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  • george omumbo
    george omumbo 14 minutes ago

    There is no definition of an accident. Accidents are like lightening, it strikes when least expected. Those making unnecessary comments were asked by the 001 Ali Hassan Joho to just try a five meter dive to feel how the diver had drawn their lives 💘

  • Eunice Nthanze
    Eunice Nthanze 16 minutes ago

    Pole sana Mr Wambua.....may God give you enough strength and comfort. Rip angels.

  • StellaMarburger5 Marburger

    The tiens herbal medicines are very helpful ,the company is all over the world.

  • Fardosa Saidi
    Fardosa Saidi 20 minutes ago

    Shame on them 😡😡😡

  • naseer ahmad
    naseer ahmad 20 minutes ago

    Sarah wairimu shall just be sentenced to death this is not humanity she shall be pinned down for it to be and example for all lady murderes cohen already had fear coz he already knew his wife sarah wairimus behaviour and out of greed planned to kill him

  • Alinish Philip
    Alinish Philip 24 minutes ago

    u Kenyans if u have 9 trillion please people of parliament do not take us like full 'coz u seen someone misleading the country and u still waiting for what and u still give him mamulka hi must leave the job of President wha kind of a president his taking the country of Kenyans how can one person make the country poverty while Allah if merciful for our country hi must chest out from the country like minguna minguna what the committee members're doing for discussion? I am get Angry about this situation please

  • StellaMarburger5 Marburger

    This is tiens company.

  • Maureen Odegi
    Maureen Odegi 35 minutes ago

    I cannot believe people commenting and cussing the teenager. Sometimes it is not about the BEST thing but the RIGHT thing,...I bet this guy had left all responsibility to his wife and probably jumping from one prostitute to the next not to mention being abusive towards his family. Boys cannot stand seeing their mothers getting abused and being a teenager that got him.

  • Ann Kabbz
    Ann Kabbz 35 minutes ago

    Those Indians behind there are to blame.. trust me. They have something to do with all this fracas...

  • Peter Kipkorir
    Peter Kipkorir 42 minutes ago

    there is a lot need be done here

  • Bilal Philip
    Bilal Philip 51 minute ago

    Hizo mali zote na bado wanabishana??? Acha niishi tuu ghetto sigombani na landlord Tamaa itawaua!!!

  • Lillian Akwam
    Lillian Akwam 55 minutes ago

    Ogojeni nxt month pia

  • Magdalene Ndila
    Magdalene Ndila Hour ago

    My condolences to the family and friends n relatives..may their souls rest in peace Amen

  • 50k official
    50k official Hour ago

    The way I understood is kenya are training to fight somali learning counter attack 😂😂😂 Somali they learned counter attack 1977 and now they are all veteran

  • Michael Kambo
    Michael Kambo Hour ago

    NTV can’t even post the entire show ? Bure kabisa nyinyi


    Hello there Do you know of someone in NAIROBI AREA who can work in a distribution company. (9 hrs, ksh 2100 thrice a week) Whatsapp/sms 0783524202 office number


    May their souls Rest In Peace

  • Ali Samatar
    Ali Samatar Hour ago

    Congragulation to all who have been recognised....

  • Bright Kalan
    Bright Kalan Hour ago

    So sorry May God strengthen u at this hard tym

  • joyiez peter
    joyiez peter Hour ago

    Sad story indeed 🤗🤗🤗🤗


    Ilike the guy of stop wasting time 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂am back hear because of him😊😂🤣🤣😂🤣

  • Mululu Picha
    Mululu Picha Hour ago

    Kenya is blessed with so much rain, most of it ends up in the ocean. If we only invested in super dams like developed countries did, NO ONE would lack clean water or electricity. I cry for my country, we are led by people who turn our blessings into curses like these floods.

  • charlie vega
    charlie vega Hour ago

    Roach sandwich nasty ass people knowing roaches carry so many germs

  • Eunice Munyi
    Eunice Munyi Hour ago

    👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 thumbs up to hon. Jakoyo Midiwo.

  • Zilper Ojow
    Zilper Ojow Hour ago

    This not the car that drawned....waache kutupima bhangi

  • E M K
    E M K 2 hours ago

    No human is limited by HIV. You motivate many.

  • moses waweru
    moses waweru 2 hours ago

    Atwoli, you cant mock God, carry your lusts with you

    RAHAB K 2 hours ago

    ati ndio maana si hutapitia kichwa pillow si miguu

  • Eunice Munyi
    Eunice Munyi 2 hours ago

    Listen to professor, he is talking sense. Was jubilee borrowing with support from ODM a set up? So that they will pull such cards during 2020 election campaigns ?

  • Eunice Munyi
    Eunice Munyi 2 hours ago

    Tukifreeze, Raila atakula nini ?

    • Habbil H.O
      Habbil H.O Hour ago

      Raila amekufanyia Nini Sasa...anazo kukushinda achana naye

  • Ndoch wa kikuyu
    Ndoch wa kikuyu 2 hours ago

    Punyeto ati ni kuunda Toy na Clay 😂😂😂😂😂😂 ..mastabating

  • Mitchelle Audrey.
    Mitchelle Audrey. 2 hours ago

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  • Thomas Ian
    Thomas Ian 2 hours ago

    So sad

  • Latrell Sprewell
    Latrell Sprewell 2 hours ago

    Jubilee is the problem

  • Loise Gitau
    Loise Gitau 2 hours ago

    2022 only GOD who knows if we will be alive or not, who to be President is upon KENYANS and GOD. Mwanaume akiwa na pesa marriage in mind.

  • Jackline Ntinyari
    Jackline Ntinyari 2 hours ago

    Maajabu ya dunia

  • Hanifa Ali
    Hanifa Ali 2 hours ago

    This is a murderer who is thirsty of human blood.

  • Al Haj
    Al Haj 2 hours ago

    You go to SOMALIA to steal but that is the fate

  • minata
    minata 2 hours ago

    I don't know why I'm crying.congratulations man

  • Lewis Awuonda
    Lewis Awuonda 2 hours ago

    DP, you can be a nice vlogger.

  • william kirima
    william kirima 2 hours ago

    Who listens to Khalwale anyway? He jumps from one camp to another as long as he is being fed. I don't trust a political chameleon. Just the other day you were a sycophant of rao criticizing ruto on donations. Now you support ruto's donations and criticize rao.

  • samuel njoroge
    samuel njoroge 3 hours ago


  • Ogweno Were
    Ogweno Were 3 hours ago

    "Counrty"! That is NTV!

  • Tyra Wanga
    Tyra Wanga 3 hours ago

    Tumegrow na dad BT he was the best hakuwahi tutendea mabaya dad rest in peace

  • fredrick salash
    fredrick salash 3 hours ago

    Sad romance😢

  • David Odindo #Ocheche

    Sergeant Abaka all the best 👊🏿

  • Fred Mnyamwezi
    Fred Mnyamwezi 3 hours ago

    The smile from this lady though.....Let me keep on watching

  • Maurice Otieno
    Maurice Otieno 3 hours ago

    Cheruyiot you are member of whatever, have you discussed with your boss what you are saying here?

  • Rose Mutinda
    Rose Mutinda 3 hours ago

    Wlcm back home.

    DON SANTO 3 hours ago

    Alice is either dumb, tribal or bribed. She is not fit for adult conversation.

  • Maurice Otieno
    Maurice Otieno 3 hours ago

    Cheruiyot has opportunity to know where Ruto is tangatangaring but not noble job he was given.

  • Maurice Otieno
    Maurice Otieno 3 hours ago

    RAILA, Please do not agree with everything UHURU is telling you. You will one day sign for your own death unknowingly. Hawa wangweana ni wanoma bwana. STOP SAYING YES, Hautongozwi bwana.

  • Ashura Rashid
    Ashura Rashid 3 hours ago


  • Nancy Alusah
    Nancy Alusah 3 hours ago


  • Benson Ndigori
    Benson Ndigori 3 hours ago

    Welcome home king kipchoge

  • Maurice Otieno
    Maurice Otieno 3 hours ago

    So human beings of high esteem and positions like Sonko should be allowed to dance aimlessly abroad without criticism?He represents the nation. People mat think Kenya is the only country that choose lunatics to positions.

  • Dx Fire
    Dx Fire 3 hours ago

    Too many black men have been trapped by blondies🤣

  • Radicalady winnie
    Radicalady winnie 3 hours ago

    Why can't we join Hands and give them a nice send-off plis provide the number

  • Precious Purity
    Precious Purity 3 hours ago

    THIS GUY HATES RUTO WITH PASSION.... He's always in his mouth

  • G M
    G M 3 hours ago

    Alie support huo nayeye anaeza fanya kama yeye

  • daniel jones
    daniel jones 3 hours ago

    Magari hayana miguu. Miguu ni ya wanyama. Magari yana magurudumu.

  • Paul Karanja
    Paul Karanja 4 hours ago

    Sonko ni ovyo better kidero

  • Mary John
    Mary John 4 hours ago

    Mwishoe tuskie fulani amepotea na mwili kupatikana umetupwa yawa.

  • Grace Kimani
    Grace Kimani 4 hours ago

    Acheni kujificha Na kanisa ,Mungu anaona

  • Seline Oluoch
    Seline Oluoch 4 hours ago

    So sad 😭😭

  • Sunset
    Sunset 4 hours ago

    Nowadays the money remitted by the diaspora Kenyans is the number one foreign exchange earner for Kenya yet those in the diaspora are not even appreciated by the government of criminals who are busy borrowing and looting as if there's no tomorrow instead of lobbying to foreign governments to hire our people and give them visas like other countries like China India Philippines Pakistan etc are lobbying for their citizens to get even seasonal workers visas for countries like New Zealand Australia Canada Italy etc

  • Thomas Kinuthia
    Thomas Kinuthia 4 hours ago

    maddax chill had uulizwe swali bro,

  • Lillian Akwam
    Lillian Akwam 4 hours ago

    2019 ni mwaka wa baraka kenya

  • Kimen Njeri
    Kimen Njeri 4 hours ago

    Thank God for safe jounery

  • Lillian Akwam
    Lillian Akwam 4 hours ago

    Pin Point

  • Mary John
    Mary John 4 hours ago

    Na hio kwa serikali ishaisha.ile imebaki ni hadithi.washasahau

  • J W
    J W 4 hours ago

    in my opinion there will never be a more open,more clear illustration of kenyans being abandoned by the so called waheshimiwa than this stupid handshake

  • Nkechi Alison
    Nkechi Alison 4 hours ago

    her parents are so calm. They took a lot of shit. get the school principal ARRESTED and let proper investigation be done!!!!!

  • Lillian Akwam
    Lillian Akwam 4 hours ago

    Mungu ni mwema

  • Oscar Kinoti
    Oscar Kinoti 4 hours ago

    We need serious austerity measures, UhuRuto are a disaster in this country.

  • Anthrp 101
    Anthrp 101 4 hours ago

    Why can't parents leave their children with a clear testament

  • Margiez.
    Margiez. 4 hours ago

    Wonderful young man...Mr. George Mulei. the mum is my persona;l friend nurse at Kikuyu hospital.... May God of Jacob Isaac be there for this family......Will reach out for her on phone. George i will definately nget in touch with you son.

  • Mwangi Gicheru
    Mwangi Gicheru 4 hours ago

    Good riddance mr moi..

  • Jasper Etale
    Jasper Etale 4 hours ago

    What can Otiende claim to have done for his constituents besides mere mouthing? Fluency and articulate in saying so much but doing nothing tangible.

    • Zack Murithi
      Zack Murithi 2 hours ago

      Go ask his constituents

    • Benmath Nzuki
      Benmath Nzuki 2 hours ago

      You hear cheruiyot being senseless but you blame not and go ahead to point out another mp,stop double standard

    DON SANTO 4 hours ago

    I remember when the police tear-gassed and shot dead kids, civilians, livestock, etc during elections and what did the Commander In Chief and President Uhuru Kenyatta do? He thanked them for a job well done. Why are we complaining? Now 4 out of 10 police officers are thugs. Let jubilee bring us down!

  • Mwihaki Franc
    Mwihaki Franc 4 hours ago

    sons of a fortune

  • Max Imiliano
    Max Imiliano 4 hours ago

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  • kiplangat Lonary
    kiplangat Lonary 4 hours ago

    Stolen wealth

  • william kirima
    william kirima 4 hours ago

    Listen to Eseli. Most people don't listen to his wise advice. The guy knows what he is talking about. Those people working in Treasury are double agents from the Bretton Woods even the Central Bank Governor. That's why we are knee deep in IMF and World Bank.

  • Kiprotich Rono
    Kiprotich Rono 4 hours ago

    Otiende has it. Cheruiyot is just speaking because he has to speak... he has nothing which can help the nation

  • kigen katwa
    kigen katwa 4 hours ago

    midiwo makes a lot of sense

  • Gerald Njuguna
    Gerald Njuguna 4 hours ago

    Sad to see siblings fighting like this..

  • Evans Mogere
    Evans Mogere 4 hours ago

    Cheruiyot useless how dare can you speak that members of parliament have got that power ,and yet the parliament status is manipulated and based on majority Kenyans who know how things are done you cannot kid us as you think we see and we know!!!! Otiende is on point to be sincere Kibaki left this country in a better status but so far we are f**cked up

  • william kirima
    william kirima 4 hours ago

    Jubilee is a failed experiment. Yet, people will still return them for another experiment. Voters are the problem.

  • millycent murimi
    millycent murimi 4 hours ago


  • Virginia Kuria
    Virginia Kuria 5 hours ago

    Kwa Nini anaachiliwa

  • Isaac Lelgo
    Isaac Lelgo 5 hours ago

    In this panel, Eseli is speaking sense, Otiende is shrewd here, Cheruiyot is just a parrot...the rest i dont know

  • Kiplangat Chelule
    Kiplangat Chelule 5 hours ago

    PLO, really a great man

    DON SANTO 5 hours ago

    Jakoyo Midiwo I also wonder where the fear comes from...

    DON SANTO 5 hours ago

    Otiende you said it!

    DON SANTO 5 hours ago

    Cheruiyot has proved Eseli right; Jubilee knows what they need to do but are deliberately impoverishing this nation.

  • David wamson
    David wamson 5 hours ago

    These videos are too long for consumption. Clip them into 8 minutes.

  • Lillian Nonny
    Lillian Nonny 5 hours ago

    May both Mariam & Amanda RIP 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾😔😔😔😔😭😭😭😭

  • djtimwe
    djtimwe 5 hours ago


  • Justus Njoroge
    Justus Njoroge 5 hours ago

    I strongly disagree with Senator Wamatangi that our economic predicament is not a Jubilee issue but a national one😳. Excuse me Senator, mkikula nyama mlisema tumeze mate... sasa bill imeletwa unadai tulipe sote irrespective of whether ulikula nyama ama ulimeza mate😳 That makes me sick to say the least.