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Ticci Toby "Time"
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Eyeless Jack "Decay"
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Drawing Slender Man
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Slender Man's Message
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The Status Of My Channel
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Drawing "Venom"
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Drawing Twisty (AHS)
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SCP 089 Original Voice
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SCP 106 Original Voice
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Krang Impression TMNT
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Ticci Toby "End Them All!"
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Krampus (Original Voice)
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Ticci Toby "Memories"
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SCP 542 Original Voice
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"Wendigo" Original Voice
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SCP-1471 Original Voice
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"Smile Dog" Original Voice
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Ticci Toby "Merry X-Mas"
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  • The Beka Show
    The Beka Show 36 minutes ago

    Bendy's heart skipped a beat CALL 9-1-1!

  • TheGodessOf YOUTUBE
    TheGodessOf YOUTUBE 55 minutes ago

    Ok before I say this I love the Chanel I just subscribe I'm new but am I the only that does not think this is sexy like if I just saw a single rose I would burn it at the sight idk ¶π¶ ∆π∆ I'm worried my mom has one rose to just one I'm been planning to burn it XD

  • Mia Kittler
    Mia Kittler 3 hours ago

    Jeez Boris is the best “Ah Boris my heart just skipped a beat. You know what that means? “Uhh you need a doctor? “Why don’t I look over here and you look as far away from me as possible?” And I love how passive aggressive bendy is 😂

  • Gacha Larisa
    Gacha Larisa 3 hours ago

    Je is alive now?😟

  • capri _oh
    capri _oh 8 hours ago

    Your script is amazingly descriptive and so deep into the Character's psyche, I'm always astounded with your work! I especially love your Toby videos! I love how you make his Character twist and turn into this warped vision of obedience and violence, and yet still manage to show glimpses of this vulnerable troubled teen who we always seem to sympathize. It isn't easy work,I'm sure but please know that we,your fans, appreciate it!

  • A crackhead !
    A crackhead ! 8 hours ago

    ah shit the homie back

  • The crazy Cat lady
    The crazy Cat lady 8 hours ago

    I summoned smile dog he still haunts me

  • Sleepless Saidai
    Sleepless Saidai 9 hours ago

    Love how this was made on my birthday. I think it’s kinda weird coincidence for me but it’s amazing too. I honestly love this! 10/10 would recommend.

  • Rafaela R
    Rafaela R 10 hours ago

    Waking up in the morning, getting ready for school when I see this. Welp ig school has to wait 5 minutes.

  • Mark Merritt
    Mark Merritt 10 hours ago

    holy shi

  • Nyonge Gaming
    Nyonge Gaming 10 hours ago

    Sorry. Im unsubbing, you never talked about the fate of your deleted voiceover video as you promised with youtube. Take care....

    • Nyonge Gaming
      Nyonge Gaming Hour ago

      @David Near address? Never heard of it. But what i know is, its sad to hear youtube changes the david near i know

    • David Near
      David Near 10 hours ago

      I don't know what you're referring to, but I did address the entire situation with my deleted videos.

  • Hypnotic Skull
    Hypnotic Skull 11 hours ago

    You should make a series

  • OneEyed Warrior
    OneEyed Warrior 11 hours ago

    Oh hey, it’s Mr. Rogers

  • Ticci Toby
    Ticci Toby 11 hours ago

    I love your Ticci Toby voice SO much!! You do the best Ticci Toby voice!!

    • David Near
      David Near 9 hours ago

      Thank you so much, I'm honored that you think so!

  • kyla peden
    kyla peden 11 hours ago

    This is amazing as always 😍✨😊👍✨😮✨

  • William E
    William E 11 hours ago

    God I missed your Toby voice. I LOVE your portrayal of his character, just how broken and messed up his mind really is. It's chilling. You, sir, are one truly talented voice actor ❤

  • nyah
    nyah 11 hours ago

    your interpretation of toby is more than i could’ve asked for, i love it <3

  • c2bienaime
    c2bienaime 12 hours ago

    I love it!! Great job David Near!!

  • Chester Gregory,III
    Chester Gregory,III 12 hours ago

    It’s good to hear Toby’s voice again😎👌🏾

  • Brianna Teichroeb
    Brianna Teichroeb 12 hours ago

    I mean its not lieing we do do all that stuff

  • Xalia Viper
    Xalia Viper 12 hours ago

    David you are spoiling us.

  • Alex Soria
    Alex Soria 12 hours ago

    Ticci Toby sounds so deep. 😕

  • Em G
    Em G 12 hours ago

    dont worry toby i also have bipolar and tics, your not alone

  • Alexsansder the great 44

    Wow, You’re really good

  • Emily Mess
    Emily Mess 13 hours ago

    I am so in love with how you do Toby's voice. Simply amazing! It's my favorite creepypasta voice and because of how you've characterized Toby, he had become my favorite creepypasta. His voice is also kinda attractive ngl sorry

  • C D
    C D 13 hours ago

    You do such a great job! This voice works perfectly for him, fantastic job!

  • Silent Scream
    Silent Scream 13 hours ago

    Another impressing voice creation you never fail us! This was amazing

  • Midnight Girl 103
    Midnight Girl 103 13 hours ago

    I want to hear Ben drowned voice again

  • Allen A
    Allen A 13 hours ago

    Oh heck yeah! I've been waiting for this one! Love your work man

  • Zoe Smith
    Zoe Smith 13 hours ago

    Thank you for letting me Sally get revenge! That basterd uncle of her's absolutely disserved it!!!!

  • Amir
    Amir 13 hours ago

    Happy Halloween everyone! 😃

  • Zoe Smith
    Zoe Smith 14 hours ago

    Thank you a million times showing those fangirls that Creepypasta characters are horrifying psycotic murderers!

  • Nuke Dragon118
    Nuke Dragon118 14 hours ago

    The scp foundation well make short work of him they well make sure of that

  • TobyyyCD ¿
    TobyyyCD ¿ 14 hours ago


  • Chris Fox {Crystal}
    Chris Fox {Crystal} 14 hours ago

    David near: *inhales* Me: Yes, Yes and Yes.

  • DeDeg common key
    DeDeg common key 14 hours ago

    Hi mi name es Demario du u yout pael

  • Official Furry
    Official Furry 15 hours ago

    Woah. How... Is this so... Good? IM GONNA DIE JUST FROM HOW GOOD-! Call 911... Your too good.

  • The Infectious Rebel
    The Infectious Rebel 15 hours ago


  • Omega3638
    Omega3638 15 hours ago

    This guy is amazing

  • tracey dixon
    tracey dixon 15 hours ago

    I love his design I hope we see masky and hoodie again

  • diane pease
    diane pease 15 hours ago

    People focus on the good and believe in the love that Jesus has done for us the Lord is coming soon and we should not be listening to this kind of stories that cause fear and bring demons within portholes into your home and into wherever you're listening to this stuff at is not healthy Satan will do whatever he can to destroy you and this nice things can destroy because the demons know where they get you

    • M424
      M424 13 hours ago

      Religious shit aside, could you at least consider adding a few commas here and there next time? Seriously, I could barely keep proper track of what you were trying to convey.

    • David Near
      David Near 15 hours ago


  • _A R U_
    _A R U_ 15 hours ago

    I waited for this so long! Thank you!!!

  • Mug
    Mug 15 hours ago

    I'm excited to hear the creeps again! Tobys character has really grown since the first voice you did of him and from it you can really see what he's meant to be: a mentally troubled psycho murderer. I love it so much!🖤

  • named_lunar
    named_lunar 15 hours ago

    Finally my favorite creepypastas voice

  • Kim Soyung
    Kim Soyung 15 hours ago

    I really like the progression of Toby's voice! With each new video on him I can hear him become more disturbed and almost like he is "growing" as a character. He also sounds older which is a hard thing to voice...intentional or not amazing job, man! I can't wait on Halloween when I cosplay him to show my friends these videos. Fantastic as always.

  • TheWolfGamer101
    TheWolfGamer101 15 hours ago

    Me: “AYYYEEEEE TOBY, MY KILLER DUDE, MY TWITCHY PAL, HOW ARE YOU DOING AMIGO!” *Toby grabs his hatchets* “Oh look another victim.” Me: “AHAAAA- BYE!” (Also, I love how you present him as somebody who is actually insane, and not a waffle-addicted goofball that loves to poke people. That’s how I always viewed Toby!)

    • TheGodessOf YOUTUBE
      TheGodessOf YOUTUBE Hour ago

      ( I know I say this everyday to people he not a waffle Loveing freak nor annoying) mhy dude run btw

  • Freddy&Leo
    Freddy&Leo 15 hours ago

    Yay more ticci toby thanks hey david can you a chucky impression

  • Psybeams
    Psybeams 15 hours ago

    So, this is what it's like to be a Proxy? Edgy as *FUCK!* 0.0

  • Andromeda Lestrange
    Andromeda Lestrange 15 hours ago

    God you’re amazing 🤩

  • ugitaciu
    ugitaciu 15 hours ago


  • Stephen King
    Stephen King 15 hours ago

    It's good to hear you back again David keep making videos mad and screw up RUclip think of it.

  • gusti the teddy bear
    gusti the teddy bear 16 hours ago

    Nice toby impression you did really good on it bru 😐

  • abigil zuniga
    abigil zuniga 16 hours ago

    Love it. Poor toby but this really is amazing.

  • Roxy Baker
    Roxy Baker 16 hours ago

    I’m a simple lady. I see Ticci Toby and David Near together in a video? I click like

  • Elijah Baker
    Elijah Baker 16 hours ago

    Another awesome voice from a voice acting legend

  • Dusk Is Here
    Dusk Is Here 16 hours ago

    I just love your videos dude

  • ZoanBlade90
    ZoanBlade90 16 hours ago

    1:32 Dr. Alto Clef: "Join the club. So do I. I had to sell out my fellow soldiers and put my daughter in containment, just to keep her safe from the Feds. I have seen things that most people haven't, both horrifying and wonderful."

  • ZoanBlade90
    ZoanBlade90 16 hours ago

    0:50 "Don't be so sure.."

  • Morganify
    Morganify 16 hours ago

    This is my canon Ticci Toby voice.

    • David Near
      David Near 16 hours ago

      I'm honored to hold that position for you!

  • Yuru Kaza
    Yuru Kaza 16 hours ago

    ....I just want to give him a hug now even tho he would kill me

  • corrupt2939
    corrupt2939 16 hours ago

    Well Tobi it's been awhile

  • BeautifulJordan Baker101

    Even though I'm not big fan of Creepypasta like I once was... I will still watch your amazing videos. 💯💯💙💚

    • David Near
      David Near 16 hours ago

      I really appreciate that! And given the kind of content most Creepypasta creators tend to make, I don't blame you, haha

  • TheEdgeLord
    TheEdgeLord 17 hours ago

    *I absolutely love how David actually makes creepypasta seem scary like it’s supposed to be. Even from the sound and text of this makes Toby is presented as a mentally unstable maniac(which he is)who is troubled by an entity that forces him to do shit. In the “fun” sides of the fandom he’s presented as this waffle-loving adorable best boi who deserves love and affection when he literally murders whoever Slendy tells him to, fuck it, for all we know he’s a child murderer as well-*

    • OneEyed Warrior
      OneEyed Warrior 11 hours ago

      David Near’s version of Toby is badass Toby The fandom’s Toby #NotMyToby

    • Kelli Clark
      Kelli Clark 11 hours ago

      Chris, it dosent help that I saw a meme recently about him eating waffles while sunbathing on a nudist beach. Then again, the poor guy's gotta have some kind of break, right?

    • Chris Fox {Crystal}
      Chris Fox {Crystal} 14 hours ago

      Whenever i rp and i see a ticci toby roleplayer who even mutters the word "Waffles" in a positive tone. I mc-fuckin lose it.

    • David Near
      David Near 16 hours ago

      I appreciate the kind words! I try to look at Toby, Jeff, etc. as if they were real people, and if real people went through what they have, they would be very messed up psychologically.

    • Kelli Clark
      Kelli Clark 16 hours ago

      Hes a complex character you feel sympathy for because hes a puppet of Slenderman. He hates his life but cant get free.

  • Jendayia Ulmer
    Jendayia Ulmer 17 hours ago

    Glad to see you and toby are back.

  • Kelli Clark
    Kelli Clark 17 hours ago

    Poor Toby, I can relate to his nightmares of death and demons. Perfect rendition of how I picture him in the GOOD stories. I hope someday in that universe he will be free of that slavery. Mr. Near, you bring these characters to life in a way that blurs the line between fantasy and reality.

  • Chrissi Kirkland
    Chrissi Kirkland 17 hours ago

    Wonderful~ I missed this so much.

  • Bleed Fade Away
    Bleed Fade Away 17 hours ago

    Yes!!! My little cinnamon bun Toby is finally back!!!

  • Oreeve
    Oreeve 17 hours ago

    You just make everything sounds alive, dang 😂❣️. Especially this ticci guy, mm~. Always love your work btw!. Much love from me!.

  • Thomas McCarthy-jones
    Thomas McCarthy-jones 17 hours ago

    just when you think he can't physically get better at these voices boom

  • Kim Nashley D. Lim
    Kim Nashley D. Lim 17 hours ago

    ticci boiii is backkk

  • jason God of meh.
    jason God of meh. 17 hours ago

    0:23 I can relate

  • Nightmarish666
    Nightmarish666 17 hours ago

    This is so freaking awesome.

  • Poohbear Honeypaws
    Poohbear Honeypaws 17 hours ago

    Here's a small theory. What if the Proxies are killing people to save them from Zalgo? What if Slenderman is actually trying to free people from Zalgo's wrath?

    • Ticci Toby
      Ticci Toby 11 hours ago

      Ayyyeeeee!!! Slender man’s people versus Zalgo’s people!! That’s what I think about too! I love your theory!! And Zalgo’s people can possibly disguise themselves as actual people, but they’re not really people. So Slender Man’s proxies will kill Zalgo’s proxies, but it looks like they’re killing actual people

    • Kelli Clark
      Kelli Clark 16 hours ago

      Thats a thought provoking theory! And the ones on the outside like Jeff and Laughing Jack who live for themselves could be helping in a roundabout way.

  • PrincessJordan Finekitty101

    This is exactly why I watch your Creepypasta videos.. For this perfection. 💙💚

  • The crazy Cat lady
    The crazy Cat lady 17 hours ago

    Holy shit that’s a voice u don’t wanna hear at midnight 😵😳😱

  • Creepy Jam
    Creepy Jam 17 hours ago

    When I got the notification , I clicked on this so quick! Love the videos, and honestly this is how I imagine Toby's voice now.

  • Yeet and Delete
    Yeet and Delete 17 hours ago

    Nice this is amazing I love it. Creepy but entertaining to hear you interpret toby’s suffering

  • ITSA Cassidy
    ITSA Cassidy 17 hours ago

    Yass another Toby !

  • Briana Napier
    Briana Napier 17 hours ago

    You are the best when I think about toby all I hear is your voice

  • lisa cornelissen
    lisa cornelissen 17 hours ago

    YES!!! TOBY 😍😍😍

  • Xxx Xxx
    Xxx Xxx 17 hours ago

    I am sick and happy

    • Xxx Xxx
      Xxx Xxx 17 hours ago

      Thanks a lot for caring about your fans

  • LetsSACRIFICETicciToby

    Mom please pick me up I'm scared

  • angel kitten baby doll

    yay its canon tobey :D mwahaha

  • RoserenSword
    RoserenSword 17 hours ago

    Mr.Naer you are coming back strong, hope there's more.

  • Laughing Jack
    Laughing Jack 17 hours ago

    YESS!! I L♡VE IT!!♡♡♡♡♡!!

  • Mister Smiler
    Mister Smiler 17 hours ago

    Are you ever gonna do more patient interviews or anything like them again?those were some of my favorite things you have ever done. I've been a fan ever since 2014 and just thought i'd ask since i always come back and rewatch you and MBK's old stuff around Halloween.

    • David Near
      David Near 17 hours ago

      The interviews will definitely be back, but I have bigger plans currently that I hope to get done before I make more of them. And I'm glad you've stuck around that long and continue to watch, it means a lot!

  • Mia Marie Moore
    Mia Marie Moore 17 hours ago

    I feel bad 4 Toby

  • Angelications 4
    Angelications 4 17 hours ago

    I love your Ticci Toby videos!

  • Honey Willow
    Honey Willow 17 hours ago

    Sweet dreams are overrated.

  • Gacha_pasta 123
    Gacha_pasta 123 17 hours ago

    Ayy wassup Ticci Toby i love you!!!!! Yout voice is awesome

  • red headed psycho
    red headed psycho 17 hours ago

    i could so go on a killing spree with this guy

  • King Martinez
    King Martinez 17 hours ago


  • Jayla Dodd
    Jayla Dodd 17 hours ago

    I love it so much! Poor Toby. You did a very good job. I'm so proud of you! Rock on David!

  • Alyssa Faro
    Alyssa Faro 17 hours ago

    YESYESYESYESFUCKYESBROOOOO. I CAN'T WATCH IT YET BC I'M WITH MY FAMILY AND I DON'T HAVE MY EARBUDS BUT I ALREADY KNOW IT'S GONNA BE EPIIICCC. Bro, your my canon Toby I swear to god. Edit: Just watched it. I'M SCREAMING AAAAHHH I love this sm. keep up the awesome work bro👍

  • Youtube Wanderer
    Youtube Wanderer 17 hours ago

    I wonder if these audios will have a bombastic ending with all of the Creepypasta characters.

  • Dominic Ungaro
    Dominic Ungaro 17 hours ago

    This is so cool to watch. Thing is, im being Toby for halloween. Happy Spooktober ☠

  • Legendofbenji Tv
    Legendofbenji Tv 17 hours ago

    Great job! dude you should be an actor seriously. The emotions and the way you did this was amazing. Also, like poor Toby.

  • Ellie Krueger
    Ellie Krueger 17 hours ago

    These are so good-your Toby vids are amongst my favorites of yours

  • M .W. K
    M .W. K 17 hours ago

    "Jeff the Killer meets Slendy's Proxy"

  • Տ Ꭺ Ͳ Ꭺ Ν
    Տ Ꭺ Ͳ Ꭺ Ν 17 hours ago

    Came as soon as I could. I love your creepypasta voices!!