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  • Axel
    Axel 6 hours ago

    How da faq did Jorah come back alive and that dog too

  • Carl Secundus
    Carl Secundus 11 hours ago

    If bran just said to the night king it's over you lost it would seem that he planned the whole thing and he would look less fucking useless

  • Andre G
    Andre G 12 hours ago

    pile of shit is in your pants scuzzball

  • Ganesh Kagupati
    Ganesh Kagupati 16 hours ago

    Bells arent for welcoMing...this dialogue from the battle of blackwater...remember

  • Clayton Rogers

    Beric was a hero

  • Y R
    Y R Day ago

    Fucking subtitles killed me hahah

  • TheGamingMobile YT

    So your saying the battle started at 7 or 8 pm and ended at 5 Am

  • TheOne
    TheOne Day ago

    Best movie of the decade. Second best comicbook movie after the dark knight. Joaquin phoenix deserves every single award for his performance

    • Sean TankTop
      Sean TankTop Day ago

      TheOne it’s not. I do totally agree that TDK is better tho! It’s too dumb and blunt but keeeewl!

  • Full Comic Alchemist

    I loved this episode until the ending so tense the whole way through but to tease us for seasons and this whole episode with the one on one show down and not give us one Jon doesn't have to kill him but the need a show down.

  • ramiro cruz
    ramiro cruz 2 days ago

    3:29 😬

  • Álvaro Luna
    Álvaro Luna 2 days ago

    She is my queen. She saved him. And all of you celebrated her death.

  • Spök Raket
    Spök Raket 2 days ago

    This is in retrospect the BEST scene of got

  • jmich328
    jmich328 2 days ago

    I think because these are 2 fairly effeminate males and a blue haired thing who says 'incels' about 20 times, this review comes across to people as cliche, predictable, or pre-determined, like they're are just saying what they think they should say in accordance with some goofy political lens - we know that's happening with this movie. The truth is it's like Black Panther - it's nowhere near as brilliant as some people are making it out to be, but given how thin and superficial comic book movies are in general, it's above average.

    • Sean TankTop
      Sean TankTop Day ago

      jmich328 dude. Fuck. You cracked the code. Damn. I feel so naked. It’s too bad you talk like a tool cause I think your BP observation is pretty spot on. Plus you didn’t even get the color of her hair right.

  • Jimmy Greer
    Jimmy Greer 2 days ago

    Although, the Joker here is a freakin conformist.

    • Sean TankTop
      Sean TankTop 2 days ago

      Jimmy Greer he’s definitely still a slave to SOCIETY in the 89 version

  • Tratbag D
    Tratbag D 2 days ago

    Let me show you everything except the reaction when Arya kills the night king...

  • Axel
    Axel 2 days ago

    Seen tank top thank you you are amazing as the mother of dragons

  • Aidan Rogers
    Aidan Rogers 2 days ago

    Such a perfect analogy of Suicide Squad.

  • Sir.Raphim Revelator

    You guys and gal are comedic trio. I like this kind of video. She's humorous and knows pop culture. She's a keeper. She even caught that unlit candle scene.

  • Metaphix
    Metaphix 2 days ago

    vbq kek

  • blackice11z
    blackice11z 2 days ago

    Ah the good ol' Jim Sterling anti copyright strike method.

    • Sean TankTop
      Sean TankTop 2 days ago

      blackice11z also definitely bit this from Cosmonaut Variety Hour but the Jim Sterling angle is solid too

    • Sir.Raphim Revelator
      Sir.Raphim Revelator 2 days ago

      @blackice11z just like how John Constantine conned the devil by making 7 Devils lay claim to his soul, they end up fighting over him and gets to stay alive because they had to compromise or end up killing each other. Good to know.

    • blackice11z
      blackice11z 2 days ago

      @Sir.Raphim Revelator Jim Sterling was the one who discovered you can deadlock a video to prevent it getting taken down by including content that will get strikes from multiple sources. If the company owning Pokemon or another of the things overlaying the Batman scenes claims content and Warner Bros claims for the Batman scenes than the video will be demonetized but stay up due to the opposing claims.

    • Sir.Raphim Revelator
      Sir.Raphim Revelator 2 days ago

      How is that,what is the Jim sterling method?

  • Chris
    Chris 2 days ago

    i enjoyed the commentary i hope you keep doing it with older movies

    • Sean TankTop
      Sean TankTop 2 days ago

      Chris were definitely gonna do atleast one a month!! We did IT from 1990 last month too!

  • onepcwhiz
    onepcwhiz 2 days ago

    Um... "in lieu of" means "instead of".

    • onepcwhiz
      onepcwhiz Day ago

      @Ender4212 lol

    • Ender4212
      Ender4212 Day ago

      Quiet, nerd

    • Sean TankTop
      Sean TankTop 2 days ago

      Coach brother.... S8 drove me to stress drinking like a sumbitch!!!

    • Coach
      Coach 2 days ago

      @Sean TankTop too many beers per got episodes at work.

    • Sean TankTop
      Sean TankTop 2 days ago

      Damn my hungover brain

  • Jared Fredensborg
    Jared Fredensborg 2 days ago

    89 Batman was a Conner Stone of one of my young birthdays. FYI I was more on the team Joker! Lol

    • Sean TankTop
      Sean TankTop 2 days ago

      Jared Fredensborg I just never realized how progressive his economic policy was!!!

  • Sean TankTop
    Sean TankTop 2 days ago

    Enjoy my GIF collection guys!!! HOLY SHITBALLZ we've never had video get blocked so many times! We wanted to drop this one before Joker came out, but better late than never! But here it is! Hit up our Patreon for the full commentary, and Jesus RULES OKAY!

  • Johnny Skinwalker
    Johnny Skinwalker 2 days ago

    damn the rewatchers have been slow to rewatch lol it's been 6 months since

  • Kevin Fry
    Kevin Fry 2 days ago

    Anyone reacting to this with any emotion seems really dumb to me. Sorry, just given how bad it was.

  • Filfaeril
    Filfaeril 2 days ago

    I had the same reaction as the green hair (2:13) girl while watching this.

  • Sirisak Kwanma
    Sirisak Kwanma 3 days ago

    8:25 ตบมือทำควยไร เวลาฝรั่งโดนบิ้วเยอะๆ ก็โง่ไม่ต่างกับพันธุ่อื่นที่แม่งกดต่ำไว้เลยเนอะ.

  • Aria Folley
    Aria Folley 3 days ago


  • Ricky Crawford
    Ricky Crawford 3 days ago

    A fan service scene for you folks 😉

  • Arthur Rimbaud
    Arthur Rimbaud 3 days ago


  • Midas Jones
    Midas Jones 3 days ago

    why is Timmy Mallet there?

  • Rana Hassan Ali
    Rana Hassan Ali 3 days ago

    This my favourite episode in the entire show.

  • MadasaGamer 0202
    MadasaGamer 0202 3 days ago

    Eesse ep foi seennssaaciiionau veelho 👏👏👏👏 heeeeerruuu

  • Carl Secundus
    Carl Secundus 3 days ago

    Why is the normies here?

  • Fizz Hobbes
    Fizz Hobbes 3 days ago

    am i the only one who wanted her to die since season 3?

  • Fizz Hobbes
    Fizz Hobbes 3 days ago

    why is everyone so surprised? i saw this coming miles away. tried to like daenerys but didn't from the start. she's always been very annoying and brutal

  • Studyo Gangsta
    Studyo Gangsta 3 days ago

    six of nine!!?? smh!!

  • Colin L.
    Colin L. 3 days ago

    A death that warranted cheering. can't believe they cheered at dany's death :(

  • cha ni
    cha ni 3 days ago

    Why am I crying

  • サクリファイス

    It's so satisfying seeing the reactions of all these snowflakes when their "Queen" gets the tyrant out of her

  • King Ezekiel
    King Ezekiel 3 days ago

    Where r u located?

  • MovieMagic1328
    MovieMagic1328 3 days ago

    This has to be up there for one of the best twists of all time

  • Gui lle
    Gui lle 3 days ago

    Que espamentosos que son algunos laaaa

  • Leland Hurley
    Leland Hurley 4 days ago

    That Bill Burr part was fucking priceless

  • caramelmacchiato
    caramelmacchiato 4 days ago

    i am on board with captain america on this dany’s death ☝️

  • Lord123
    Lord123 4 days ago

    Can i get the guy in the orange shirts number....please.

  • Axel
    Axel 4 days ago

    So Ramsay gave it to Theon

  • Axel
    Axel 4 days ago

    Came for to see the reaction to the Daenerys scene

  • Axel
    Axel 4 days ago

    I don’t mind that the movie is about Harley Quinn mostly she is epic

  • TurtleObsessed
    TurtleObsessed 4 days ago

    “Everyone, meet Bill”😂😂😂

  • EnglishClasses ViaSkype

    Been watching some "G.O.T. reaction videos" and yours are the best!!.. I'm 5 years late to find your video here... but it was worth it! Thanks! Hope I can be in your bar, one day... :)

  • lartisteautravail
    lartisteautravail 4 days ago

    Star Wars was never a pet franchise for me but Pedro Pascal/Oberyn Inigo Martell Montoya might be just what they needed to reel me in.

    • Sean TankTop
      Sean TankTop Day ago

      lartisteautravail it’s dovetailing a lot of good genre stuff that’s for damn sure

  • Anthony Decarolis
    Anthony Decarolis 4 days ago

    Can't help but feel bad for Olly, he did betray Jon but just thinking how his parents and neighbors were slaughtered by the wildlings he's been full of anger and grief ever since. Even Jon knew how he felt before and after Olly helped stab him and felt sorry. Olly was a kid with a wasted life who wanted to avenge his people.

  • Rich Dandanell
    Rich Dandanell 4 days ago

    It's funny to watch the people in the bar when Arya and Bran are about to hook up . All the women are like , hell yeah ! you go girl ! And most of the guys look like they're about to see their little sister or daughter have sex . They look very uncomfortable Lol....... Just like I did.

  • Sean TankTop
    Sean TankTop 4 days ago

    We have a talk about a bad clown flick and everyone gets along! #WHYSOSELFSERIOUS

  • Duckling Duck
    Duckling Duck 5 days ago

    Hound is not dead!! Only weak and cowards die!!! True men just leave their bodies and their souls eternally inhabit Valhalla!! Hail Hound, Man among Men!! Hail Hound!! Lived as an anti-hero,died as a badass!!

  • Erwan G
    Erwan G 5 days ago

    What did they do to daenerys????? Huh god.....

  • A
    A 5 days ago

    Sean! You served us at the Burlington Bar over the summer and it was so weird to see you in person just running the bar playing Point Break on VHS on an average Friday night loool. One of the most violent weekends in Chicago, but one of the best nights we had ✌️ *you also recommended a great shot of whiskey to us so cheers m8* 🥃

    • Sean TankTop
      Sean TankTop Day ago

      Omg thank you so much for coming over and hanging!!!!

  • Annie1962
    Annie1962 5 days ago

    are Sean and Dustin brothers?

  • Andres Berumen Cazares

    Its weird how we celebrated Dany's death but we all got fckn depressed and shocked when Cersei and Jaime died

  • Zhu Eric
    Zhu Eric 5 days ago

    No Game Of Thrones No Viewers SAD 😢

  • Afa Macdanold
    Afa Macdanold 5 days ago

    What's west? MERICA

  • Mehul Kalra
    Mehul Kalra 5 days ago

    Wtf...the channel has 200k subs and the video hasn't event crossed 1k views from the last 3 hours

    • Sean TankTop
      Sean TankTop 5 days ago

      We’re known for Bar Reacts, and it’s we’re most of our subs came from, unless it’s that turnout is pretty mum tbh. YTs been doing weird shit lately, as well, but we just gotta try to rebuild! Thanks for watching!

  • Lord Bloodraven
    Lord Bloodraven 5 days ago

    Gustavo: "I don't believe fear to be an effective motivator." Technician: "Well this R2 unit already has a bad motivator, but whatever."

  • Mehul Kalra
    Mehul Kalra 5 days ago

    The mandalorian looks great ...but all I'm waiting for is the obi wan Kenobi series where Ewan McGregor says "hello there"

    • Lord Bloodraven
      Lord Bloodraven 5 days ago

      It'll be great so long as they avoid a flashback where Hayden Christensen's returns. It'll be like trying to Jump the Shark but the Shark actually eats Fonzie and Happy Days ends right then and there.

  • Axel
    Axel 5 days ago

    Captain America looking likes he wants to get into brans holes

  • Sean TankTop
    Sean TankTop 5 days ago

    How floored are you that Bill Burr and Taika Watiti are in this show?

    • Lord Bloodraven
      Lord Bloodraven 5 days ago

      "Hey man. I'm Korg, this is my good friend Meek. We're going to freeze you in carbonite and collect your bounty. Nothing personal, but even a rock has to make a living."

  • Sondra Zimmerly
    Sondra Zimmerly 5 days ago

    I can't fucking wait for this show.

  • VVoude
    VVoude 5 days ago

    Have you guys ever watched ERB from youtube! I bet there would be lots of people that want you to react to those videos. And brand new audience too. :P

    • Scott Kane
      Scott Kane 5 days ago

      VVoude I love that series. The Deadpool v. Boba Fett battle is awesome.

  • The Gaming Knight 666

    Can't wait for this show

  • Oroborus
    Oroborus 5 days ago

    Unfortunately you can see the beginning of the decline here. Just effects and explosions and a lot of deaths.

  • Krystal Lopez
    Krystal Lopez 5 days ago

    What a tough crowd lol

    • Sean TankTop
      Sean TankTop 5 days ago

      Krystal Lopez yeah, but we’re tougher.

  • Lherween Lynx Garcia

    I saw a bucket of Jollibee chickenjoy 🤯

  • Axel
    Axel 6 days ago

    Shits cheering when Daenerys rode by and saved their asses in the battle but also clapped when she was stabbed by Jon the bastard

  • Zack Mafia
    Zack Mafia 6 days ago

    Where is tormund with his reaction in this final episode. I didn't see him

  • Annie Dotson
    Annie Dotson 6 days ago

    October 2019 finally realized what pies arya was referring to.

  • Farkas the Companion

    Санса - отсосанса :3

  • hayley s
    hayley s 6 days ago

    I wasn't going to see this movie, but the reviews I've seen are all either totally raving about it or completely disappointed with it, now I'm curious to see for myself.

    • Granny Farts
      Granny Farts 5 days ago

      Despite my meh feeling about the film, I definitely have been recommending people see for themselves. It's a lot of things, but definitely not boring. I'll probably watch it again in the future.

    • Max Hensgen
      Max Hensgen 6 days ago

      hayley s wish more people had your outlook

  • IL B
    IL B 6 days ago

    Bar guys, what about reacting to the 1st season? At least to the 1st episode? And bring Captain Sexmerica as well

  • IL B
    IL B 6 days ago

    I loved how everyone hailed new Queen in the North

  • Tee badra
    Tee badra 6 days ago

    I have no idea what you guys are talking about, and all the hate on this movie is doing my head in, if you going to cretic a movie, at least have an idea what you are talking about. By far the best movie I've seen this year.

    • Sean TankTop
      Sean TankTop Day ago

      Tee badra right on! The movie is controversial, but it’s well regarded! it’s literally liked by nearly 7/10 cretics!!!!

  • crayoff
    crayoff 6 days ago

    I want to fly out and visit this bar soooo hard

    • crayoff
      crayoff 5 days ago

      @Sean TankTop absolutely

    • Sean TankTop
      Sean TankTop 6 days ago

      Oh man! If you do let us know and we’ll hang!

  • tinacart
    tinacart 6 days ago

    It's interesting how polarizing this movie is. Watchers in the Bar may be one of only a couple RUcliprs who have panned the movie. 30% of the audience sees a raging incel; 40% see a social commentary on mental illness; and 30% see only the evolution of DC's Prince of Narcissism, The Joker. It's also a notable phenomenon when people sharing the same basic socioeconomic space have so little empathy for one of their own.

    • Sean TankTop
      Sean TankTop 6 days ago

      I think it’s all of these things, but doesn’t do much of any of them well. They’re just housed inside of a pretty sub-standard script with thin themes and pretty Hammer-Headed dialogue but buoyed by a fantastic lead performance and incredibly striking visuals. Some of the filmmaking and acting elevated pretty half-baked material in my view!

  • Willverinerage
    Willverinerage 6 days ago

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, the biggest mistake the High Sparrow ever committed, was letting Cersei Lannister live! Did he not think she would make him ;pay?

  • Boostioo Overwatch
    Boostioo Overwatch 6 days ago

    I still gasp everytime I watch this lmao

  • Philly Sports!
    Philly Sports! 7 days ago

    The one time I was rooting for cersei

  • Siam Bin Sayed
    Siam Bin Sayed 7 days ago

    At first everyone thinks she was going to cercei's temple But this one happened. No one accepted even their mind. Even my mind

  • Shane Shields
    Shane Shields 7 days ago

    Actually i have changed my mind... given EVERYTHING danny had been through, and all that Cersei had done, i would have done the exact same thing and wiped them all out.

  • AP
    AP 7 days ago

    Are you these people real? Is this real life? Lol!

  • The DarkOPZ
    The DarkOPZ 7 days ago

    React to TITANS Season 2 episodes

  • Halle Candi
    Halle Candi 7 days ago

    if you were disappointed by this review, go watch Blind Wave or Beyond The Trailer!

  • ReyRey Noelle
    ReyRey Noelle 7 days ago

    the wayne’s were already at the theater when the riot broke out, see y’all asking story questions (that are easily explained) that you should’ve been questioning about S8

    • Sean TankTop
      Sean TankTop 6 days ago

      Biiiiiih, you see our Watchers reviews of that season?

  • ReyRey Noelle
    ReyRey Noelle 7 days ago

    y’all keep mocking and insulting people who liked the movie is what’s causing these thumbs down. y’all seem pretentious and like your opinion is the only opinion. y’all were only good for game of thrones reactions. the type S8 was made for. y’all mad the movie took inspiration from films from 40 yrs ago &? wtf is wrong w that. you SHOULD be taking inspiration from those films, they’re iconic and we are so far removed that it doesn’t feel like a shtick, meanwhile y’all watching the same formulaic marvel movie 3x a year.

    • hayley s
      hayley s 6 days ago

      ReyRey Noelle Lmao! It was so fun to watch their calm, polite response to you, written in actual English, after your muddled, nasty comment that did nothing but hurl hate at them. That's the high road sweetie, you should take it sometime. And please tell me English is your second language or that you are still struggling through jr high English class.

    • Sean TankTop
      Sean TankTop 6 days ago

      ReyRey Noelle they wholesale lift entire scenes and plot points, a far cry from inspiration. It is better that WB is making a character study film on this scale, I just thought it was super basic in its execution and it’s thesis. I’m glad you liked it though, I’d have rather dug it. The film does hold itself up as a deep art piece but it just didn’t connect with us.

  • K McC
    K McC 7 days ago

    I'm going to watch this review one extra time for everyone in the comments who cried about it. This gold is what I'm here for.

  • God
    God 7 days ago

    Overeaction it is

  • Dev Purohit
    Dev Purohit 7 days ago

    They are all drinking Wildfire or what?

  • will B
    will B 7 days ago

    "The Queen's Justice" and the queen was olenna, NOT cersei

  • Yung Rawn
    Yung Rawn 7 days ago

    missed the whole point of the movie and somehow this proves the moves point even more LMAOOOOO y’all garbage

  • Ozrub
    Ozrub 7 days ago

    Love the review, But lets agree to disagree. But few things Ill argue is Alfred is a man, like all men have flaws. He is not necessary a good man. Hes is more loyal to the waynes then doing the right thing. This Joker isn't meant to be evil yet. As corny as it sounds "Society" turn a troubled but good person into a monster to be. But I agree with how they dealt with the Waynes. Also as much I love your version of Joker, Not all Jokers are same. We should be more open to different versions of a character if done well

    • Sean TankTop
      Sean TankTop 6 days ago

      That’s true. Definitely a character that you can do a lot with and this is a one off not a definitive take. I guess I was thinking that we’d see a real radical transformation but it literally only took a few weeks and no meds for him to totally lose his head. The Joker was pitiful and a victim of large systems and I guess it just didn’t sit well with me. All good, I’d have rather liked it, just didn’t really. Thanks for the measured comment!