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  • Fatty Potato
    Fatty Potato Hour ago

    Looks like that Subaru already needs a shop visit -- the leak distracted me all video

  • onfik
    onfik Hour ago

    Why does Doug's shirt change color? 10:35 blue, 10:45 green, 11:25 back to blue?

  • Adam J
    Adam J Hour ago

    That info Control system seems terrible

  • bingo_fuel
    bingo_fuel Hour ago

    18:00 that oil filter design is awesome. would make oil changes so clean

  • Louis Iori
    Louis Iori Hour ago

    Lol at the manual 2nd row .... The 08 edge has auto 2nd rowand the plug in back 😂😂 Technology has come so far

  • Eric Mueser
    Eric Mueser Hour ago

    Still driving my Outback from 1996. 250k and counting!

  • Klever
    Klever Hour ago

    I dislike this vehicle to a great extent. Imagine how slow it is with the base 180hp engine, my 99 civic would probably leave it in the dust. Subaru just keeps disappointing me. What about those gigantic over hangs too 😂.

  • Steven Coffone
    Steven Coffone Hour ago

    It comes loaded like LTZ.Never mentioned Navi or Bose

  • C H
    C H Hour ago

    It looks like a modern day Pontiac Aztek.

  • K F
    K F Hour ago

    see you.

  • david vail
    david vail Hour ago

    No. stop with the who cares cars. get back to actual "quircky" mobiles!

  • Gary Crispin
    Gary Crispin Hour ago

    We just ordered ours. GLE450 with the AMG exterior package like that one. We did NOT get the $8000 e-Active suspension nor did we get the $5000 sound system upgrade. She'll have to make due with 13 speakers...

  • Liger King
    Liger King Hour ago

    Lexus is one of the best brands out there. The truth is that I would sample through the Lexus brand and buy them all before I even consider, not buy, those ugly ass rip off brands, such as Lamborghini, Jaguar, etc. I love the LC500. The perfect car for comfort and luxury.

  • Mr Anonymous
    Mr Anonymous Hour ago

    well here we are two years later and I'm seeing these cars pop up for 85g, the answer is no, they are not a good deal at 140k , in fact I've seen the 570s sold for that figure.

  • suspicionofdeceit

    Nothing worse than basic functions in a touchscreen, especially in what is supposed to be a practical vehicle.

  • samster1997 yes pillow featherbed no

    in the daily score, you said "Total weekend score of 35 out of 50" when it should be "Total DAILY score of 35 out of 50" Please fix

  • its me
    its me Hour ago

    when doug had his (wedding stag)......he watched the stipper from a small crack in between the bathroom door.....

  • steaker1705
    steaker1705 Hour ago

    Looks like the South California has gotten to Doug. Down in the Southern states only parents and old people buy Subarus, but head up north and their popular with all sorts of younger people. It's no sports car, but unlike most modern "SUVs" it's great off road.

  • David
    David Hour ago

    Awesome car too expensive

  • Wayne Morrison
    Wayne Morrison Hour ago

    Doug!! I'm waiting on a 30 sec Intro video Montage with music, playing right after you introduce the car you're about to review, showing clips of you reviewing cars, and your quirky faces and stares, then end it with you falling in the grass at a park trying to catch a football, then laughing and smiling at the camera with a wink. Title then zooms in, and it says...Here's Doug! :)

  • Cain Abel
    Cain Abel Hour ago

    I'm Told by FCA, this AH has spent 20mins talking about Crap you don't or won't need to know, and pissing his childish shorts over Dumb Shit like Little Jeep insignia and grills in the Front lights and where the Interior Lights are mounted, and nearly went orgasmic over an animated Jeep on the Gauge cluster screen and the brilliant design of "Where the Toolkit is to remove And the Storage space For the bolts" that @ 12% of buyers will Ever use More than Twice ! That whole "Removable Roof Crap" could have been easily, and 500% cheaper, resolved by a Double Sunroof or fully Retractable Moon-roof. 2-3mins at the Push of a Button - that'll Never get Lost the 2nd Time some AH is trying to Put his Tonka Jeep back together, and "Oh F# Me ! I Dropped that essential bolt into the mud, and Now I don't see It anywhere !" "Kids, put your rain-coats on, we need to get out of this Thunder Storm - Before this PoS fills with Water ! F#@! You FIAT !!" Doug de-lights in the sound of his Own Voice a bit Too Much ! STFU Doug de Bore-O ! Pls !!!

  • Flute Guy
    Flute Guy 2 hours ago

    I prefer the ford explorer ford is my go to company

  • steaker1705
    steaker1705 2 hours ago

    If you want an SUV feel lift up the seat. The seat at it's lowest position feels like a true station wagon, while the seat at it's highest feels like I'm in my old Nissan Murano.

  • Mizuuchi Sayomi
    Mizuuchi Sayomi 2 hours ago

    About those brake lights, I wonder if those also show if one of them is burnt out?...

  • Ravel Yetman
    Ravel Yetman 2 hours ago

    Lmao this negro is stupid 😅😅 but a 100percent right

  • Kebert Xela
    Kebert Xela 2 hours ago

    How many station wagons are there anyway?

  • Dominic Pryor
    Dominic Pryor 2 hours ago

    Why did you change shirts half way in the video? At 10:43?

  • thewiz448
    thewiz448 2 hours ago

    Doug the type of guy to change shirts mid video 11:22

  • Shiran Davidai
    Shiran Davidai 2 hours ago

    A pathetic car ... for people without self-confidence and gorilla brains

  • Evan Turnau
    Evan Turnau 2 hours ago

    No engine cover? Ya cause no room... Engine bay pretty packed

  • Genio Torres
    Genio Torres 2 hours ago

    dog dejew

  • Zurassh
    Zurassh 2 hours ago

    Doug is the kind of guy that would say *Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?*

  • gearsofwar3xXx
    gearsofwar3xXx 2 hours ago

    14:31 That's what she said.

  • George viper guy
    George viper guy 2 hours ago

    You should try the new Legacy out to

  • Kyle Nihiser
    Kyle Nihiser 2 hours ago

    You should have driven an XT touring.

  • Sebastian Wilkey
    Sebastian Wilkey 2 hours ago

    I had to stop watching at 2:16 secs...every Subaru owner I see are attempting to drive are complete idiots and can not drive and its totally boring.....

  • Steven Coffone
    Steven Coffone 2 hours ago

    I got one and love it. Die.

  • Sam Cross
    Sam Cross 2 hours ago

    A Subaru crosstrek? (Would’ve bought a Lamborghini but I’m not quite there yet)

  • John
    John 2 hours ago

    Yikes that price tag. I own a subaru that i am reasonably happy with but that $40k just seems too high for what this car is offering.

  • Augustus Sinclair
    Augustus Sinclair 2 hours ago

    You might think no thought went into putting passenger ashtrays in the vehicle where the windows can't roll down, but then again you probably never smoked-out a car with the boys before.

  • Josh Allen
    Josh Allen 2 hours ago

    The brake lights come on in the display of the Subaru on the dash because you may not be pressing the brakes with your foot but the car may be braking because of the adaptive cruise control so the only way for the driver to know when those lights are on is the instrument cluster.

  • steaker1705
    steaker1705 2 hours ago

    I like the brake lights on the center screen turning on to show when the break hold at a light is on. Also thank god they finally updated it to show an Outback. My 2018 shows a Legacy.

  • Legacy Turbo
    Legacy Turbo 2 hours ago

    Doug the type of guy to change T-shirt’s while talking about quirks and features

  • megadeth934
    megadeth934 2 hours ago

    Doug the type of guy to review 4 wheel infotainment system containers.

  • CarnorJast1138
    CarnorJast1138 2 hours ago

    These are pretty nice. Decent styling, but a tad dated. The Infotainment System in a 2020 Kia Soul is far superior. They have actual buttons for most of the climate controls, as well as heated/cooled seats, and even some of the radio functions. And there is absolutely NO lag! Sure, the Soul is not really a true competitor to the Outback, but sheesh, to spend 40,000+ on this is just downright silly! I'll take a 2020 Kia Soul LOADED for 28,000 over the's easily as well built, and as rugged as the Outback, except for the lack of 4 wheel drive. Many people refer to the Soul's as a little tank when it comes to collision survival.

  • MrGallan50
    MrGallan50 2 hours ago

    nice sign language

  • mifiamigahna
    mifiamigahna 2 hours ago

    "SUV practicallity without having an SUV" That's what every wagon ever is about.

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    Doug is the type of guy that puts on his seat belt after he turns off his car

  • BDreasonable
    BDreasonable 2 hours ago

    I have a 2018 Outback 3.6 Touring and the 2020 model seems like a downgrade to me, for multiple reasons.

  • Kevin Kent
    Kevin Kent 2 hours ago

    OMG. I'm as city as a city boy gets, but I saw this in the dealership the other day and I waannnnnt.

  • SaadWRX
    SaadWRX 2 hours ago

    Doug is the type of guy that changes T-shirts in the middle of the conversation.

  • Liam O'Byrne
    Liam O'Byrne 2 hours ago

    The Outback has not been a wagon since the redesign in 2010. It's definately an SUV now...

  • steaker1705
    steaker1705 2 hours ago

    The Subaru logo in the mirror also lights up the ground below the drivers and passengers doors.

  • Daniel Nichols
    Daniel Nichols 2 hours ago

    Dude... why don't you find out answers or take 20 minutes read the manual (gasp) if you don't know what something is. Seriously.

  • Showta Ito
    Showta Ito 2 hours ago

    Honey thats cause there aint no wagons out here

  • Gabe Taylor
    Gabe Taylor 2 hours ago

    Stop calling the new outback a wagon. ITS NOT! The outback made in 2009 and before WAS a wagon. The 2010 and newer just is not a wagon

  • John Vac
    John Vac 2 hours ago

    With the break lights also illuminating on the car depicted in the center gage cluster screen - i'm wondering if you have 1 of your break lights out you would be able to tell by looking at the screen? I.e. the car in the gage cluster would show only 2 break lights?

  • M Mahtnart
    M Mahtnart 2 hours ago

    You did not stress enough how impressive it is that Koenigsegg makes their own engine and transmission.

  • Shane Raymer
    Shane Raymer 2 hours ago

    I feel like the fun factor should be higher. Take one of these on a trail to a camp site with some kayaks strapped on the roof. It’s at least worth a 2 lol

  • Steven Tea
    Steven Tea 2 hours ago

    Am glad Doug take his time to review regular standard cars which everyone can afford it, other than taking his time to review a car that have been discontinued 20 years ago or so. For a discontinued car. I don’t care, I don’t wants to know about it, I don’t needs to knows about, and I don’t have to knows about.

  • Josh Allen
    Josh Allen 2 hours ago

    I didn’t know you could get the tires painted body color.

  • richgall63
    richgall63 2 hours ago

    The single worst vehicle to get stuck driving behind, even worse that a Prius..

    • richgall63
      richgall63 2 hours ago

      Much less to do with work and more about the demographics that choose this

  • Matthew W.
    Matthew W. 2 hours ago

    He changed clothes and got in a new car @ 10:40

  • srwapo
    srwapo 2 hours ago

    Shirt change?

  • Joe Tavarez
    Joe Tavarez 2 hours ago

    You dont talk about the built in folding crossbars!!!!!! WTF doug.

  • F0rm perfection
    F0rm perfection 2 hours ago

    wtf is this, looks like mercedes dumped a vito interior into a gle and insterted a screen

  • Michael Dematto
    Michael Dematto 2 hours ago

    Doug DeMuro, stop beating around the bush and tell the truth like it is: Subaru is not a car, it's a farm equipment.

  • Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports

    MERCEDES has the BEST INTERIORS now that everything looks and feels like a Mercedes Sclass W222. But personally, I'm more happy with my Jeep SRT and will prefer to buy a redesigned 2022 Jeep Trackhawk.

  • Ludagen
    Ludagen 2 hours ago

    rest in peace doug is the type of guy comments

  • Aaron Conrod
    Aaron Conrod 2 hours ago

    It's advanced driver assistance system, not safety system

  • Alan Lamb
    Alan Lamb 2 hours ago

    This is the first Outback review that didn’t hype this car. It felt honest and informative.

  • srwapo
    srwapo 2 hours ago

    I can't believe that's a "wagon". It looks taller than Doug when he's behind it. Whenever I drive past one in my BMW wagon, my head is even with its belt line.

  • Yung_Rod2021
    Yung_Rod2021 2 hours ago

    Review a Mitsubishi Lancer

  • Ficon
    Ficon 2 hours ago

    This infotainment fail is a big red flag for how little effort and quality went into the car. Subaru put in a huge centerpiece screen and didn’t bother to give it software and/or hardware to make it work right. That almost certainly means cheap screen hardware that will break in a few years. The fact that it made it to production speaks volumes about culture at Subaru - expect more recalls, failing CVTs, poor long-term reliability and durability.

  • Zach Smith
    Zach Smith 2 hours ago

    Doug's the type of guy to change his shirts in the middle of the video

  • Mackenzie Goodrich
    Mackenzie Goodrich 2 hours ago

    I have been waiting for this review forever.

  • Zach Ball
    Zach Ball 2 hours ago

    Bring back the legacy wagon. May the BPs live long!

  • bobdadruma
    bobdadruma 2 hours ago

    I am totally unimpressed but I will make a ton of money repairing them so who cares :) Subaru's have been crap since the late 90's when they dropped the bulletproof 2.2 liter engine.

  • Sauwercraud
    Sauwercraud 2 hours ago

    The T-Shirt change startled me

  • Ralph Køster
    Ralph Køster 2 hours ago

    Dont change the colour of your t-shirh halfway in the video... irritates my eyes ;-)

  • BDreasonable
    BDreasonable 2 hours ago

    The screen shows the brake lights because if you have adaptive cruise control on the car will brake for you.

  • amupoti b
    amupoti b 2 hours ago

    gran turismo 2!!!!!!!

  • GalenMacziewski95
    GalenMacziewski95 2 hours ago

    Alternative Title: Doug roasts the new outback for 23 and a half minutes

  • Mr. Chan
    Mr. Chan 2 hours ago

    Subaru seriously need to go back to traditional automatics. These CVT subarus would start filling up junkyards soon enough.

  • jonluke smith
    jonluke smith 2 hours ago

    Subie Gang!

  • Pequa Boy
    Pequa Boy 2 hours ago

    Closer to the ground??? The Subaru has .5” to 1.0” more ground clearance than a Ford Explorer.

  • Daniel Russo
    Daniel Russo 2 hours ago

    The first gen Honda Prelude was the first production car to do the wheel arches thing, and it came out in 1979

  • News that matter
    News that matter 2 hours ago

    It's still here. My uncle purchased on UAE. They're still making. Just no in the states. Toyota said they only want 1 off road vehicle to focus on and don't want to departments cranking out two different things. And since Fj wasn't practical and wasn't selling, it got the boot. I was also told that if they were going to make it, they'd only use what is available here in America. And what is avialable is the 3.5 v6 from the camry and the 5.7 v8. I won't be getting the v8. The Fj was made in Japan with the 4runner and the 4.0 engine is for that market and overseas. So they won't be making the 4.0 v6 in american for the FJ. Can't justify the price. Also can't justify making the Fj for American and shipping cause there's not enough demand. in 2014 only 14,718 were sold. Compared to 2019 4runner which is about $150,000.

  • Don giogio
    Don giogio 2 hours ago

    22,000 words said...

  • rylan short
    rylan short 2 hours ago

    Looks like a suv not a wagon...its literally almost as tall as Doug...whos....tall...

  • Andrew Kuebbing
    Andrew Kuebbing 2 hours ago

    Seems like a piece of shit. Now I'm just confused as to why anyone buys these (except lesbians, I totally understand the brand loyalty towards a brand that actually values your market segment).

  • Henry Uleanya
    Henry Uleanya 2 hours ago

    Im not gonna lie this car looks good. Its practical, has a fairly good ground clearance, and I bet it will be reliable.

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S 2 hours ago

    Those mirror lights are exterior approach lights. At night they shine on the ground by the door. My wife has them on her outback. I’m not sure how this wasn’t conveyed.

  • Habib
    Habib 2 hours ago

    I would have gone with more second row room rather than sooo much cargo space. How often do you need that much space? And if you do you could just fold the seats if I’m a pinch for space.

  • Pie yield _
    Pie yield _ 2 hours ago

    Doug is the type of guy to read the terms and conditions of a hair comb Yeah it wasn’t that funny but at least I tried.

  • Clout Cobain97
    Clout Cobain97 2 hours ago

    Kinda looks like an Odyssey and an Aztec had a baby

  • Christopher
    Christopher 2 hours ago

    Waiting paitently for the car infotainment system that says "Be seeing you!" when you turn off the car. #theprisoner

  • Stephen Matthias
    Stephen Matthias 2 hours ago

    Ugly as a Clog 😲

  • Genio Torres
    Genio Torres 2 hours ago

    Dog dejew

  • Shaq Kromah
    Shaq Kromah 2 hours ago

    I’m definitely not a fan of most station wagons but can’t lie this looks nice