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Our $70,000 Experiment
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Things are about to change
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Finally... WILL SMITH!
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  • PicturePerfect Creatives

    Thomas man! Those drone shots are on point!!!

  • Thomas Barks
    Thomas Barks 5 minutes ago RUN ACROSS ICELAND!!!

  • nicetry gamming
    nicetry gamming 7 minutes ago

    dude u so awesome.- from indonesia with love-

  • Malayalees Icon
    Malayalees Icon 8 minutes ago

    And thats where it all begins.... am i only person who has starter watching their video in 2019 nov and watching the whole list from very beginning

  • king bing
    king bing 11 minutes ago

    all those helpful guys were paid actors...............actually india is very harsh, you will be eaten away.

  • kasra karimi
    kasra karimi 15 minutes ago

    Run across iceland

  • youtube pubg
    youtube pubg 17 minutes ago

    Muslim proud of you!!!!!

  • tobi87
    tobi87 18 minutes ago

    That lady in the restaurant looks like mama june from honey boo boo

  • Ifran Saad Omee
    Ifran Saad Omee 20 minutes ago

    You guys are living the life

  • Abhay Malhan
    Abhay Malhan 21 minute ago

    After narcos ?

  • Adrian Love
    Adrian Love 27 minutes ago

    Tuvalu is going to need a bigger hotel. This place is on my Bucket List

    VIRAL KOLKATA 30 minutes ago

    Like i have been watching yes theory straight three days non stop and i cant believe i am so much into your feels so awesome .... Carl u came to India love the episode man... Ammar u are so awesome and warm and matt u r natural... I was literally weeping after the pyramid video and i was thinking that someday i will challenge myself to meet you guys... Someday someday .... I have the brave heart but no funds to step out and go ... Keep up guys ...

  • Ironwave Studios
    Ironwave Studios 36 minutes ago

    Imagine being the only one in a remote country who watches a famous youtuber, who lives thousands of miles away, and then you're just chilling in your hammock and then see that same youtuber just walking by your house.

  • Marcus Sneyders
    Marcus Sneyders 36 minutes ago

    Run across iceland

  • Alaa Zakri
    Alaa Zakri 36 minutes ago

    What's funny is I had some random number try to FaceTime as I started this video

  • Vayzor
    Vayzor 37 minutes ago

    Accept Isiah Photo’s challenge!!

  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia 40 minutes ago

    Go to Isiah photos channel. He has challenged you to run across Iceland

  • Craig Campbell
    Craig Campbell 41 minute ago

    What was the joke??

  • Arsh syed
    Arsh syed 42 minutes ago

    Isaiah photo Rox 😂 check him out pls

  • Arsh syed
    Arsh syed 42 minutes ago

    Run across island . Yes theory pls

  • jennTwaambo
    jennTwaambo 43 minutes ago

    Derin is so chill. I love how he was the quiet one. And now he's the most Yes Man ever. Yeeeeeees

  • tuhin poddar
    tuhin poddar 45 minutes ago

    For those who don't know she is an Indian actress. Roshni Walia (Search her on google).

  • Ashley Burgos
    Ashley Burgos 45 minutes ago


  • Lukas Kiela
    Lukas Kiela 45 minutes ago

    i Love you!

  • Imogen Meng
    Imogen Meng 49 minutes ago


  • DeadSh0ck706
    DeadSh0ck706 50 minutes ago

    Isaiah photo surelyyyy

  • Manic Mo
    Manic Mo 52 minutes ago

    I wonder if Justin Bieber saw this and what his reaction was

  • Aditya Kothiyal
    Aditya Kothiyal 54 minutes ago

    dont be scared from coming to india this is only propaganda by the tv channels come to india atithi devo bhava

  • tracey yeoman
    tracey yeoman 56 minutes ago

    God is great, and yes its beautiful, to deal with fear.I love the Egyptian guy his enthusiasm is stunning.

  • YoureUnfortunate


  • Sam Lagerhausen
    Sam Lagerhausen Hour ago

    Isaiah Photo...look him up 👌🏼

  • Yhane Lerios
    Yhane Lerios Hour ago

    Nov 22, 2019, still watching this? Who's with me? Make 👇 Blue I hope you choose me on your strange companion next travel. I love to travel too but can't afford right now

  • Adrienne Owens
    Adrienne Owens Hour ago

    Can I just point out the best part of this video?? A Muslim from Egypt, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, mountain climbing Mount Fuji in Japan. Ammar, you are the best!!!

  • annnabelle mirate

    It's not tuvalu it's... Tu vaaaaaaaaaaa lu

  • Jithin meruga
    Jithin meruga Hour ago

    It is understandable that foreigners think india as a dangerous place to be. it is not safe to some extent, but it is not true entirely. I have an american friend who lives in india. There are many foreigners living and working in india.

  • tracey yeoman
    tracey yeoman Hour ago

    Who loves the Fresh Prince he is the most fabulous person in the world.

  • Morshed Saifi
    Morshed Saifi Hour ago

    Fly that guy to us maaaan

  • Aub Channel
    Aub Channel Hour ago

    Yes theory is the definition of living

  • Shantanu Chaudhary

    Try this here in India!!!, It'd be really interesting if you can even make it to 24 hours

  • Keaton Barney
    Keaton Barney Hour ago

    Ayeee I’m delivering pizza rn😂

  • tracey yeoman
    tracey yeoman Hour ago

    My narrative iindeed,, live and let live, so very random and awesome.

  • Saul Ortiz
    Saul Ortiz Hour ago

    Go run in Iceland!!

  • Bloody Boomerang

    The most badass gangster of all time

  • Zachary Lund
    Zachary Lund Hour ago

    Yea... Singapore is not the best place to try this.

  • Just Aasen
    Just Aasen Hour ago

    4:03 nah dude

  • AlexTatoy Kulit
    AlexTatoy Kulit Hour ago

    Mrbeast- YesTheory Collab

  • Abi Ismoyo
    Abi Ismoyo Hour ago

    ammar for president

  • A J
    A J Hour ago

    This guy went full Matt D'avella

  • Smelly Cat
    Smelly Cat Hour ago

    In Turkey we have eastern express train and it took 27 hours but 5 days... thats too much man

  • Josiah Anderson
    Josiah Anderson Hour ago RUN ACROSS ICELAND

  • Jaden Suafoa
    Jaden Suafoa Hour ago

    I’m Tuvaluan🇹🇻🇹🇻🇹🇻

  • ChewyPlays
    ChewyPlays Hour ago

    go run across iceland!

  • Mohammed Ali Akhter

    Challenge yourself again. But become friends with at least 1 good homeless person. See why they are out there.

  • Anthony Gregor Pallik

    Yo go run across Iceland with Isaiah Photo

  • Sk8r_Adrian
    Sk8r_Adrian Hour ago

    Go look at Isaiah photo he challenged you guys to run across Iceland

  • Harshan Gill
    Harshan Gill Hour ago

    I wouldn’t take them if I was rich.

  • tracey yeoman
    tracey yeoman Hour ago

    That was the most amazing surprise, I would definitely go, wish somebody would stop me at an airport and say come lets go where ever, and have an experience of a life time.

  • ab cd
    ab cd Hour ago

    Iceland challenge for you

  • Rubena Abrahams
    Rubena Abrahams 2 hours ago


  • praharsha david
    praharsha david 2 hours ago

    We watch every single video of ur ...thank you so much ..u guys changed my life form india ..

  • Kabir Campwala
    Kabir Campwala 2 hours ago

    Do the Iceland running thing guys and take me with you all!!!

  • Mikkel Sharwar
    Mikkel Sharwar 2 hours ago


  • vceofanangl
    vceofanangl 2 hours ago

    Darrin was on point. Matt wanted it sooo bad and Thomas,.... bless your heart. Your cute. 💙💙💙💙😂

  • Ariel Quezada
    Ariel Quezada 2 hours ago

    Esperaba el episodio en español.

  • Ariel Quezada
    Ariel Quezada 2 hours ago

    Aren't you french? Lol

  • Pataganja
    Pataganja 2 hours ago

    This mf deadass just took 2 middle class millennials aside from a homeless man and gave them $10,000

  • Catie W
    Catie W 2 hours ago

    AYOOO I GOT IT RIGHT I actually tried to do a project on this country in high school. I saw the title and I was like “honestly it might be Tuvalu.” I learned a lot about it, but didn’t have enough info for me to have done well the project so my group and I had to choose another country. It upsets me that this place is so likely to disappear, it’s an amazing place

  • Samuel Koldis
    Samuel Koldis 2 hours ago

    Haha they pick the hottest girl 😂 love you guys 👏🏼

  • Alexa Partida
    Alexa Partida 2 hours ago


  • Dymphna Vallentine
    Dymphna Vallentine 2 hours ago


  • Jenny D
    Jenny D 2 hours ago

    Run across Iceland with Isaiah Photos!

  • denis pasa
    denis pasa 2 hours ago

    Run across Iceland if you’re not scared!

  • Carlos Alba
    Carlos Alba 2 hours ago

    fun fact Tuvalu makes a large amount of it's GDP from .tv domains.

  • xeno ancagre
    xeno ancagre 2 hours ago

    he still can't survive a brain freeze

  • Jordan Knox
    Jordan Knox 2 hours ago

    Accept Isaiah Photo’s challenge and run across Iceland with him!!!!!!

  • Princess Slayah
    Princess Slayah 2 hours ago

    Oh my god Elon crying is such a sad sight 😭😭😭

  • The_ Archer1202
    The_ Archer1202 2 hours ago

    Amazing, im kind of glad there is no tourism, otherwise you wouldnt see the commune style life the lead

  • Hanan A Salahadin
    Hanan A Salahadin 2 hours ago

    Isaiah PHOTO

  • Thleamus Lofi
    Thleamus Lofi 2 hours ago

    3:14 Nothing gets past Tuvalu customs.

  • True Potential
    True Potential 2 hours ago

    Matty Poo

  • Bruce Morlan
    Bruce Morlan 2 hours ago

    Please say yes and help this man with a awesome message for climate change awareness

  • brody .hartlen9
    brody .hartlen9 2 hours ago

    i love wholesome content

  • Jellotuna
    Jellotuna 2 hours ago

    Climate change is basically all crazy communist style government-controlling propaganda, but a good size storm at high tide could wipe this place from time to time and probably does a little. The oceans have yet to rise, but earthquakes, shifting/subsiding land can occur.

  • Josh H
    Josh H 2 hours ago

    How about a run across ICELAND!!!! You've been challenged by Isaiah Photo!!! 👇

  • Munna Maz
    Munna Maz 2 hours ago

    That means how ass holes these American media are .Jump in every possible direction .

  • Thleamus Lofi
    Thleamus Lofi 2 hours ago

    Sounds like a disease. Haha.

  • Rachel Cabrera
    Rachel Cabrera 2 hours ago

    Accept the challenge from Isaiah photo to run 200 miles with him in Iceland

  • Pratik Bharali
    Pratik Bharali 2 hours ago

    Join me at Hornbill Festival

  • Pratik Bharali
    Pratik Bharali 2 hours ago

    I want to join you guys. Let's do it

  • francesca francesca
    francesca francesca 2 hours ago

    You should go to Margarita, Venezuela

  • Lirushan Pillay
    Lirushan Pillay 2 hours ago

    Yes Theory go check out Isaiah Photos video challenging you to run across Iceland ! You can’t say no btw. :)

  • Kiara Rose
    Kiara Rose 2 hours ago


  • Mitch Pullar
    Mitch Pullar 3 hours ago

    Anyone else think they should continue to talk?

  • Jesse Sequoia
    Jesse Sequoia 3 hours ago

    Isaiah Photo Iceland Challenge Isaiah Photo Iceland Challenge Isaiah Photo Iceland Challenge Isaiah Photo Iceland Challenge Isaiah Photo Iceland Challenge Isaiah Photo Iceland Challenge Isaiah Photo Iceland Challenge Isaiah Photo Iceland Challenge Isaiah Photo Iceland Challenge Isaiah Photo Iceland Challenge Isaiah Photo Iceland Challenge

  • Diana Guardado
    Diana Guardado 3 hours ago


  • RustyRayne
    RustyRayne 3 hours ago

    oMG yOU copiED MR. beAsT

  • Nick R
    Nick R 3 hours ago

    Isaiah photo

  • sui
    sui 3 hours ago

    @Isiaiah Photo has challenged you guys to run across Iceland to raise awareness for climate change!

  • Sa Gar
    Sa Gar 3 hours ago

    Iceland challenge

  • Orangesnipez
    Orangesnipez 3 hours ago

    hypothermia? we dont know her