very very few cards to watch. A few losses and fans starts talking with such disdain and hate. I am refering here of course to fighters like Cowboy, Gamebred, The Diaz brothers, Barbosa, M Johnson, to some extent even Poirier after his recent loss, Ngannou, Aldo and on and on. Nothing wrong to be an underdog let them squabble and stop the whining

  • Art Simental
    Art Simental 3 minutes ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to fuck all u annoying ass people up

  • Robert Flores
    Robert Flores 3 minutes ago

    Colby has some clever lines but the deliver sucks. I think he has someone write his material. Too bad we won't be hearing much of Colby after Usman whoops him lol.

  • Y0utub3me
    Y0utub3me 3 minutes ago

    3:59 warms my cold lump of a heart

  • Dom Dee
    Dom Dee 3 minutes ago

    "Tomorrow night I get to be the guy to nail the hol- *brain studders and drools* nails in the coffin ...tune in" says the guy who gets knocked out in the 2nd round 22 seconds in

  • J. Griffy
    J. Griffy 3 minutes ago

    This matchup is ridiculous. Reyes only has 12 fights under his belt. I like the guy, but Jon is going to murder him.

  • Chief Thundercock
    Chief Thundercock 3 minutes ago

    Usman is going to "Drill" the nails into Colby's coffin lol

  • whiskey jack
    whiskey jack 3 minutes ago

    Lol the fan at 8:37

  • Muhammad Baba
    Muhammad Baba 3 minutes ago

    Dana be shaking when these fighters come face to face 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Mundo Garcia
    Mundo Garcia 3 minutes ago

    Blessed is the Truth !

  • lone wolf
    lone wolf 3 minutes ago

    "I'm not surprised mother fucker" usmans forehead to his barber looking for his hairline

  • Juggling Taxi Famous
    Juggling Taxi Famous 3 minutes ago

    Colby going to win .

  • KhoalityTV
    KhoalityTV 4 minutes ago

    Jon "tickle my pickle" Jones

  • David Pryor
    David Pryor 4 minutes ago

    04:41 those security guards lol

  • Msysee31
    Msysee31 4 minutes ago

    usman is such a wanker...

  • warrior #itaintme_gmail_com

    Can't wait for this event tonight. I have Max Holloway getting absolutely destroyed by the aussie. COBY COVINGTON ending the Africans dream. NUNEZ doing her thing retaining her title. Dont see Nunez ever getting beaten. Mike perry winning as will Jose Aldo so get your money on all them wins. Never used to like Coby but have taken a liking to Coby COVINGTON now the way hes put bums on seats for the final UFC 2019

  • Glockspecific
    Glockspecific 4 minutes ago

    I hate these cars, it makes you shut your own door! What life is this

    DUNKIN TM 4 minutes ago

    Usman gonna fucked that Covingtan same like Khabib kick connor's ass..he just talk the talk...

  • Simon J
    Simon J 4 minutes ago

    Colbys one liners are as exciting as his fights.

  • Bigkevin26
    Bigkevin26 4 minutes ago

    Jones has such a huge ego. Reyes better fuck him up.

  • shinbudo ane
    shinbudo ane 4 minutes ago

    Imo from watching GDR MT/Kickboxing fights on the feet she wins but the improvement on TKDD is not known yet but wtf do I know

  • Billeh
    Billeh 4 minutes ago

    Oh I didn’t know izzys coach is also Alex’s assistant coach ok alright

  • Josue Cortez
    Josue Cortez 4 minutes ago

    I was like damn is Amanda really that tall then I found out joe is 5’7. Thought the guy was 6’2

  • Harmeet Sidhu
    Harmeet Sidhu 4 minutes ago

    I thought Liz Carmouch got released by the ufc

  • Nicolas Ruvalcaba
    Nicolas Ruvalcaba 4 minutes ago

    What's up with Jons face ?, he looks really different for some reason.

  • Joe Middleton
    Joe Middleton 4 minutes ago

    Kamaru 'injection sites all over my abdomen' Usman

  • Betrezen Steelray
    Betrezen Steelray 4 minutes ago

    Colby is the best!)))

  • Kelly Glen
    Kelly Glen 4 minutes ago

    Trumps rent boy will get smashed!

  • HeyItsR0bert
    HeyItsR0bert 5 minutes ago

    What hairline

  • Нуридин Гулмирзаев

    Проста ташусь от этых музыки))))шикарно

  • Shane Kennedy
    Shane Kennedy 5 minutes ago

    Can't wait to see Max Holloway literally box Alexander's head off. Fuck Alexander. King Max Holloway literally is the greatest featherweight ever

  • Charlie Bevinio
    Charlie Bevinio 5 minutes ago

    Covington to get the win.

  • savvy830
    savvy830 5 minutes ago

    "It's not too late to pull out buddy" - Nina Ansaroff to Amanda Nunes

  • andyy p
    andyy p 5 minutes ago

    I swear I’ll be so upset if I can’t see more Colby ufc antics in the future, he better win

  • WSGtr
    WSGtr 5 minutes ago

    1:47 Matt Hughes contemplating whether to go for double leg

  • Sports Fan_91
    Sports Fan_91 5 minutes ago

    I hate Covington but at the same time sorta like Covington all while i want him to win to hear his post-fight speech but I also wanna see him lose to see if he'd be humbled.

  • Mickely NYC
    Mickely NYC 5 minutes ago

    Dominick looks scared.I think Jones is already in his head 💁🏼‍♂️

  • Saloni Gupta
    Saloni Gupta 5 minutes ago

    Max is going to fight at 200 lbs, looking at his food @6:31

  • Benzo Official
    Benzo Official 5 minutes ago

    all you fans do is hate on the way the fighters look and what they say... does everyone just watch these and sit there thinking real hard about what they can point out and make fun of for likes??? This is a very good example of why I hate 97% of this worlds population.

  • oopopp x
    oopopp x 6 minutes ago

    HOLY SHIT!! Alexander Volkanovski married Ivanka Trump....

  • Miamistyle117
    Miamistyle117 6 minutes ago

    What a difference from the Mazvidal vs Diaz fight to this weigh in.. One dude is trying to apply and get a job in the WWE and the other is shooting up steroids like he's going to a body builder contest tomorrow.. What a joke disaster when this fight happens. I predict a hug fest to the ground and tired fighters fight dont expect fireworks out of this one!

  • Dan Hazard
    Dan Hazard 6 minutes ago

    Usman must've been on his way to a Klowning vs Krump competition

  • cattalkbmx
    cattalkbmx 6 minutes ago

    I hope they all win. I think they will...

    DEVON LARRAT 6 minutes ago


  • R'do jr Buchem
    R'do jr Buchem 6 minutes ago

    Underdogs win

  • DaveKraft400
    DaveKraft400 6 minutes ago

    Face paint woman working overtime with that hairline, bet she needed extra paint. Her tape was halfway across his skull 😂

  • AlienatedPotato
    AlienatedPotato 7 minutes ago

    Colby has to be relieved hearing Dominick speak.

  • xisting1
    xisting1 7 minutes ago

    9:25 Colby looks like a character you'd select to fight in Mortal Kombat

  • Pikachu
    Pikachu 7 minutes ago

    Francis “#ThisIsSucks” Ngannou

  • Ryan Walsh
    Ryan Walsh 7 minutes ago


  • Allen White
    Allen White 7 minutes ago

    That basketball Colby kicked almost hit a little kid. Fucking priceless

  • Sports Fan_91
    Sports Fan_91 7 minutes ago

    Has there been a fight where so many people are torn on how it would play out like Usman-Covington? It seems like people are honestly stumped outside of hating Colby.

  • christopher hall
    christopher hall 7 minutes ago

    Saunders brown is the sleeper fight here

  • Oscar Hernandez
    Oscar Hernandez 7 minutes ago

    1:48 nothing but respect. REAL RECOGNIZE REAL BABY....👊✌

  • Cali Sportsman
    Cali Sportsman 7 minutes ago

    30% Hairlines Matter

  • Edge Omaitc
    Edge Omaitc 7 minutes ago

    Jimmy Smith low key doesn't like colby

  • Cole
    Cole 8 minutes ago

    Is anyone else sick of seeing Nunes's partner in every single shot!? We get it already!

  • 23bogarka
    23bogarka 8 minutes ago

    Dominickkkkk, Jone defended his title 13 times, with you will be 14,you pony Tony

  • m77ast
    m77ast 8 minutes ago

    Oh my goodness. Jonny Bones. Oh my Goodness.

  • Cedrick Holloway
    Cedrick Holloway 8 minutes ago

    I’m sorry guys Colby makes me laugh he’s grown on me

  • Aliou Sagna
    Aliou Sagna 8 minutes ago

    USMAN will be on top inshaallah

  • O D
    O D 9 minutes ago

    Who wins? Like for Colby. Comment for Snoozeman.

  • david zellow
    david zellow 9 minutes ago

    I'm calling it right now. I bet you anything the UFC and their owners are ALLOWING Usman to juice up as much as he wants. Just to beat the MAGA guy trashing them. Just fucking look at Usman. My freaking god don't tell me he's not JACKED ON JUICE 100%????? I know people who juice and that's what they look like. Look at all the scars from the needles all over his body. Come on people..... Get real with this!!!! Unfair fight!

  • XstreamerZ Mcgregor
    XstreamerZ Mcgregor 9 minutes ago

    LET'S GET IT ON !!!

  • JaredxHalluce
    JaredxHalluce 9 minutes ago

    y'all got be mad when Usman wins 😂😂😂

  • mrlabear crouse
    mrlabear crouse 9 minutes ago

    I wonder how Faber vs Aldo would do at 135 Aldo looks like death and Faber has been looking good

  • kaan dogan
    kaan dogan 9 minutes ago

    Usman is going to kill colby

  • **
    ** 9 minutes ago

    Covington by Tko and New!!!

  • The Kids Nice
    The Kids Nice 9 minutes ago

    7:07 At first I thought Marty was getting a new hairline sprayed on

  • Nytron
    Nytron 10 minutes ago

    What is it with the MAGAtards and the hair memes? Both Colby and Usman have receding hairlines. Who the fuck cares about hair, it's the UFC. Half the roster is bald. Colby is gonna need a sports psychologist after Usman finishes him.

  • oopopp x
    oopopp x 10 minutes ago

    Mike "Wakanda Forever" Perry

  • Adam Fears
    Adam Fears 10 minutes ago

    Perry’s nose 👃 look straight

  • Vash The StampCollector
    Vash The StampCollector 10 minutes ago

    Volkanovskis wife is fire..