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The Opposites Game
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"Accents" by Denice Frohman
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"First Kiss" by Tim Seibles
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  • arona
    arona 2 seconds ago

    This is seriously the best video on coding I've seen!

  • abby
    abby 2 seconds ago

    ahhh, we have different stories then. this wasn't what was discussed in our English subject but I prefer this one much better.

  • IDOLL Dev
    IDOLL Dev 6 minutes ago

    This is so cute and inspiring! Thank you for making something like this 😍

  • tan tran
    tan tran 12 minutes ago


  • The Photon
    The Photon 12 minutes ago

    me: (goes to that hotel) I need a room, URGENTLY!! Manager: (takes out a notepad and starts calculating) Go to room {f (x2)≤f(x)}+n me:?

  • tan tran
    tan tran 19 minutes ago

    Cell:level50 ability:vaccine

  • Unknownymous Creature
    Unknownymous Creature 28 minutes ago

    The universe seems to have no end maybe because it's just like earth. The earth seems to have no corner to stop to because it's round, that could be the same with our universe

  • Stephanie Reid
    Stephanie Reid 32 minutes ago

    The answer is The Federal Reserve.

  • big bass
    big bass 35 minutes ago

    so liberals are a virus--- now I understand

  • Maximillionaire
    Maximillionaire 36 minutes ago

    i got it riiiiiigggghhhhttt🥳

  • Kevin Moore
    Kevin Moore 36 minutes ago

    Gotta love how EM radiation works, and how quantum mechanics work. Liked, and favorites.

  • Jericho Teng Gui
    Jericho Teng Gui 43 minutes ago

    Combinatorics Manic Robotics Iambic Consort Moccasin Orbit Ironic Combats

  • Oh yeah yeah • 12 years ago

    So wait, if every guest pays the hotel an infinite amount of money and the night guard is paid an infinite amount of money. Would the hotel go bankrupt or would it only lose one infinity to the power of one infinity?

  • far ema
    far ema 51 minute ago

    Because he was wrong ....past present future are all happing right now...we will discover a way to go back in time in future ...the only reason we going forward is because universe is expanding ...once it is ready to collapse we move backward

  • 飯田富久子
    飯田富久子 51 minute ago


  • Banti Deb
    Banti Deb 54 minutes ago

    We are the only living planets.so we should keep it greeny and safe.

  • Dona Lahiry
    Dona Lahiry Hour ago

    *The falling of water bottles into nothing made me cringe badly.*

  • Omar Polaris
    Omar Polaris Hour ago

    The flaw of the Too Big Too Fail doctrine is... if they lend more and more, and everyone decided to default - the bank will be bankrupt without even catching those people who ran away with their money.

  • Dona Lahiry
    Dona Lahiry Hour ago

    'You feel sad when a friend moves away....' Antonio: *triggered.*

  • Gabriel Williams

    1:10 British: Am I joke to you?

  • umr khayam
    umr khayam Hour ago

    Isn't that whole columbus thing just a myth?

  • Chiller Fx
    Chiller Fx Hour ago

    So basically what we poop today is what we ate last Sunday? I thought my poops are fresh AF!

  • Abhishek Durai
    Abhishek Durai Hour ago

    Who's here after an accident?

  • Bundesrepublik der Erde Reich

    Why is this not shown in Public

  • umr khayam
    umr khayam Hour ago

    Man I love this voice

  • Jackson Gray
    Jackson Gray Hour ago

    There is another full proof solution I think. There are four paths to check. You go by yourself down #1. A group of 3 goes down path #2. A group of 5 goes down path #3. No one goes down path #4. My reasoning is that, since only two are infected/possessed or whatever, you can always trust the majority decision in the group of 5. Even if both possessed people are in the group of 5, the majority will be the truth. If there is no conflict between members of the group of 5, u know both possessed students are in the group of three. This would mean that you should believe the minority in group three when no one in group 5 disagrees. If someone in group 5 disagrees, then you know both majorities in the groups are telling the truth. If the majority of one group, or you, say that their pathway is the exit, follow it. If you deduce that none of them are correct, then the correct pathway must be #4, the one no one went down.

  • Vanes Kk
    Vanes Kk Hour ago

    wow I can't believe I actually put in the effort for once and got it right.. try it! there's nothing to lose and everything to gain :)

  • heri styono
    heri styono Hour ago

    Usury is a major sin y'all

  • Blacker
    Blacker Hour ago

    As a Vietnamese, I was offended by her comments about talking trees.

  • belle ooi
    belle ooi Hour ago

    They should make a movie out of this!I love the animations and color(colour). This one was interesting! I cannot wait for episode three of Ethic and Hedge.

  • All the Best
    All the Best 2 hours ago

    I am a Hindu and I am proud of it...

  • Ly Racho
    Ly Racho 2 hours ago

    i want some more videos of these, they make me learn chinese easily....

  • TheDemonic Skull
    TheDemonic Skull 2 hours ago

    Nice video bro

  • snoozleblob
    snoozleblob 2 hours ago

    The animation style for this video is fantastic. Creative inspiration right there.

  • mikeyb byekim
    mikeyb byekim 2 hours ago

    3:20 the magnet machine could have a wedge type surface that would defect the ball drop. These are all really clever

  • ACAY
    ACAY 2 hours ago

    “What causes recessions?” Capitalism. It’s a cyclical market system. dUuUuuUUuuh.

  • sean brennan
    sean brennan 2 hours ago

    Be prepared, it will probably hit next year. Like it did in the 30s

  • Electronix Gamer
    Electronix Gamer 2 hours ago

    Same happened in india this was done by a company called ebiz and they targeted many students my friend also became the target of the scheme and paid to them and he also took me to a seminar to make me join but i understood what it was and warned him but we ended up figthing and we did not talk and few months later the company was closed and he lost everything. I am saying this because anyone before investing in something study it first and then invest otherwise you may end up losing!

  • Arctic Wolf
    Arctic Wolf 2 hours ago

    Mc i watch dis more than thrice XD

  • Karl Wang
    Karl Wang 3 hours ago

    how do we even know what we are experiencing is "real"? so of course realness have no intrinsic value.

  • Gerard Ompad
    Gerard Ompad 3 hours ago

    Ted Ed should have a series on Netflix...a kid's show similar to this one...

  • Morahman7vnNo2
    Morahman7vnNo2 3 hours ago

    Communist propaganda?

  • JustinHit
    JustinHit 3 hours ago

    I like the part where he poops

  • edlean lumba
    edlean lumba 3 hours ago

    Attack on titan ?😁😂

  • Skye Melody
    Skye Melody 3 hours ago

    I wanna know-

  • Dominic Lovato
    Dominic Lovato 4 hours ago

    People just put value on material things. Things that should be learned aren't. People need food. Animals need food. Plants take water. Well if you fill your pool with water why can't Christine fill her up. Go swim in the lake you bums. When food prices start going up, feed prices go up, then food prices go up more. Then pretty soon your paying 4$ for an 18 counter of eggs, and 5$ for milk.

  • Weijie Yao
    Weijie Yao 4 hours ago


  • Galo Aguirre
    Galo Aguirre 4 hours ago

    Could you do a myth video about King Tantalus?

  • lunialation hare
    lunialation hare 4 hours ago

    I have made a perpetual motion machine 5 years ago and it is still going

  • gloria
    gloria 4 hours ago

    Who were you sponsored by? There is no clean coal.

  • Marlon Silva
    Marlon Silva 4 hours ago

    Please make the light reaction tooo Please!!!!!

  • Pepe The frog
    Pepe The frog 4 hours ago

    Hey guys

  • Jimmy Neutron
    Jimmy Neutron 4 hours ago

    Everyone knows Aliens found out sbout Jack and Logan Paul and decide we are not worth it

  • Pepe The frog
    Pepe The frog 4 hours ago

    You just got to love when you code you know how much time to make this for pre coders and not make it just block by block

  • LadyJosie
    LadyJosie 4 hours ago

    You guys should really do The Taking of Persephone. With Lore Olympus getting an animated series, i think it be a timely thing to tell the original myth that inspired its modern retelling.

  • Tam Nguyen
    Tam Nguyen 4 hours ago

    omg, is the name of the character a metaphor in the tech industry? "Ethic"? Wow.

  • Rex Sanchez
    Rex Sanchez 4 hours ago

    there are rules in America. if you went to war against America, the people of that country cannot work for the government or military, they need special permission. like jews in ww1, there was no Israel back in ww1, it became a country after ww2. or like descendants of confederates, or germans or Italians, because of the civil war, and ww2. or Mexicans, because of the Mexican American war.

  • diagnal_ Bush YT
    diagnal_ Bush YT 4 hours ago

    who watched this in science class?

  • Lamia Mahpara
    Lamia Mahpara 4 hours ago

    Macroeconomics 101. Factors that cause shift to the AD and AS curve. You can't explain it in a video. 😏

  • Saurabh Tewari
    Saurabh Tewari 4 hours ago

    When you are a science student

  • Koncha 04
    Koncha 04 4 hours ago

    My Econ. It's a pyramid scheme look it up!

  • Arjit Raj
    Arjit Raj 5 hours ago

    Why the worry, I'd rather wonder? - the six words you are looking for.

  • Mr Mister
    Mr Mister 5 hours ago

    I wouldn’t shoo my dog off a spot if they were already there

  • Left anti pc
    Left anti pc 5 hours ago

    My guess is there should be somewhere between 3 to 5 universes.

  • Ryan Lanigan
    Ryan Lanigan 5 hours ago

    This video fails to explain any of the actions someone can take during recessions and leaves them as this big ambiguous bogey man... and the worst part is this video was probably prompted by the inverted yield curve that was recently reported on. ... come on TED ED! I appreciate the subject but the approach taken was a bit confusing and left me misunderstanding even having taken economics classes and understanding the individual concepts. I would have started with the “vicious cycle” concept and then followed the path into what are the main causes. “A recession is when people are spending less money, or have less money etc... Here is what could cause these conditions Here solutions/levers that can be pulled to fix these Here are historical examples of what caused a recession and got us out” The charts provided as diagrams are oversimplified examples and rarely apply to real world situations And to top it all off you started it with “oh lord there’s a recession because of bronze 1 million years ago, but it was ended when iron fell out of the sky and people suddenly became happy”

  • Juniper Galaxy
    Juniper Galaxy 5 hours ago

    ruclip.com/video/yX-0UzpVtsY/video.html “are you a triskaidekaphobiac?”

  • Lemniscate למניסקטה

    Cenral banks. Here, spared you 5 min of questionable animation

  • Y Guerrero Escobar
    Y Guerrero Escobar 5 hours ago

    This makes me l don’t want to watch this again

  • Melvis Fernandez
    Melvis Fernandez 5 hours ago

    What makes you a maggot?wanting criminals back in the house,the Clinton's and obama,oh forgot biden.

  • weaving strands
    weaving strands 5 hours ago

    TED-Ed is always amazing!

  • Cameron Metrejean
    Cameron Metrejean 5 hours ago

    If I’d been one of those relatives and watched them figure it out so fast I would have just assumed they were told the answer before he died, at which point they would probably still endlessly harass her for the money

    SHUBHAM SINHA 5 hours ago

    Ted-ed is my fav youtube channel.Explanation is concise and amazing. Continue these informative video.

  • Erin Froland
    Erin Froland 5 hours ago

    There are obviously 2 universes, ours and another where everyone's a cowboy.

  • King Jibber of Jabber Lord of the Dance

    Is the answer capitalism?

  • Sophia Ott
    Sophia Ott 5 hours ago


  • Nikki Andy
    Nikki Andy 5 hours ago

    So the reasons I am alone are: I am way too beautiful for the common man, and I have yet earned the love of a god. Hmm... well the truth is that Cupids have stopped pricking themselves with the tip of arrows.

  • Sample Subscription
    Sample Subscription 5 hours ago

    One way to don't miss the Miss Universe Pageant: Do not pollute the outer space.

  • Logan Raub
    Logan Raub 6 hours ago

    "Epic" fire 0:19 wow Ted-ed nice phrase

  • Sample Subscription
    Sample Subscription 6 hours ago

    Miss Universe Pageant could end, too.

  • Uzair J. Sherwani
    Uzair J. Sherwani 6 hours ago

    This video may also help to cause Recession.

  • Blastable
    Blastable 6 hours ago

    Better get a v12 for that delorean then

  • Asph 012
    Asph 012 6 hours ago


  • Nafissa Wahab
    Nafissa Wahab 6 hours ago

    i thought unobtainium was fake...

  • Kelli Wilson❤
    Kelli Wilson❤ 6 hours ago

    I am a Christian, but I believe that some aspect of every religion is a little bit correct.

  • Greg Petersen
    Greg Petersen 6 hours ago

    I hope this isn't bragging but I can fold my fingers into 20 postions-petersen daughter

  • Orchid Rain
    Orchid Rain 6 hours ago

    Hedge looks more like a tortoise with ladybug spots on the shell

  • Benjamin Bartholomew

    Inflation is when there is an increase in the supply of money chasing the same amount of goods, the increase in prices is a symptom of that and not the cause.

  • John Butner
    John Butner 6 hours ago

    This is a good story. =} I think the dog is funny frolicking in the water. I'm the sheep and it's true I'm the best of all animals other than maybe the wabbut, munky or woostuh. 🐑

  • My penis is unbelievably small but ,

    This is horrible he doesn’t even know how he is existing

    AJ GAMING 6 hours ago

    Hypixel skyblock is heading towards this direction...

  • Shivam Teelucksingh
    Shivam Teelucksingh 6 hours ago

    What if a customer doesnt want to move to another room?

    MARIYA BOHRA 6 hours ago

    Hit like if u r science student!!👍👍