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...Ready For It? Trailer
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#STYLEmemories One
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#STYLEmemories Two
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Surprising Gena
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#HiFromTaylor Teaser
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Some extraordinary news...
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  • Sumanta 49
    Sumanta 49 12 minutes ago


  • Yournah Vythee
    Yournah Vythee 13 minutes ago

    Sorry but ungrateful men like Shawn Mendes only uses her when it benefits them so Im not gonna be listening to this remix ever again

  • maliha maisha
    maliha maisha 24 minutes ago

    Shawn you are perfect 💖

  • Lelan Bolanio
    Lelan Bolanio 24 minutes ago

    Love Story; Romeo Lover; Titanic The Man : Leo Taylor have a crush on Leonardo De Caprio...😘

  • Kanna Kamui
    Kanna Kamui 24 minutes ago

    Imagine dancing with your future husband and then you read again the first word.

  • Eita Mana
    Eita Mana 28 minutes ago

    Que medo dessa música

  • MC OldSchool
    MC OldSchool 29 minutes ago

    I didn't know how bad I wanted the two of them to collaborate until I heard this.

  • Alejandro Baui
    Alejandro Baui 38 minutes ago

    Even the lyrics, perfect! Thumbs up for this two amazing artists😍

  • maliha maisha
    maliha maisha 38 minutes ago

    The girl in his story is Camilla Cabello💖💖💖

  • Brew Man
    Brew Man 41 minute ago


  • Maria Fe Alfaro
    Maria Fe Alfaro 56 minutes ago

    Shookt!! It was an amazing collab 😍

  • Anonymous Vambu
    Anonymous Vambu 56 minutes ago

    You don't wanna miss this ruclip.com/video/ZLdAi1fyWfI/video.html

  • I'm Jaeden Lieberher's Wife

    Proof that your here before 10Million ↓♡

  • Lemon Nostalgia
    Lemon Nostalgia Hour ago

    this is indeed a very unexpected collab but still, they did well. :)) aww, how much i miss ed x taylor , huhu. 😭💕

  • Kristel Caleon
    Kristel Caleon Hour ago


  • Yanda Carii
    Yanda Carii Hour ago


  • Best Lyrics
    Best Lyrics Hour ago


  • n!ck!
    n!ck! 2 hours ago


  • Sirojiddin ahmedov
    Sirojiddin ahmedov 2 hours ago

    didnt like it 'coz it is not sung with happiness but the words are so happy ith themselves hey taylor shawn mendes couldn't have thank u u better listen "treat u better" @shawnMesndes @Taylorswift

  • hi Cassie
    hi Cassie 2 hours ago

    This is perfect ❤️

  • Nation's Center
    Nation's Center 2 hours ago


  • Deok Bae Kim
    Deok Bae Kim 2 hours ago

    It’s best song👍

  • Claude Murray
    Claude Murray 2 hours ago

    I love Taylor Swift, don't think this song needs another version recording with Shawn Mendes,

  • Raiza J
    Raiza J 2 hours ago

    when I microwave orange toothpaste and open the the microwave door 0:00

  • Darren Sok
    Darren Sok 2 hours ago

    Their voice doesn't go well together.

  • Social Network Asia
    Social Network Asia 2 hours ago

    Cool song..

  • Mariam Almusawi
    Mariam Almusawi 2 hours ago

    I gave it a like before it start 🌚🌚

  • nevermind
    nevermind 2 hours ago

    I come back again and again to watch this, just me? 😌

    EAZTHARLEM 2 hours ago

    *SWEET REMIX !!!. NICELY DONE ...* ❤

  • Jillian Griezmann
    Jillian Griezmann 2 hours ago

    Go shawnie boi go my queen

  • Ha Luong Hang
    Ha Luong Hang 2 hours ago


  • 240walnut
    240walnut 3 hours ago

    i have a twerk song

  • Sophia Anne Gallo
    Sophia Anne Gallo 3 hours ago


  • Suman Malani
    Suman Malani 3 hours ago

    Loved this one

  • geo pap
    geo pap 3 hours ago

    Oh guys... That is incredible

  • Hun Starfire
    Hun Starfire 3 hours ago

    The song and the aesthetics are so beautiful😘

  • GamjaChop
    GamjaChop 3 hours ago

    Shawn and Camila 💘

  • StudentM
    StudentM 3 hours ago

    Shawn Mendes makes everything better.

  • Anne Janine Lopez
    Anne Janine Lopez 3 hours ago

    Imagine how happy Shawn is because of this collab kskaksks he's been Taylor's fan for so long!

  • Paul Margallo
    Paul Margallo 3 hours ago

    I love u taylor💙

  • please help me to hit 10,000 subcriber


  • Denisa Muca
    Denisa Muca 4 hours ago

    OMG this song break your heart 💔if you are single😭

  • Sarah Marterer
    Sarah Marterer 4 hours ago

    I Love it ♥️

  • abigail *-*
    abigail *-* 4 hours ago

    November 2019 somebody?

  • CJ Dela Cruz
    CJ Dela Cruz 4 hours ago

    What a pleasant suprise!! 😻

  • Franklin Perez-Soto
    Franklin Perez-Soto 5 hours ago

    1:17 Shawn Mendez

  • CallMeSof
    CallMeSof 5 hours ago

    LOVE this collab 💓💓

  • Royal Flush
    Royal Flush 5 hours ago

    And life goes on

  • Christoph Waltz
    Christoph Waltz 5 hours ago


  • Calvin Biefeld
    Calvin Biefeld 5 hours ago

    *Head over to my channel and watch a couple of my covers,i've done 133.SUBSCRIBE,LIKE,SHARE if you enjoy.Thanks and have a great day*

  • Calvin Biefeld
    Calvin Biefeld 5 hours ago

    *Head over to my channel and watch a couple of my covers,i've done 133.SUBSCRIBE,LIKE,SHARE if you enjoy.Thanks and have a great day*

  • Safika Gaper Gaper
    Safika Gaper Gaper 5 hours ago

    Such a beautifull music.. Feels like warm tea in the nice sunday

  • J P
    J P 5 hours ago


  • Grace O.
    Grace O. 5 hours ago


  • Hacks kid 6
    Hacks kid 6 5 hours ago

    Why does the beginning sound like tranzit from bo2 zombies

  • Marcy
    Marcy 6 hours ago

    Taylor, you 're so cuteee

  • Sirea McCall
    Sirea McCall 6 hours ago

    Amazing Collab I have always liked both your works

  • france paris
    france paris 6 hours ago


  • Kenzo Xcx
    Kenzo Xcx 6 hours ago

    Mas maganda parin ang original At itong ft shawn hindi gaano nag stream

  • Paege Dazzle
    Paege Dazzle 6 hours ago

    Such a beautiful blending

  • Gugu Silva
    Gugu Silva 6 hours ago

    Bom demais 😌💖

  • Celeste Ibarra
    Celeste Ibarra 6 hours ago

    I feel like a bad Shawn fan for not seeing this for 4 days, but I still love these guys!!!! Oh my gosh, Shawn's voice will never get old #mendesarmy K, do I just not know the words, or did they make new lyrics for him to sing? I CAN NOT GET OVER HIS VOCALS, MY SHAWN IS ALL GROWN UP!!!!!

  • Cynthia Corcoran
    Cynthia Corcoran 6 hours ago

    I'm Pope

  • Cynthia Corcoran
    Cynthia Corcoran 6 hours ago

    They are all me

  • Joseph Lehman
    Joseph Lehman 7 hours ago

    Wow January! So rebel!

  • Chopper 1
    Chopper 1 7 hours ago

    Christmas's coming <3

  • garima
    garima 7 hours ago

    Thanks Taylor you made this song two sided.....perfectly complete.....

  • trap 007
    trap 007 7 hours ago

    elegantly beautiful

  • Jodie Nessen
    Jodie Nessen 7 hours ago

    Omg love! Can I have Shawn Mendes as my lover?! Haha jk but I love this remix

  • brittni4567
    brittni4567 7 hours ago

    “I’d go down with the Titanic, it’s true “ alright don’t be stealing Jacks thunder pal.

  • Monse Estrada
    Monse Estrada 8 hours ago

    Ayudenmeee reproduciendo este video, es un proyecto de mi clase de Anato🥺 ruclip.com/video/yc8FSeCHmF8/video.html

  • Ea Chaeng
    Ea Chaeng 8 hours ago

    2 weeks after *taylor and shawn kissing each other*

  • Kenneth Lasseter
    Kenneth Lasseter 8 hours ago


  • The sugar Life
    The sugar Life 8 hours ago

    I love Taylor so much and Shawn too, but I think we can all agree that shawns lyrics were kinda silly. No hate! I love Taylor with all my heart ! I also forgot to say they sound AMAZING together! Just different lyrics . And one more thing, every one go on insta and look at the nEw t swift stickers?!!!??

  • Kabir Tamang
    Kabir Tamang 8 hours ago

    [Look on my they will tell you the truth The girl of my story has always been you!]=favorite line

  • Aidil Abwahab
    Aidil Abwahab 8 hours ago

    Until today I haven’t found ma lover yet

    SHEENA REMARCA 9 hours ago

    SO NICE ILOVE IT ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🎶🎶🎶🎶🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • maru carvalho
    maru carvalho 9 hours ago

    This wasn’t necessary... but i’ll take it

  • bren pao
    bren pao 9 hours ago

    perfect duo amo❤ su voz taylor como dice mis pastelitos 🎂y como les quedo la canción especial 👌:lover

  • S
    S 9 hours ago


  • Avengers Assemble
    Avengers Assemble 9 hours ago

    Ok I see u Shawn 🤩 He was hittin dem notes👏🏽💯

  • Jocelyn Coria
    Jocelyn Coria 9 hours ago

    Is it just me or does this song kinda low-key sound like a Christmas song 😂

  • Aung Nay Lin
    Aung Nay Lin 9 hours ago

    You're my,my,my Lover

  • Acquilino Iko
    Acquilino Iko 9 hours ago

    Chinese takeout: Drake: Dawg

  • E U Aravind
    E U Aravind 9 hours ago

    Like : Taylor Swift Comment : Shawn Mendes

  • E U Aravind
    E U Aravind 9 hours ago

    Who else is part of the Mendes Army as well as a Swiftie?

  •  9 hours ago

    I wish so many people did not like Taylor swift-it annoys me Because my favourite singer is someone that people do not like and I am very self-conscious and it is very difficult to share my times at Taylors concerts

  • Michael Galan
    Michael Galan 10 hours ago

    Who wants Camila Cabello to also ft in Taylor Swift's album/song Lover with Shawn Mendes?

  • Valerie Perin
    Valerie Perin 10 hours ago

    I love it when you call me LOVER.

  • Cynthia Corcoran
    Cynthia Corcoran 10 hours ago

    I'm Royal air at seven years old soprano Schubert Ordained Minister Pope child star actor scientist Cynthia Corcoran UN. I'm only recorded cloud stream sound this century. They had stole my phone

  • HeyyyIt'sMal
    HeyyyIt'sMal 10 hours ago

    I didn't think Lover could get any better... boy was I wrong

  • 13 13
    13 13 10 hours ago

    I'm going to write a song about a bear who can't stop thinking about a fox anyone what to help ?

    • 1776 74
      1776 74 10 hours ago

      Not sure I should get in the middle of this

    • 7 7
      7 7 10 hours ago

      Your all my new best friends lol

    • Seven 77
      Seven 77 10 hours ago

      You need to calm down

    • 13 13
      13 13 10 hours ago

      Oh my

    • 7 Seven
      7 Seven 10 hours ago

      Funny ! obviously the Lion and the Fox ! Makes way more sense !

  • Vanessa Alonso Juarez
    Vanessa Alonso Juarez 10 hours ago

    I love the song 😍😍😍

  • Joshua Belen
    Joshua Belen 10 hours ago

    This song makes me wanna be single for life and still won't care

  • FairyMoon 18
    FairyMoon 18 10 hours ago

    Everyone: My new Wedding song!! Me: If I even have a wedding :/

  • Kornelis Deozhynel
    Kornelis Deozhynel 11 hours ago

    jennifer lopez from modern.

  • Kornelis Deozhynel
    Kornelis Deozhynel 11 hours ago

    will only at youtube creators placing my name like baby one more time is never us again. bye neey'.

  • Nico A
    Nico A 11 hours ago

    la voz de shawn me mataa AAAW lo amo

  • Harvey Gamboa
    Harvey Gamboa 11 hours ago

    We stand with you Taylor keep Fighting we all always here to support to you 😂💕