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The TRUE Cost of An iPhone
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Top 10 RICHEST World Leaders
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  • Pennywise The Dancing Clown

    I Wish He Was Strong On Clash Of Clans

  • Sara Jay
    Sara Jay 7 minutes ago

    Yes atms do charge too much but I do understand the charge .. I mean you pay for convenience sometimes...

  • Jyoti Rathore
    Jyoti Rathore 7 minutes ago

    In love with baby Avatar pic 😍😍😍😍😍 the only reason of my click on the video.

  • Whatthefucktony
    Whatthefucktony 13 minutes ago

    Lmao this video is kinda dumb with the chips... you paying for weight not size hahaha

  • CyanIce7
    CyanIce7 15 minutes ago

    1:23 clash of clans

  • aimal Wafa
    aimal Wafa 28 minutes ago

    After 3 billions years the sun will explode and wipe out humanity

  • AG Lyrics
    AG Lyrics 30 minutes ago

    You forgot PM Narendra Modi

  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams 45 minutes ago

    1:58 Adelaide! 😍

  • jabal mybal
    jabal mybal 48 minutes ago

    Im pretty sure michael was the fan favourite

  • ArcaneGull 50512
    ArcaneGull 50512 50 minutes ago

    Emm.. Gua dari Indonesia..

  • Mimi Summer
    Mimi Summer 57 minutes ago

    happy endings are happy :)

  • Raylazer 69
    Raylazer 69 Hour ago

    Sub to R34L Fearr

  • Raylazer 69
    Raylazer 69 Hour ago

    One like is a pray for that kid

  • sagiv 08
    sagiv 08 Hour ago

    Amount of people who want him to live to 80 👇

  • Jess Hinchliffe
    Jess Hinchliffe Hour ago

    Kalokoy brothers

  • Jess Hinchliffe
    Jess Hinchliffe Hour ago

    I know right

  • The Kalokoy Brothers

    Such huge improvement

  • Jess Hinchliffe
    Jess Hinchliffe Hour ago

    And he town hall five

  • Jess Hinchliffe
    Jess Hinchliffe Hour ago

    1:25 he play clash of clans

  • Raylazer 69
    Raylazer 69 Hour ago

    That kid was playing clash of clans

    • Jess Hinchliffe
      Jess Hinchliffe Hour ago

      Raylazer 69 I didn't realise that you said this comment

  • Smiley Tube
    Smiley Tube Hour ago

    that dosnt just happen

  • old school Wiki
    old school Wiki Hour ago

    He is a fat ass

  • old school Wiki
    old school Wiki Hour ago

    Yeah but how many kgs

  • Hector Vega
    Hector Vega Hour ago

    i may be wrong but i thought only 3 people have actually died in space and even then they still returned to earth in their capsule

  • AndyYT
    AndyYT Hour ago

    saying sorry is offensive? yes. breaking a youtube play button is disliked? yes. some people are stupid? YES.

  • X_ Chase_X
    X_ Chase_X 2 hours ago

    I thought searching the most viewed video would come up with, the most VIEWED video on RUclip, Yet here I am...

  • Kee Chizuko
    Kee Chizuko 2 hours ago


  • Macaco Amor
    Macaco Amor 2 hours ago

    For despacito, 31 million likes and 3.3 million dislikes is not even a big issue for me. What I know is that despacito music video being progressive.

  • The Loop
    The Loop 2 hours ago

    Dang I feel bad for Collins !! You messed up this guy whole career by cheating.

  • Otis Snarky
    Otis Snarky 2 hours ago

    Damn! That’s the most annoying music.

  • ThatOneBritishGuy
    ThatOneBritishGuy 2 hours ago


  • Florinelu
    Florinelu 2 hours ago

    he has 420 pounds but he plays clash of clans...

  • Lieve Leysen
    Lieve Leysen 2 hours ago

    Hello 🙂 Thank you for this video 😊 You know, It would be really awesome if we could also find here something similar of "female" high school dropouts who became billionaires or millionaires through businesses. Do you have that? Thank you for taking the time to look at this 😊🙏🏼

  • spirit1600
    spirit1600 2 hours ago

    What the hell? Amazing Fantasy 15 the most valuable comic? By far? Action Comics #1 (first Superman) went for over $3 million!

  • Keshav Vats
    Keshav Vats 2 hours ago

    Where is modi

  • Daniel Berry
    Daniel Berry 2 hours ago

    My school buys the books and sell it to us for way cheaper so we can access it on our website

  • Gaming Scorpian
    Gaming Scorpian 2 hours ago

    0:12 Lol look at him

  • Sal Agnello
    Sal Agnello 3 hours ago

    4.8 Billion? WTF!!! That thing better cure cancer, make the owner immortal, and travel intergalactic space at warp speed!

  • che fuentes
    che fuentes 3 hours ago

    Nooooo baby shark

  • Curios Pepe
    Curios Pepe 3 hours ago

    0:18 my man's playin clash of clans

  • Tray Foster
    Tray Foster 3 hours ago

    The urus is not a truck

  • HarPlayz GAMING
    HarPlayz GAMING 3 hours ago

    GTA 6: So let’s add a faster police car Dubai Police: *So lets get a Bugatti for our police*

  • Diys Y
    Diys Y 3 hours ago

    Jensen ackles 😍😍🤩🤩

  • Travis S
    Travis S 3 hours ago

    Artificial intelligence is a very real threat. It sounds funny, but we are starting to dive into technology that we have no real ability to control. The smarter technology becomes, the higher the likelihood it could think and evolve on its own, without human help. Sound far fetched? So did cell phones, internet, etc not even 50 years ago. Technology advances have ramped up a blistering pace the last 10 years and is only gonna get faster and faster. Personally, I think virtual reality when perfected will be the real game changer.


    If this happens really then our country's will be in trouble because hackers can the robots and use them to commit a crime who does agree with this

  • shinizuku
    shinizuku 4 hours ago

    420 pounds, nice.

  • Christopher Sylve
    Christopher Sylve 4 hours ago

    He been lost a lot of weight

  • Vale _cam
    Vale _cam 4 hours ago

    we will all die sooner or later

  • danmar007
    danmar007 4 hours ago

    Number one for these people is their ego. That's what makes them buy all that stuff.

  • Gianna Brown
    Gianna Brown 4 hours ago

    Diddnt you just copy most of the info from another video? Its basically the same.

  • Criminy
    Criminy 4 hours ago


  • Daniel
    Daniel 4 hours ago

    Im most impressed by number 10 definitely. And 5:03 yes that must hav been extremely painful

  • Destroyerlan ninh
    Destroyerlan ninh 4 hours ago


  • Unboxing4fun Zheng
    Unboxing4fun Zheng 4 hours ago

    This kid cannot get kidnapped

  • Corey Louie
    Corey Louie 5 hours ago

    Bruh "secretly" we all know Fiji is a rip-off smh

  • Be AHappyPanda
    Be AHappyPanda 5 hours ago

    How do you even get to 4 digits in weight...😰 That's crazy. You'd think your heart would give out before you got to that weight. I can't even imagine weighing over 150...but I have always been kind of small.

  • OUTLAW 101
    OUTLAW 101 5 hours ago

    Bad parents don’t spoil your kids even if your rich YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE

  • Brianna 3050
    Brianna 3050 5 hours ago

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Not even jesus: Like beggers: oNe lIkE eQualS oNe pOuNd lOsT

  • Hunter Mervyn
    Hunter Mervyn 5 hours ago


  • louiethe15th
    louiethe15th 5 hours ago


  • azaan khan qadri
    azaan khan qadri 5 hours ago

    1947 it was Independence Day of India what a coincidence

  • vikram konjiwale
    vikram konjiwale 5 hours ago

    If u are American love then 👇👇👇👇👇 like it love u too💙👇👇👇👇👇.

  • Finn
    Finn 5 hours ago

    Everyone want to get rich quick. Like the people making this channel and hoping that all ads in this 10min vid are gettung watched.

  • Reyna Aleman
    Reyna Aleman 5 hours ago

    USA,,,, Huge Beautiful Powerful #1 land of the free home of the brave!!!!!! USA USA USA 💪💪💪💪💪👊👊👊👊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • XHizzy
    XHizzy 5 hours ago

    This man is so tall That he is known as slenderman and even slenderman is a few cm short than him.

  • Yessie Dominguez
    Yessie Dominguez 5 hours ago

    He look better❤️😀❤️❤️

  • Yessie Dominguez
    Yessie Dominguez 5 hours ago

    Poor kid 😔😣 I hope he lives❤️❤️❤️

  • Human Omnivore
    Human Omnivore 5 hours ago

    Aye if I have kids when am sure enough to take care of em I ain’t feeding em unhealthy shit they be eating all the healthy cooking I bring home and if their mom think she can sneak in some candy for them I finna shove vegetables down your throat as well

  • TheFlashands
    TheFlashands 5 hours ago

    You put up a picture of Robert Hanssen the jailed soviet spy, portraying it as Robert Hood, the prison warden of ADX supermax. I'm sure he would be pleased if he saw that.

  • Lester Spartan
    Lester Spartan 5 hours ago

    Definitely excited for upcoming live action gundam movie and Batman and avatar

  • Jake Segal
    Jake Segal 5 hours ago

    Lot of gold toilets... why am I watching this??

  • JLS Gaming and skits

    I feel bad, but nice... Nice 🚬🚬🚬🚬

  • Samuel Gaskell
    Samuel Gaskell 6 hours ago

    I you are going to be fat.. be 420 lb

  • Bimal Basnet
    Bimal Basnet 6 hours ago

    If technology goes this far we don't have to study

  • Orion the weird guy
    Orion the weird guy 6 hours ago

    This boy really deserve a better lifestyle cuz Indonesia is close to Thailand so 30% chance for me to be like him but I weigh 43.02 kg

  • Suck mah NUTS!!
    Suck mah NUTS!! 6 hours ago

    how bout ghostbuster ?

  • corn bread
    corn bread 6 hours ago

    Good shit bro keep it up

  • Michael Blount
    Michael Blount 6 hours ago

    How do I get this patch?!?

  • Commy
    Commy 6 hours ago

    Media: Us: don’t you fucking dare

  • Bernie Aurea
    Bernie Aurea 6 hours ago

    I think Tony Stark is also a genius. They forget to be included.

  • bluefisshh
    bluefisshh 6 hours ago

    IT seems like IQ scores have nothing to do with the total intelligence. Because the real IQ should be more than just numbers and shapes. Besides intelligence is like a secret weapon and if you would be the smartest person in the world, why would you share your IQ with the rest of the world. These people may be smart but they are not smart enough to invent anything remarkable for human beings...

  • Pat W
    Pat W 6 hours ago

    Well it ain’t easy so kudos

  • NPC #100008890
    NPC #100008890 6 hours ago

    fucken commie

    • Haitian Guy
      Haitian Guy 6 hours ago

      What’s wrong with being a communist? China >>>>USA.

  • Johnny Horrington
    Johnny Horrington 6 hours ago

    You're so damn fat

  • Colin Moore
    Colin Moore 6 hours ago

    I clicked because I have thought that there would be the FNAF movie

  • QUEY G
    QUEY G 6 hours ago

    Saw coach in the list and had to close the video 😂

  • Debralaubert Debra L Aubert

    Does fifty cent only make 50c every day

  • The Gaming guy yes
    The Gaming guy yes 7 hours ago

    Batman trash Superman 👌

  • austin rasa
    austin rasa 7 hours ago


  • FrancoBASS Maroni
    FrancoBASS Maroni 7 hours ago

    Holy w AC ka mol y he Play clash of clans

  • Haily Grimmett
    Haily Grimmett 7 hours ago

    I’m 10 I weigh 68 pounds

  • xd TheGoldenWaffle99 xd

    This story is very touching 1 like= one more person getting healthy

  • Adrian Ladda
    Adrian Ladda 7 hours ago

    El Chapo sounds like a real life Raul Menendez

  • Milky Way
    Milky Way 7 hours ago


  • S Dew
    S Dew 7 hours ago

    5:20 since when is The Netherlands in scandanavia??

  • シNexitonic シ
    シNexitonic シ 7 hours ago

    Haha.. *420..*

  • connorlivideos
    connorlivideos 7 hours ago

    Poor kid

  • HipPooy
    HipPooy 7 hours ago

    I just got "History Channel at Midnight" 'd

  • PronunciationLesson
    PronunciationLesson 7 hours ago

    People break their morals and credibility because of greed and addiction to money. Facts.

  • john towers
    john towers 7 hours ago

    Magnus Carlsen vs Judit Polgar: World Blitz Championship! Magnus Carlsen destroyed JP in 6:50 minutes