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  • Sandali Gamage
    Sandali Gamage Hour ago

    My heart broke at 13:17 But, I guess Vegemite isn't for everyone...

  • TessieWessieLessie 123

    right *there*

  • Kika !
    Kika ! Hour ago

    This is how my sister and I fight for something...but a bit more rough😂😝

  • Dave LaBadie
    Dave LaBadie Hour ago

    What pizza hut makes fries? I choose their pizza over the other cheap guys pizza too. I never tried the pazones. I heard nothing good about them.

  • Marko Grepl-Malmgren

    How many arteries clogging up in keith’s heart | | | V

  • Katiee Gloria
    Katiee Gloria Hour ago

    Firstly, yes its Aussie but we say it like ozzy...

  • VJ
    VJ Hour ago

    “The baby’s unconscious!!”

  • xMiSsCutiex
    xMiSsCutiex Hour ago

    Keith would make a really good broadcaster. I never noticed that his voice is so pleasant to listen to.

  • Nobody Nina
    Nobody Nina Hour ago

    Kurt went to yALE O.O

  • proevofan
    proevofan Hour ago

    Marmite > Vegemite

  • adam teoh
    adam teoh Hour ago

    there was maybe 5% effort put into those tackles

  • Lottie Saunders
    Lottie Saunders Hour ago

    why did he put bloody vegemite on raisin bread like come on mate

  • Its JustMe
    Its JustMe Hour ago

    I like to watch : 1: Pewdiepie - old Spongebob - TwoSetViolin - Mark Rober - Theodd1sout -epicurious -Oversimplified -Cooking videos (Adam ragusea/binging with babish/you suck at cooking/sometimes Gordon ramsay) -NileRed -Fnaf - Reaction Mashsup of any topic. -Good Mythical Morning -Anime compilation shit - old minecraft videos -Great Big Story -Gotoe random kpop dance/ kpop funny pranks & moments -Lucky speedrun moments

  • Dimsim P
    Dimsim P Hour ago

    Okay but I’m really here for how Keith pronounces Melbourne correctly, and his fake Aussie accent is actually quite good. Also I have to leave the house at stupid o clock in the morning so I’m defo getting a mighty McMuffin on your recommendation.

  • Mathis Gamonnet
    Mathis Gamonnet Hour ago

    And now Frozen 2 is up I'm like....Anna goes below Mulan with Elsa. They're both incredile <3 <3

  • grace
    grace Hour ago

    Eugene clearly loves kids

  • t e a
    t e a Hour ago

    Wtf the kids are almost as tall as me- i- 😔

  • I don’t exist
    I don’t exist Hour ago

    Does Melbourne look like the outback to them?

  • Luxury Lulu
    Luxury Lulu 2 hours ago

    when u say "we are in Melbourne" I was like "WHAAAT" u in mah state c:

  • ImAContainer
    ImAContainer 2 hours ago

    You should try rugby union next and maybe with some older kids?

  • VPGaming
    VPGaming 2 hours ago

    I’m Australian and this guys accent is still annoying

  • rolf
    rolf 2 hours ago

    I’m a Pisces

  • Aravind Saravanan
    Aravind Saravanan 2 hours ago

    Bro I need this

  • disappointment :D
    disappointment :D 2 hours ago

    hi from new zealand we do rugby too guys :,)

  • Bjizzled
    Bjizzled 2 hours ago

    I love rugby I play it

  • Tim Mullens
    Tim Mullens 2 hours ago

    Rugby union sucks

  • Hannah Jaystar!
    Hannah Jaystar! 2 hours ago

    It's not ketchup, it's TOMATO SAUCE 😂😂

  • Jayden Taylor
    Jayden Taylor 2 hours ago

    And I can't even eat a quarter pounder without feeling full

  • grace stephens
    grace stephens 2 hours ago


  • Randomless
    Randomless 2 hours ago

    i am australian and i like vegemite who kids call it vegeshite

  • Jessica Cao
    Jessica Cao 2 hours ago

    You guys should go to an australian school for a day

  • Harry Findlay
    Harry Findlay 2 hours ago

    How Keath speaks: Au-see How Australians speak: Au-zz-ie

  • tatiana arias
    tatiana arias 2 hours ago

    The most hilarious irony of this entire video is that Eugene who supposedly doesnt like children and trying to avoid them is gleefully picking them up and smiling harder than I’ve ever seen him probably VS Ned daddy Ned !!! getting destroyed by these children 😂😂😂

  • Izzy Haines
    Izzy Haines 2 hours ago

    The try guys not wiping down the spout after frothing the milk gave me anxiety

  • Aadyaa Anirudh
    Aadyaa Anirudh 2 hours ago

    Where's my maggi yo

  • Jeremy Allen
    Jeremy Allen 2 hours ago

    U look good with the haircut!!!

  • Bradley Bruvva
    Bradley Bruvva 2 hours ago

    So Eugene is pretty much perfect. 💕

  • Sammy Woolley
    Sammy Woolley 2 hours ago

    did Zach edit this ep so he could fill every transition with a cat!?

  • isaac yolo
    isaac yolo 2 hours ago

    they had the crispy chicken caesar wrap and the snack wrap mixed around

  • スマイルmarchelov

    6:00 whats the songs title???

  • Mexy Next
    Mexy Next 2 hours ago

    Go storm in rugby

  • H u s h M o o n
    H u s h M o o n 2 hours ago

    Before i have done Taekwondo i was very agressive and stuff, after i took Taekwondo and became a low yellow belter,i feel more connected. i legit recommend any form of martial art to anyone.

  • Jayde
    Jayde 2 hours ago

    throughout the beginning of the video, i was like "hm, i wonder where they actually are?" and then the merrell twins said there were penguins at the beach. not about to out their location but... aussies know.

  • Janelle Elizabeth
    Janelle Elizabeth 2 hours ago

    I swear to fucking god - I volunteer to be the token Australian the Americans bring in to show you how to eat vegemite HOW HARD IS IT TO APPLY A SMALL AMOUNT WITH A DELIGHTFUL AMOUNT OF BUTTER UNDERNEATH? Have your people call my people

  • Ella Burton
    Ella Burton 2 hours ago

    This is the only time i ill ever be interested in rugby

  • Immy Lee
    Immy Lee 2 hours ago

    To be honest, I didn't even know you could get donuts here in Australia

  • Autumn Yohn
    Autumn Yohn 2 hours ago

    I've played rugby for over 10 years and it's nice that people are recognizing it in America. It is so fun and out of the 5 sports i play it is def my favorite

  • Erina French
    Erina French 2 hours ago

    Jake Paul’s a Capricorn... oh dear

  • motherofpuppies
    motherofpuppies 2 hours ago

    What did the kids say in the end??

  • Emma Linde
    Emma Linde 2 hours ago

    Eugene :“ The Jesus top ” Me : “ When was Jesus part of the game ?!? And how have I never noticed it ?!? “ 😂

  • milly grace
    milly grace 2 hours ago

    they should of done Aussie rules as well

  • Queen Bohemian
    Queen Bohemian 2 hours ago

    Keith: hates the vegemite Me: eats vegemite on a spoon

  • gerghgh herb
    gerghgh herb 2 hours ago

    Can someone make a compilation vid of Keith talking through his burps

  • mithila farzana
    mithila farzana 2 hours ago

    Oh Eugene! Keep smiling like this. It makes me happy to see you bursting with joy

  • Kia Goes Where?
    Kia Goes Where? 2 hours ago

    Americans judging other countries coffee....

  • WaDarkPhoenix
    WaDarkPhoenix 2 hours ago

    Tru Guys loving the Tasmanian food makes me happy.

  • hannah bailey
    hannah bailey 2 hours ago

    chicken looks great chicken looks great

  • Mary R
    Mary R 2 hours ago

    please eat at KFC here because it's gormet

  • zuhair gamingXD
    zuhair gamingXD 2 hours ago

    Why do nobe of them have mouth guard

  • Michael Peter
    Michael Peter 3 hours ago

    goes to yale to become a try guy

  • Aqillah Hadi
    Aqillah Hadi 3 hours ago

    When the twins only personality is being twins. Lame

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen 3 hours ago

    All the girls here encouraging and complimenting Ned here. And that's good. It was for a video and he did some challenging stuff but if I tell the truth , you girls will be the first ones to run from the scene if a guy came wearing these dresses and starts hitting on you. Especially the see through dress and skirt one and the crop top one. It's one thing to accept people around you and encourage them but I think I as a straight male don't like any of these except the coat one and so would the girls around me. If I wear these , no girl is gonna take me seriously and would assume a lot of things about my sexuality based on these clothes Some of them were good . But some were gayish. First 2 are all I am gonna try for myself

  • vinessa sanford
    vinessa sanford 3 hours ago

    Eugene does not hate children he just wants people to think that. Infact Eugene is really a sweet sweet boy and we all know ain't fool'n us

  • Lucy Cairns
    Lucy Cairns 3 hours ago

    'I thought Rugby was played by rich white people.' ..... You've never watched rugby have you Eugene? 😂

    NAMARA 3 hours ago

    🤩🤩🤩 ucebox fitness promo ❤️❤️❤️

  • ShivaServer2009
    ShivaServer2009 3 hours ago

    Entertaining. Tie that hair up. I kept expecting it to get in the way.

  • W W
    W W 3 hours ago

    The zookeeper with them has a great energy !

  • Top Five
    Top Five 3 hours ago

    That Vegimite part was pure ASMR with Keith smacking his lips

  • Heather Longwell
    Heather Longwell 3 hours ago

    ok but PLEASE tell me you washed baby's hand after the dog had lashed its tongue all over it, and got rid of that cup of water once the dog had slurped it?! PLEASE TELL ME YOU DID

  • ThanksBe2God
    ThanksBe2God 3 hours ago

    you guys are doing so well

  • *inserts a cool name*

    "I don't think I've done anything more than 200 times in my life... well... one thing *smiles*" That got me

  • Elise Fagerberg
    Elise Fagerberg 3 hours ago

    Sweden 🇸🇪

  • katsuko _ii
    katsuko _ii 3 hours ago

    sat : Struggling As Teenagers

  • Bradley Bruvva
    Bradley Bruvva 3 hours ago

    I’m glad my dog enjoys baths without a person in the tub. Lol. And he’s just a chihuahua.

  • Lil Copper YT
    Lil Copper YT 3 hours ago

    Put to much vegemite on and try Anzac biscuits

  • Eloise Loga
    Eloise Loga 3 hours ago

    Please ask brimbank bucks rugby union club

  • Kerry Smith
    Kerry Smith 3 hours ago

    omg guys, rugby league is Queensland and new south Wales sport, in Melbourne (Victoria) they play AFL. give that a try

  • Zach Shah
    Zach Shah 3 hours ago

    Imagine how much of this food goes to waste

  • Melinda Mandla
    Melinda Mandla 3 hours ago

    I feel like this should be called ‘how to polarise your Australian audience within about 30 seconds’, also could you not have spent 1 minute googling how to make vegemite toast?

  • Ava O'Bryan
    Ava O'Bryan 3 hours ago

    Scorpio’s are emotional but we don’t get mad or triggered. We are generally very good at seeming chill on the outside and at a slipknot concert on the inside.

  • Bradley Bruvva
    Bradley Bruvva 3 hours ago

    Gets the dog excited about a toy and then it lands in the toilet. Lol.

  • ThanksBe2God
    ThanksBe2God 3 hours ago

    ... just btw, ASD - look up ASD. It explains a lot of confusing social behaviour and hopeful that it will relieve some stress. For instance, ASD people are more competitive, and they also have some difficulties with understanding the consequences of their actions, they are more impulsive so they might say something then think they said it wrong because they don't have a theory or mind meaning that they have no idea what people are thinking - like other people would know that. So if they look at you longer, it could mean they are just listening because they literally don't know what someone will say, unless they have social situations memorised, so that they can make it predictable. That is why people with ASD find it difficult to have too much unexpected changes, they like structure. Sometimes they might be quiet becaues they learn that when they say something, something else 'bad' happens - or unexpected and people seem stressed, and they try to figure out if they did wrong or what. They also have difficulty responding to emotion. You shouldn't take it personally on yourself or think there's anything wrong with you, because they truth is that they are not really social creatures. They tend to monologue as well, and are fixated on a particular subject, or if not, they are simply mimicking someone because they might see that they don't understand what's the appropriate thing. I'm not being offensive, merely .. they also interact basically quite a few years below their age maturity level because their social skills are more that of someone who is really younger than them -- so they might act more like a teenager if they're an adult - it depends.. really.. their emotional capacity is not as developed as their intelletual capacity. Every person with ASD is different but you'll probably notice, they might not like loud noises, certains textures/tastes, and they are particular about sticking to schedules. And yes, they are competitive by nature, but the earlier a diagnosis is, the doctors say the easier it is to implement interventions such as behvaiour therapy (CBT) or otherwise. ASD is also co-related to depression and anxiety. They tend to also be unable to see the forest apart from the trees. But if there's a behaviour they exhibit that you don't like, it might help to be direct about it so that they know what to do or what not to do next time.

  • Natalie Tyler
    Natalie Tyler 3 hours ago

    Getting wonderful, beautiful Dr Frank-N-Furter vibes from Keith 😆😍

  • Ohhooode
    Ohhooode 3 hours ago

    Aussie rules is Australian

  • Chen Azrailchen
    Chen Azrailchen 3 hours ago

    This video was so cute!

  • Willem Lyall-wilson
    Willem Lyall-wilson 3 hours ago

    Btw Aussie is pronounced with a zz sound don’t argue I’m Australian

  • mashed potato
    mashed potato 3 hours ago

    I felt Ned when that poop fell off

  • Fab B
    Fab B 3 hours ago

    Should've done hungry jacks

  • S T
    S T 3 hours ago

    Rich white peoples? Educate yourself and read up on Mata Ma’a Tonga Most rugby players in Australia are Pacific Islanders

  • SamiTYK
    SamiTYK 3 hours ago

    farrr should have came to my rugby club we would have smacked youse up

  • Tala Eter
    Tala Eter 3 hours ago

    I REALLY wanna watch Keith do eat the menu at Dennys it would be phenominal watching him do it 😚👌🏻😂

  • Monica Bato
    Monica Bato 3 hours ago

    They badly stuffed up your mcfeast

  • Joanna Zhang
    Joanna Zhang 3 hours ago

    This is kind of random, but I just wanted to say that Keith’s pronunciation of xiao long bao (小笼包) is really good

  • Tamzin Richmond
    Tamzin Richmond 3 hours ago

    Im an Australian that plays rugby but I didn't realise how big rugby is in Australia

  • Madison Scott
    Madison Scott 3 hours ago


  • Jinerously ___
    Jinerously ___ 3 hours ago

    should play netball! its like basketball but way more fun hahah

  • Sydney Gowen
    Sydney Gowen 3 hours ago

    did the judge in the middle get drunk?

  • Tala Eter
    Tala Eter 3 hours ago

    Did Eugene just do the bon appetit Claire cross-section move?? THE GREATEST FAN YALL 👌🏻💕✨

  • tira nathan
    tira nathan 3 hours ago

    Who has the best pie in the world Australia or new Zealand

  • Lauren Audencial
    Lauren Audencial 3 hours ago

    this series is so good lol