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My Deepfakes
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Weird World Champions
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Animals Fear Him
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Joker Drama
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No Happy Ending
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Bodybuilder Skyrim
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Bearded Asthma World
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Evil Mohawk
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The Ultimate Workout VHS
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Cursed Zombie Seaman
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High Energy Police Chase
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How Powerful Are Sex Toys
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Badass Way of Saving Bees
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Men of Medan
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Rookie Slapping Tournament
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Blair Witch
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I Invented A New Sport
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The Death of Tumblr
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Wrestling From Hell
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Forged In Fleshlights
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I Am Justice
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Farting Animation Youtubers
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Bodyguard Competition
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Ex Picks Boyfriend
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Foot Fetish Wedding
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Hardcore Wrestling
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Hentai Survive Island
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Tall Women and Prom
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Polar Bear Police Force
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Police Find Sex Toys
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Cursed Kids Show
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Moist Meter | The Boys
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Is Twitch Dying
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Psychicpebbles Funeral
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Drunk Wrestling
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React Channel
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  • aegis12314
    aegis12314 Hour ago

    No empire lasts forever. It will rot from the inside.

  • ShoeNice Classic uploads

    ✅ this 🥜

  • C h a r l s i
    C h a r l s i Hour ago

    They declared war on your godamn hair

  • ShoeNice Classic uploads

    *✅ deez nutz*

  • Dakotarolla
    Dakotarolla Hour ago

    2000 band vibes

  • John Chase
    John Chase Hour ago

    Let her go. It's personal use.

  • Luke Dogg
    Luke Dogg Hour ago

    Yakima is in Washington and this is pretty much all it is

  • sass Mate
    sass Mate Hour ago

    At this point I feel like RUclip are just seeing how much shit we will put up with

  • Decemburrrrrr
    Decemburrrrrr Hour ago

    Dude what the fuck is that on your head. Youre almost a full blown wookie

  • Luke
    Luke Hour ago

    RUclip is basically run by autistic corporate shill boomers in 2019

  • Sentience
    Sentience Hour ago

    How do you go from handsome jack to the troglodyte twins

  • Barack Hussein Obama II

    He kinda looks like thereportoftheweeks dad

  • Shane Grewell
    Shane Grewell Hour ago

    Well you see, Google has it headquarters in silicon valley, and RUclip is owned by Google and is also in silicon valley. RUclips CEO is Susan wajeski, whom is pretty much a diversity hire under the alphabet company. Anyways, when you realize that gender is not based on chromosomes, everything is offensive, being anti-capitalist and not having any valid job skills... Kinda makes sense when you realize where the orders are coming from

  • Marky D
    Marky D Hour ago

    John Wick vs Rambo who wins?

  • Eric Stamm
    Eric Stamm Hour ago

    Gamers most oppressed. Rise up

  • Caleb Stockman
    Caleb Stockman Hour ago

    Does anyone think this might have something to do with the recent children's content scandal?

  • IBuyTacos
    IBuyTacos Hour ago

    i swear I'm going to get a seizure from that colour correction

  • Zach Cascadian
    Zach Cascadian Hour ago

    Appreciate the dedication to long hair, however, as a longhair myself I recommend trimming the back up a bit, the sides too but only if they need it. You want the front and top long and the back medium until the front is chin length or matching the back, my opinion tho. You just want to match the front and back equally. Piss und love

  • JK Rein
    JK Rein Hour ago

    My theory is that RUclip is into scat, and likes to be shat on

  • Nate D.
    Nate D. Hour ago

    "With shorter hair.." not by much there buddy, looking a little shaggy... lol

  • Deldour
    Deldour Hour ago

    Tbh, I never even heard of this game until now. I thought you were going to bring up Evolve.

  • Berto Lert
    Berto Lert Hour ago


  • Marky D
    Marky D Hour ago

    I just wish Sly is immortal. He could possibly make another ton of great movies in the future.

  • BaioWithMayo
    BaioWithMayo Hour ago

    RIP jimmy broadbent, the only jimmy who is losing his verification

  • Shiv Inder Singh

    "Here's the villain from last season ." "And here the pussy " killed me almost

  • Ocean Templeton
    Ocean Templeton Hour ago

    since when did dave grohl have a youtube channel

  • Rafael Trivino
    Rafael Trivino Hour ago

    What I do is start kissing the person I'm with and if they don't feel like going any further then that's it. Fuck that button.

  • Jospeh
    Jospeh Hour ago

    At one point charlie looked liked keanu.

  • Crimson Autumn
    Crimson Autumn Hour ago

    I actually love his insults

  • Klep Trep
    Klep Trep Hour ago

    See I thought it was a solid 1 out of 10, mainly because I didn't like Rambo at all. Like this is a dude that kills dogs and dude's dicks, like he's literally Michael Myers off Halloween.

  • DieselBudgie
    DieselBudgie Hour ago

    7:03 Top Ten Accidental Face Reveals

  • Alex Parker
    Alex Parker Hour ago

    Babadook lmao

    STOTTINMAD Hour ago

    Alright Tzeentch calm down

  • Brockly512
    Brockly512 Hour ago

    Me: watching video intently Penguiz walls: fucking rave

  • ƓєηєяαƖ Ɛccнι

    Scooby doo doo

  • bakerXderek
    bakerXderek 2 hours ago

    I got this as well, but seeing you get it is a mind fuck. Both of our channels are almost 13 years old and there's literally not a reason in the world channels of that age should have their shit taken. It's literally youtube shitting fecal dildo's into our esophagus.

  • HOB1022
    HOB1022 2 hours ago

    Sitting right here waiting for a new youtube-like platform pops up

  • Heynah Mata
    Heynah Mata 2 hours ago

    is that shaggy?

  • Selina Kyle
    Selina Kyle 2 hours ago

    This movie was the worst shit I have seen all year.

  • C0mputerPyr0
    C0mputerPyr0 2 hours ago

    I haven't seen Cr1tikal in a little while now, but he is looking very cute.

  • it mvat
    it mvat 2 hours ago

    Fake AF

  • Alyza Jorge
    Alyza Jorge 2 hours ago

    "It can with a green lanter- gobbler"

  • HottieTobby
    HottieTobby 2 hours ago

    penguinz0 im sure if i just named a channel "Critical" and reuploaded your videos it'd look more official now that you don't have the verification thing. awesome youtube

  • Jean Marceaux
    Jean Marceaux 2 hours ago

    This is the greatest color and light auto correction of all time. Watching your wall frantically change from yolk yellow to diluted piss color was mesmerizing.

  • Ryan Salazar
    Ryan Salazar 2 hours ago

    What the hell is that in the background @ 2:50

  • Dublz Blixxard
    Dublz Blixxard 2 hours ago

    What if I put my mighty thirsty in the ocean?

  • _Zazz_
    _Zazz_ 2 hours ago

    God his hair...

  • Analritter
    Analritter 2 hours ago

    Charlie you insane manlet, thanks for the laugh

  • Kaon
    Kaon 2 hours ago

    YT CEO: We want to develop our brand from 'broadcast yourself' to 'get fucked', got it?

  • annel perez
    annel perez 2 hours ago

    If this video gets taken down that means these conspiracies are true

  • Adam Lago
    Adam Lago 2 hours ago

    Jake polo here just wanna point out that at 1:36 she was looking at his meatstick xD

  • sheamus
    sheamus 2 hours ago

    Great, now we're going to have even more fakes spamming giveaway links in comments again...

  • Changel1ing
    Changel1ing 2 hours ago

    You look good af. I don't care what anyone says. DAMN. I love the hair!

  • Lord Colin
    Lord Colin 2 hours ago

    The hat and hair look cool, but the beard is a bit scraggly for a 13 year old.

  • Complete Bagel
    Complete Bagel 2 hours ago

    I am pretty impressed to be honest. Good job man.

  • X
    X 2 hours ago

    have you even seen first blood

  • Matteo Molina
    Matteo Molina 2 hours ago

    We’re the vid for this one

  • sxurpunk
    sxurpunk 2 hours ago

    charlie the hair is taking over

  • Constantin Baar
    Constantin Baar 2 hours ago

    But.. you're still verified, bro.

  • hypoeddy
    hypoeddy 2 hours ago

    Another crossfit total douchebag. Probably couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag but thinks he's the shit. I hope he gets his face smashed in one day.

  • boney boy
    boney boy 2 hours ago

    Don't nerf the games, nerf the gamers

  • Eric Hastings
    Eric Hastings 2 hours ago

    NGL this video as recommended and im not subscribe

  • Fancy pants Man
    Fancy pants Man 2 hours ago

    Holy shit Charlie, I haven’t watched you in a long time, but I didn’t know you became Keanu reeves shit

  • MacGyverGuy
    MacGyverGuy 2 hours ago

    Last Blood. Bloody Hilariously bat-shit insane action

  • jimbo the wise
    jimbo the wise 2 hours ago trust me check it out

  • justwhat youreallythinking

    also. You supposed to tell the time passing by the scar on his face healing. And one scene he crossed the border through a barbwire fence. To avoid the cops and people to question why he has a underaged dope fien and blood of the scum. If I was in the same token, he probably avoided the hospitals in mexico in case the corrupted ran it. So I think the moist meter should be at least 85 just for the blood and kill scenes alone

  • Karl-Heinz Erlenhain

    i can't wait for charlie to be impersonated by fcking jimmy kimmel... "pussyfart, am i right guys?" *fake laughter*

  • Big O
    Big O 2 hours ago

    I've been getting notifications on my phone from channels I'm never seen, I'm not subbed, or have the bell tapped. RUclip is up to some type of fuckery alright

  • Richard McCormick
    Richard McCormick 2 hours ago

    I think you are wrong charlie, it will fail. All we need is to make the next step to a new platform collectively. something that cannot fail the same way yt did because it is built to serve JUST the peoples needs. this was a powerful tool like it lasted but we must take what we learned here and move to the future to a more decentralized platform that works like a public service but not in the hands of the government.

  • Connor Bryant
    Connor Bryant 2 hours ago

    I remember when RUclip was a site for the commonfolk of the internet. Amazing content was plentiful... then the dark ages came... they still have not ended... She who shall not be named reigns terror across the net. Seriously though I fucking hate RUclip. Old yt was so much better.

  • sink
    sink 2 hours ago

    Sept. 27th is when Cr1TiKaL's Youtooz comes out

  • Ser Twonkling the onyon rehng knight

    RUclip wants to become the dying thing that people flocked to RUclip to escape. People said TV couldnt die but it is. RUclip will die as well thanks to incompetent leadership, and extremely poor decision making. All things eventually return to dust from where it came, some faster than others.

  • Zarene Mañego
    Zarene Mañego 2 hours ago

    Wheres my white shirt at?

  • Dimmeh Lol
    Dimmeh Lol 2 hours ago

    Gamers are the most oppressed minority

  • ttimeforgaming
    ttimeforgaming 2 hours ago

    Cut your hair

    MATTERS 2 hours ago

    You make it seem like we didn’t already know RUclip wants to promote big companies and brands.

  • skirtis
    skirtis 2 hours ago

    5'10" and 14 let's goooooo

  • Zcake M
    Zcake M 2 hours ago

    Why are they even doing this anyway

  • Sauciflash
    Sauciflash 2 hours ago

    You used to tube, now they're tubing.

  • EnricosUt
    EnricosUt 2 hours ago

    I hate steam so much. Steam only brings bad experiences and I want to die every time I use it. I only use it because they basically have a monopoly on PC games. I welcome Epic Games Store.

    KILLINGEVERYDAY 2 hours ago

    Didn't blockbuster copy redbox at one point

  • Firestorm Danger Dash

    My uncle declared war on my genitals.

  • aiden doherty
    aiden doherty 2 hours ago

    7:05 that hair though

  • Damon Savinski
    Damon Savinski 2 hours ago

    Everyone crying about getting un verified: RUclip is a corporate monster! They will pay!!! Pewdiepie: it sounds like broke bitch in here.....

  • bongothaplant
    bongothaplant 2 hours ago

    Mw3 had 500,000 the other day

  • Slinky Dad Shoutcasting

    paid mods? no? ricochet? no? artifact? oh yeah i forgot that was a thing

  • Icalasari
    Icalasari 2 hours ago

    The one thing that ruins your theory? RUclip even removed their OWN verification This may just be sheer incompetence

  • Zarene Mañego
    Zarene Mañego 2 hours ago

    Why is my dad in your wall?

  • Scaundure The Helion Titan

    Don’t let them take Dr Shaym away!

  • ForsakenGaming
    ForsakenGaming 2 hours ago

    RUclip just keeps loading the gun and shooting itself in random places. And everyone is just like "Aww well aint that a shame..."

  • pancake ǝʞɐɔuɐd

    They're removing people who stream on other platforms

  • Cthulhu In the deep
    Cthulhu In the deep 2 hours ago

    Where’s the moist meter?

  • uwu
    uwu 2 hours ago

    alright, butt plug is up, tight and cozy

  • kingofmonsters14
    kingofmonsters14 2 hours ago

    "gentlemen, it's been an privilege playing with you." *plays Nearer, My God, to Thee while RUclip sinks like Titanic*

  • Jay Skrilla
    Jay Skrilla 2 hours ago

    “Hi my name is earl”

  • Skyy Jump
    Skyy Jump 2 hours ago

    Omfg the commentary tho I'm dead 💀☠💀☠👻👺

  • 2jZepeda
    2jZepeda 2 hours ago

    road to 4mil

  • Porkchopsrock12
    Porkchopsrock12 2 hours ago

    I dont understand why people dont just stop using youtube if they arent happy with it. Stop watching corporate channels. Stop watching youtube. If you really want a change then you need to stop giving them income. If you dont like how youtube is shifting to be more like tv then just show them that by not watching any corporate youtube videos.

  • Paul V
    Paul V 2 hours ago

    my guess is when VR kicks in youtube will finally end. it will be a gap when many new apps and software can and will be used and gain popularity fast. redesign and rethinking of old ideas will be the game for the new medium. let's pray to the god of the internet to bring is light in this shadowy corporate hell!

  • OzFitz
    OzFitz 2 hours ago

    get a haircut you fucking hippie wanna be scene kid