Random Hands
Random Hands
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  • z zzires
    z zzires 8 minutes ago

    hate to say it, but i suspect you spent lots of effort on a 20th century replica, a fake.


    You're creative, great recreated

  • activist_ ы
    activist_ ы Hour ago

    Руки бы тебе оторвать, за такое востановленние...

  • Jon Girolami
    Jon Girolami 2 hours ago

    Total hack job, terrible tool using practices, no gunsmithing talent at all, couldn't finish watching.

  • Link Figueroa
    Link Figueroa 2 hours ago

    A little music with this could've been cool but I still liked it

  • The God of Skyrim
    The God of Skyrim 2 hours ago

    That handle deserved more! Good restoration though...

  • nayan Suman
    nayan Suman 3 hours ago

    You are very intelligent

  • RMS Titanic
    RMS Titanic 3 hours ago

    Omg broken revolvet

  • Lemon Beans
    Lemon Beans 4 hours ago

    would you ever sell any of these?

  • Олег Лахута


  • Rajput Knives
    Rajput Knives 4 hours ago

    Nice work....

  • Willie Essmann
    Willie Essmann 4 hours ago

    Nice job! Unfortunately, you left out the most important part of the restoration. How did you restore the inside of the barrel?

  • Der Alte Soldat
    Der Alte Soldat 5 hours ago

    Das ist Gut Meister.👍

  • Mofrace DASH
    Mofrace DASH 6 hours ago

    Geralt has a new sword.

  • Vixen
    Vixen 6 hours ago

    Can you restore my heart?

  • Muskie
    Muskie 7 hours ago

    what did.you use for the glue?

  • Wettce
    Wettce 7 hours ago

    Epilepsy Warning: This video contains rapid change in colour and/or frames if this effects you in any way, shape or form it is advised that you don’t watch this video

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 8 hours ago

    Mejo la hubiera dejado como estaba, le puso en toda la madre.

  • Patra
    Patra 8 hours ago

    Csgo knife

  • Wishlist Restoration

    I also done revolver restoration

  • Solo_ Steve
    Solo_ Steve 8 hours ago

    Templar knuckle

  • Mr. Pesadão
    Mr. Pesadão 8 hours ago

    omg 800iq

  • Christobal Ian Cantu

    You do your restoration work different from others and you always do a great job! Keep them coming!

  • Joshua Delgado
    Joshua Delgado 9 hours ago

    Who else said that was Excalibur

  • Jonny Combes
    Jonny Combes 9 hours ago

    Breath of the wild 2 lookin good

  • Rustam Kahraman
    Rustam Kahraman 9 hours ago

    Beautiful job

  • Jabes Martinez
    Jabes Martinez 9 hours ago

    That’s hot

  • fartwrangler
    fartwrangler 9 hours ago

    Lotsa work -- but if you were going to put in that much work on it, why didn't you grind that chip out of the edge, and put a new edge on it?

  • Jason Byers jr
    Jason Byers jr 9 hours ago

    I’m diggin it

  • DenZz Alu Bar-Bar
    DenZz Alu Bar-Bar 9 hours ago

    Pedang butut

  • Sou Obrigado a Falar !

    By lobisomem

  • ImBulletm9
    ImBulletm9 9 hours ago

    "Sword cover" sheath...

  • leaf heart
    leaf heart 10 hours ago

    Everything about this is great except the tang. WTF is up with the tang? And why do people love to Damascus etch every fucking piece that they come into contact with? I personally enjoy the occasional bit of non etched steel.

  • LockedItsTy
    LockedItsTy 10 hours ago


  • miguel angel alvarez flores

    Ok ok ok since when You have 3 hands?

  • Rage BR
    Rage BR 10 hours ago

    Restaurar pra que, desse jeito aí da +100 de tetano

  • Henrique Zatorre
    Henrique Zatorre 11 hours ago

    Restore this forge

  • Angel of Lag ラグの天使

    good job!

  • Optic Voltaire
    Optic Voltaire 11 hours ago

    8:00 the forbidden tooth brush

  • Reid Witt
    Reid Witt 11 hours ago

    I don’t think that’s a kitchen knife

  • Fat Shamer
    Fat Shamer 11 hours ago

    I have... so many questions, How was this beautiful sword allowed to get to this point, why does such a nice blade have such a shitty tang, why are its fittings so sub par... wtf is going on here

  • Angelo P. Weapons
    Angelo P. Weapons 11 hours ago

    Great job man :) I was really suprised when I saw it was actually damascus steel!

  • Cesar8u Reyes
    Cesar8u Reyes 12 hours ago

    Que. Bien me gusto 🍓🚴🎹🇺🇸😜🚜🍓🍉

  • Cesar8u Reyes
    Cesar8u Reyes 12 hours ago

    Buen trabajo quedo. Chingon megusto 🍉🍓🚜😚😝😀🚛🍉🍓🚴

  • Bjørn Erik Kvitvik
    Bjørn Erik Kvitvik 12 hours ago

    Yeah, thats a real nice tomato slicer 😎 #huntingknife 🙈

  • Ethan Bruh
    Ethan Bruh 12 hours ago

    Would make a great Hema sword

  • Genmada
    Genmada 12 hours ago

    Nice uruk-hai sword

  • DragonofDarkness13
    DragonofDarkness13 13 hours ago

    files.knifecenter.com/knifecenter/coldsteel/images/CS88DK.jpg what you got there... isn't a Katana... more like a giant cleaver pretending to be a Katana

  • Joshua Hauser
    Joshua Hauser 14 hours ago

    It's so beautiful I wanna cry

  • Hey Dad
    Hey Dad 14 hours ago

    Nice guys

  • Ethan Brossard
    Ethan Brossard 14 hours ago

    I wonder why someone who put so much work into the blade itself would put so little attention into giving it a proper tang

  • Jamie Cooper
    Jamie Cooper 14 hours ago

    Your a teenager with a beard and hairy arms

  • MR restoration
    MR restoration 15 hours ago

    Great job!

  • GaligoMC
    GaligoMC 15 hours ago


  • Hans Kuijsten
    Hans Kuijsten 15 hours ago

    Doesn't look like a kitchen knife.

  • Purnima Laishram
    Purnima Laishram 16 hours ago

    It might be a murder weapon lol just saying 🤣🤣

  • tristan barnett
    tristan barnett 16 hours ago

    Great job I had no idea a Damascus blade can be restored and you proved me wrong great job

    AZRAEL 17 hours ago

    I'm very sory, bit I saw on other you tube viedeos that they cleaned the rust with chemicals. Why do you didn't do that with that sword? In reason of the steal, on environment or something else?

  • Arsene FC. Always
    Arsene FC. Always 17 hours ago

    Hello Tetanus

    LEZ MILA 18 hours ago

    9 out of 10 on the metal work 4 out of 10 on your wood work, Handle lacked the respect you showed the blade.

  • Max Asamoah
    Max Asamoah 18 hours ago

    Did...did he just *D R . S T O N E* his apple watch..... hmm

  • bitdfu
    bitdfu 18 hours ago

    My only question is where do the people get those things from I mean you don't find swords like this in your garden,

  • Dylan Sparks
    Dylan Sparks 18 hours ago

    But will it keel?

  • Demolition
    Demolition 19 hours ago

    why did you use it :(

  • Raaj Singh
    Raaj Singh 19 hours ago

    I salute you and a big salute for your hard work..keep it up..best of luck..🤗

  • Goshawk MYTH
    Goshawk MYTH 19 hours ago

    That doesnt look like katana. Because the handle is like American middle age era sword. And blade like chinese sword. Well you still make a great restoration.

  • mbeat28
    mbeat28 19 hours ago

    Ultrasonic cleaners are about as much use as a chocolate frying pan.

  • Guilherme Amorim
    Guilherme Amorim 20 hours ago

    It's a replica of Aragorn's sword from Lord of the rings!

  • Mos.A.S
    Mos.A.S 20 hours ago

    After this video I regretted that I didn’t focus in my chemistry classes 😂😂

  • David Cox
    David Cox 20 hours ago

    Really cool 👍

  • Kentai
    Kentai 21 hour ago

    14:56 face showed???

  • kevin contreras
    kevin contreras 22 hours ago

    My only question is how does it still work Is it one of the water proof ones or how? Amazing work by the way.

  • Baby NyQuill
    Baby NyQuill 22 hours ago

    Bro that shit fake, did you go and redo the etching on the back? And why isn’t the scroll knob gold? And why isn’t where you slide in the band gold? Like there’s a lot more but damn 🤧

  • hao xu
    hao xu 22 hours ago

    HI 想知道那个除锈的工具是啥

  • gowtham m
    gowtham m 22 hours ago

    Good Job

  • Color stain
    Color stain 22 hours ago

    I think the handle should have changed

  • John Doe
    John Doe 22 hours ago

    After all i watching this video: What the...How...

  • SuperMpare
    SuperMpare 23 hours ago

    Anche convertitore liquido🤔

  • TheK5iv 0riginal
    TheK5iv 0riginal 23 hours ago

    The Tetonis Sword

  • Thierry Gillon
    Thierry Gillon 23 hours ago

    Impressed !

  • JDJDH e
    JDJDH e 23 hours ago

    "So someone sent this sword that was from another world?"

  • Lil Jumesfry
    Lil Jumesfry Day ago

    case hardened katana

  • terrørista games

    Ich bin Deutscher und ich liebe deine Videos

  • JCS890101
    JCS890101 Day ago

    Master piece!

  • Rider Masterkid

    I dont even wanna know how many u diseases u have gotten from all this rust u play with

  • Dominick Gonzalez

    Katana have long handles for 2 hands

  • Денис Бураковский

    Он сделал меч перата из ржавай мачетыт если увы не ошибаюсь

  • Jason Rauch Hulsman

    thats steel lol lmao

  • Breakbeat
    Breakbeat Day ago

    Gorgeous knife

  • Jerry Johnson II

    Awesome restoration !!!!!!!! Also Congratulations on getting 1 Million subscribers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jerry Johnson II

    Looks like a Old hunting knife. It has a lot of jipping around the spin So you can choke up on it an use it as a skinning knife.

  • clinton kiely
    clinton kiely Day ago

    That’s a hunting knife mate.. that is a demascas steel knife blade.

  • Jonathan Ambray

    Polishing a sword title:*exist* Green minded dudes:Hehehe....

  • Александр Галкин

    Hello man! Is motorcycle restoration in progress? Please let us know!

  • Igor Victor
    Igor Victor Day ago

    d mais

  • ava lonic
    ava lonic Day ago


  • chocolate boi
    chocolate boi Day ago

    deezzz nuuttts

  • Marshall Mathers

    3:00 pm All:zZzZz My cat: 7:48

  • Peyote Pete
    Peyote Pete Day ago

    Nice Mall Ninja blade! I'd be afraid to hit anything harder than a piece of paper with that rat tail tang! Don't get me wrong, it looks amazing but maybe you could have added some material to the tang to make it a solid hitter

    • Peyote Pete
      Peyote Pete 7 hours ago

      @Takumeme mmm, nope

    • Takumeme
      Takumeme 7 hours ago

      Its like you cant collect things anymore. You're always expected to use things. Did the thought cross your mind he might just be a collector?

  • paul ziroli
    paul ziroli Day ago