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  • Emmett Adams
    Emmett Adams 29 seconds ago

    Please give us a Mukbang of just Cavalli’s family

  • EfedasEfe
    EfedasEfe 36 seconds ago

    That's not Käsespätzle

  • Sairan Camama
    Sairan Camama Minute ago

    I like austin and his little brother too

  • Kinky Beetch
    Kinky Beetch Minute ago

    Pasta with no sauce? Get away from me

  • Sairan Camama
    Sairan Camama 2 minutes ago

    I like crystal and also her sister 😊

  • _.sugawang
    _.sugawang 3 minutes ago

    That's like the best feeling ever🥺✊🏼

  • Clover chips
    Clover chips 4 minutes ago


  • _.sugawang
    _.sugawang 5 minutes ago

    I want dumplings so much now😩😩

  • Sander Magielsen
    Sander Magielsen 5 minutes ago

    They should have put the Oliebol (dutch) in the video

  • Swastika Chettri
    Swastika Chettri 5 minutes ago

    He is my favrt ❤️

  • Databrawl
    Databrawl 6 minutes ago

    Here in Australia, the only lockdown we’ve had were because of a spider migration from one end of the school of the next.

  • Sam _Funny
    Sam _Funny 6 minutes ago

    Bagina Beautiful

  • ethan liao
    ethan liao 6 minutes ago

    The hell and the frick

  • Ratt Gacha
    Ratt Gacha 6 minutes ago


  • wolfiebluestudios s
    wolfiebluestudios s 7 minutes ago


  • n Guitges
    n Guitges 7 minutes ago

    *Cop* : which one of ya is - *Girl* : IM OLDER *Boy* : BUT IM *T A L L E R*

    QUEEN MANO 7 minutes ago

    Please try Pakistani food

    DJTHEDRAGON 7 minutes ago

    I had a buzz cut like that too just...I didn’t have any color or designs

  • Sharon Waters
    Sharon Waters 8 minutes ago

    Can I Come on your channel please?🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • prasoon chakraborty
    prasoon chakraborty 9 minutes ago

    This guy just taught that russian and chinese are bad guys to these little kids....I mean...it wasn't necessary.

  • hanna kirkpatrick
    hanna kirkpatrick 12 minutes ago

    That kiss🥺

  • 《 Athena Playz 》
    《 Athena Playz 》 13 minutes ago

    “You look like Cardi B~ Cardi B.” “Oh wow, that- that’s a compliment.”

  • Joshua Baratheon
    Joshua Baratheon 14 minutes ago

    Teaching one's children to cook has definitely become a lost art. I find most family recipes have a history all their own. Many of which have been passed down through several generations especially here in the south where I live.

  • Hack Kill
    Hack Kill 17 minutes ago

    Interview) say a bad word Me) bbbbbbbbbbbllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppp

  • Mr Octopus
    Mr Octopus 18 minutes ago

    This all FRUITS are from Thailand ! 😮😮💩

  • bisso
    bisso 19 minutes ago

    Helena is the sweetest

  • aliya
    aliya 20 minutes ago

    Nobody: Not a soul: Pheoby: yOur A bEetLe

  • snazzybeverly
    snazzybeverly 20 minutes ago

    her hair became the bisexual flag

  • Lucas S
    Lucas S 20 minutes ago

    That kid who brought cranberries is weird af

  • Bambalooza
    Bambalooza 21 minute ago

    “What is all this stuff?” “CRANBERRIESSSSSSS”

  • *Astranout*
    *Astranout* 21 minute ago

    lmao this so cringe

  • Kael's Corner
    Kael's Corner 22 minutes ago

    Lumpiiiiaaaaa 😍

  • Tooshle
    Tooshle 22 minutes ago

    Maddox: Crystal wants to be an artist! Dex: Oh and is Crystal your girlfriend? Maddox: 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  • Amelia-Rose Martin
    Amelia-Rose Martin 22 minutes ago

    I'm 11 and on one hand I wouldn't think I'd last a minute if I was their age but on the other I think I'd b so competitive

  • Little Red Company
    Little Red Company 23 minutes ago

    love this kid hahahaha

  • Lara Mariæ
    Lara Mariæ 24 minutes ago

    I love cavalli

  • Selina Selina
    Selina Selina 24 minutes ago

    My favorite sour candy is center shocks

  • Philipp JEDLICZKA
    Philipp JEDLICZKA 24 minutes ago

    Jaja, Schnitzel als Deutsches Gericht verkaufen, genau so hams unsere National Hymne gfladert

  • Its me
    Its me 25 minutes ago

    1:00 that looks like a dry meal. If my mum brought that on the table AW HELL NAH! IM LEAVING!

  • wood floor
    wood floor 27 minutes ago

    **GASP** “i jus had mind blown.....”

  • Marie Michelle Cox
    Marie Michelle Cox 27 minutes ago

    Her house said”SIT DOWN!!”,to my to my townhouse😂😂😂

  • Saidah B
    Saidah B 27 minutes ago

    Mine: why do they tell us to clean our rooms but they don't clean theirs!

  • Haseeba Saeed
    Haseeba Saeed 28 minutes ago

    Who else thought crystal

  • Chanel Cupcake
    Chanel Cupcake 29 minutes ago

    Poor baby those pizzas look gross

  • ッFaTaL
    ッFaTaL 30 minutes ago

    The guy didn’t look happy with the kids 😂

  • Fro_ Zone
    Fro_ Zone 30 minutes ago

    Grandma: are your lips stinglin from my sauce. 2:18

  • neon 2018
    neon 2018 31 minute ago

    Hey guys golompki is not a golumpki

  • Ice_berry
    Ice_berry 31 minute ago

    When he said *"ÉÄÄHÜÀ"* I felt that 😔

  • ღ wxnderii ღ
    ღ wxnderii ღ 31 minute ago

    Audrey sounds like a spoiled kid 😬 with a big attitude

  • Rocío del Pozo
    Rocío del Pozo 32 minutes ago

    Pobres niños, que mala pinta todo por favor.

  • Matthew games And vlogs
    Matthew games And vlogs 32 minutes ago

    F S B

  • Savannah Pulsipher
    Savannah Pulsipher 33 minutes ago


  • kinza Riaz
    kinza Riaz 35 minutes ago

    i noticed japanese food and snacks size is small as compared to other countries foods and that's great.

  • Henrique Teixeira
    Henrique Teixeira 35 minutes ago

    The kid will have diabetes

  • Killa kiera
    Killa kiera 35 minutes ago

    zeharah’s mom is a bi**h to her grandma lol. and who just eats boiled noodles .....

  • summer schnuzzle
    summer schnuzzle 36 minutes ago

    3:05 not getting an abortion

  • Jordyn Gaming
    Jordyn Gaming 37 minutes ago

    Are gonna ignore the fact that 2 kids said supercalifragilisticexpialidocious????

  • Dionix
    Dionix 38 minutes ago

    The big kid has the exact same shirt in which I was wearing while watching

  • Frost Bite
    Frost Bite 39 minutes ago

    That white kid sound like the kids in skyrim

  • Ina K.
    Ina K. 39 minutes ago

    I love the twins. I think they’re really smart and cute

  • Presley James Apodaca
    Presley James Apodaca 39 minutes ago


  • dap pranb
    dap pranb 39 minutes ago

    My grama made me super good food

  • Joseph Garcia
    Joseph Garcia 39 minutes ago

    Man I feel for the kids sadness right now I'm 15 years young and I lost all of my grandparents exept for my grandma but my pops both of em are up there watching me same with my grandma

  • cbjgirl23
    cbjgirl23 39 minutes ago

    Lennox is so good looking! 😍

  • MaryamPlays
    MaryamPlays 40 minutes ago

    Man I'd never want to disrespect my child's grandparent like that. Especially if the kid can see, they'd think that behaviour's normal. Whether she was joking or not, but don't touch don't touch. Say whaaat

    XØ KIARA ØX 41 minute ago

    Austin’s mum reminds me of Camila Cabello for some reason 🤣

  • Devika G A
    Devika G A 42 minutes ago

    The look on Zahara's mum's face when the grandma won....... Ooooh that's definitely a salty relationship between each other

  • michael jackson
    michael jackson 43 minutes ago

    I love snakes

  • demario mays
    demario mays 43 minutes ago

    I'm sorry but ilah is a milf

  • Rcreative G
    Rcreative G 43 minutes ago

    How did the doctor not laugh 😂😅 oh goodness. These kids are so adorable

  • Ilinca Popescu
    Ilinca Popescu 43 minutes ago

    This made me cry.

  • marcellus gaming vlogs
    marcellus gaming vlogs 44 minutes ago

    I feel like the mom of miko is filipino who agrees? I have proof it says pandasal its a filipino bread like if you agree 👇

  • Yola Melani
    Yola Melani 45 minutes ago

    I really love oscar and his mom interaction

  • Meghana B.a
    Meghana B.a 46 minutes ago

    3:35 ok I love this , I don't know why it's so cute !😂

  • Rcreative G
    Rcreative G 46 minutes ago

    Tears are falling from my eyes🤣😂😭😭 "Picklessszzmm

  • teo kukec
    teo kukec 46 minutes ago

    1:48 me when i try to sing

  • Master_ doe
    Master_ doe 47 minutes ago

    I’d come in wearing my school uniform and be like a lawyer

  • Great_Jay YT
    Great_Jay YT 48 minutes ago

    Pia isn’t durian its sau rieng

  • YAZH17
    YAZH17 50 minutes ago

    The male teacher regretdd his life after seeing the haircut

  • thewelcometodark
    thewelcometodark 50 minutes ago

    Wanted to see that cute Indian girl. Disappointed. I'm gonna unsubscribe

  • Abigail Murray
    Abigail Murray 51 minute ago

    Daniel is really nice.

  • Elias Bruhn
    Elias Bruhn 51 minute ago

    I go to karate I have the purple belt soon brown

  • Kunika Thakare
    Kunika Thakare 51 minute ago

    I like the spaghetti moms confidence 😂😂😂

  • tija vidović
    tija vidović 53 minutes ago

    Sow cool😊💜

  • Nellie Cantu
    Nellie Cantu 53 minutes ago

    These teachers are amazing

  • XxAkeemN1xX
    XxAkeemN1xX 54 minutes ago

    2:14 the moms face lmfao

  • Anjar Widi
    Anjar Widi 54 minutes ago


  • X Inity
    X Inity 55 minutes ago

    Hack some v bucks for me!

  • Anjar Widi
    Anjar Widi 55 minutes ago


  • Jared Washington
    Jared Washington 56 minutes ago


  • Kasper's filmpjes
    Kasper's filmpjes 57 minutes ago

    Iemand ZET HIER ASTUBLIEFT ONDERTIETELING BIJ😂, ik kan goed Engels, maar k wil compleet stuk gaan!

  • Shahnaz Hafsa
    Shahnaz Hafsa 59 minutes ago

    Why do i find these food look better than my school food

  • _.sugawang
    _.sugawang 59 minutes ago

    Sushi is so freaking good wth, my dads the same, He hate's it too and I don't get it.

  • Craig Watkins
    Craig Watkins Hour ago

    That's bad for kids no see this guy who robbed a bank

  • JUneD KilleD YoU

    Being a ethical hacker is my dream bro I wish I have met him when I was a child 😭

  • Yola Melani
    Yola Melani Hour ago

    Can you feel the love in the air~

  • Martine
    Martine Hour ago

    None of my other teachers were available 😂😂

  • De twee broeders Nl

    0:43 that woman really sounds like ellen don’t you guys think?

  • Asmaa Amir
    Asmaa Amir Hour ago

    I feel that the girl is kinda worried Or Just playing with her leg 😊😊

  • ZeresChiu JingYi

    they are kids after all even if they're rude & kind of spoiled lol