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Bozies 1990
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  • Cano
    Cano Hour ago

    1:46 "Vince you are the reason for that" **vince laughs his ass off** i love this guy

  • Figgis
    Figgis 2 hours ago

    true detectiiiiiive

  • Ethan Roberts
    Ethan Roberts 2 hours ago

    When he said “To the love of my family” I was expecting to hear “everything I did I did it for you”

  • Ryan Davies
    Ryan Davies 4 hours ago

    You can tell a lot about John Hamm, Jennifer Westfield, and Ed O’Neil because they all were ready to help her up those stairs

  • Iman s
    Iman s 4 hours ago

    I won

  • firstname lastname
    firstname lastname 5 hours ago

    This was a tough one.

  • oglukzkashan
    oglukzkashan 6 hours ago


  • Alan Coelh0
    Alan Coelh0 11 hours ago

    Chupa skyler!!!!

  • SuperVideoDominations
    SuperVideoDominations 12 hours ago

    Yeaaaaah bitccchhhhh

  • Jøhn Snøw
    Jøhn Snøw 15 hours ago

    That's was kinda cringey and disgusting

  • Mou Ad
    Mou Ad 15 hours ago

    He forgot to say "yeah bitch"

  • L33 97
    L33 97 17 hours ago

    Bien ganado Jesse pickmannnn eres una perraaaaa

  • CapnRiggs2k5
    CapnRiggs2k5 18 hours ago

    That had to be such an incredibly hard choice. All of those were absolutely amazing roles.

  • mushrooms 27
    mushrooms 27 20 hours ago

    Espero que Aaron paul gane algo con la peli de breaking bad se lo merece

  • Mandip Dahal
    Mandip Dahal 20 hours ago

    McConaughey should have won that, if anyone has seen true detective season 1, they will know. Guy won oscar but could not win emmy. All thanks to breaking bad.

  • ReallyStupidGaming
    ReallyStupidGaming 20 hours ago

    the breaking bad theme music was awesome

  • Dr Stentle
    Dr Stentle Day ago


  • Brendon Nel
    Brendon Nel Day ago

    Heizenberg won

  • Pasha Gusev
    Pasha Gusev Day ago

    Ooh my god this music it was realy good

  • medea 26
    medea 26 Day ago

    That was the single most adorable reaction/speech I've ever seen...

  • Lu Lu
    Lu Lu Day ago

    So Sheldon 😂😂😂

  • Lola 22
    Lola 22 Day ago

    She is from Germany 🇩🇪

  • Roland Benipayo

    @1:04 wiped his mouth like bitch just kissed me...LoL

  • Lorewalker Choo M. D.

    Breaking Bad is the Avatar of Live Action Television. Fully developed characters, awesome story, great humour timing, and a whole lot of feels, leaving everyone crying after the last episode.

  • pablo vega
    pablo vega Day ago

    Tuco said "tight tight tight " ! Best show ever

  • Zahid bilal
    Zahid bilal Day ago

    We won❤

  • DeeJay Caseria

    FCK YA!!!!!!!!

  • Ahmad Hazim
    Ahmad Hazim Day ago

    I am not in danger, i am the danger

  • Prashanth Prashanth

    This what is Like in Hollywood ,,, They just say What in Mind ... Not like Bollywood asshole

  • Belkacem Ziani
    Belkacem Ziani 2 days ago

    Bitch again🤣🤣

  • Belkacem Ziani
    Belkacem Ziani 2 days ago


  • pinkgoat
    pinkgoat 2 days ago

    Oh my god he so deserved this award. Every time i watch this, i always admire the friendship of Aaron and Bryon, it’s amazing.

  • Eduardo Vázquez
    Eduardo Vázquez 2 days ago

    Yeah, Bitch!

  • Oscar Memo
    Oscar Memo 2 days ago

    This is better than making med?

  • TheDarknessOfGames
    TheDarknessOfGames 2 days ago

    Would kill to meet this guy

  • علي المحمداوي

    ممثل روعه ابداع

  • fabio leone
    fabio leone 2 days ago

    it must be a "great" honor for him

  • Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

    How, she's a fucking terrible actress.

  • Master of Gwent
    Master of Gwent 2 days ago

    The face of evil in 1:50 on the back, I would never forget that face

  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 days ago

    Yep. Fine. Alright RUclip. I'll watch breaking bad again for the 6th time

  • So I says to the guy, I says to him, I says,

    they all knew they have no chance against breaking bad.

  • Spartan Klarys
    Spartan Klarys 2 days ago

    Breking bad (◕ᴗ◕✿)

  • Mr Robot
    Mr Robot 3 days ago

    Remi maleek and mr robot this series is beautiful Breaking bad is poor series sorry 🤣

  • Abram Sullivan
    Abram Sullivan 3 days ago

    He felt completely happy crying

  • Nishant Sinha
    Nishant Sinha 3 days ago

    Yo bitch!!!

  • -Lujαn Editing ღ


  • Dabao Wang
    Dabao Wang 3 days ago

    hell yeah biatch!

  • Matias Cariboni
    Matias Cariboni 4 days ago

    And the emmy goes to Brian Cranston 2:00 Aron Paul: yeah bitch!

  • Khalid Alkhaldi
    Khalid Alkhaldi 4 days ago

    4:14 I cried...

  • Ti ti
    Ti ti 4 days ago


  • Ser Bronn
    Ser Bronn 4 days ago

    Nobody: Julia Roberts: True Detectiveeeeeee

  • France Richard
    France Richard 4 days ago

    There both awesome actors!!!!!!!

  • Akshay MBA
    Akshay MBA 4 days ago

    He deserves

  • Crane
    Crane 4 days ago

    Wanted to see Aaron scream “YEAH MR. WHITE!”

  • SubDemon
    SubDemon 4 days ago

    Woody Harrelson saw Alexandra Daddario big ass tiities, he already won!

  • Adil Zameer
    Adil Zameer 4 days ago

    Breaking Bad Made Netflix what it is today

  • Akshay Sapra
    Akshay Sapra 4 days ago

    Jesse seems to be proud

  • Lambo
    Lambo 5 days ago

    My favourite TV dad, the best!!

  • Winona Murray
    Winona Murray 5 days ago

    Haha dr. Houses in the house...

  • הגר גדליוביץ'

    It was actually heartbreaking to watch, how much he misses his father. It's very brave, to be exposed and be so open within a group that isn't your family or your natural support system and I feel grateful for him for allowing me as a viewer to be a part of this beautiful moment.

  • Ashraf Salah
    Ashraf Salah 5 days ago

    Fk usa

  • Gary
    Gary 5 days ago

    Did he just kiss GUS??😄

    SUMIT MISHRA 5 days ago

    This was really a great speech

  • Gary
    Gary 5 days ago

    Heisenberg!!! Watching BB after 5 years it at season 4 now😄

  • [mines dimes]
    [mines dimes] 5 days ago

    Yeah MRS WHITE!!!

  • Cindy Fuentes
    Cindy Fuentes 6 days ago

    Jessica, Frances y Sarah ❤❤❤

  • Hotxz
    Hotxz 6 days ago

    Who remember skinny pete😐

  • BreadBoy
    BreadBoy 6 days ago

    “You did it Mr. White”

  • J A
    J A 6 days ago

    Bryan kissed her not the other way around

  • Rahul S
    Rahul S 6 days ago

    Yeaaahhh!! Bitch!!!!

  • NumbersAndSports
    NumbersAndSports 6 days ago

    SPOILER FROM SEASON 5 episode 15 ......................................Just that scene alone of him in the car tied up, bleeding , screaming and crying watching his girlfriend get killed granted him this Emmy man. Amazing.

  • Dany Hocine
    Dany Hocine 6 days ago

    That year had A LOT of great nominees, gosh

  • Gustavo
    Gustavo 6 days ago

    4:17 this is the kind of friend I still did not find

  • MrChazzahc
    MrChazzahc 6 days ago

    Bryan Cranston looking for her to breathe on his dick.

  • Sameer Waskar
    Sameer Waskar 6 days ago that's where the Amazon show Sneaky Pete came from? Bryan Cranston is in that show.

  • Karla Lopez
    Karla Lopez 6 days ago

    Buenas tardes

  • Mr. Spaghetti man
    Mr. Spaghetti man 7 days ago

    What a speech

  • debashish kachari
    debashish kachari 7 days ago

    If Kurt was alive, where would he have reached. He would be considered as God fighting for women and gay rights.

  • Nastya Andreewa
    Nastya Andreewa 7 days ago

    He's so good actor, i love him

  • Gracie Pearson Poulter

    You can tell he would literally throw himself into a tub of acid for his wife. Now that's love.

  • Gracie Pearson Poulter

    I love how physical the BB cast are with each other. A lot of people in a long running drama series seem to call their fellow actors their second family....but the BB family are TRULY a family. The only people in the world connected by something as powerful as Vince's work. Love it.

  • Ambarish Bose
    Ambarish Bose 7 days ago

    He is still the Chemistry professor in real life. Also, Sneaky Pete = Skinny Pete

  • Tom Tomasz
    Tom Tomasz 7 days ago

    hlowywood is a bunch of morons but this guy broke them bad

  • Sreejith R
    Sreejith R 7 days ago


  • AttilatheThrilla
    AttilatheThrilla 7 days ago

    Tony Soprano will forever be the greatest hero/villain in a dramatic show but Walter White is a VERY close second!!

  • ßlαçk Ðîâmöñd

    0:39 Heisenberg: No bitch, give me another one Lmao

  • Ramadhan Gerry Akbar

    They picked Aaron as winner because they want to see him saying BIIITCHH in the stage

  • Lord Jacob Rothschild

    Matthew deserved it also.

  • Brown Trout
    Brown Trout 7 days ago

    Break Bad Season 6 Coming Soon!!!

  • S Dey
    S Dey 8 days ago

    jimmy's expression 😆😆😆😆😆

  • متابع من العراق

    خوش مسلسل

  • GhettoPenguinGaming

    Bryan and Aaron: *Jessi we must raid emmys take the awards and leave this immediate get some Methamphetamine otw*

  • GhettoPenguinGaming

    Bryan and Aaron: *Jessi we must raid emmys take the awards and leave this immediate get some Methamphetamine otw*

  • Neatsp
    Neatsp 8 days ago

    These spoilers for the people who haven't watched these great shows tho...

  • Rocco siffredi
    Rocco siffredi 8 days ago

    Jesse Pinkman, high as fuck, dreaming of winning an Emmy next to Gus Fringe and shit

  • Omega
    Omega 8 days ago

    Oh man all these guys deser oh it’s Kevin Spacey...

  • Nur Fee
    Nur Fee 8 days ago

    He is such a good actor that I forget he played that dumb father in malcom in the middle :D

  • Zeynep Uzun
    Zeynep Uzun 8 days ago

    His voice is breathtaking