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  • philip kemp bell
    philip kemp bell 2 minutes ago

    That bloke needs to look after himself a tag better, the jacket is acting like your duvet...lol

  • Bill Kong
    Bill Kong 6 minutes ago

    Everyone: where’s Mushu? Me: they replaced Shan Yu with this chump?

  • new romantic
    new romantic 9 minutes ago

    The biggest crossover of the decade

  • Scorpio Leo
    Scorpio Leo 12 minutes ago

    Fuck chinese, land grabber, cat and dog eater yuck.

  • Ralph Mazz
    Ralph Mazz 12 minutes ago

    Thank god Daisy Ridley is quite attractive

  • Ronnie Mund
    Ronnie Mund 12 minutes ago

    team johnny #amber is lying

  • Kaushik Maity
    Kaushik Maity 13 minutes ago

    Can't wait..

  • Arturo Zambrano
    Arturo Zambrano 17 minutes ago

    Esto yo lo he visto antes, balto...

  • man on a mission
    man on a mission 22 minutes ago

    That bitch elsa

  • Baron Thomas
    Baron Thomas 22 minutes ago

    2:03 whoa...who is that!!!

  • Utsa Dhas
    Utsa Dhas 23 minutes ago

    "He is not a slade dog... He is a lead dog..."... Hang up togo....🙂

  • animelover6195
    animelover6195 23 minutes ago

    ... They just made Lady and the Tramp using real dogs... And for some reason, they're using a CGI dog now??? Just. Why.

  • Abhishek Mukherjee
    Abhishek Mukherjee 24 minutes ago

    The Dog is so Animated it reminds me the fakeness of my Ex GF!

  • Dan Bowmen
    Dan Bowmen 26 minutes ago

    If I was Johnny Depp I'd just live as Jack Sparrow all the time.

  • Raamprasaad Adpaikar
    Raamprasaad Adpaikar 26 minutes ago

    For the first time i liked a trailer from disney

  • same old Brand N3w
    same old Brand N3w 27 minutes ago

    Special skills for awsome dog #Togo

  • Edward Butler
    Edward Butler 34 minutes ago

    Harrison Ford and a cartoon dog.

  • Olivia The Wolf
    Olivia The Wolf 35 minutes ago


  • Emmanuel Matu
    Emmanuel Matu 39 minutes ago

    I already know that this movie will make me cry like a lil bitch.

  • Horse Hat
    Horse Hat 43 minutes ago

    Rick Sanchez he’s really nutting to this rn

  • Adarsh Bhardwaj
    Adarsh Bhardwaj 43 minutes ago

    Spoiler...togo gona die at the end

  • 1993 scorpion
    1993 scorpion 45 minutes ago

    Where's the love button❤💕💗💟???

  • ConpiracyTV Phils
    ConpiracyTV Phils 46 minutes ago

    Is this related to balto??!

  • Chandrika Sharma
    Chandrika Sharma 47 minutes ago

    Hey, this trailer took my heart away.❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • Nurul Kafika
    Nurul Kafika 53 minutes ago

    Renesmee Cullen ?

  • pearl S
    pearl S 54 minutes ago


  • 임호현
    임호현 57 minutes ago

    I wanted Tim Burton's movie, not Disney's movie :(

  • Shivansh Sharma
    Shivansh Sharma 58 minutes ago

    Wasn't crying seconds ago!

  • Mason Gover
    Mason Gover Hour ago

    Oh Josh if you want answers head to reddit buddy! Like most of the film has been leaked...and it’s garbage just like the last 2 films


    There should have been a real dog to make the movie even more touching.. CGI dog would ruin the movie.

  • Abhijit Zankat
    Abhijit Zankat Hour ago

    This is gonna be truly inspiiring movie......

  • cold fire
    cold fire Hour ago

    Twinkling was a crime !

  • Apolosa Cakau
    Apolosa Cakau Hour ago

    "What did you do you locked us in " The guy that said that at the end I swear he sounded like the "Mad hatter " from Alice in wonderland 😅

  • safezoneprimer
    safezoneprimer Hour ago

    Dogs are the Best human Friends ever. I am eagerly waiting for this Movie

  • Kianman
    Kianman Hour ago

    Palpatines is Rey’s grandpa

  • Kianman
    Kianman Hour ago

    Disney acting like the whole movie wasn’t already leaked

  • Ann Nee
    Ann Nee Hour ago

    The trailer looks great and am looking forward to it; the only thing that might bother me with this is that Mulan is too "pretty and gentle" here when she is supposed to be a "tough girl". She doesn't smile either if it makes a difference. The movie will still be awesome despite these things and maybe the "pretty Mulan" will go with the story some way...

  • Kara
    Kara Hour ago

    So basically all animals here are CGI. Not bad. At least Buck's not a GSD, Leonberger, or looking like any other breed other than what he IS. So even if this is CGI... THANK YOU!!! YES!!! FINALLY SOMEONE GOT HIS BREED RIGHT!! For clarification, Buck is described in the book as a St Bernard and Scotch Collie cross. His CGI appearance here is the closest to his description in book that I know of. The only thing I can't remember from the book is if his ears are floppy like they are here or pricked up like a wolf's. Either way, I personally look forward to this! :D

    VICTOR Hour ago

    And i know also, who the guy/animal could be, with the number: 666 It was the last King (of 7) of Rome: Lucius Tarquinius Superbus 6 Lucius 6 Tarquinius 6 Superbus. Chronologically, he was even the 8th King. Because he was at first chased away as one of the 7 Kings of Rome. But then he came back from China with new (The panther animal = an asian animal. That arised of the sea) asian followers (an army and 10 generals/followers from Asia. He searched help from there, from the asian country) to recapture his empire and regain power. And so he first gave royal power to these 10 Asian followers/generals. But these then gave him back all power, which is why he was chornologically crowned as then the 8th king. Even though he was one of the 7 kings before already (but a chased away King, of these seven Kings of Rome before). John's Revelation (the Fall of Babylon). I also know what the holy grail is. It is not a real Vessel/utensil. It's the power by Holy Spirit to see the future. The holy spirit is the grail that let you see your own future. Jesus saw his future on the cross, his impending suffering. And he prayed to the Father: He fell facedown and prayed, *“My Father, if it is possible, let this cup (cup = also grail or vessel) pass from Me. Yet not as I will, but as You will"* THE CUP = GRAIL!" A Vessel, that does contains the own future. Shown by/through the Holy Spirit (the Oneness of God - God is everywhere, now, in the past, in the future, in the possibilities.). *Note: In the Revelation, divine vessels are also with the anger of god poured over the earth = Future events. You understand now? Vessels always means: Contains future events/happenings.* That is why Jesus shared the Grail with his disciples at the sacrament. He shared his upcoming future (his upcoming death/suffering) with his disciples. PS. And I know what the cherubim and seraphim angels are. And what the mittle way of Siddhartha Gautama/Buddha was. A middle way, which has been misunderstood and misinterpreted until today. Because it's a secret. And only those who are worthy to understand and use this secret, get this correct understanding of this middle way (are worthy of receiving power - to free yourself without needing divine mercy) To use this spiritual tool for your soul freedom, without pain and suffering and without divinie help, to free yourself. PSPS. But who knows... ;-) Maybe everything i said is Bullshit? Who knows, who knows.Nobody really listens to me anyway. And that's good so.

  • Jakub Husenica
    Jakub Husenica Hour ago

    It's all about family...and that's what matters. VERY COOL!

  • Javier Alejandro Velasquez Urdaneta

    So, they must be the live-action retelling, "Disney's The Lion King (2019)" as the film pays a tributes to every Disneynature documentary films from "Earth (2009)" to "Penguins (2019)"! Was that correct or not?

  • AJ Rosen
    AJ Rosen Hour ago

    It's only the trailer and I'm already teared up. Mulan always has a special place in my heart. Born to a Chinese family, we were told to bring honor to our family's name and not to be a disgrace. Can't wait for the movie!

  • glucose guardian

    tom has never seen a single star wars movie

  • Abridge Tool
    Abridge Tool Hour ago

    No dogs were hurt while filming this movie.

  • Hannah Eunice Agustin

    I’m crying y’all! I don’t even know whyyyy!!!! 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Brandon David Fong

    who else thought the red bird at 1:32 was mushu

  • Laura Garza
    Laura Garza Hour ago

    The Devil works hard but Disney PR works harder.

  • Taylor Evangelista

    “Tom, come ON” -I LOVE IT

  • O.T. Rules
    O.T. Rules Hour ago


  • Rose-Anne Simple Life

    Wonderful Movie 👍♥️

  • Renee S
    Renee S Hour ago


  • HickerYheT
    HickerYheT Hour ago


  • Monokyo
    Monokyo Hour ago

    I watched this at an unhealthy amount of times lol I'm actually excited to see this.

  • Galadreana Lopez


    VICTOR Hour ago

    And the evil rey (red double lightsaber Rey) is another rey. Another clone of rey, an already evil clone/sith rey. Correct? It's not a dream of the good rey, it's not a vision or something similar. And it's not rey who turns evil. It's an other clone of rey.

  • Srikanth Anonymous

    The music @00:15 😍

  • Josiah Payne
    Josiah Payne Hour ago

    This is the only live action remake I will see in theaters.

    VICTOR Hour ago

    2:14 The Parents? These two guys behind the asian actress in this scene are the parents (Dominic Monaghan could be the father of Rey - Therefore in www.imdb.com/title/tt2527338/fullcredits he has no character name set in the list): ruclip.com/video/8Qn_spdM5Zg/video.html Or: Laia and Luke are the genetically parents, because Palpatine made clone experiments with Laia and Lukes gens - because they both are twins siblings and the force on both are strong. Therefore the title of the Star Wars 9 is: Rise of the Skywalker. Rey is the new Skywalker. Because genetically she is made as Skywalker, because Laia and Luke are her parents, but only genetically, not physically. Created by Palpatine, as clone experiment Skywalker. We see the body size of the shadow parents in the first seconds of the mirror scene, and that both shadow parents in the mirror have the same size like Laia and Luke or like these two behind the asian actress at the front: ruclip.com/video/8Qn_spdM5Zg/video.html

  • PlayerIchi
    PlayerIchi Hour ago

    Where’s her Dragon?

  • Amar Singh
    Amar Singh Hour ago

    Why are these trailers so lovely. It isn't gonna release in my country anyway

  • Dheeraj S Kurup
    Dheeraj S Kurup 2 hours ago

    Need a story of MUFASA

  • JustJess Eoh
    JustJess Eoh 2 hours ago

    This movie looks fricken awesome!

  • toogle1234
    toogle1234 2 hours ago

    Togo looked a lot better

  • MonArch Fânai
    MonArch Fânai 2 hours ago

    Wow... This is epic!

  • Alan Smith-Emerson
    Alan Smith-Emerson 2 hours ago

    Suit: Will there be Episodes X-XII? Daisy: I DON'T KNOW Suit: Fair enough. Daisy: Franchises are tight! Suit: Wow wow wow Daisy: Okay, I'm gonna need you to get way the hell off The Last nerve of my Jedi back.

  • S Sullivillain
    S Sullivillain 2 hours ago

    This looks hilariously awful

  • hartanty 90
    hartanty 90 2 hours ago

    im touch.. really.. im crying... the dog's so clever... i think that's balto

  • Motimals
    Motimals 2 hours ago

    Where is mush

  • Leonidas jorge De la paz garcia

    In teatrhes please please

  • 既婚者トーマス


  • TheLuhya
    TheLuhya 2 hours ago

    All of these questions are making me even more excited!

  • J Lee
    J Lee 2 hours ago

    No Reflection, No Mulan = No Let it go, No Frozen. No Mushu, No Mulan = No Olaf, No Frozen.

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 2 hours ago

    Who cares about Rey who THE FUCK IS SNOKE

  • meme man
    meme man 2 hours ago

    Pretty ironic, all them asking who her parents are when reintroducing Palpatine in this movie. unless? :thinking:

  • Emily Hughes
    Emily Hughes 2 hours ago


  • kiwi Wayne
    kiwi Wayne 2 hours ago

    where is my grill dumplings ?

  • Al
    Al 2 hours ago

    *No, the biggest story in cinema “culminated” at the end of Episode 6. None of this crap is worth paying attention to.*

  • Keith Michael
    Keith Michael 2 hours ago

    Tina ruined SNL, now she comes for Star Wars.

  • Donny 91
    Donny 91 2 hours ago

    Daisy Ridley would get her butthoIe licked clean!

  • Keith Michael
    Keith Michael 2 hours ago

    Forky is unhinged, Mr. Gad. Pay him.

  • Bridger Murray
    Bridger Murray 2 hours ago

    The fact that they have to advertise this as the “movie with all the answers” rather than it just being a good movie in its own right kinda scares me.

  • かくん
    かくん 2 hours ago

    And here I thought this movie was boycotted.

  • Keith Michael
    Keith Michael 2 hours ago

    Real talk. That salmon colored outfit works on Kamil. @ me...

  • Keith Michael
    Keith Michael 2 hours ago

    Yo. Real headline. Mando is a thicc 70's porn star.

  • whistling jennie
    whistling jennie 2 hours ago

    am i the only arab/brown girl not jealous abt a white girl being jasmine??

  • travelingnome87
    travelingnome87 2 hours ago

    my phone reacted to Tina Fey's robot voice and searched robots that make grilled cheese....

  • Cathy Ingham
    Cathy Ingham 2 hours ago

    I agree I do not like it's all cgi, but for some dangerous scenes here I can see why they did not, I can only imagine the outcry for animal abuse etc that they would have gotten if it were a real dog. I bit peta would have a word or 3 to say about it, they always do. So yes it's disappointing that the dog is fake, but yes I get the fact of keeping animals safe too. I'll still see this either way honestly as the story looks great at least.

  • Sonali Paul
    Sonali Paul 2 hours ago

    a must watch

  • aquasphere4
    aquasphere4 2 hours ago

    It’s amazing she does ads for the movie just as boring as her performances fascinating

  • RoDrIgO
    RoDrIgO 2 hours ago

    No sabía que Franco Escamilla hablaba inglés tan fluido :v

  • Rising Play
    Rising Play 2 hours ago

    Lol Mando

  • SteveVi0lence
    SteveVi0lence 3 hours ago

    This movie will be terrible

  • Bastene 360 Solid
    Bastene 360 Solid 3 hours ago

    1:05 shame ,shame, shame Me: I got a feeling josh gad is roasting the last jedi film

  • 3nayan's clips
    3nayan's clips 3 hours ago

    Good trailer , can't remember but I seen a movie with same story in cartoon ...looking forward to watch it .

  • Edgar Hernandez
    Edgar Hernandez 3 hours ago


  • Lovely Pes Clan
    Lovely Pes Clan 3 hours ago

    Oh my gosh Donnie Yen is in Mulan! Yes!!!

  • Aidan D.
    Aidan D. 3 hours ago

    The answer to all of these questions is: This movie will be a dumpster fire which will cause Kathleen Kennedy to be replaced by Jon Favreau, who will then make the last 3 movies non-canon, so they don't matter.

  • Robert J Kral
    Robert J Kral 3 hours ago

    This is all good but they should have done something regarding John and his copy of the script that leaked!