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The Fikowski Story
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  • kidminja44
    kidminja44 Hour ago

    power lifters legs sexiest thing ever

  • fatdepressedveg knight

    In the posinig, didn't expect the weightlifter or powerlifter to have any back development because they don't do specific training CrossFit shows that they don't do one single exercise right for their back The bodybuilders classic modern day bodybuilders who have zero back development

  • Lovely Untamed
    Lovely Untamed 7 hours ago

    I don't see the difference. You're all strong and fit.

  • Victor Bornhoft
    Victor Bornhoft 8 hours ago

    8:41 fucking goofs 😂😂😂😂

  • Brooke Reyes
    Brooke Reyes 9 hours ago


  • Kam Dhillon
    Kam Dhillon 9 hours ago

    Love you Bobby Maximus. Appreciate your honest and fresh approach. Love your book and workouts you're doing amazing work.

  • Elango Single 993
    Elango Single 993 15 hours ago

    Brooke ence is the winner

  • Steph N Dyl
    Steph N Dyl 15 hours ago

    1st 2nd 2nd and 3rd place no one came in last, amazing.

  • lehninger
    lehninger 18 hours ago

    hmm is it just me or they all slowed down before the cone in the 5-10 thing?

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia Day ago

    This messed me uppppp

  • Cali Strantz
    Cali Strantz Day ago

    I am such a fatasss

  • Valdano
    Valdano Day ago

    what are strict pull ups?

  • Chico S
    Chico S Day ago

    Really makes you wonder who has the freshest smelling ass and pussy tho..

  • 12darkspider
    12darkspider Day ago

    I always don’t like the cross fitters

  • 12darkspider
    12darkspider Day ago

    I love seeing Maddy deadlift because it’s so proper yet so easy.

  • Ty Kam
    Ty Kam Day ago

    What do you think best times will be??

  • Fit Life Junkie

    Maybe suggestions for programming before announcement, also what to do if you do it on Friday and plan to do again on Monday. Tips on what to do (what to train) on Sat & Sun, etc. Thanks for the advice!

  • J Brown
    J Brown 2 days ago

    Tips and strategies is dont do crossfit cuz its for faggots, and first comment

  • 1Sanantoniomatute
    1Sanantoniomatute 2 days ago

    well there you are, doping can serve many different sport goals

  • Paula C. Muñoz Torres

    These girls are the real deal. I am saving this video for want I want to kick my own butt.

  • BeX
    BeX 2 days ago

    Glue sniffing lifters 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • fnizzledizzle
    fnizzledizzle 2 days ago

    My tip is to do the workouts with proper form. I know that can be hard to achieve

  • Daniel Ess
    Daniel Ess 2 days ago

    crossfitter - "I'm 29 and have had 29 plastic surgeries including nose, lips and chin". I look forward to having more surgery in 30's when I have to have lumbar vertebrae fused"

  • Neil Smith
    Neil Smith 2 days ago

    Everybody loves burpees....🤔

  • Del Green
    Del Green 2 days ago

    They shouldn't have given maddy the deadlift win in my personal opinion Brooke worked her butt off

  • jason velez
    jason velez 3 days ago

    This competition was simply awesome, inspiring, and motivating like nothing I've ever seen! I absolutely loved every one of the competitor's, their personalities, and the professionalism and respect they displayed throughout the event. Most of all I loved the honesty and humility they all displayed towards their competitors but most importantly - towards themselves. Every human could learn something from this group. Such commendable representations of their respective disciplines and to their families. A+ to Brute Strength for this program.

  • TodaysRealHealth
    TodaysRealHealth 3 days ago

    Muscles and sleep, never sleep with Wifi, Bluetooth, or Cable box on. Best to unplug when not in use so the invisible vibrations don't mess with your nervous system and actually all of the body' systems, needed for regeneration, gains, and sex. I labeled each plug and Wifi loads less than a minute. Save big electric $ too. Music: Bass, Kicks, Beats all-cause cell depletion, aging too, turn it off.

  • doug y
    doug y 3 days ago

    The structure of this video is so irritating I just wanna see the challenge

  • nataliekeller
    nataliekeller 3 days ago

    So you CAN out-train a bad diet! THERE IS HOPE!!!!

  • Tonko
    Tonko 3 days ago

    Bodybuilder: "If I'm going to do clean and jerks might as well do clean and strick press for those gains bro". Don't waste reps by not maximizing building muscle.

  • Diana Alvirde
    Diana Alvirde 3 days ago

    Of course the CrossFitter has the shittiest form lmao

  • Donny McJonny
    Donny McJonny 4 days ago

    Steve is a fuckin BEAST

    SUNEP LKR 4 days ago

    Hard work 🔥🔥

  • Jennifer Cassidy
    Jennifer Cassidy 5 days ago

    I feel like that bat was wayyyy to short for them

  • Jennifer Cassidy
    Jennifer Cassidy 5 days ago

    The CrossFit lifter looked like she was in her 40’s with all the plastic surgery

  • G T
    G T 5 days ago

    These ladies make me want to start competing in powerlifting again ❤️❤️

  • Sterling
    Sterling 5 days ago

    Why am I so in love with Louis 😍 such a cutie!

  • Sterling
    Sterling 5 days ago

    The CrossFit dudes form during grace 🤢 I hate seeing stereotypes reinforced but omg i thought he was gonna snap his back in half

  • Fkathebody
    Fkathebody 5 days ago

    Brooke ence face looks weird💉💉💉

  • Emra Bosnjak
    Emra Bosnjak 5 days ago

    Mattie Rogers seems so sweet 😭

  • Huseyin UNKOC
    Huseyin UNKOC 5 days ago


  • Harambo
    Harambo 5 days ago

    Now let's see them deadlift 150KG with no belt, no chalk, no sumo stance and a double overhand grip. That's what I thought. 😂

  • Ramona Putnam
    Ramona Putnam 6 days ago

    I was really hoping you would be doing this again ! This was so much fun to watch.

  • Alisia Lopez
    Alisia Lopez 6 days ago

    The power lifter is so unathletic but I love it 😂

  • Alisia Lopez
    Alisia Lopez 6 days ago

    Damn rip powerlifters 😂😭

  • Miss L
    Miss L 6 days ago

    Loved Brooke's take away at the end! Super inspiring. Viva ladies and togetherness. 😁

  • Corbin DeBenedittis

    "Crossfit athlete" 🤣

  • joe blogs
    joe blogs 6 days ago

    their dedication and training motivation is inspirational but they are far to muscular for woman sorry not attractive they look like men yuk !

  • M C
    M C 7 days ago

    Thats my goal 2hr/6days.

  • Blueberry
    Blueberry 7 days ago

    Beautiful <3 <3

  • Bad Bud
    Bad Bud 7 days ago

    I got sick from showering for like 20 sec man wtf.

  • Joshman Vegasman
    Joshman Vegasman 7 days ago

    Sumo lift are for people who cant do a real deadlift .

  • Joshman Vegasman
    Joshman Vegasman 7 days ago

    Start with Episode 2 , this is just a back story Episode .

  • Joshman Vegasman
    Joshman Vegasman 7 days ago

    I thought diverse meant " less white people" i'm so confused at its use .

  • mwitchee _
    mwitchee _ 7 days ago

    Damn, now this is making me motivated to stay consistent with my training.

  • superduperjoi
    superduperjoi 8 days ago

    Brook Ence Dana Lynn Bailey Mattie Rogers Olympic Lifter Maddy Forberg weightlifter

  • killerswordfish33
    killerswordfish33 8 days ago

    They shouldve had a real crossfit athlete instead of brooke ence

  • Jurica Dujmović
    Jurica Dujmović 8 days ago

    I wanna look like Dana Linn Bailey, and I'm a guy :)

  • Fit with Valerie •

    All the ladies in the video are strong and so so so beautiful 💕

  • C P
    C P 9 days ago

    Maddy had more quads and hamstrings, more muscle means lactic acid, she pulled through though

  • Landon Yarborough
    Landon Yarborough 10 days ago

    Wait there’s a male version too? Damn here goes another 2 hours of my life

  • Landon Yarborough
    Landon Yarborough 10 days ago

    Brooke’s workout could be an ad for AirPods

  • Landon Yarborough
    Landon Yarborough 10 days ago

    I have no idea how I got here but now I’m mentally, physically, and spiritually invested

  • Chris Vanderwielen
    Chris Vanderwielen 10 days ago

    Where are all the dipshits who normally proclaim how Crossfit is fake and doesn't build strength and/or fitness?

  • Mauricio Marquez
    Mauricio Marquez 10 days ago

    From 130 & up, they were doing cat type deadlifts, especially the blonde girl... poor spines

  • InjectMorphineIntoMe

    They may be competing but they are still athletes. I love the cheering on for each other !

  • Black Lit. Black Hist.

    You sprint faster when you are actually racing somone.

  • Black Lit. Black Hist.

    This is how the world's strongest man used to be. They used to take champions from different sports and put them in the contest as competitors.

  • what’s up
    what’s up 11 days ago

    got an ad with brooke in it during her interview hahah

  • Gabby Gonzalez
    Gabby Gonzalez 11 days ago

    Thanks for the knowledge! Helped me understand a little more.

  • Ec11223
    Ec11223 12 days ago

    Are the jumps height adjusted?it was hard to tell

  • G Crossan
    G Crossan 12 days ago

    Rotator cuff shoulder injury is honestly brutal only a back injury is worse in my experience! Really impressed by the healthy competitive nature of them all, but the fun they all had was amazing to watch, Definitely an inspiration for anyone on having fun in a healthy competitive way, congratulations to all Ladies And thanks for a wonderful & inspiring effort you should all be very proud, & all the Love & Luck for the future From a happy man with a big smile from bonnie Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😍💚🍀💋👏👏👏👏👏🤘🤙👌

  • G Crossan
    G Crossan 12 days ago

    Fantastic performance, & really amazing effort from all Ladies, I feel like a little boy watching this, I'm 73kg & I'm a Scaffolder but I've been 89kg but only do bodyweight exercises & isometrics! I've injured myself many times doing lifting wrong & needing to work 3 weeks on & 3 off offshore on oil platforms after a rotator cuff injury was really brutal for over a year so full respect to you all for your hardwork & dedication it's very inspiring & you are all Gorgeous 😍😍😍💚💚💚💋💋💋 I'd still be a Gentleman & carry your suitcase or shopping, who said shiverlary is dead 😇🤣🙉🙈🙊

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 12 days ago

    Terrible interview

  • Liz Villegas
    Liz Villegas 12 days ago

    10:20 Ahaha I loved all the goofing around, they look like they're having so much fun :D

  • aimee montgomery
    aimee montgomery 13 days ago

    Love this show so much

  • NotYourAverageMo
    NotYourAverageMo 13 days ago

    Love love these series

  • vijaykumar gadu
    vijaykumar gadu 13 days ago

    rogers like normal girl...#Love Rogers Mattie

  • Joseph Augustine Rhodenhiser

    I always have way more energy and focus when working out in the evening.

  • victoria hale
    victoria hale 13 days ago

    This seems dangerous somehow lol

  • victoria hale
    victoria hale 13 days ago

    Is the little girl someone’s daughter or baby sis?

  • victoria hale
    victoria hale 14 days ago

    Why the fuck are they in BR?

  • sniperlif3
    sniperlif3 14 days ago

    I absolutely hate the crossfit weight drop. It tells me you can't actually handle the weight, just explode it once. Its like kipping a pullup, or using your legs to do a curl. Another part of this, is the fact that you only have to lift the weight to roughly your waist with your arms, then you get under the weight and use your stronger legs. Cheap

  • Will Zawada
    Will Zawada 14 days ago

    Cross fit form☠️

  • Mia Yazz
    Mia Yazz 14 days ago

    Maddy 🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰

  • Dr.B Mirza
    Dr.B Mirza 14 days ago

    The bodybuilders deadlift gave me a slipped disc 🤣

  • Kautilya Joshi
    Kautilya Joshi 14 days ago

    Brooke ence is love...

  • Daniel Mahoney
    Daniel Mahoney 14 days ago

    I just freaking love Dana

  • Asiimwe N.
    Asiimwe N. 14 days ago

    What is that stuff they are vigorously sniffing before the deadlifts?!!?

    MEXUS GR 14 days ago

    Sexy women 🙌🏽

  • Daniel Mahoney
    Daniel Mahoney 15 days ago

    I am literally only here for Dana Linn Bailey

  • aunesty jones
    aunesty jones 15 days ago

    Lmao I love Lawrence

  • aunesty jones
    aunesty jones 15 days ago

    Just watched the girl version, the vibe is a lot different lol.

  • aunesty jones
    aunesty jones 15 days ago

    I’m 125 so seeing them lift up my weight had me shook, lmao. They could literally throw me I love it.

    • Sophie Pham
      Sophie Pham 6 days ago

      aunesty jones this comment had me dying 😂

  • aunesty jones
    aunesty jones 15 days ago

    Dana is so pretty omg

  • aunesty jones
    aunesty jones 15 days ago

    *gay panic*

  • Amanda Esther
    Amanda Esther 15 days ago

    DLB and Maddy had such good energy I love them

  • Amanda Esther
    Amanda Esther 15 days ago

    What’s that thing they were smelling?

  • Light bringer
    Light bringer 15 days ago

    Mattie's sooooo cute! 😍😂

  • Explicit King
    Explicit King 16 days ago

    Where is the black dude from? Swimming, & Tennis ?? LMAO !