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  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee 3 hours ago

    Last few republican presidents were low level citizens ( low iq, silver spooned,.....) that's why they were a disaster presidents but but trump was the crown of stupidity bush2 was the prince. What will be next ......

  • Tom Kenney
    Tom Kenney 3 hours ago

    Fox made him agree to not reporting anywhere else. Why would they do that? Hiding much?

  • Hell Rell
    Hell Rell 3 hours ago

    Nosey ass fuckin neighbor should've minded his damn business!! Just because it's 1am and the person's door is open and the light is on shouldn't make you wanna call the cops!! A simple "Hey neighbor you alright in there" would of been the thing to do.

  • rottimus prime
    rottimus prime 3 hours ago

    Not again 😔.

  • OreozBnB
    OreozBnB 3 hours ago

    Why does this story need to needlessly point out the race of the officer or the victim?

    BW LOFTUS 3 hours ago

    He sounds like he's been brain scrubbed. He's starting to sound just like the fuckwad Steven Miller

  • pablo Vega
    pablo Vega 3 hours ago

    Lol... Diet Coke...

  • Justin Figgins
    Justin Figgins 3 hours ago

    Trump, "I pulled the US military out of Northern Syria...." ISIS, "We ran the paper tiger US out of Northern Syria, come join us for other counties...."

  • Bellboymal
    Bellboymal 3 hours ago

    PATHETIC excuse for an "officer" ...NEVER announced himself as a cop....that gun looked like a toy gun with orange top......sis he put gun there? stopped AFTER he shot her🤔🤔 ...any CPR??? Smh THIS IS WRONG

  • Trevor Smith
    Trevor Smith 3 hours ago

    If she had shot the officer, who didn’t even ring the doorbell, she would have been exonerated.

  • Charity Carter
    Charity Carter 3 hours ago

    Its Texas an open carry state so what if she had a gun stop trying to twist the facts this idiot was not properly trained start there.

  • cherchez la femme
    cherchez la femme 3 hours ago

    The 911 caller is a pussy just as much as the cop. Stop calling those nut cases. They are always in fear of their lives. Always. Be a man and check for yourself. Take a friend and check or just leave it alone. Cops are waaaay too stressed and trigger happy.

  • Greg Gory
    Greg Gory 3 hours ago

    First of all, that cop is a god damn idiot, and reckless, and obviously never should have been on the force, should be punished for manslaughter. Second, fuck you CNN for making this about race. Stop gas lighting. Skin color doesn't fucking matter, it is a tragedy involving an innocent woman and another trigger happy cop, innocent people can come in any color and trigger happy cops can come in any color, you disengenous asshats. Report the NEWS not the social identity narrative of your choosing.

  • Amanda Switzer
    Amanda Switzer 3 hours ago

    In her own home?!?! wtfff these cops forget they're here to serve US and WE pay THEIR bills to do so. Unbelievable honestly.

  • Giggity Goo
    Giggity Goo 3 hours ago

    It’s just a woman and a cop why do they race bait everything

  • Tracy Thompson
    Tracy Thompson 3 hours ago

    I love how the mainstream media is race baiting. Why can't it be a police officer shoots innocent women?

  • Sky W.
    Sky W. 3 hours ago

    Well, if this upsets everyone, I'm sorry to tell you this happens regularly when people are red flagged too

  • Se7ens
    Se7ens 3 hours ago

    CNN = irrelevant. no one likes you go home.

    AMAN HASNONAME 3 hours ago


  • Becca ThyBloodRedSandman Taylor

    So what this says is...give ppl guns to protect themselves...but well, we will still shoot you? Especially if you are black? Why on a welfare check did he even have his gun out? Why did he not announce himself or park where she could see him?

  • YahshuaLovesMe
    YahshuaLovesMe 3 hours ago

    Hahahaha, Trump is Vindicated! It is as it should be, Assad is up to the task without the NeoCons butting in all the time, screwing with Assad.

  • Marvelous Crimson
    Marvelous Crimson 3 hours ago

    This is what happens when you worry more about HUGGING convicted murderers with badges instead of holding them accountable- you convince them that they can get away with it AGAIN! And all those simps sharing memes about “forgiveness“ last week are SILENT now. I wonder why. 🤬

  • Dusty Rains
    Dusty Rains 3 hours ago

    I don't feel sorry for Shep Smith. He laid down with dogs....

  • Thee Parris Hill
    Thee Parris Hill 3 hours ago

    Ohh what do you know another minority* shooting to get a rise out of people, now thats not predictable....

  • Nathaniel Anderson
    Nathaniel Anderson 3 hours ago

    Trump deserves to be tried for war crimes. We could have evacuated the Kurds to Iraq, we could have kept them safe from slaughter. This is the most humiliating act I have ever endured as a citizen of the United States of America. The United States used the Kurds, they gave there lives so our soldiers would not have to, and now we are leaving them to be slaughtered. Turkey didn't need to do this. We didn't have to do this. Trump did this so that he could do work for Putin.

  • InfoBroker
    InfoBroker 3 hours ago

    It is bullshit and terrible. I feel angry about this and god bless the family. On a side note, how did I know the first words out of CNN mouth was going to be white cop killa black woman. Should be; poorly trained cop gets startled and kills innocent woman. Where exactly does race fit into this? Especially simce it's the opening line used by CNN to sum up what happened. If roles were reversed, it wouldn't be reported on.

  • Brandon Wise
    Brandon Wise 3 hours ago

    The picture clearly showed the gun was not in her hand that cop should have not shot his gun

  • Pyrolight
    Pyrolight 3 hours ago

    Jesus you would think after Bush, y'all would understand keeping Troops in Syria was basically keeping the US in a proxy war with Russia and leaving the potential of getting dragged into a bigger quagmire. US troops should have never been in Syria. Also calling this a "win" for Putin... hahahaha, ya like Iraq and Afghanistan were a "win" for the US. Hate Trump all you like but those troops were literally a trail of gunpowder surrounded by lit matches.

  • Night
    Night 3 hours ago

    Police: SHOW ME YOUR HANDS!! 1 second later.. *BANG*

  • Vaughn Erschens
    Vaughn Erschens 3 hours ago

    Sober numbers 2018 police killed by gun:52 Citizens killed by police:992 2017 police killed by gun:46 Citizens killed by police:986

  • Conor MCgregor.
    Conor MCgregor. 3 hours ago

    Clowns doing clown shit. Treason is a deadly affair!!!

  • Laraine B
    Laraine B 3 hours ago

    Wow. Watching from Australia, how has America come to this. Each week on RUclip is another cop killing someone.

  • Dicky Jones
    Dicky Jones 3 hours ago

    Democrats looking crazy trying start another war in the middle east. President Trump is the peace maker and reasonable leader... TRUMP 2020 !!!

  • Charles Coley
    Charles Coley 3 hours ago

    So because you see someone standing in a window, they deserve the be shot, and now they're trying to smear her by saying there was a gun in the house. This is the same thing they tried to do to Botham Jean... I thought about moving to Texas, but now I'm saying fuck Texas. Fuck all of those southern States.

  • pavanatanaya
    pavanatanaya 3 hours ago

    "Heavily edited body cam" burn the police station

  • craig Mack
    craig Mack 3 hours ago

    What would've happened if the cop was black?

  • William Rivera
    William Rivera 3 hours ago

    Anyways in more important.... The fuckin Cowboys lost to the Jets 🤣😂

  • Vintago
    Vintago 3 hours ago

    Make sure to mention race 😉 good job CNN LMFAO

  • Ethan C
    Ethan C 3 hours ago


  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson 3 hours ago

    When are we going to stop hiring cops who are afraid of black people

  • blueeyessiamese
    blueeyessiamese 3 hours ago

    This was a very strong interview with Pete. I liked his thought process and presentation.

  • Miles Pemberton
    Miles Pemberton 3 hours ago

    I'm so fucken done with this kinda shit! This is bullshit and everyone knows they tryin to cover their asses. Ugh makes me so mad! Lock his ass up.

  • ShoKolad
    ShoKolad 3 hours ago

    Oh no! Here comes the BLM activists! But still, it is believed that a woman attempted to kill a cop! It is a purpose of self defense and not a hate crime 👌🏽

  • Latarsha Long
    Latarsha Long 3 hours ago

    Was that gun part of the video game, did that ever occur to them, or will they trade it for a real one..........lets wait and see

  • Chris Donohue
    Chris Donohue 3 hours ago

    god that officer messed up but its hard to watch through the comically biased lens of cnn

  • Joe Hanshaw
    Joe Hanshaw 3 hours ago

    He will go to work for them next week

  • Alevtina
    Alevtina 3 hours ago

    Can't the mass media just say " A woman was shot and killed by a police officer?" I am not American, I am just curious if they do it intentionally to incite interracial hostility or for some other reasons?

  • southpark 981
    southpark 981 3 hours ago

    Put your hands up...oh you did wht I said?? Imma still shoot

  • phenom2311
    phenom2311 3 hours ago

    Born and raised in Fort Worth and I can say FWPD is the absolute worst.

  • Snow 1118
    Snow 1118 3 hours ago

    This is like watching a movie with all the villains getting along!!! Saying we have great chemistry😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

    LAST CALL 3 hours ago

    *Never call the cops.*

  • Luis Barajas
    Luis Barajas 3 hours ago


  • American Paisa
    American Paisa 3 hours ago

    Release the full unedited video.

  • Mr October
    Mr October 3 hours ago

    They still haven't showed the Vegas shooter footage they don't give a shit about us y'all ... Anarchy is the only way we get change

  • Lord Kasumi
    Lord Kasumi 3 hours ago

    When I saw this, someone added a voice over of someone yelling Allahu Akbar 😂 I thought it was real

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis 3 hours ago

    Let's take a look at tax returns of Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Walters, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, a d so many more. Also it would be good to see the financial dealings of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • John Spencer
    John Spencer 3 hours ago

    This woman was murdered.

  • Julia Molina
    Julia Molina 3 hours ago

    wtf she didn't have the gun on her so why did he shoot ??????

  • Marius Thefaker
    Marius Thefaker 3 hours ago

    Americans may not like the notion of endless foreign wars but they absolutely hate the idea that the US would allow itself to be pushed around, manipulated and dismissed by other countries, especially their traditional adversaries. The irony of this travesty is that it's actually going to help Biden in his campaign...

  • BigMoInAZ
    BigMoInAZ 3 hours ago

    ROTFLMAO! GFY you biased bigoted assclown!

  • Philip Fromer
    Philip Fromer 3 hours ago

    Always interesting how CNN and other news agencies always point out the ethnicity of the person shot and the ethnicity of the police officer.but yet whites are shot and killed by police officers 37% more in the United States every year than blacks. This is not a race issue it's a police issue

    • Casey DuBay
      Casey DuBay 3 hours ago

      How many innocent whites are shot in their own home by black cops?... It DoEsN't MaTtEr 37% ALL LiVeS mAtTeR

  • American Paisa
    American Paisa 3 hours ago

    The concerned caller, James Smith has learned a valuable lesson. That lesson being, MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS.

  • Alexa Nova
    Alexa Nova 3 hours ago

    L O L

  • Roy Fokker
    Roy Fokker 3 hours ago

    like you can believe a cnn reporter.

  • Loser Muffin
    Loser Muffin 3 hours ago

    I obviously know that white cops killing black people for no reason is something that is horrible, but specifying that they are white in the caption is just idiotic to another level

  • J Neff
    J Neff 3 hours ago

    Edited video? Who in their right mind would accept the supposed image of a gun with everything else blurred out as proper evidence? Was that image of a gun on a magazine? A TV screen? Was it a toy? What cop in their right mind would go snooping around the house like a prowler? Why did the cop give the person near the window less than a second (two at most) to respond? It takes more than a second to understand who and what you're dealing with... particularly with a flash-light being pointed at you. How the hell was anyone in the house even supposed to know it was a cop lurking outside their house and not some random criminal? In what world does any of this pass the sniff test?

  • Nivek Williams
    Nivek Williams 3 hours ago

    Another coward hiding behind a badge and a gun.

  • J S
    J S 3 hours ago

    Not again! Come on!

  • sensualeye
    sensualeye 3 hours ago

    Training certainly is part of the solution but the overall problem is the American perception of a black person. There are two places most Americans are comfortable seeing African Americans; in some kind of sports or entertainment. Everywhere else there is some kind of issue.

  • NorthTrainmeister
    NorthTrainmeister 3 hours ago

    Mr. Foster made the correct - and really, only - choice. After watching this clip, Mr. Foster strikes me as being considerably more trustworthy than Ms. Campbell. I believe Ms. Campbell is bitter because she won't be able to jump on the #MeToo bandwagon and have her little cry and 15 minutes of fame.

  • Robert Syrett
    Robert Syrett 3 hours ago

    Anyone else think this guy is like McNutty from the wire?

  • Michele Walburn
    Michele Walburn 3 hours ago

    Trump: we need to bring our troops home from the middle East. Trump: Saudi Arabia needs us. We must send them troops. WTH?

  • iron mike
    iron mike 3 hours ago

    Project Veritas big whistle blower taking fake news CNN down tomorrow!! Bye flakey Jakey! Bye CNN!!

  • Jonathan Wick
    Jonathan Wick 3 hours ago


  • Dont Trip
    Dont Trip 3 hours ago

    perfect example.. he even said it.. if he would have minded his business she would be alive

  • kerli.pewbs seven six

    Lock the cop up for in home invasion and murder

  • Napalm Wolf
    Napalm Wolf 3 hours ago

    So much avid death.

  • Jump rope stairs
    Jump rope stairs 3 hours ago

    Don't block the sidewalk, get out of the street, go in your house where police will shoot you.

  • cuellar4500
    cuellar4500 3 hours ago

    for the love of GOD!!!!!, SEARIOUSLY

  • Martin Galvan
    Martin Galvan 3 hours ago

    Another cop with no spine shooting first because?

  • Emmanuel Manzo
    Emmanuel Manzo 3 hours ago

    Now it happened to a woman? This also happened with Amber Guyger.

    THIS IS OUR TIME 3 hours ago


  • Harry Mallory
    Harry Mallory 3 hours ago

    Wait...We're not supposed to jump to conclusions concerning the gun found in the house...but its absolutely acceptable to rule that same gun completely out and make the white police officer look trigger happy before the investigation even starts.

  • Life with G The Mac
    Life with G The Mac 3 hours ago

    Don't worry I'm sure black folks will make sure the cop get 5 years and hug and kiss the killer

  • Donald Bailey
    Donald Bailey 3 hours ago

    I'm confused and this IS WHY!! Uncle Joe Biden says He is not interested in THE FACTS! He says He is only interested IN THE TRUTH! You CNN like minded CoHEARTS/HORTS Agree with Uncle AND THAT'S A FACT JACK!!

  • Kevin Holland
    Kevin Holland 3 hours ago

    We can't reach out to the police for so much as a welfare check without them trembling in fear and killing someone. Guess it's everyone for themselves out here.

  • Downward Spiral
    Downward Spiral 3 hours ago

    I like how they avoid revealing her actual ethnicity by saying she "Identifies" as Black...the simple fact is Daddy was Jamaican and Momma was Indian. You ain't Black. That's not racist and it's not an insult and it's not a birther's just the truth.

  • Downward Spiral
    Downward Spiral 3 hours ago

    I like how they avoid revealing her actual ethnicity by saying she "Identifies" as Black...the simple fact is Daddy was Jamaican and Momma was Indian. You ain't Black. That's not racist and it's not an insult and it's not a birther's just the truth.

  • waiotahi52
    waiotahi52 3 hours ago

    Now see...Donnysmallfingers was right, Finland has few wildfires because the nation spends a lot of time “raking and cleaning” forest floors.....

  • Ron Graff
    Ron Graff 3 hours ago

    You got to love SNL , thanks for the laughs last two years It help with the pain of what we have in our capital 🇺🇸 Tick tick tick vote blue for we the people ✌️

  • Trey Pannell
    Trey Pannell 3 hours ago

    That cop just shot he said put your hands up let me see them and then shot her. Didn't give her a chance comply or put her hands up

  • Pulealii Taeotui
    Pulealii Taeotui 3 hours ago

    Please quit use because she bla blah bla the person that rat on her was black and that piece of Kaka should never carry a weapon or badge rip young lady God please protect her child from evil.

  • Maniac Rider
    Maniac Rider 3 hours ago

    He needs to go to prison. WTF? Hey, your standing in your window, in your house. That's it. Trigger happy, not fearing for his life. Lucky people aren't taking to the streets.

  • Anthony S2K04
    Anthony S2K04 3 hours ago

    The Kurds are really ISIS funded by OBAMA administration. Americans are tired of fighting stupid ridiculous middle east wars. Time to get out once and for all. You know why Democrats dont want that. It's the OPIUM, HERION AND COCAINE THE POLITICIANS ARE RUNNING. THEY LOVE A HIGH AMERICA. HELLO ITS THAT OBVIOUS.

    • jacegil
      jacegil 3 hours ago

      ''Obvious'' is not obvious to your average CNN viewer who feasts on anti-Trump smear everyday and thinks he's getting a balanced coverage. Even Project Veritas was not able to snap most of them out of their delusion.

  • John Greene
    John Greene 3 hours ago

    Lock that fucker up. You just cannot trust the police anymore

  • Jormangandur83
    Jormangandur83 3 hours ago

    "White people don't know what it's like to live in the ghetto." Bernie, shut the fuck up and retreat to one of your three properties, you champagne-socialist Jew! Poor white people outnumber every other demographic in the country, including poor minorities (guess why they're called that?). You worthless Democrat cunt!

  • Stanton Friedman
    Stanton Friedman 3 hours ago

    I like how CNN emphasizes "African American" Woman and "White" Officer....there just a bunch of instigators.

  • kenny smith
    kenny smith 3 hours ago

    Send Black cops to Black neighborhoods, period!

    BLAKE DA GREAT 3 hours ago

    Now let’s sprinkle some crack on em and get outta here

  • Battlehawk Gaming
    Battlehawk Gaming 3 hours ago

    Its sad the caller felt like he needed to apologise for calling the cops, THEY PROTECT AND SERVE just sad