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Assembling a $4,250 Salvage Auction Porsche 911. It Looks Amazing!
Просмотров 210 658Месяц назад
I Bought an INFLATABLE Paint Spray Booth from China!
Просмотров 1 630 620Месяц назад
Cheap Porsche Owner Modifies Harbor Freight Tools to Fix his Salvage 911
Просмотров 200 7012 месяца назад
Can a $5,000 Fire Salvage Hellcat REALLY Be Rebuilt?
Просмотров 851 1772 месяца назад
Rebuilding a Salvage Porsche 911 Crazy Cheap using OEM Parts!
Просмотров 363 8572 месяца назад
I Finished the Salvage Audi R8 Rebuild Project! (and then BROKE it)
Просмотров 419 6243 месяца назад
Here's Why this Totaled Twin Turbo Dodge Viper ACR is NOT Worth $111,000
Просмотров 207 1343 месяца назад
Can My Salvage Audi R8 Pass Rebuild Inspection with its Cheap Frame Repair?
Просмотров 661 5263 месяца назад
Reacting to Audi R8 Rebuild HATERS w/ Rich Rebuilds Livestream
Просмотров 174 6414 месяца назад
Here's Why My Cheap Audi R8 was TOTALED! Major Factory Flaw Made my R8 Salvage!
Просмотров 2 989 7224 месяца назад
I Bought a TOTALED Audi R8 from a Salvage Auction & I'm going to Rebuild It!
Просмотров 6 311 7454 месяца назад
Should I BUY Tanner Braungardt's WRECKED Audi R8 V10???
Просмотров 353 7764 месяца назад
I BID on a Wrecked Rare AMG Wagon at Copart! Can I Even Fix This???
Просмотров 686 3414 месяца назад
It's Been in 3 Accidents and was TOTALED so I took it to CARMAX for Appraisal
Просмотров 188 0625 месяцев назад
Salvage Auction Ferrari has the WEIRDEST Burn Damage I've Ever Seen
Просмотров 127 0525 месяцев назад
Are Electric Cars the Future LIVE w/ Rich Rebuilds 10/10/2018
Просмотров 40 2515 месяцев назад
I Tried to buy ANOTHER DXP Pizza Car! I was DENIED!
Просмотров 320 0955 месяцев назад
I Bought a Cheap LEMON Mercedes AMG but HAD to Give It Away...
Просмотров 332 4295 месяцев назад
Rich Rebuilds Stuck in NYC Livestream with Samcrac
Просмотров 26 0485 месяцев назад
Here's why this Cheap Acura NSX Looks MINT but has a Salvage Title!
Просмотров 585 5136 месяцев назад
I Rebuilt a Wrecked Corvette Grand Sport! Cheap C6 6 Speed Manual!
Просмотров 103 4366 месяцев назад
This Quick Trick Stops Me Wasting Cash & Time When Rebuiding a Salvage Car
Просмотров 94 9796 месяцев назад
I Should NOT Have Bought a Lemon Car! Lemon Law Attorney SCHOOLS ME!
Просмотров 300 0886 месяцев назад
My WRECKED Ford Focus RS Getting It's Frame Repaired After Accident!
Просмотров 140 5346 месяцев назад
Salvage Audi RS7's Electronic Trunk Smacked Me in the Head... So I Fixed It!
Просмотров 203 1936 месяцев назад
I Found Offset's Wrecked Hellcat at a Copart Salvage Car Auction! *Migos*
Просмотров 1 132 1906 месяцев назад
Wrecked Audi RS7 Gets New Suspension and TEST DRIVE!
Просмотров 419 4906 месяцев назад
I Bought a 800 Mile LEMON! Cheaper than Buying a Salvage Car???
Просмотров 991 9866 месяцев назад
Salvage 800HP Audi RS7 Rebuild: ARMYTRIX Exhaust + Race Downpipe Install
Просмотров 237 8437 месяцев назад
Here's Everything that is STILL Broken On My Salvage Audi RS7
Просмотров 239 0077 месяцев назад
Cheap Salvage Auction Audi RS7 Came with 800HP & $15k in Hidden Mods
Просмотров 1 184 6287 месяцев назад
Rebuilding a Salvage Audi RS7: Fitting the Bumper, Finding Suspension Damage
Просмотров 355 3267 месяцев назад
Here's How Much My Salvage Audi RS7 Cost! $30,000 OFF (or more)
Просмотров 596 6617 месяцев назад
My Audi RS7 was Taken From me By its Delivery Driver! Here's how I got it back...
Просмотров 2 018 6948 месяцев назад
Trying to Start My Salvage Audi RS7 for the First Time After its Accident
Просмотров 809 2158 месяцев назад
I Bought a Wrecked Audi RS7! Salvage Supercar for CHEAP!
Просмотров 2 728 5338 месяцев назад
Salvage Ford Focus RS Rebuild: Paint Round 1
Просмотров 331 2818 месяцев назад
I Found MORE Frame Damage Hiding on my Focus RS! I'm not worried YET...
Просмотров 408 0458 месяцев назад
How To Inspect a Used Car for Hidden Paint, Body & Frame Work
Просмотров 103 3488 месяцев назад
Did My Salvage Ford Focus RS Come with a Blown Head Gasket?
Просмотров 265 1688 месяцев назад
The Nitrous Powered Jaguar For Sale at Copart LIVE Auction!
Просмотров 62 6118 месяцев назад
LIVE: Why I Bought This Specific Wrecked Focus RS (Taking Your Calls)
Просмотров 65 7098 месяцев назад
Here's Why My Cheap Salvage Focus RS Won't Start! EASY FIX!
Просмотров 759 1389 месяцев назад
I Bought a Cheap WRECKED Ford Focus RS & We're Going to Rebuild It!
Просмотров 1 315 1139 месяцев назад
Someone Smashed into my Car! It was already totaled once....*Hit & Run*
Просмотров 158 1359 месяцев назад
I Found a RARE Manual BMW at Copart That We Should BUY! CHEAP 6 Speed!
Просмотров 595 3819 месяцев назад
Horsepower Results of the Supercharged Jaugar + Nitrous are IN! Major FAIL!
Просмотров 80 0629 месяцев назад
I'm Selling the Blue Supercharged Jaguar at COPART! Comes With NITROUS!
Просмотров 81 1189 месяцев назад
Body Shop Screwed Up My Salvage Corvette EVEN MORE!
Просмотров 130 0419 месяцев назад
Просмотров 237 7199 месяцев назад
The Only REAL Way to Remove Cigarette & Smoke Smell From Your Car
Просмотров 511 1789 месяцев назад
Here's Why This Destroyed Cadillac Escalade Was Rebuilt (Not A Good Reason)
Просмотров 239 3789 месяцев назад
Cheap Idiot Gets Harbor Freight Jack STUCK Under Corvette
Просмотров 209 53410 месяцев назад
The Cheapest Running Coyote Mustang Came with a Shelby GT500 Surprise
Просмотров 276 09110 месяцев назад
Here's How Much I've Spent on BOTH of my Pizza Cars *Legal Fees NOT Included*
Просмотров 84 18410 месяцев назад
LIVE: Looking for an Electric Car to Buy at the Auction
Просмотров 364 95010 месяцев назад
Body Shop Further RUINS Wrecked Mustang! Owner is SUING!
Просмотров 263 03310 месяцев назад
How bad is the $13 Harbor Freight Paint Spray Gun?
Просмотров 1 023 42610 месяцев назад
Should I Paint My Own Salvage Rebuild Projects at Home? *FAIL IMMINENT*
Просмотров 44 03710 месяцев назад
The Pizza Car is Back In Business! It's Completely Rebuilt!
Просмотров 328 52610 месяцев назад
How Bad is $20 eBay Pre-Cut Window Tint? *FAIL ALERT*
Просмотров 135 35511 месяцев назад
The Worlds Cheapest McLaren was a BARGAIN! But it's Hiding a Few Secrets...
Просмотров 452 41311 месяцев назад
One of the NEW Salvage Rebuild Projects Is Here but I Can't Have It???
Просмотров 151 73211 месяцев назад
Cheap Old V8 Jaguar Is Supercharged and Gets NITROUS! *It's FAST*
Просмотров 122 94811 месяцев назад
Flashy Car + Crazy Girlfriend = BAD TIME!
Просмотров 140 78811 месяцев назад
How I Buy the BEST Salvage Cars for CHEAP!
Просмотров 89 99411 месяцев назад
The Pizza Car on TV News & in the Newspaper!
Просмотров 143 37411 месяцев назад
NITROUS will get the Cheap Jaguar to 500HP UNDER $5k! *NOS*
Просмотров 187 626Год назад
Why Everyone HATES Cheap Maaco Paint Jobs... BUT Shouldn't!
Просмотров 1 027 685Год назад
The $90,000 Pizza Car Counter Offer
Просмотров 1 241 585Год назад
I'm being FORCED to RETURN the Pizza Car and NEED YOUR HELP
Просмотров 2 152 606Год назад