Kieran Brown
Kieran Brown
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  • ashupashu
    ashupashu 6 hours ago

    Kieran reminds me of Hector Bellerin

  • Daniel Goodwin
    Daniel Goodwin 6 hours ago

    I thought this kid used to play for hashtag

  • Abood Alromaithi
    Abood Alromaithi 6 hours ago

    Look 3:46 it fake

  • Abood Alromaithi
    Abood Alromaithi 6 hours ago

    Plus if it landed on the bottom it would flip but on the cap it didint 😎😎😎😎

  • Abood Alromaithi
    Abood Alromaithi 6 hours ago

    Um exuse me when it landed on the cap it didn't hit the hole noobs Plus I did that no lie :/

  • Dayana Diaz
    Dayana Diaz 7 hours ago

    Kieran Brown when you did the juggle two balls ⚽️ you said about five seconds not five juggles

  • Brokenwolf2265
    Brokenwolf2265 7 hours ago

    on fifa im going to make him higher raited

  • MrFirstdance2000
    MrFirstdance2000 7 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure the indoor one is actually for "Cats" :-) thanks for help in deciding this!!

    ARIJIT DAS 7 hours ago

    I am sure FIFA will increase his overall to about 70 after this video

  • Ross Gallagher
    Ross Gallagher 7 hours ago

    Copa mundial or puma king end of

  • Chabs Anunciado
    Chabs Anunciado 7 hours ago

    You are only a freestyle earn your not a real footballer

    GAME OVER 8 hours ago

    The last one tech us to NOT to give up keep trying

  • WW E
    WW E 8 hours ago

    Kid: What the bloody hell is in it? Me: Good question.

  • ii Liviee
    ii Liviee 8 hours ago

    I like the phone

  • evette de luca
    evette de luca 9 hours ago


  • Whipzz 4
    Whipzz 4 9 hours ago

    Keri an you’re a faker

  • 양현
    양현 9 hours ago

    정체불가의 유튜브 알고리즘으로 들어왔다..

  • 양현
    양현 9 hours ago

    정체불가의 유튜브 알고리즘으로 들어왔다..

  • Bahn Delemere
    Bahn Delemere 9 hours ago

    FIFA makes bronze players look like shite and this guy is banging

  • Jordan Laidlae
    Jordan Laidlae 9 hours ago

    I literally packed him last night

  • Daniel Brixey
    Daniel Brixey 10 hours ago

    Tell me what your best 100m time is Mine is 7:42

  • Steven Watt
    Steven Watt 10 hours ago

    Wow I'm 10 and I can only hit it 34mph

  • Abdul Moola
    Abdul Moola 10 hours ago

    I’ve bought green boots and now I can’t let go of it

  • Zul Imran
    Zul Imran 10 hours ago

    Why fifa rated him low because fifa's rating based on actual game not fundamental...


    Minuto 5:09 alto gemido

  • Angelo Armament
    Angelo Armament 10 hours ago

    you should hydrodip your superflys I wanna see what happens

  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer 11 hours ago

    If he could do it so why the hell on earth can't footballers do it. They are more talented than him.

  • Mr Amazing Doughnut
    Mr Amazing Doughnut 11 hours ago


    GAMING BEAST 91 11 hours ago

    Your all videos are are real I am your subscriber from India I hope you will have 10 million subscriber soon

  • Jakesgames 123
    Jakesgames 123 11 hours ago

    The footballers ones aren’t fake because there famous

    GAMING BEAST 91 11 hours ago

    Your all videos are are real I am your subscriber from India I hope you will have 10 million subscriber soon

  • liams football videos and packs

    He just shown em do it how it fake btw he bad

  • Hasan 54123
    Hasan 54123 13 hours ago

    Yo send me the link to it thx bro

  • Theodore Ntallaris
    Theodore Ntallaris 13 hours ago

    I think all of his stuff is real

  • indy tauwnaar
    indy tauwnaar 13 hours ago

    Ronaldo shoots the bal way harder and van persie dives more then you do you just val when you hit the bal with your head

  • Vajid 7 vd Vajid 7
    Vajid 7 vd Vajid 7 14 hours ago

    Malayalikal ivde like

  • Hasan Waseem Arfi
    Hasan Waseem Arfi 14 hours ago

    bro are you okay ? putting your boots in washing machine makes it worse i tryed it and it was RUINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will give it 0/10

  • dylan padilla
    dylan padilla 15 hours ago

    Me thinking Green ball

  • 1k Before 2021 help me please

    Kieran you cant comoare your self to Mbappe the man is legendary. But still not better than zlatan. Imao

  • Ethan Balmforth
    Ethan Balmforth 16 hours ago

    It's probly just ewen

  • ohike Playz
    ohike Playz 16 hours ago

    “Don’t like this boots” *1 second later* Top corner

  • NOOB MCPE Vlogs
    NOOB MCPE Vlogs 16 hours ago


  • harde werker
    harde werker 16 hours ago

    He is the best

  • Noah abrahamsen
    Noah abrahamsen 17 hours ago

    0:25 that’s the right corner

  • Ak Mohd Farhaan Ramadhani Ag Mohd Hadzrul

    You are the fakers

  • Vishal Yadav
    Vishal Yadav 17 hours ago

    It's ok bro. You are the best for us. You are the best free stylist.

  • Minty James
    Minty James 17 hours ago

    My Dad was on the same plane as you

  • MyWorld&Amelie&Kamilah

    Honestly all the footballers I think they were not fake because you did it and there better then you so they should be able too

  • Sports Arena
    Sports Arena 18 hours ago

    Practice made a man as well as woman perfect I right?👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

  • Nathan Czyszczon
    Nathan Czyszczon 18 hours ago

    Now imagine Messi or Ronaldo

  • fortnight master
    fortnight master 19 hours ago

    Face is fake

  • K__and__k Life
    K__and__k Life 19 hours ago

    How do we know if your faking or not

  • Makecoldo Gamer
    Makecoldo Gamer 19 hours ago

    Up next This person faked drug dealing, but I did it for real. This woman faked prostitution, but I did it for real. This guy faked being homeless, but I did it for real

  • Makecoldo Gamer
    Makecoldo Gamer 19 hours ago

    1:37 what is that song?

  • Leron Williams
    Leron Williams 20 hours ago

    Please give me that phone I love to watch you and I love FCB

  • JUSTIN Entertains
    JUSTIN Entertains 20 hours ago


  • Moonpie Spotlight
    Moonpie Spotlight 21 hour ago

    Try doing it without the cane. Good luck

  • Nem Waqanivalu
    Nem Waqanivalu 22 hours ago

    Thats big fake

  • VatSoc
    VatSoc 22 hours ago

    so its crazy golf but football

  • Nancy Vargas
    Nancy Vargas 22 hours ago

    Do some more football vs plz

  • Yunika Budhathoki
    Yunika Budhathoki 22 hours ago


  • Funn
    Funn 23 hours ago

    3:23 Lmao just pulled up a shot like that, like it was nothing

  • Nesss Asumuro
    Nesss Asumuro 23 hours ago

    Ronaldinho el mago lo mejorrrrrr

  • Darius Varga
    Darius Varga 23 hours ago

    Pollock are pula mare

  • Mary franz armas
    Mary franz armas 23 hours ago

    Man fix ur dAm shoes

  • Hudson Long
    Hudson Long 23 hours ago

    my fave is the preditors

  • Tyler Oconnor
    Tyler Oconnor 23 hours ago

    Fuck you

  • Spamz Senpai
    Spamz Senpai Day ago

    He played on Hashtag United

  • Nick Tsougranis

    the roberto carlos shot took 171 tries and the ronaldo took 83. then how is Ronaldos shot harder.

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke Day ago

    I hope you made your money back with this video.

  • Hissan DEB055
    Hissan DEB055 Day ago

    This guy is the king of free stylers at the end of the video is the best part

  • Aidan Ajami
    Aidan Ajami Day ago

    Did anyone els realise the dog running in the backroad of the Roberto Carlos shot like the comment if you saw

  • Aidan Ajami
    Aidan Ajami Day ago

    Wouldn’t it be annoying getting the soccer ball every time you miss unless you have a billion soccer ball’s

  • marika 2011
    marika 2011 Day ago


  • Felix Røe Skjelbakken

    Pollock should have 99 volley’s

  • SRZ Jay
    SRZ Jay Day ago

    Kieran brown : every mph I give £1 Me beast : every mph I give £1000

  • Marven Sitole
    Marven Sitole Day ago

    Master in editing

  • itsmebilal123
    itsmebilal123 Day ago

    2:49 you gave an extra £10

  • Michael-John Douglas

    Not going to lie man, but your slow af, i meen i dont play footbal i play rugby, and i am also not a wing i am a lock, And i do a 100m sprint in 12,40 weiging at almost 110kg, No offensive i just noticed that you are realy slow and i am 17 btw

  • Mikasa Ackerman

    Y are your shooting so weak

  • Robyn Bowers
    Robyn Bowers Day ago

    Kieran passed 1 million subs faster that Oliver giroud running from one end of the pitch to the other

  • JustHurricn
    JustHurricn Day ago

    Obviously fake. Ball went way higher and smoother than in the green screen fake ones (YES I KNOW ITS ON PURPOSE BUT SOME PPL MIGHT NOT KNOW)

  • Diego Pacheco
    Diego Pacheco Day ago

    It’s a ball with one lair

  • Meer Pagar
    Meer Pagar Day ago

    I think he doesn't know dude perfect.

  • President PIG Games

    3:00 he flicked about 50 pages at once

  • Skinny hot Dog


  • Skinny hot Dog


  • Skinny hot Dog


  • Ivan J California

    Adidas predator are way ahead of ya.

  • R x
    R x Day ago

    Got a tip for you move your arse go over there tell him to fuck ogf

  • Vici Peebles
    Vici Peebles Day ago

    So every video you don’t actually hit the net you do that ! You need to stop Kieran now

  • Finn Reilly
    Finn Reilly Day ago

    fam this is so boring to watch i dont even get it you just have no ideas so next time actully think of a enteraning one

  • Finn Reilly
    Finn Reilly Day ago

    he should be called keiran big hairybrows

  • Finn Reilly
    Finn Reilly Day ago

    wow kieran you say this is a joke but im not believeing it the only joke here is your hairline and your face

  • Santiagho Sosa

    I would rate him 77

  • FSI xx
    FSI xx Day ago

    The next video you make is that you vs a 0ld house full of nails

  • Polo Rios
    Polo Rios Day ago

    You should buy some anti clog cleats

  • Łįvįñg hęłł

    Oh yeah sure

  • Brighton Fan #1

    Music at 2:20?

  • Maru Reyes
    Maru Reyes Day ago

    Don’t you use a that ball for soccer