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  • bad wolfgirl
    bad wolfgirl 44 seconds ago

    The kid from Coco is so good at Spanish he much more better than me

  • Aubrey Philson
    Aubrey Philson Minute ago

    Only missed 1

  • Got Bunnies
    Got Bunnies 5 minutes ago

    No Mulan or princess and the frog?? Swear those movies had the most hype songs.

  • Catty H
    Catty H 13 minutes ago


  • boy buster2
    boy buster2 14 minutes ago

    the german version of snow white is now my favorite unlike the english version she doesn't hurt my ears by singing

  • Caren Etheridge
    Caren Etheridge 40 minutes ago


  • lil tr3l
    lil tr3l 56 minutes ago

    All songs kids pop remixed

  • anime LAND
    anime LAND 59 minutes ago

    pocahontas should be talking her language not english bru

  • Margareth Callo
    Margareth Callo Hour ago

    Lea Salonga is still the Legend. She was the voice behind Mulan and Jasmine. Proud Filipino here!!

  • Laughter in the Shadows

    Native American: sings in English

    PHOEBE W Hour ago

    Mulan should be in Chinese

  • Depressed_Teddyʕ·ᴥ·ʔ •

    I only clicked on the video because I saw Shawn Mendes on the front

  • Enas alobaidi
    Enas alobaidi Hour ago

    i got 8 right

  • javigamer48
    javigamer48 2 hours ago

    Mi infancia wey😭😭😢😢😭😭💧💧😭😢

  • nvarda1
    nvarda1 2 hours ago

    so we just gonna ignore the way they said pocahontas spoke english 😔

  • Moon Reeve
    Moon Reeve 2 hours ago

    I got well some right

  • Fatima Saleh
    Fatima Saleh 2 hours ago

    Lol I played alone and I don’t know the lyrics but I.know the song

  • Joo Han
    Joo Han 2 hours ago

    Well, since Tarzan is actually Elsa and Anna's brother, shouldn't that also be in Danish/Norwegian?

  • Agátka Bubeníková


  • Spikes00
    Spikes00 2 hours ago

    4:07 that's swedish

  • bendy_ girl
    bendy_ girl 2 hours ago

    I got to meet the girl who plays as Moana in person last year. Its true. It was at "We Day" I felt awesome. One of my friends got a picture with her!

  • The Group
    The Group 2 hours ago

    I love how the rock’s ‘your welcome’ isn’t tuned are all.

  • Madison Coan
    Madison Coan 2 hours ago

    1 r

  • Béa
    Béa 2 hours ago


  • Shana DeVore
    Shana DeVore 2 hours ago

    Did 7

  • Kemyiah Dalton
    Kemyiah Dalton 2 hours ago


  • Goda Ki
    Goda Ki 3 hours ago

    I just mumble da words and then im like yay i got it right lol who does dat two xD

  • Goda Ki
    Goda Ki 3 hours ago

    Dis is easy i got 6 right

  • Moonlight gacha
    Moonlight gacha 3 hours ago

    Pinocchio-Italian Do you want to know a fun fact? The writer of this book/film is italian and all the film is a joke to italian politicians

  • Goda Ki
    Goda Ki 3 hours ago


  • Isabella Thompson
    Isabella Thompson 3 hours ago

    well i sang way more that 10 more like all of them

  • Wolfie girl
    Wolfie girl 3 hours ago

    The whole song no I didn't cheat

  • Karen Hostetter
    Karen Hostetter 3 hours ago

    Does laughing at comments count🤣 SHIIIIINNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fatboy
    fatboy 3 hours ago

    Pocahontas would speak algonquian cause thats what type of native she is but thats ok 😒😊

  • Gisell Flores
    Gisell Flores 3 hours ago

    I only guessed 1 haha

  • Sara Bradley
    Sara Bradley 3 hours ago

    Didn't know 3 of them bit finished the lyrics off the rest 🤪x

  • Lxughters
    Lxughters 3 hours ago

    Meh and meh bro pass

  • Andrew Cowan
    Andrew Cowan 3 hours ago

    i got them all except for 2

  • Gemma Weber
    Gemma Weber 3 hours ago

    I don't mean to be pedantic, but I've always been skeptical of the Danish origin of the little mermaid. I'm aware of Hans Anderson but he was only transcribing old stories...Anyway, the little Mermaid is basically identical to the Russian opera, which predated his book, and in Polish we have the same Rusalka myth from old Slavic stories (like pre written history myths) and the story mała syrenka, the little mermaid, which I believe is the kid friendly version of the original and very old Rusalka myths. Just a fun twist to history! I'd live to hear if the Danes have a really old myth of a mermaid or if they adapted the story :).

  • Zoie Brown
    Zoie Brown 3 hours ago

    *Watches the rock singing* Me: THIS MANS TO GOOD LIKE SHARE

  • lillie nolan
    lillie nolan 3 hours ago

    So hard ........ Not! I dont even know any of these songs

  • Nadyah Ahmed
    Nadyah Ahmed 3 hours ago

    Should Pocahontas be speaking her native language and not English?

  • Yara Mohammad
    Yara Mohammad 3 hours ago


  • Jared Blocker
    Jared Blocker 4 hours ago

    For the Maori it's Te-reo....

  • ChocCroc Gacha
    ChocCroc Gacha 4 hours ago

    Song comes on : "I've been hoping somebody loves you in the ways I couldn't" me : nabsnsnhnaba.... uqpdebmff.. nnnanannnnanannb ...nnaansn...

  • Hector / Nicole Flores

    I got 11 !! I lave desendens

  • Mr. Anderson
    Mr. Anderson 4 hours ago

    Scottish girls make me melt

  • Ibellas Boy
    Ibellas Boy 4 hours ago

    I Think it was easy

  • Alex Mcgee
    Alex Mcgee 4 hours ago

    All of them

  • Jasmine Maldonado
    Jasmine Maldonado 4 hours ago

    7:07 is that suppose to be Cinderella not beauty and the beast

    MARİA SAN 4 hours ago

    turk varmi

  • Damaris Vava
    Damaris Vava 5 hours ago

    Only thunder XD

  • Abigail Wyles
    Abigail Wyles 5 hours ago

    Pocahontis first tongs in English. she originally came from the powhatan tribe so would have spoken in powhatan. witch yes has a language.

  • Popcorn Gacha
    Popcorn Gacha 5 hours ago

    O songs

  • Hesiyah Blake
    Hesiyah Blake 5 hours ago


  • IrisGamerGG xd
    IrisGamerGG xd 5 hours ago

    1:33 😍 no lo sabía!!!Me ENCANTA SU VOZ

  • Cinnamon 519
    Cinnamon 519 5 hours ago

    Psychologist: German Mother Gothel isn't real Mother Gothel: GNOW DE MA KINZ

  • Sadie Kane
    Sadie Kane 5 hours ago

    I LOVE watching those six kids together

  • First man on the moon

    If you want native then frozen shuld be in Arindelina

  • savannah smith
    savannah smith 6 hours ago


  • Child of God
    Child of God 6 hours ago

    Where is Belle singing in French ?😭

  • Diannal Baburam
    Diannal Baburam 6 hours ago

    Rule :don't play it alone Me :Well i anit got friends

  • Natalia Cadavid
    Natalia Cadavid 6 hours ago

    Okay but I'm waiting for a hispanic princess and I hope they dont make her Mexican

  • Jana Novakova
    Jana Novakova 6 hours ago

    Too easy

  • Moe I. Ráza
    Moe I. Ráza 6 hours ago


  • Kylee Sparklez
    Kylee Sparklez 7 hours ago

    Elsa tho👌

  • IronFromIce Y
    IronFromIce Y 7 hours ago

    Pocahontas should sing native american

  • Alex Pacheco
    Alex Pacheco 7 hours ago

    Like ummm 10

  • Scotland is da best
    Scotland is da best 7 hours ago


  • 준서
    준서 7 hours ago

    한국사람 좋아요 눌러라

  • Liz Lin
    Liz Lin 7 hours ago

    Tangled 💟💟💟💟

  • Liz Lin
    Liz Lin 7 hours ago

    Tangled 💟💟💟💟

  • Princessofhell
    Princessofhell 7 hours ago


  • T.J CREW
    T.J CREW 7 hours ago


  • Zandia Moses
    Zandia Moses 7 hours ago

    Man, Jafar sounds mad horrific in Arabic.

  • T.J CREW
    T.J CREW 8 hours ago


  • Nichjo Berzeninski
    Nichjo Berzeninski 8 hours ago

    When did Snow White come out in Germany? Just curious if it was during the Third Reich or later.

  • Brooke Williams
    Brooke Williams 8 hours ago

    All of them

  • Kaliah Jackson
    Kaliah Jackson 8 hours ago

    Funny they did every princess but the black one😐

  • Gringos 09
    Gringos 09 8 hours ago

    4:11 they are talking swedish

  • fremont88
    fremont88 8 hours ago

    Lea salonga ftw! Legend!

  • Blaire Asselin
    Blaire Asselin 8 hours ago

    I played it alone

  • Liu Jason
    Liu Jason 8 hours ago

    I love that I could understand mulan bc I’m Chinese

  • Marian 42
    Marian 42 9 hours ago

    Prefiero las versiones en español latino

  • lxzy sky
    lxzy sky 9 hours ago

    The Rock was Maui??!! Wow.

  • Guido Mista
    Guido Mista 9 hours ago

    As a Scott, the first Scottish song isnt in Gaelic (( also Gaelic is almost never used here and little people even know how to speak it ))

  • Famke Vlasveld
    Famke Vlasveld 9 hours ago

    It was really hard and I most sing by vaiana you’re welcome

  • Michel Malfoy
    Michel Malfoy 9 hours ago

    Mulan had to sing in Cantonese not Mandarin. Aladdin must have sung in Indian or Chinese not Arabic. This world is crazy...

  • Leta Buxhaku
    Leta Buxhaku 9 hours ago

    I found them all

  • Syhntex
    Syhntex 9 hours ago

    The First was the best

  • evrydayislvly
    evrydayislvly 10 hours ago

    The rock makes me think how I believe Obama sings.

  • kate 18115
    kate 18115 10 hours ago

    i got 6 wrong, i dont know how many i got right though O_O

  • Gwendolyn Rice
    Gwendolyn Rice 10 hours ago

    Who sang with all of them?

  • Lizete Spila
    Lizete Spila 10 hours ago


  • EgasA. Dacosta
    EgasA. Dacosta 10 hours ago

    Wait for A whole New World

  • Yasmon Suraya
    Yasmon Suraya 10 hours ago

    I got ALL OF IT!! Wooop wooop! DISNEY FAN HERE!!

  • Mark Lourence Ilustrisimo

    Alice *child* Voice *40 years old* My mind *😱😱😵*

  • Janel Baños
    Janel Baños 11 hours ago

    Mr. Bean???? 🤯

  • Dawen Cariaga
    Dawen Cariaga 11 hours ago

    I got Ten song

  • Sandra Watson
    Sandra Watson 11 hours ago

    Shape of you Symphony Mercy Swish swish Despacito Look what you made me do