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  • Ian H
    Ian H 2 seconds ago

    Mitch should be tarred and feathered in the streets and charged with treason.

  • Gary Davidson
    Gary Davidson 2 seconds ago

    Cornyn of Texas called rudys buddies russian mob who are hanging out at trump hotel and fundraisers TREASON

  • Terri Nopp
    Terri Nopp 9 seconds ago

    Her psychology projection is basically stating she has a virulent dislike of women ... wow.

  • patty borntrager
    patty borntrager 10 seconds ago

    Ukraine may be playing both sides

  • mountain woman
    mountain woman 13 seconds ago

    Blows his horn. Don't forget to tell them you were Impeached. And on trial for crimes against America.

  • Rick Jennings
    Rick Jennings 16 seconds ago

    It's just a black hole Don like the one you thought took useless POS...

  • Rob Gross
    Rob Gross 20 seconds ago

    We have a president that loves his country and stands up to our enemies!

  • 小小兵
    小小兵 22 seconds ago

    I'm from wuhan, in wuhan right now, the south China seafood market is not far, but we here everything is ok, you more attention to the problem of eating wild animals, let me explain, it is illegal to eat wild animals in China, we, too, was very angry, In our wuhan dialect, it means that some people do not believe evil! Refuses to do! (用我们武汉话来说:就是有人不信邪!不服作! )I'm afraid this is not good translation, (which means: someone will do such a disgusting thing, also feel doesn't matter, think it is no problem) our academician zhong nanshan (钟南山院士,2003 solve China "SARS" the big hero, an 82 - year - old, is a very capable doctor) also said the virus most likely come from wild animals... We have the experience of SARS in 2003, we believe this time we have better countermeasures! 我是武汉人,现在就在武汉,那个华南海鲜市场也不远,但我们这里一切都还行,大家比较注意吃野生动物的问题,我来解释一下,在中国吃野生动物是违法的,我们自己也很气愤,用我们武汉话来说:就是有人不信邪!不服作!这句恐怕不好翻译,(意思就是:总有人干这种恶心的事情,还觉得自己无所谓,觉得是没有问题的)我们的钟南山院士(解决中国03年“非典”的大功臣,今年82岁了,是一名很有能力的医生)也说了病毒很大可能来自野生动物......我们有了03年SARS的经验,相信这一次我们有更好的应对措施的!

  • Swanzi Forbidden
    Swanzi Forbidden 33 seconds ago

    NORAD WHOR respond DEFCON 4 peacetime copy

  • Riad Anabtawi
    Riad Anabtawi 38 seconds ago

    Thanks to Anderson Cooper for showing in his own words how hypocrite he is.

  • Naught Seeing Eye
    Naught Seeing Eye 38 seconds ago

    Was Clinton getting a blowjob criminal? Especially compared to this guy?

  • Danielle Everhart
    Danielle Everhart 41 second ago

    My family and I will be voting for Trump in 2020!😀

  • ncsr11
    ncsr11 41 second ago

    klaatu barada nikto

  • Javi - Wan
    Javi - Wan 42 seconds ago

    Nasty Pelosi should have appointed different impeachment managers other than Schiff and the Penguin, Jeff Nadler

  • Wayne Harris
    Wayne Harris 43 seconds ago

    Mitch needs to go home take off his turtle shell take his false teeth. Sit on his porch.

  • N Sons
    N Sons 48 seconds ago

    Booo hoo they are going to be tired

  • Chris Rhome
    Chris Rhome 49 seconds ago

    Santorum likes to protect pedophiles

  • Chris Hill
    Chris Hill 52 seconds ago

    ooo looks like the ass hat communists are commenting. Whats the matter pussyhat brigade, your impeachment lights about to go out? Awe that's too bad. Stick to coffee shops and Instagram while waiting for your fake disability checks.

  • Carlos A. Garcia
    Carlos A. Garcia 53 seconds ago

    So he things that Davos is another one of his rallies...?

  • JOE TV
    JOE TV 57 seconds ago

    How old is the queen ?

  • Sams Son
    Sams Son 58 seconds ago

    If only I could rig my trial.

  • Frank Chase
    Frank Chase 59 seconds ago

    Santorum is such a hypocrite. This impeachment ranks with Nixon's as opposed to Clinton's, when it comes to the future of America.

  • Julio Gonzalez
    Julio Gonzalez Minute ago


  • Joshua Wolfe
    Joshua Wolfe Minute ago

    This trial should be called New York and California VS. the rest of the country.

  • Indeterminate Determinate

    Trumps screwed!!

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha Minute ago

    This is even more funny after cnn tried fucking over Bernie . How does it feel to be hated not only by the right but the left also

  • Mordecai Paldiel
    Mordecai Paldiel Minute ago

    Greatest President in US history. The Trump dynasty will last 24 years easy, May the haters explode or better yet, move to Iran. MAGA

  • Claude Brunette
    Claude Brunette Minute ago

    I never thought that I would see the day where the USA, a nation blessed with everything it needs to be an example of fairness, justice, equality, abundance and freedoms, to sink to darkness and lose its way to power seeking for egotistical and greed purposes. Truly sad !

  • Michele Mcneill
    Michele Mcneill Minute ago

    What is worrying is that while a large proportion of the American public are outraged by the Repubs tactics in rigging the trial, some poltical commentators think that by November that outrage will be forgotten, because people have short memories when it comes to politics. So say the economy really perks up, chances are Trump's misconduct will be forgotten.

  • Roberto
    Roberto Minute ago

    People should look up the history of Stalin’s dizzy with success to see the comparison of trumps talking points and propaganda.

  • James Clees
    James Clees Minute ago

    Dershowitz likes to fuck 14 year old girls. remember eipstien

  • D K
    D K Minute ago

    This little girl does not realise Gloria is not her mother she stole her.... little girl is in denial & she is very disrespectful

  • Robert Muckle
    Robert Muckle Minute ago

    Santorum is a creepy sycophantic loser!!!

  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor


  • tim wright
    tim wright Minute ago

    they are following the processes that were done during the previous impeachment trail which the Democrats agreed to 20 years ago. My question is what changed.

  • staffie A
    staffie A Minute ago

    wish the media would stop pandering on Republicans rebelling against the party on witnesses and evidence they will fall in line and come out with excuses blaming dems for their own part in the sham cover up we know it they know it shame the media dosent

  • daniel mitchell
    daniel mitchell Minute ago

    If you are too primative to know that garbage is not fit for consumption, you deserve airborne AIDS.

  • Larry Wiggins
    Larry Wiggins Minute ago

    Amazing ,

  • David Lee Roth
    David Lee Roth Minute ago

    Nick sandmanns defamation lawsuit awards against CNN: 275 million. Watching trump get reelected in 2020: priceless 🤣😎

  • Roy Galindo
    Roy Galindo Minute ago

    He is a true American. An America patriot. Proud pro American. Pro American greatness. Vs: Anti American democrats and fake CNN, anti progress, anti truth.

  • Rick Jennings
    Rick Jennings Minute ago

    Must have taken Jussie Smolletts advice with Michael Avenatti agreeing..bahahaha...Stinky fingers Lemon you are a hack...

  • undertow
    undertow Minute ago

    Damn. This one looks scary. Seems to have a high infectivity level. Infects animals and humans and can spread between people. The more people infected the more virus is out there replicating and mutating. And we play the odds it doesn’t become more fatal and even more infectious. Like air transmittal.

  • Big Red
    Big Red Minute ago

    God i love our President

  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor


  • Mahmoud Widian Vlogs

    Second (creds to the dude that said first (press f)<his name)

  • Tib J.
    Tib J. 2 minutes ago

    America should unconditionally clean up the academy from this dangerous ideologs.

  • William Olinger
    William Olinger 2 minutes ago

    Sounds better woodbreau.

  • Keven Galindez
    Keven Galindez 2 minutes ago

    😷 deadly virus spread named Coronavirus deadly alert

  • Ryder McDermott
    Ryder McDermott 2 minutes ago

    Also, the boy's kids were probably democraps.

  • mountain woman
    mountain woman 2 minutes ago

    If only that was all true.

  • jed lynch
    jed lynch 2 minutes ago

    Unless a cop can clearly articulate what crime they believe you are committing, you don't need to show any form of identification , ever!

  • Chris Proctor
    Chris Proctor 2 minutes ago


  • Rickey Robinson
    Rickey Robinson 2 minutes ago

    Donald has got your asses in A sling know Matter witch way you go Donald Has your Ass and it’s prison time again Donald is going to Jail you in Get Mo No way for them to turn around and go back Find Biden he,s Hidden With Killary and there planing on how to kill Donald Trump that’s all they have Donald has all ready won You people are fucking crazy Jail Time Coming Up for you Dope Heads Ha Ha >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Swanzi Forbidden
    Swanzi Forbidden 2 minutes ago


  • Casnova Frankienstien
    Casnova Frankienstien 2 minutes ago

    No he didnt. Dems are just sore losers

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 2 minutes ago

    Nothing to defend him from.

  • Swanzi Forbidden
    Swanzi Forbidden 2 minutes ago


  • Yashaya Yacob 144
    Yashaya Yacob 144 2 minutes ago

    " 95 million years of Evilution".... Lmaooooooo! Science is full of Crap!

  • J D
    J D 2 minutes ago

    how are we prospering if virigia's state legislatures want to take away virginians guns of any kind

  • Peter Brough
    Peter Brough 2 minutes ago

    If you have to tell people you're winning - you're not.

  • IK Rico
    IK Rico 3 minutes ago

    Santorum is a Whataboutist sychophant citing Obama as if Obama was impeached...lame. So tired of these idiots.

  • Scott
    Scott 3 minutes ago

    More FAKE NEWS.

  • Ron Wuerch
    Ron Wuerch 3 minutes ago

    Cooper And Toobin... Biggest Losers In The News.

  • Joe alonzo
    Joe alonzo 3 minutes ago

    President Donald Trump fighting for the American worker. The Dow Jones Industrial Average achieved another milestone on Monday when it crossed 28,332.74, gaining 10,000 points since President Donald Trump’s election win on November 8, 2016. The gains come as U.S. markets have been flourishing under Trump, who has enacted tax reform and rewritten global trade deals to benefit Americans.

  • Wacky2 Optimus Prime A Man From Drainage

    The ultimate test for the Senate. Should the chosen one be the convicted one? Hehehe...

  • Charlito Guzman
    Charlito Guzman 3 minutes ago

    The issue with a Senate impeachment trial is there are several Senators who already made up their minds and are willing to subject to any lengths to cover up the corruption from the American President. Not allowing witnesses and evidence is completely going against everything our Constitution stands for. We must get a fair trial!!

  • Vitaliy Fursov
    Vitaliy Fursov 3 minutes ago

    incredible incredible incredible :)))))

  • Joshua Wolfe
    Joshua Wolfe 3 minutes ago

    This trial should be called New York and California VS. the rest of the country.

  • Crystal M
    Crystal M 3 minutes ago

    Can’t ....handle ....the ... total ..bullshit vomiting from his mouth!

  • Donald Nelson
    Donald Nelson 3 minutes ago


  • William Olinger
    William Olinger 3 minutes ago

    My son and his uncle name and sound like my mom brother part name Kurt. So who saying my son name on the news. Loretta Campbell. 10/12/1987. My dad and my son I don't f play about my kids or kids period.

  • russellalfredART
    russellalfredART 3 minutes ago

    F uck You CNN Go-Suck-rum-dump-and-royal-dimpshit

  • Simple Waze
    Simple Waze 3 minutes ago

    Ms.Cooper is wrong AGAIN

  • Tay Reid
    Tay Reid 3 minutes ago

    Clearly Rick would have been a horrible President, confuses himself. That is why Donald is Commander in Chief.

  • Karl Mahlmann
    Karl Mahlmann 4 minutes ago

    This is more fake news from CNN. A compost of all major polls is given at real clear politics. Most Americans do not support the Democrat's impeachment. Sentiment shifted drastically as a result of the televised hearings in the House. During those hearings, the only first hand evidence presented turned out to be exculpatory. CNN is part of the Democrat mob and what they spew is 100% propaganda.

  • Paul Wilson
    Paul Wilson 4 minutes ago

    *stop being a cry baby chucky... what comes around goes around*

  • carmen Horn
    carmen Horn 4 minutes ago

    Trumpanzees are too stupid to qualify as a lifrform.

  • Joe alonzo
    Joe alonzo 4 minutes ago

    The U.S. stock market shrugged off the impending impeachment corrupt democrats vote Wednesday morning, pushing major U.S. stock indexes to record highs. The exuberance of investors contrasts sharply with the corrupt Democrats deep hate in Washington, DC, where Democrats have used their House majority to relentlessly attack President Donald Trump and now appear certain to vote to impeach him. The stock market’s performance is even more remarkable given the inversion of the yield curve earlier this year and the corrupt democrats mainstream media’s fearmongering about recession risks and trade tensions earlier this year.

  • bandit
    bandit 4 minutes ago

    5 min dumbest video I ever watched

  • Harry Schlonge
    Harry Schlonge 4 minutes ago

    Did Iran keep the vessle?

  • KarateCaveman
    KarateCaveman 4 minutes ago

    All right, who played Plauge Inc and put the virus in China?

  • Andreas karlsson
    Andreas karlsson 4 minutes ago

    Awful speech filled with lies and selfpromotion. 🙄 typical trump

  • Donoso Demaistre
    Donoso Demaistre 4 minutes ago

    Poor Queen. She was raised to rule an empire. And now she struggles to rule her unruly offsping.

    SELF MADE 4 minutes ago

    Americans are weak sissy’s lol there should be millions of protesters on the streets but they are afraid to fight for their freedom!!! Freedom is won in the streets not on some battlefield across the pond!! Yes I am American but I can’t save our freedom by myself!!! We need peaceful protests and get this orange traitor trump out of the White House

  • James Townsend
    James Townsend 4 minutes ago


  • Donald Nelson
    Donald Nelson 4 minutes ago


  • Ron Wuerch
    Ron Wuerch 4 minutes ago

    Like We Believe This Di.. Head.

  • ernie jazz
    ernie jazz 4 minutes ago

    It is absurd to say Trump asked for investigation to gain edge in 2020. Trump laughs at Biden and has zero fear Biden has or had any chance to win. He is showing the public how corrupt Biden is and wants him exposed. How simple can this be. As my daughter says its not rocket surgery dad.

  • poop shaloop
    poop shaloop 4 minutes ago

    CNN is a bunch of lying scum bags trying to divide the country by telling lies

  • Mikael Snårbacka
    Mikael Snårbacka 4 minutes ago

    A.C.A.B Fucking PIGS !!!!!

  • Charlene Matheson
    Charlene Matheson 4 minutes ago

    Who is paying for Donald Trump’s legal team?

  • Jmoneypoprocks
    Jmoneypoprocks 5 minutes ago

    The GoP sold it's soul. I can't believe US politics looks like a "third world" developing country.

  • Gail Em
    Gail Em 5 minutes ago

    His mouth and teeth are never in agreement when he's forced to read off a teleprompter.

  • Swanzi Forbidden
    Swanzi Forbidden 5 minutes ago

    Office nearing white glove. Olive branch copy

  • jenn jenn
    jenn jenn 5 minutes ago

    The only thing clinton did wrong was use the oval office as an oral office😎...and thats not that bad

  • j-p collins
    j-p collins 5 minutes ago

    Trump, graham, pompeo, mcconell and friends realy belong toghether DUMB AND DUMBER

  • M Miller
    M Miller 5 minutes ago

    What about low information Political Commentators? Sorry, we know how you vote since you are biased and don’t report correctly 24 hours a day.

  • user user
    user user 5 minutes ago

    Petition serves to request the recall of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam ......

  • Alioune Koné
    Alioune Koné 5 minutes ago

    Greta sings : "HOW DARE YOU" featuring Peter Tosh Amazing !!!

  • Mai Yang
    Mai Yang 5 minutes ago

    Stopped the video at @0:28 .. annoyed by his voice!