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  • All Might Moon
    All Might Moon 6 hours ago

    I have really bad migraines sometimes and a little while back I was in bed early trying to just sleep to get away from the pain. When I have migraines light, sound, touch and smells are all really amplified to me and just make the pain worse. My mom came in my room with one of her Young Living oil rollers and kept asking if she could rub it on my neck. I kept telling her no and I didn’t want anything oily or smelly on me but she just wouldn’t listen and eventually she put some on me and it made my migraine so much worse because the smell was bad to me and it was very strong and kept me awake longer. I know her intentions were good but I did tell her no and to please listen a few times but she just never seems to hear me. 😠

  • Koda Kazarian
    Koda Kazarian 7 hours ago

    Wikihow is a text version of expertvillage.

  • El Vista 665
    El Vista 665 7 hours ago

    5:25 Sometimes I get Jack Black vibes and I love it

  • Ao Tora
    Ao Tora 7 hours ago

    Be a pedophile or kill someone: Go to jail for few months Smuggle drugs or be caught with weed: DEATH SENTENCE FOR YOU OR JAIL FOR LIFE!!! how tf is this system fair?

  • Johnny P
    Johnny P 7 hours ago

    These women have been watching too much investigation discovery.

  • Dominique Z
    Dominique Z 8 hours ago

    our boy: pioneer of wiki RUclip videos 💣😎

  • Housel
    Housel 8 hours ago

    The neckbeard from the first story is a disgrace in the eyes of the dark souls community

  • Barltok __
    Barltok __ 9 hours ago

    4:10 bruh i didn't even know the word because until I was in first grade,you still have awhile lol

  • Thicco Mode
    Thicco Mode 9 hours ago


  • bong bong
    bong bong 10 hours ago

    Time to gather and burn the pedo

  • 3455BRUH55341 1
    3455BRUH55341 1 10 hours ago

    yo why is padme at the end of the video

  • trefoil
    trefoil 10 hours ago

    The first one is just sad. My dad met Julian before at a concert he said he’s a really nice guy. Pretty disappointing

  • trefoil
    trefoil 11 hours ago

    Someone at my friends neighborhood pool meticulously placed a chair and table from the deck into the deep end and made it look perfectly set up in the pool

  • wer ist celine
    wer ist celine 11 hours ago

    in regards to that manslaughter-girl: literally same. I'm a very traumatised person, chronic mental illnesses, abuse and all the good stuff.... HOWEVER I don't go out and kill people. Life is hard and unfair and will swallow you whole if you don't defend yourself. And sometimes the people you need to defend yourself from are your family, but that doesn't give anyone the right to murder.... geez. Stop using your weaknesses as excuses and maybe work on them

  • feline frenzy5
    feline frenzy5 12 hours ago

    The reason twitch treats you well, is because you're a white knight...

  • ihatenubs
    ihatenubs 13 hours ago

    I swear delivery people are like cops without guns. They see the crazy shit to

  • alexandros kokkos
    alexandros kokkos 13 hours ago

    So basically, don’t trust your man ever got it

  • oly
    oly 14 hours ago

    i love your mini back and forth with yourself as you decided where you thought the space needle was

    • oly
      oly 14 hours ago

      you were right in the end, though, cue, it’s in seattle

  • Holly Oliver
    Holly Oliver 15 hours ago

    1:58 naruto confronting sasuke

  • Pumpy GT
    Pumpy GT 16 hours ago

    Hentai artists: Hentai artists, ofc they fap. Porn actors: Actors for porn. A job I guess. Real shit... Weeaboo (Extra): Has an waifu doll. Always argue about who is the best waifu. Argue about animated characters. That doesn't even exist. Weeb (Extra): Says Japanese language 30% of the time. 5% memes with Japanese language. Act like an anime character. But way better, extremely better. He's not a weeb that likes to pedo.exe

  • Zach Belcher
    Zach Belcher 17 hours ago

    Had to turn this off when the Michael Myers shit played....

  • The Afterhours
    The Afterhours 18 hours ago

    I’m going to share something I’d tell my subordinates while in the military. “There are three things you could never say about yourself; You can’t say you’re “humble”. You can say you’re “humbled”, that’s completely different. You can’t say you’re a “nice person”, it’s best not to give the impression that, in your mind, you meet your own standards, that’s narcissism. And you can never say you’re “mature for your age.” These are all things that OTHERS have to say about you. It’s far more believable for people hear those (important) things from someone else, not yourself. And of course, it also means that you’re hard work has paid off, and are on your way to a positive reputation.

  • Connor Craft
    Connor Craft 18 hours ago

    2:32 okay jew

  • The Raging Ryno
    The Raging Ryno 19 hours ago

    4:30 I mean zombies technically do eat vegetables

  • Bill Sawyer
    Bill Sawyer 20 hours ago

    RUclip is communist

  • The Next Douglass Bubbletrousers

    “He only fuck you over if you let him” -Bryson Tiller, 2015

  • stony tone
    stony tone 20 hours ago

    Im a guy and can confirm dating girls is in fact a lot better

  • Head s
    Head s 21 hour ago

    1:25 that one hit too hard for me Edit: this hole thing hit too hard

  • Kira Bacon
    Kira Bacon 21 hour ago

    Look man I’ve cracked the fuck up over shit long after the joke has been over. It’s awkward as shit but damn it it’s funny. But then he threw in the racism. Fuck you, asshole 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Johnny P
    Johnny P 22 hours ago

    I’d really like to get cue blazed and listen to the hilarity that follows.

  • Rae
    Rae 22 hours ago

    The stepmom really doesn’t get it either. She admits she wanted to see pictures with and without him, but then admits there’s no good way to word it, because there isn’t. You are asking people to edit your stepson out of fucking photos! There’s no good way to word that and she’s just like “It wasn’t my intention.” Yes it was because you never talked to the mother. She’s such a Bitch and I bet she’s a fake nice girl. I guarantee she’s like”Sweet tea, I’m so nice.” When she’s talking trash about the neighbors, stepson and the mom.

  • damystery123
    damystery123 22 hours ago

    I relate to the child, I would disown my mom if I saw her doing something like smoking lol

  • Lilac Sloth
    Lilac Sloth 22 hours ago

    Okay can we just talk about Bert McCracken on the thumbnail- - local punk rat Okay so if I'm not mistaken it's bert but-

  • Pastel Dolphin
    Pastel Dolphin 22 hours ago

    I got a text from some random man and it said *boops ass AGGRESSIVELY*

  • Rae
    Rae 22 hours ago

    I only have this to say: You wouldn’t do that with your god damn sandwiches!

  • A Galloway
    A Galloway 23 hours ago

    i’d rather a doctor say “thicc” lmao

  • Rae
    Rae 23 hours ago

    Imagine taking advantage of a 13 year old having trouble at home... in fact imagine taking advantage of a child in general. You are horrible.

  • Rae
    Rae 23 hours ago

    Don’t go through r/adultery it’s not worth it Dude.

  • Rae
    Rae 23 hours ago

    “I’m cheating on my husband who doesn’t deserve it... I’m a good person.” Yeah I robbed a bank once, shot a child and pissed on someone’s grave... I’m a good person too.

  • bobsteve md
    bobsteve md 23 hours ago

    the fact this game is still running is crazy

  • Undead Gaijin
    Undead Gaijin 23 hours ago

    Last story was so fuckin thathappened

  • Joshua Zane
    Joshua Zane 23 hours ago

    Holy crap. That last one was a cascade failure of epic proportions. So silly too; he literally could have just said "It's for myself; I like cake 🤷". It's weird to me some of the things that people feel like they have to lie about.

  • Joshua Zane
    Joshua Zane 23 hours ago

    Can you imagine having the emotional energy to be upset by a Snapple fact?

  • 《RlZADON 》
    《RlZADON 》 23 hours ago

    Hello. How has your day been?

  • Luka Emmerson the Enigmatic UnEmpress

    Oh no... Fort Bragg is where my father worked at.

  • Maccabee Luke 22:36

    Last one was a joke. Like saying the ocean has too much water.

  • FrappeDeOreo4664

    Saying OwO until cuestar notices me OwO OwO OwO OwO OwO OwO OwO

  • FrappeDeOreo4664

    Saying OwO until cuestar notices me OwO OwO OwO OwO OwO OwO OwO

  • FrappeDeOreo4664

    Saying OwO until cuestar notices me OwO OwO OwO OwO OwO OwO OwO

  • Tenya Iida
    Tenya Iida Day ago

    Is it my idea or nice girls are also misogynistic? Judging other women by their lifestyle...

  • Jon T
    Jon T Day ago

    1) Lick his face. Depending on the taste of his sweat, you can tell if someone is a liar 2) Zipp Zoopp

  • Jon T
    Jon T Day ago

    tfw no yandere gf

  • PopeJones Wang

    Theres a doterra add under your video. I dont know if its genius way to take money from an evil company or just RUclip selling out to an ok ther evil company......

  • Michelle Martinov

    2 comments - first thank you to the wonderful person who adopted that beautiful cat and I sincerely hope the court gets ahold of the person or people who left that baby to die a horrible death. Secondly- the reason that woman probably got away with her crime of nearly blinding someone is because of how she looks. Sadly people are often judged based on their looks.

  • ares of olympia

    It’s just weird to think you were at one point obsessed or a nice guy because those are things people sorta just stick to for life, and you seem like a very nice and logical person

  • Jarrod
    Jarrod Day ago

    That Hand at 1:20 is the definition of trust.

  • MuchMercy
    MuchMercy Day ago

    Ha jokes on you I use cassette

  • Leo Vanna
    Leo Vanna Day ago


  • Brianna Chiavetta

    2:56 I really needed to read something like that. Tiana is my second favorite Disney princess and I really want to cosplay her, and I've been so nervous that people will claim I'm whitewashing Tiana by cosplaying her.

  • Vrai Faux
    Vrai Faux Day ago

    Who even has the energy for this shit? Imagine all of the things they could accomplish by diverting that energy to productive pursuits

  • bananasinfrench

    Way back in the day robes were like, perfectly acceptable for dudes to wear. These guys ever seen one singular painting depicting ancient rome? Being a man and scared of dresses is the most insecure thing in the world.

  • Under Construction

    I got cheated on and we broke up because it was either I became an emotionally abusive person and stopped him from seeing friends because of lack of trust or it was over. I refused to become emotionally abusive. We spent two years talking everything out and saying where we went wrong. And eventually got back together. He cheated on me and then said I was stopping him from seeing his friends.

  • Kelsey De Leon

    Gerard Way is back!!!

  • Lydia Michel
    Lydia Michel Day ago

    Personally, I think asking for a kiss wouldn’t ruin the mood. I would be more inclined to feel comfortable kissing someone if they asked, and would really appreciate it.

  • N7 Slayer
    N7 Slayer Day ago

    If you have to spy on your partner then there’s no reason for that person to be in a relationship especially if they’re insecure about what their partner is doing.

  • Tide Pod Pad Thai

    4:50 "gender neutral GIRLfriend" Say that again but slowly.

  • MisterB
    MisterB Day ago

    *actual (not really) email conversation* "Hello, how are you doing today? "Is very good, nice?" "What? Did your message get translated wrong?" "Hallo, my name is Butterball Kings." "Alice, I was supposed to be emailing Alice. Who is this!?" "Martin the rain is expansion. Is very cute, nice?" "Wtf is even happening." "Hablo English?" "Fuck you..." ">><__÷%=t" *$100 billed to your account. Thank you for using the Ukrainian Women email chat. Sponsored by Google Translate.*

  • Roast Goat
    Roast Goat Day ago

    10:41 got my goat - more or less meaning really getting under the skin, upset, last straw etc

  • ultimateninjaboi

    "I'm cheating on my husband. He doesnt deserve it. I cant stop." Then fucking leave? A good person recognizes that they aren't able to keep up a committed relationship. Either because that sort of thing doesnt work for them, or they're just not getting on with the other person. A bad person continues the charade, justifying it by "admitting they're an asshole who cant stop." But hey. Its r/adultery. They think encouraging cheaters to cheat and lie is more important than the wellbeing of the one being cheated on.

  • JoltyToons
    JoltyToons Day ago

    Did the opium thing happen in 2018?

  • Timmering
    Timmering Day ago


  • tubarao1143
    tubarao1143 Day ago

    Why does the first story mentions shes a transgender? How does that affect the story??

  • Julia Rafols
    Julia Rafols Day ago

    1:35 Laurie Alexander, the transformed wife

  • Basement Dweller Cosplay

    As a costume designer, the scissors one, I kinda get. You don't mess with a craft person and their fabric scissors

  • rosy eddsworld fandom

    **asks consent to role play with astricks**

  • MineThe SkyButter

    Bruh why didnt i get a notification

  • the Celtic Crone

    I highly doubt that the Dude on the Ladder was in that Twanker’s way.... As he turned and wheeled off in the Opposite Direction.

  • Heather Freitag

    That first video of the upskirt, it almost looks like the other waitresses saw what happened. Did they? Cause that boy needs an ass whooping, I hope he didnt get away with it

  • Rachel Quinn
    Rachel Quinn Day ago

    Why am I watching this at nearly 6am when I need to SLEEP

  • ihatenubs
    ihatenubs Day ago

    I honestly feel so much pressure I can’t even say anything I want to say. Over thinking’s a bitch.

  • Mad Masseur
    Mad Masseur Day ago

    Steve is amazing, best part of the first story, the other guy really screwed up by telling them about the prank tho Also the response of the girl in the second story is great

  • Rebbi LiebtKekse

    Honestly the first guy sounds mean. It's okay to have preferences but to say that his girlfriend has "no boobs" is kinda rude. Every girl has boobs, some are just smaller than others and that's completely okay

  • Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili

    What does OWO mean? I have only ever seen it listed in escort girls favourites list where it means Oral With Out.

  • GodsBadAssBlade

    The only spying I'll be doing to my partner is I spy with my little eye

  • sir sweetcorn
    sir sweetcorn Day ago

    The only time I would call out someone parking in a handicap space is if they literally go and run a marathon as soon as they park

  • Mad Masseur
    Mad Masseur Day ago

    11:30 how did someone find that attractive

  • Winter Fire
    Winter Fire Day ago


  • jack sparrow
    jack sparrow Day ago

    The person who's always worried about cheating is usually the one who is cheating

  • Volgen West
    Volgen West Day ago

    The fact that r/adultery even exists is baffling

  • Jacc Jorep
    Jacc Jorep Day ago

    Bruh, if he didn’t want you on it, he’d just put a password

  • d3vilr0ckspolos

    IG actually started without DMs & that was great. It was an app focusing on its intended purpose; pictures. The DM function ruined it.

  • The Afterhours

    What’s intellagince?

  • Benjamin Castillo

    Say hi cue