Holtzclaw Trial
Holtzclaw Trial
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  • Caesar Delpino
    Caesar Delpino 5 months ago

    We are the People and this is just one Case their are countless men and women behind bars who have never broken any laws. time is running out for these people and they need to be set free the crooks who placed them there should be taken in to custody. people need to start working together and stop this mess.

  • Jacob Miller
    Jacob Miller 5 months ago

    I have looked over so much of the evidence available and I smell an injustice of huge proportions. As a former military and civilian LEO I have seen some corruption, as anyone who has walked in these fields has. The legal system is a travesty for many people and we need to demand better. Police departments like the one I worked for pulled hard for drug and gun arrests. It is no secret that these two things are tied up in a whole lot of violence. Suspect's I once arrested occasionally made threats to myself or my family and made comments about shooting cops. The inability to grip and understand or take responsibility for their own errant behaviors, they lash out and blame others. Cops are the closest and most accessible form of government to the citizens at large. They often fall victim to complaints and criticism born from higher actors in a system of government. I have seen good cops be lambasted and made examples of just to appease a complaint or firestorm. This is what you have here. Railroaded to protect government and the worries of that government, as well as appease the angry and unjustified mob running amok.

  • Bry Dunn
    Bry Dunn 5 months ago

    Trial by PC culture: feelings endemic during the year of D.H.’s trial... the pendulum of untenable race relations being pinned on the individual. A wildfire of ruthless, imaginations of victimization of Vulnerable persons everywhere by “The Man” and the sacrificial lamb to quell the mob like 200$ in general relief and food stamps. It could’ve happened to any heterosexual man that year. His conviction didn’t mend race relations one bit, and American liberty got sucker punched... for what? Legal lottery payouts to a few liars... to make amends for slavery and jim crow? We aren’t responsible for our ancestors nor are we accountable for inequality inherent in all of existence. Free this man. Throw that “detective” hillbilly in prison.

  • Navets777
    Navets777 5 months ago

    I’m retired LEO trained in advanced interview and interrogation. I only vaguely knew of his case when it happened and, at the time, felt justice must have been served. I recently went down the RUclip rabbit hole and looked a little closer into Daniel’s case with the bias that he was guilty. After some digging I still don’t know every detail of the case. In fact the only parts I really paid attention to were the beginning and the end. I started with Daniel’s interview by his department. I watched the entire interview three times looking for his non-verbal cues of stress from being deceitful. There were some very minor ones when it came to the topic of sex. It’s my opinion that he is a pretty horny dude and likes the attention he gets in uniform. His decision to make the traffic stop and search the car after he was off is suspicious; But he almost entirely tells the truth about the traffic stop. I compared how absolutely calm he was as he is being investigated for sexual assault to how he is at the end, when he’s being sentenced. Anyone with any sense can see the difference in his stress level and his bodies response. He’s shaking, rocking, sweating, breathing heavy and crying as he’s being sentenced. If he’d actually been guilty his stress response would have come out during the initial interview when he was being grilled, but he was calm. The only stress he was having was the normal one anyone would get if they are being accused of something but knew they were innocent. I will continue to look at the details and follow this case but I do believe he is innocent.

  • Eve hyland
    Eve hyland 5 months ago

    This is a blatant cover up for a whole corrupted police force and probably the only decent cop was used as the patsy.

  • blastman8888
    blastman8888 5 months ago

    How do 13 woman who never met all come up with the same story??? Why would an officer allow woman with a felony warrant to go free? He drives her to a parking lot with his GPS turned off so they don't know where he is?? His pattern of running woman in computer database finding they have a warrant then shuts off his GPS they go free. Stop repeating what you read on the internet and read the actual grand jury evidence. Most sex offenders are normal people their families have no idea what they are doing.

  • Kim Possible
    Kim Possible 5 months ago

    Oh my goodness, BRIAN! Imo, this is gonna be ______ I dare not say what I wholeheartedly think, for fear of jinxing this. But if you want my opi DM me, FO SHO!!

  • Devit wong
    Devit wong 5 months ago

    he nid to b free coz all good ppl can see

  • T Streeter
    T Streeter 5 months ago

    We should fire all the investigators , jurors and judge and replace them with youTube commenters.

    • Holtzclaw Trial
      Holtzclaw Trial 5 months ago

      I bet if we did they wouldn't convict a tall white man on an accuser who swore her attacker was a short black man.

  • ntx lsx racing
    ntx lsx racing 5 months ago

    Funny I searched him a day after you posted this. You need to share it to get somewhere

  • Nicole Lopez
    Nicole Lopez 5 months ago

    This is unbelievable! Daniel Holtzclaw is innocent. Those detectives were out to get him going out of their way to find victims. I pray for Daniel to be set free....

  • Andrew Carter
    Andrew Carter 5 months ago

    This shows the corruption of our legal and court system. The Mob just sacrificed a peace officer to the mob and a bunch of corrupt ideologues.

  • Kelly Fox
    Kelly Fox 5 months ago

    That man did not do those horrible things. I'd look at the women that made the claims against him. You can hear these women lie! Come on now! Most of the women couldn't even describe him correctly.

    • Wig Dog
      Wig Dog 5 months ago

      Crackheads , aways lie

  • DJ Harvey
    DJ Harvey 5 months ago

    This is what happens when a life gets used as a money printer.

  • Steven Avery Guilty - Brendan Dassey Innocent

    After investigating the case a little and after being totally screwed by documentaries lying to people it's good to see someone investigating this properly.... I believe this man is innocent.

  • Stu B
    Stu B 5 months ago

    Not receiving notifications.

  • Stu B
    Stu B 5 months ago

    This is so unbelievably wrong! I feel like this was the highest point of feminism and SJW back lash. Free Daniel.

    • Dave Canden
      Dave Canden 5 months ago

      Agree this guy was convicted with no evidence and it was a railroading for SJW. People do need to go to jail, the dirty cops who coached the "victims" and the "victims" who lied under oath to put an innocent man in prison. They all belong behind bars, including that police chief. I hope Holtzclaw gets out soon and wins a big settlement. This is absurd.

    • frank facts
      frank facts 5 months ago

      nah, it's about bad cops and city attorneys framing a good cop and using very vulnerable people to achieve that goal

  • frank facts
    frank facts 5 months ago

    thank you for this update - we're watching very closely. holtzclaw's accusers need to come to their senses and very soon

  • Freddie Chavez
    Freddie Chavez 5 months ago

    I don't think he got a fair trial in my opinion

  • xzqzq
    xzqzq 5 months ago

    Get the Feds involved.

  • halim khan
    halim khan 5 months ago

    No justification

  • Korsita Korchenko
    Korsita Korchenko 5 months ago

    What a total railroading!!! It's political and he was the chosen one!! What a travesty!!

  • GiGi Paints
    GiGi Paints 5 months ago

    My personal opinion is he is innocent. From all I've seen,heard and read, these women lied. Not even the description was of him. Plus no DNA on anything. Come on there would be at least one piece of DNA somewhere. He needs a new trial, one that's fair and just. With proof!!

  • Candie Little
    Candie Little 5 months ago


  • Viola Queor
    Viola Queor 5 months ago

    Common sense says he's not guilty that's why I don't understand all these people are highly educated but they can't see common sense?

    • xzqzq
      xzqzq 5 months ago

      ' Highly Educated ' and ' Commom Sense ' tend to be mutually exclusive. I suspect that to convict really bad guys, that cops have to lie, and judges ignore same. This, however, was drastically different.

  • Katrina
    Katrina 5 months ago

    Free this innocent man! He was set up.

  • US Devildog0011
    US Devildog0011 5 months ago

    Should of been a non guilty verdict. Investigators in that case were all stupid

    • xzqzq
      xzqzq 5 months ago

      Investigators got exactly what they wanted - seemed to do a competent enough job to put the guy away for a very long time.

  • David Araiza
    David Araiza 5 months ago

    God Bless You!!

  • karma tam
    karma tam 5 months ago

    First I just wish him the best of the best

  • Justin Willis
    Justin Willis 7 months ago

    free Holtzclaw

  • george o. Garcia
    george o. Garcia 7 months ago

    that was a set up

  • george o. Garcia
    george o. Garcia 7 months ago

    he is innocent

  • playagrim
    playagrim 7 months ago

    By far the most unprofessional interrogation. That lady is so annoying

  • valentine3380
    valentine3380 7 months ago

    I wonder if there was really video from a nearby camera or if it was a ploy to get him to change his story..?? He is so calm. His story didn't change. He willing gave his DNA. Didn't ask for an attorney.🤔

  • michael dudley
    michael dudley 7 months ago

    I can see why people thought he was lying..... HOWEVER, i think he's telling the truth. He's WAY too calm to be guilty of these accusations, and once you review the actual evidence of this case, you'll see that he's not guilty of these crimes. This was a rushed, conviction to keep the city from burning down. Even here at the very beginning, you can see that their minds were already set on him being guilty. There was no investigation done, it was only, "we know you did it, tell us how, and why"

  • tarimaa1
    tarimaa1 7 months ago

    "Welcome to our Domain" LMFAO....this dumb cop been watching Mad Max too much. 😂😂😂

  • AKA Izzy
    AKA Izzy 7 months ago

    This is so messed up. Does anyone care about real justice anymore? The mob mentality is a scary thing and has no place in a court of law. A fair trial is necessary.

  • darren wong
    darren wong 7 months ago

    This guy is innocent! Let the guy out wtf kind of justice we have.

  • Candie Little
    Candie Little 7 months ago

    It's because the railroad Daniel Holtzclaw and they want don't want the truth to come to light. Well guess what it will eventually and we will be ready.

  • Ashtar Vrillon
    Ashtar Vrillon 7 months ago

    I think this man was used as a tool for propoganda.

  • Ashtar Vrillon
    Ashtar Vrillon 7 months ago

    This is bullshit.

  • Anna N.
    Anna N. 7 months ago

    Whoever captured this video, great job. It wasn't on any local news network was it? Wouldn't fit their narrative. Shame on the Oklahoma news agencies and anyone who claims to be seeking truth in this or any criminal case. In the American justice system if there's not proof beyond a reasonable doubt that means not guilty. That's not to say a defendant in some cases isn't guilty. But it does mean the prosecutors didn't present substantial evidence to convict someone. Our justice system is constructed in a way that we err on the side of caution.

  • Mom
    Mom 7 months ago

    It's unfortunate that this injustice occurred. This woman was covering up for having sex with some other dude. And this young man took the fall. Wow , doesn't make me feel safe that the police or the court system work properly. Looks like Daniel needs to be released and compensated for this. The woman needs to take his place along with the investigators. I always say common sense is not as common as it was.

  • jlpolcat13
    jlpolcat13 7 months ago

    I know body language is a useful tool. Nether officer watch his body language and he never showed signs of nerves or his body language never changes in the whole interview. Five minutes into the video of his interview I could see his hands and eye movements told me he was innocent. Trust me I interviewed hundreds of prisoners and I could tell in five minutes of a liar or a innocent person. Never been wrong but one time couldn’t decide because the person was blind. Eyes don’t lie. His eyes were innocent throughout the interview. His hands proved his innocence. These interviewers were witch hunting for a scapegoat. Give them a lie detector and I’ll prove I’m right. SEMPER FIDELIS

  • BigSpence Otto
    BigSpence Otto 7 months ago

    "Have you ever got a boner on a call?" 😂😂😂😂

  • Alex Latham
    Alex Latham 7 months ago

    He was framed by the corrupt cops!

  • Julio Cesar Mayo Chavez

    His body language doesn't seem to contradict his words. He just seems calm and not nervous at all while answering, even his tone of voice doesn't change. Did they do a polygraph test???

    MBK CHIEF 7 months ago

    I told y'all she look like a fuckin crackhead

  • US Devildog0011
    US Devildog0011 7 months ago

    She is a stupid investigator

  • US Devildog0011
    US Devildog0011 7 months ago

    That main Internal Investigator was effin stupid that she didnt do any investigation!

  • Purity Benson
    Purity Benson 7 months ago

    She is under the influence of a heavy duty illegal drug

  • Keith Jones
    Keith Jones 7 months ago

    Im no expert or psychiatrist or master of reading body language, but just from living life in both sides being a police chief son who has also done state prison time, this guy doesnt show any signs of a guilty man and the lady cop literally just led all the woman to make up stories. They didnt have the correct race or build of the guy and theres no dna!

  • WickedSharp 001
    WickedSharp 001 7 months ago

    "Saw the car...and what not..decided to light it up and what not..and looked around to see if theres be wjrnesses....and what not"

  • John Smith
    John Smith 7 months ago

    Even if you are the police, don't you dare answer question without your counsel don't agree to anything without seeking legal advice.

  • Lourdes
    Lourdes 7 months ago

    In retrospect and after getting sentenced to over 200 years in prison, I'm sure Holtzclaw thinks back with regret at not shutting his trap and retaining a lawyer. When you're contacted by detectives to come into the precinct for questioning, you're being detained and EVERYTHING you say WILL be twisted against you to fit the "evidence" they have against you. LAWYER UP and SHUT UP! Allow your attorney to find out why you're being questioned and review the charges against you. Don't feel pressured to speak when the law enforcers say, "if you have nothing to hide, you'll speak." SHUT UP even if you did not commit a crime or don't have anything to hide.

  • Shaliyah Drake
    Shaliyah Drake 7 months ago

    This interrogation is so juvenile. "Boobies, titties, pubies" can we mature this up a bit..

  • Eugene K.S.M.
    Eugene K.S.M. 7 months ago

    i don't know why but i feel bad for holtzclaw

  • Millennium Seven
    Millennium Seven 7 months ago

    This man is innocent, time to get a new trial, investigate the prosecutors.

  • Gregory Williams
    Gregory Williams 7 months ago

    I had to repent from I said he was guilty, I do believe something happened to the first lady, but 263 yrs not sure where that came from, because we have cops that commit murder and get probation, I wish they actually arrest the really bad cops, I don't know if he is innocent , but I just don't believe he deserves to be in prison, because we have cops who commit crimes caught on video and get nothing, I just believe he should have been put on probation

  • Davis Lee Miles
    Davis Lee Miles 7 months ago


  • Millennium Seven
    Millennium Seven 7 months ago

    Daniel is innocent of these false charge.

    METAL HEAD 7 months ago

    What's the latest

  • Sarah G
    Sarah G 7 months ago

    He would be a lot more nervous if he knew the outcome would be 263 years in a prison cell.

  • SiCarlos
    SiCarlos 7 months ago

    Not guilty.

  • Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

    im not a sex crimes detective but i have interviewed and interrogated people before. These detectives seemed more interested in his johnson and work out tips than their job. There was a lot they harped on that made no sense.

  • Carlos G.
    Carlos G. 7 months ago

    6:00. THIS DUDE IS SICK. are you left handed ? Well...i masturbate with the right hand !!!! Say what. ?

  • PriestOfTheUnholy
    PriestOfTheUnholy 7 months ago

    that stupid bitch had her mind made up before the interview began. totally unfair. he is innocent.

  • Brian Waller
    Brian Waller 8 months ago

    Secret hearings were to discuss damage control after he gets a retrial and inevitable not guilty.

  • Lisa Andrews Gonterman

    Daniel got railroaded while the crack heads get paid!!!

  • Derrick Johnson
    Derrick Johnson 8 months ago

    Because its black women now everybody has doubt smh this world we live in is crazy...

  • HOTSPUR GAMING Enemy Territory

    Guilty, why would u even bother pulling someone over for such a stupid reason? U wouldn't u would go straight home after being on shift . One reason he pulled her over she was female and alone, he took full advantage of this situation.

  • glenn wallen
    glenn wallen 8 months ago

    You see the problem is is once the government makes an arrest and then they realize that the arrest they made is false instead of not seeing it or getting rid of the case dismissed in it and no they go forward with it and they do whatever they have to do to make it stick they'll falsified papers they'll come up with phony Witnesses they'll do whatever they have to do to get a conviction instead of a mitten that they made a mistake they'd rather put someone in prison the rest of their life that's how corrupt our government is they're so afraid of getting fired or getting a lawsuit put on them for making a wrong decision that they'll go through with the wrong decision and try to make it stick it's a shame you don't need people are in prison because of the mistakes that some government official made some law enforcement made some court system made but the per person is in prison doing time because they won't admit that they were wrong

  • Dinky Man
    Dinky Man 8 months ago

    After watching so many videos on Daniel Holtzclaw and how he was determined to be guilty, I can only come to one conclusion. This poor man is behind bars on heresay and certain peoples views without solid evidence. In my opinion he is an innocent man who has been the victim of a total miscarriage of justice.

  • LT Ang
    LT Ang 8 months ago

    If the 13 women were lying, how is it every single one of them got it right the time and place where they encounter holtzclaw? If the sexual assualt never happen and they never met Holtzclaw and were lying and framing him, how is it that every single one got the time and place right, as verified by Holtzclaw's car GPS? Also, every accuser that was put into the backseat of Holtzclaw's car were eventually assualted. Is it common practice to put EVERY woman in a traffic stop in your backseat? Do men also get put in the backseat, or only women you intend to assualt? And when that female investigator first told him he's has been reported for sexual assualt, he doesn't look angry or surprise. Even if Holtzclaw is innocent, he sure is behaving very guilty.

  • Trent Ostrom
    Trent Ostrom 8 months ago

    If you watch the interagation and the interview of the so called victims you’ll see the victims can’t keep straight stories and the detectives don’t even seem to have all the facts or even straight stories

  • Pauline Gregory
    Pauline Gregory 8 months ago

    Of course he is guilty. He used those poor women and now his family cry. What about those poor women and their families. I am sick of his friends and family trying to say he is innocent.

  • Neville Thomas
    Neville Thomas 8 months ago

    how come he patrolled on his own ?....was that by choice ?

  • Yvon C
    Yvon C 8 months ago

    Did all these woman lie?????

  • Carmen V
    Carmen V 8 months ago

    Thank you for the update. Prayers still going out from South Africa for Daniel, the Holtzclaw family, and everyone working hard to get Daniel a new trial. I also pray that God exposes all and brings to accountability all those who contributed to the miscarriage of justice in Daniel's case.

  • Tonya Cach
    Tonya Cach 8 months ago

    All comments that don't fit your "innocent " narrative have been deleted.. hmmmmm. If she was so nervous and crying and smelled of alcohol and had pills and was afraid to be shot?! Why wouldn't you take her in? Why would you pull her over for nothing then? He is not being honest. People who think they can beat the system with their narcissism and arrogance are their own worst enemy. What was he doing with her the entire time? He is guilty and where he belongs.

  • R
    R 8 months ago

    No videos 4 women police camera? 200 plus years WTF WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON LOL. No one can even give description of him?

  • Saved Wretch
    Saved Wretch 8 months ago

    I 100% believe that Holtzclaw should be given a new trial! The injustice that happened in that court room was a disgrace!! Afterwards we should all talk about the two detectives that need charging! I’d love to see how their fair trial plays out as well!!

  • Thomas Conway
    Thomas Conway 8 months ago

    Why do they think he is innocent?

  • GiGi Paints
    GiGi Paints 8 months ago

    I'm not a cop lover but i think he is innocent.. Nothing really added up to these women claims, Didn't even fit the description and i think they all lied period.Been following this from the beginning and nope he didn't do it.Needs a new trial.. I hope so ..

  • frank facts
    frank facts 8 months ago

    the holtzclaw trial convicted an innocent person - free daniel at once

  • Clile Hall
    Clile Hall 8 months ago

    I think he didn't rape anybody but probably touching inappropriately. He should have followed procedures when making stops. He should have left that 17 yr old alone.

  • Miami Vice
    Miami Vice 8 months ago

    Wow defending a rapist. This world has went to shit.

    • Miami Vice
      Miami Vice 8 months ago

      @Holtzclaw Trial Please you really wanna go thier? You probably would erase my comment because I will present straight facts from the trial transcripts. Unlike the lies you have been spreading. The sociopath was already being investigated by the sexual crimes unit for previous complaints lol. Out of all the cops working that night Dani boy was off but how did they know so fast it was him who did the stop and didn't call it in lol. Please you have bullshit assumptions I have actual facts they didnt fool no jury. Just like you want ppl yo believe they said it was vagina fluids lol. That's a lie they never said that was the DNA they found. Come on respond with your bullshit I will eat you up with actual facts. He is a sociopath and is right were he needs to be.

    • Holtzclaw Trial
      Holtzclaw Trial 8 months ago

      You have no idea how ignorant and naive that statement is. For one, Daniel's support came AFTER he was convicted and only AFTER the actual evidence started to become known. You apparently are oblivious to the FACT that literally thousands of Americans that were previously convicted by a jury were later found to not be guilty and exonerated. Google "registry of exonerations." MANY of those people had been convicted of crimes like rape and murder. I bet you'd have denied them their supporters and their freedom too.

  • Umm AbdulRahmaan
    Umm AbdulRahmaan 8 months ago

    What about the test to know if he is Liying that might help I don’t Know

  • Derek Porupsky
    Derek Porupsky 8 months ago

    This police officer is wrongly accused and wrongfully convicted. I saw the corrupt investigation the police internal affairs did to this man. Coaching so called victims, and not checking the DNA properly. All the man had to do was frisk and cuff the underage suspect, then later take a piss and that DNA would be on the zipper of his pants. This is an injustice, and this man deserves to be released and let back on duty as a good police officer!!!

  • Blessen John
    Blessen John 8 months ago

    Watching from India...he will be out one day by God's grace.. just continue your prayer

  • Deathmetal Cakefarts
    Deathmetal Cakefarts 8 months ago

    Not a shred of direct evidence, all circumstantial and to top it off over half of the women were dismissed because of false stories. Just here to support Daniel, couldn't believe he was sentenced and how forced and biased the investigators were. It's an absolute tragedy. Let's reverse it.

  • S
    S 8 months ago


  • romeo whiskee
    romeo whiskee 8 months ago

    I hope and pray that Daniel Holtzclaw is released and has a new trial. Holtzclaw is a innocent Cop.

  • Mark Harrison
    Mark Harrison 8 months ago

    They ruined that guy to keep a riot from happening

  • Suzy
    Suzy 8 months ago

    It honestly seems like every time a victim reports an assault the detective just points it in holtzclaw’s direction 🙄 look at the facts people he deserves a retrial!!!!

  • Jose Pitre
    Jose Pitre 8 months ago

    the DA lady that convicted him looks like a spsyco in the interview, when she was asked about the case she didn't know most of the questions and kept looking to the guy sitting next to her, and she was the DA? she looked like when your caught in a lie expression

  • Dj Nym
    Dj Nym 8 months ago

    The detective woman will burn in hell cos all her actions was base on emotional and activists pressure.

  • Sen zon
    Sen zon 8 months ago

    Seriously who tf would even touch that

  • Sen zon
    Sen zon 8 months ago

    This "witness" is on drugs.

  • duane jessup
    duane jessup 8 months ago

    Oklahoma City courts n judges should all be ashamed of themselves. That man is innocent.