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Unbox Therapy
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  • Anderson Debbarma

    The moment whenLew took the Green iphone. Other phones: be like y u bought me for???

  • Walau ah
    Walau ah Hour ago

    Why y look like very serious...

  • Rendani Mphafudi

    Your are so funny like yoh😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aiden Oberlander

    You should do giveaways

  • Honey Mishra
    Honey Mishra Hour ago

    😂😂😄😄 wtf great unboxing..u r legend in unboxing..💯💯👍👍

  • Jaylene Jimenez
    Jaylene Jimenez Hour ago

    Can I have one plz

  • Juan Collazos
    Juan Collazos Hour ago

    Well, that was weird...

  • Shefat Kabir
    Shefat Kabir Hour ago

    best unbox bro...respect for you and love you :*

  • BigDaddy 69
    BigDaddy 69 Hour ago

    That was quite the unboxing I guess

  • Ben
    Ben Hour ago

    Maybe, my speaker have a issue....... CAN NOT PLAY A HUMAN VOICE🤷‍♂️

  • Dr. Loki skylizard

    Okay. Uhm, and...?

  • Poisonous Combat

    What was the point of this video

  • JustRomen
    JustRomen Hour ago

    He looks like his grandma just died and gave him the compony of asmr

  • Mian Arsalan Sarwar

    Lew and dramatic iPhone videos. 👍🏽

  • Isaac Reyes
    Isaac Reyes Hour ago

    Asmr be like

  • jsrocker248
    jsrocker248 Hour ago

    This is the true nature of Unbox Therapy

  • Sim M
    Sim M Hour ago

    He dont even need to talk... nothing new to talk about

  • Yash Raj
    Yash Raj Hour ago


  • Hreljin
    Hreljin Hour ago

    Best unboxing video I've seen so far.

  • Mohammed Uzair
    Mohammed Uzair Hour ago

    He fulfilled one of my dream in 7.15sec ..✌️

  • Follow The White Rabbit

    Mini multi colour counter tops with integrated mini stove tops.

  • Azhar Ali
    Azhar Ali Hour ago

    What happened to this channel 🤔

  • Devyn Clarke
    Devyn Clarke Hour ago


  • Bryan Agita
    Bryan Agita Hour ago

    The best unboxing of the year. Silent is gold man..!

  • Lumn0070
    Lumn0070 Hour ago

    I’d take any older model you have stashed away 🙏🏾 I’m still rocking an iPhone 6

  • Leia Jiang
    Leia Jiang Hour ago

    Thats a yr of college tuition right there

  • eSir PlayGround
    eSir PlayGround Hour ago

    why not ASMR version, that was not professional.

  • cryptoc
    cryptoc Hour ago

    everytime opens new phone him: wait ahmm okay

  • Wall Brown
    Wall Brown Hour ago

    I have nothing to say about apple products.

  • Cody West
    Cody West Hour ago

    You for a lost of words or can’t say anything bad for once.

  • I’m_Lonely You’re_Lonely

    Same phones nothing new. And people bitch Apple isn’t releasing anything new.

  • M Hassam
    M Hassam Hour ago

    Ohh no I think he sell his tongue to buy all this iPhones 🙄🙄

  • srinath sridhar
    srinath sridhar Hour ago

    the best unbox i ever seen ... lol

  • kiran valiveti
    kiran valiveti Hour ago

    love vs hate

  • Scott McDonald
    Scott McDonald Hour ago

    Genius, as shown by the view count

  • Borsalino Kizaru

    1:44 you let a cuss word slip

  • Muhammad Boss
    Muhammad Boss Hour ago


  • Raj Tajale
    Raj Tajale Hour ago

    Such a depressing entry to the video hahah

  • Slimjerry
    Slimjerry Hour ago

    Richest tech youtuber indeed lol

  • DjNOM
    DjNOM Hour ago

    Why does this make me angry?

  • Preetham Talwar
    Preetham Talwar Hour ago


  • Einstein galaxy
    Einstein galaxy Hour ago


  • Neal Sober
    Neal Sober Hour ago

    Just disassemble the machine? Can you make a video like this? I thought it was an explanation. In our case, this behavior is called “装逼”

  • Rob Reilly
    Rob Reilly Hour ago

    This is the most accurate title of a youtube video ever created

  • Minh Ngo
    Minh Ngo Hour ago

    Peter McKinnon got to you

  • Alex Hein
    Alex Hein Hour ago

    Next video : 🤦‍♂️ I’m switching to the iPhone 11 Pro

  • General Johnny Pubgm

    The "pro" naming is what you can do with your phone not what your phone can do for you .. pro is for pros

  • TheLMan101
    TheLMan101 Hour ago

    Must be nice to be rich

  • LordThomske
    LordThomske Hour ago

    I love the fact that he unboxed 14 iPhones, with not a single word being said to get the full experience, in one single video that is less then 10 minutes long. That's straight up perfectionism.

  • Zoxtor PK
    Zoxtor PK Hour ago

    Well explained.


    Where is jack

  • Abo Soud
    Abo Soud Hour ago

    Ohh i see you yeah i see you tricky boy your sim well go into phone that you take with you yeah i see you lol ( i am swtiching to iphone 11 pro max ) next video ;)

  • Diamond Walls
    Diamond Walls Hour ago

    I have LG Zone 4

  • Halos
    Halos Hour ago

    Lew still has this speaker in the lewlater studio and he still uses it!

  • aamiro615
    aamiro615 Hour ago

    lol can i have one ?

  • Atharva Sawant
    Atharva Sawant Hour ago


  • Sadia Haque
    Sadia Haque Hour ago

    Weird to the power infinity ♾

  • Ali Salar
    Ali Salar Hour ago

    Did you open all of them to choose the last one?

  • pickelkilla
    pickelkilla Hour ago

    Anyone else actually watch it all the way through and catch this part at 6:34 ? Lol

  • Naunihal
    Naunihal Hour ago

    It’s funny how you have a smile on your face on the thumbnail Lew but disappointment in the video 😂

  • Ahmed Yaqoob
    Ahmed Yaqoob Hour ago

    Apple I hate you, you suck cause because of you just faded this man's laugh and smile.

  • wowsomeone actually

    Okay I havent watched his recent vids so someone plz tell me why he no talk and why he look mad

  • Chance Sellars
    Chance Sellars Hour ago


  • BITM Beast in the Making

    omg, this is iconic!

  • Rejwan
    Rejwan Hour ago


  • Browning Bros Films

    I knew he was gonna go for the green Pro Max 😆

  • Stephano Joseph
    Stephano Joseph Hour ago

    Bro do some giveaways 🤪🤪🤪 There are many phones ryt lol😁😁😁😁

  • Talha Dawood
    Talha Dawood Hour ago


  • sourav auddya
    sourav auddya Hour ago

    One of the most satisfying video 😂

  • Edit zade
    Edit zade Hour ago

    Camera is owsome

  • Vahidreza Barati

    Talk about satisfying videos!!! Loved it!!!!

  • REDxGaming
    REDxGaming Hour ago

    I have seen people watch others sleep while being recorded. Others watching people do nothing just weird videos. I'm wondering if people would be interested if I upload things like A small left over Dorito in between the floor and the wall while I push it around. Or my finger scratching things... Maybe rubbing objects.. IDK LOL

  • MiraculousFalcon

    He looked extremely disappointed, just not even a single word to say about the lame phones, it's just gotten more sad towards apple phones

  • Dorokhoshvili Vlogs

    De aliens took his voice in area 51. The most expensive ASMR of unboxing apple products.

  • Keine Ahnung
    Keine Ahnung Hour ago

    You give me Nusret vibes for some reason 😂👌🏽

  • KHST ToXiC
    KHST ToXiC Hour ago


  • Noah TheGamer2700

    waste of money

  • krancan25
    krancan25 Hour ago

    Speaker test? False positive on the screen?

  • Tabrez Tisekar
    Tabrez Tisekar Hour ago


  • justin94block
    justin94block Hour ago

    A moment of silence.

  • Emmanuel C Hernandez

    This fool just posted the video to flex on us

  • Princess Zenia
    Princess Zenia Hour ago

    🤫 flex

  • Luis Junior
    Luis Junior Hour ago

    That is the face of regret

  • nishant mehta
    nishant mehta Hour ago

    Pls I want one 😭😭😭

  • Juan-Carlos Miranda

    This is silly. Why even bother?

  • Jake Bardo
    Jake Bardo Hour ago

    Weird flex but okay


    Mal amk

  • Tech Best
    Tech Best Hour ago

    How I wasted 8 minutes and 18 sec of my life Lol, love your vids keep up the good work

  • nishant mehta
    nishant mehta Hour ago

    Can I get the iPhone 11pto max

  • Mohammed Hussain

    Missin Ur voice bruh, it really needed that

  • Agniv Shaw
    Agniv Shaw Hour ago


  • XxGetYeetManDoodledxX

    Can I have one

  • T TG
    T TG Hour ago

    This is so far the best review of iphone...you know why? cz iphone come out with a same shit...and lew must be sick of it.. well done, @Unbox Therapy

  • Samir Kothari
    Samir Kothari Hour ago

    Nailed it 👌 ...

  • Unained Panther 47

    In older unboxing, Screams out loud! Now, Pure silence

  • Chrollo Lucifer
    Chrollo Lucifer Hour ago


  • fritzuki
    fritzuki Hour ago

    Unbox Silent Therapy Lew: ...

  • Jelena Radovic
    Jelena Radovic Hour ago

    love this, amazing

  • Mian Arsalan Sarwar

    Unbox all iPhone in one video. What a time to be alive.

  • M O123
    M O123 Hour ago