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Reasons to love NCT’s Ten
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  • gato chorando
    gato chorando 10 hours ago

    okay but seems like that flower is on jeno's hair and it makes me feel so soft he is so !!! "! #+#? #(#+! @(@! * thats all thank u bye

  • esther
    esther 15 hours ago

    I came here for fluff lol I wasn't expecting tears. this is so cute

  • iGot7BangtanCarats

    the real question is, who is the mom and dad and this relationshipㅡ

  • sugawithmytae
    sugawithmytae 2 days ago

    honestly mark's "skrr pull up in the coupe beep beep" is just so iconic

  • B H
    B H 5 days ago

    wheres 12:25 from

  • Danyal Ahmed
    Danyal Ahmed 5 days ago

    Why r there haters every where why disliking the video????

    • Danyal Ahmed
      Danyal Ahmed 2 days ago

      @Nctlove 409 and thanks to u for this wonderful vid😘😘

    • Nctlove 409
      Nctlove 409 2 days ago

      It’s okay some people are just salty that they got no Doyoung in their lives :,) I’m just kidding idk some people are just like that but hey there’s more love <3 thanks for your comment!

  • Keila Ameli
    Keila Ameli 5 days ago

    1:50. OK THAT'S ENOUGH.

  • Stan Ten
    Stan Ten 8 days ago

    ten my king

  • Stan Ten
    Stan Ten 8 days ago

    and taeil

  • Taylor Trout
    Taylor Trout 8 days ago

    This is so straight im-

  • Rizka Rd
    Rizka Rd 9 days ago

    9:56 omg he can be my best friend if he want ;_;

  • Lumin Khwairakpam
    Lumin Khwairakpam 10 days ago

    Fan asked she had depression and she asked what should she do and Jisung asked Chenli to act Cute, so he can chree her up (TT)(TT)(TT) What a thoughtful boy. Thank You for this beautiful vedio and, Yes support him no matter what 💓💓💓💞💘💚💚💚🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Maria Belen Montiel Franco

    3:03 the song name Pliss🙏!!.

  • Bubbletea Taro
    Bubbletea Taro 10 days ago

    We might be a small fandom but we sure have big heart💜

  • Lola mong SM STAN
    Lola mong SM STAN 12 days ago

    My biases are DY, KUN and LELE 💚 they are angels 😭😭

  • everyone is whipped for jeongin.1080px watch

    I love ur videos 🥺

  • Kat Andi
    Kat Andi 13 days ago


  • wonbabey
    wonbabey 16 days ago

    everything was chill until you threw in dear dream. I hate you (not actually lmao) thank you for this blessed video though

    • Nctlove 409
      Nctlove 409 13 days ago

      Me adding dear dream: *sobs while editing* ty for watching <3

  • Stella Mavridou
    Stella Mavridou 17 days ago

    Why is junguwu so freaking soft DO NOT TOUCH ME

  • Alicia Robertson
    Alicia Robertson 18 days ago

    The way we constantly pester Kun about Gu Ren Gui is like how STAYs constantly pester 3RACHA about WOW skskskks

  • Amanda Castro
    Amanda Castro 20 days ago

    2:41 RIP Ears

  • Nctlove 409
    Nctlove 409 20 days ago

    Heyo Lovelies, I’ve gotten a bunch of comments about Kun not being in this video, and I totally understand where all of you are coming from, at that time I mainly focused on members that have debuted for a longer period of time but don’t worry I have a whole separate video about our bby Kun :,)

  • Multi-fandom Kpop Trash

    Kun!! Biss, you left Kun, and you are saying SM is leaving members out.

    • Nctlove 409
      Nctlove 409 20 days ago

      Trust me if any czennie had the ability to make the choices sm makes the exposure each members get would be a lot different, to clarify though I do adore Kun a lot I hope you know that! Here’s the link to the video:

    • Nctlove 409
      Nctlove 409 20 days ago

      Lololol gurl don’t worry I made a whole separate video about Kun

  • skinny shrek
    skinny shrek 26 days ago

    Jisung is literally *miss me with that gay shit* mood on 27/7

  • ami alejandra
    ami alejandra 26 days ago

    3:24 ñame of song please ;-;?

    • Nctlove 409
      Nctlove 409 23 days ago

      They did a special stage of a song called No. 1 by Boa :)

  • ami alejandra
    ami alejandra 26 days ago

    Jisung:exist Me, you, the world,the universe:ANGEL AND CUTE!!

  • jaemin is a top
    jaemin is a top 29 days ago

    update: ten is climbing the popularity ranking.he is one of sm’s favorite members the most underrated members are obviously RENJUN,taeil,winwin,kun,johnny..a bit doyoung,xiaojun,hendery,yangyang

  • Cas P
    Cas P Month ago

    I’m honestly shocked you haven’t made a video about 119 yet

    • Nctlove 409
      Nctlove 409 Month ago

      honestly im shocked that i havent made one too haha

  • trize beatrize
    trize beatrize Month ago

    If i will be a mom i going to be doyoung

  • step 1: Stan kpop

    What are the titles of the ten in crop tops videos

  • Sophie Renne
    Sophie Renne Month ago

    And Johnny can fucking dance like king, but he is always at the back. Man, I will start a petition

  • Jesus, Y is jisung so tall?????

    At least johnny has jcc heh hehhehhehheh *sad*

  • Dulcy Delgado
    Dulcy Delgado Month ago

    Song of the minute 2:59 and 3:15?

  • Aliya Maly
    Aliya Maly Month ago

    It really sucks that some of them share their lines with other members.

    • markhyuck station
      markhyuck station Month ago

      Aliya Maly fr I only started recognizing his voice when he went into WAYV, his voice is really great though 😭❤️

    • Aliya Maly
      Aliya Maly Month ago

      markhyuck station I didn’t know how Winwin’s (my bias) voice sounded for a while. His voice was always backup and really short so you could never really enjoy it

    • markhyuck station
      markhyuck station Month ago

      Aliya Maly factssss yuta doubles up on so many of his lines :( it’s not a wonder why most people can’t differentiate his voice from the other members

  • wot in tarnation
    wot in tarnation Month ago

    Now this....this is baby

  • Asiyah
    Asiyah Month ago


    • Nctlove 409
      Nctlove 409 Month ago

      Aish I really wanted to Include him in the video too! I didn’t have many clips of him at the time, but later on I made a video about him (gu ren gui) video ^_^ 💗

  • Milena Karagozyan

    Omg when he said that he doesn't have any friends at school my heart just did somethink🥺

  • Melinda Natal Inspirit/Exo-L

    Hendrey is my beautiful all arounder. He is precious and we need to take good care of him. I see your beauty but also your talent and how much you work for what you have.

  • Cmnx Aco
    Cmnx Aco Month ago

    and just yesterday, Jisung sent this to himself 4 years before: "jisung a~, let's not just find the meaning of life, but become meaning in other people's life". I was crying my eyes out.

  • Cmnx Aco
    Cmnx Aco Month ago

    thanks for making this. i luv my Jisung so so much uwu

  • tahirah ali
    tahirah ali Month ago

    It's 1:58am baabieee YALL KNOW THIS IS BLASTED RN😭😭

  • Mae Lin
    Mae Lin Month ago

    Is this legal- 😦 my wig

  • Ten lilangel
    Ten lilangel Month ago

    Yes uwu

  • Ten lilangel
    Ten lilangel Month ago

    Because he's a lovely talented puppy uwu

  • Miss Bae
    Miss Bae Month ago

    i cried

  • Coconut Cloud
    Coconut Cloud Month ago


  • DekuDeku
    DekuDeku Month ago


  • sleeping in the comments.

    NGL before yesterday when I started my research on NCT I didn't even know yuta was in the group I'm 🤡

    • sleeping in the comments.
      sleeping in the comments. Month ago

      @Nctlove 409 you're welcome hun!!

    • Nctlove 409
      Nctlove 409 Month ago

      Sidjdjhf and that’s the exact reason why I make these videos, sm is failing at their job again :,) but thank you for watching btw! 💜

  • LSorn Nareekarn H.

    Lmao the outro is Ten OMFG HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Doyoung with a rose

    Luwoo is Q U A K I N G

  • Doyoung with a rose

    he's the angel we never deserved but needed

  • Pranami Mitra
    Pranami Mitra Month ago


  • Miya mellui
    Miya mellui Month ago

    Fxxk xjskcnskxja its interesting, right

  • dream.catcher
    dream.catcher Month ago

    ok i just saw this but nvm im crying uwu

  • nor yana
    nor yana Month ago

    I cried a river 😭😭😭😭 I can proudly shout to the people that my bias is an angel Kim Dongyoung.. 💚💚💚

  • Veronica CS
    Veronica CS Month ago

    i thought so when haechan sing that lyrics :’) i wanna cry he’s only 19

  • Taamz Heart
    Taamz Heart Month ago

    outro 😍

  • Mina K
    Mina K Month ago

    'last call' is Jaehyun insinuating that he's picking up a girl at the bar??

    • Nctlove 409
      Nctlove 409 Month ago

      Idek man with nct anything is possibly at this point haha

  • Mina K
    Mina K Month ago

    the newest addition to the NCT thot playlist

  • KaiKoffee
    KaiKoffee Month ago

    This cracks me up but what's the outro song?

    • KaiKoffee
      KaiKoffee Month ago

      @Nctlove 409 predebut ten omg the best ten

    • Nctlove 409
      Nctlove 409 Month ago

      Haha it’s Ten’s predebut “I need a girl” performance it’s great XD

  • Azaria Rose
    Azaria Rose 2 months ago

    I'm so glad I found this😂

    ELLIE 2 months ago

    First hahahah nct is interesting

  • Rinmawii Hmar
    Rinmawii Hmar 2 months ago

    Doyoung is perfect

  • AnnaDarlene
    AnnaDarlene 2 months ago

    This is old but like I cry watching this, DY is sooooo precious😭😍

  • Fen T
    Fen T 2 months ago

    I'm not a nct fan, but I know he is a warm-hearted person. And I'm crying at the entire of this video

  • Wenzzyyy
    Wenzzyyy 2 months ago

    Hendery being WayV's happy virus uwu~ ❤ love u mah prince

  • Rilary Alves
    Rilary Alves 2 months ago

    😢❤❤ love

  • Kimber Peters
    Kimber Peters 2 months ago

    Johnny is my bias and when I heard FOOL and JETLAG I was so happy to hear my boy’s beautiful voice and like it’s an improvement but it’s still no where near enough :( he didn’t move all the way from Chicago and overwork himself for this bullshit :( same goes for yuta winwin and ten

  • Lovely Azallin
    Lovely Azallin 2 months ago


  • Onion Unnie
    Onion Unnie 2 months ago

    I knoe its funny but my phone started lagging right away it saw 0:10 and tbh it loaded for a while

  • That One Person in Buddy

    In my opinion, ten is not a face of the group kinda person. His mastery exists deep within him. In other words, he is simply too talented to be in a group! The way he dances is just too elegant and too much for 127’s crowdedness. Honestly, I actually like what they did with Ten. Because the way they hide him for the most important moments (debut of NCT, duel comeback with the ace, solo moment in Black on black) develops kinda a mysterious feeling for me. Seriously, he feels like a God to me, and I love it! That being said, I do think SM should give him more solo or duel opportunities. More comeback for U in general I think.

    • markhyuck station
      markhyuck station Month ago

      That One Person in Buddy AMEN! Hella late, but I agree. He’s an absolute ace, putting him in 127 would be a waste because he would get no lines anyways. Out of everyone in NCT, I believe he could debut as a soloist right now and be successful. <3 I pray for his solo career

  • heo chan's dimples and jinhyuk's elsa

    Oh maybe I have a thing for the members who have lesser lines but super duper freakin amazingly talented since my ub and bias wrecker are Ten and Yuta. On the other note, I still have my hope that the other members will shine more not just as back up vocals, dance centers, but as idol singers in the future. P.S. Sehun is my EXO bias and he's going to debut in a subunit, that's why I have high hopes for the members who got lesser lines as of now.

  • Kpooper Things
    Kpooper Things 2 months ago

    Dude i used to actually think it was meme music

  • Kpooper Things
    Kpooper Things 2 months ago

    Wait when did he make this and where did he post it

  • Hiam Ali
    Hiam Ali 2 months ago

    I didn't come here to cry but here i am

  • riski anugrah
    riski anugrah 2 months ago

    4.20 wht of the nme this Full video? Whre can i watch it?

  • Myan W
    Myan W 2 months ago

    The title should be "Doyoung being Jungwoo's sugar daddy for 4 minutes straight"

  • ahga-l nctzen
    ahga-l nctzen 2 months ago

    i cried... this video just make me realized that i love doyoung more more than i ever though, thanks for making this video and thank you doyoung love you

  • nel
    nel 2 months ago

    we want part 3 :-(((((((

  • Panda luvs
    Panda luvs 2 months ago

    What's otp?

  • Salmarani H
    Salmarani H 2 months ago

    yes he has it. He is genuine to almost everything that he does and put his heart into it. He cares a lot for his members and has the role of mum in nct. He is also so kind and smart. Man, this guy is amazing ;")

  • Ciel Étwicelé
    Ciel Étwicelé 2 months ago

    I don't think I've ever seen someone this handsome before + he's smiling 24/24 that makes him even more lovable

  • Jimochi
    Jimochi 3 months ago

    Where is this clip from 1:20

  • spaxeity 14
    spaxeity 14 3 months ago

    he is literally everything 💕💕 uwu💕💕my bias out of all of nct

  • Hazza Tomstyles
    Hazza Tomstyles 3 months ago

    Gracias por el vídeo, estuvo muy lindo. <333

  • Hazza Tomstyles
    Hazza Tomstyles 3 months ago

    Doyoung siempre está alegre junto Jungwoo, son unos bebés preciosos. <3

  • Hazza Tomstyles
    Hazza Tomstyles 3 months ago

    gracias, esto alimenta mi corazoncito Dowoo shipper <3

  • Nari Eun
    Nari Eun 3 months ago

    3:15 right in front of lucas ksksks

  • Pxstelli X
    Pxstelli X 3 months ago

    I already like Hendery since I know WayV

  • Hi, I’m Jeffrey & i lived in America for 4 years

    Hes like jaehyun but in wayv unit urgh what a baby :(((

  • Multi-Fangirl Jin-jin eezberikyutt

    Jungwoo and Jeno are Doyoung's most loved member

  • Wow Memes
    Wow Memes 3 months ago

    Johnny,ten yuta, Taeil, Winwin, Kun should be in there own group they all could fit a bad boy concept 🤦🏻‍♀️🤧

  • b1790
    b1790 3 months ago

    Doyoung’s motherly love for Jungwoo is making him climb up my bias list! I love me a caring man ;’)

  • Liz Vuong
    Liz Vuong 3 months ago

    Gu Ren Gui is NCT's anthem 😂😂😂

  • Mahbub Ramisa
    Mahbub Ramisa 3 months ago

    I just can't listen to my biases song properly because of these memes 😢

  • lee chinha
    lee chinha 3 months ago

    Prince hendery 💘💘❤❤❤❤❤

  • moonsy uwu
    moonsy uwu 3 months ago

    edtoy llorand0. en serio amo muchísimo a doyoung.

    RAINJUNWO 3 months ago

    this video make my heart goes to soft

  • mrs kwon nim
    mrs kwon nim 3 months ago

    My doyoung

  • Sarah
    Sarah 3 months ago

    Ten is so talented they have to lock him up or he'll snatch everyone