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  • princesspido diop
    princesspido diop 10 minutes ago

    I'm done with this voice but this brown skin 😍

  • Sophie Chang
    Sophie Chang 12 minutes ago

    Block Shelton!!😂😂

  • Jee Ffy
    Jee Ffy 14 minutes ago

    I got goosebumps... God bless

  • Bella Blondon
    Bella Blondon 14 minutes ago

    I can see Katie going far in this show

  • Coco Adams
    Coco Adams 15 minutes ago


  • Laura barros Muniz fofis
    Laura barros Muniz fofis 16 minutes ago

    Best than the original

  • Tibby Day
    Tibby Day 17 minutes ago

    Wow, kelly get the chair! Btw great audition

  • The Adedunni Adesina
    The Adedunni Adesina 22 minutes ago

    Who did he pick

  • Caroline Pascua
    Caroline Pascua 22 minutes ago

    I miss Adam! Still the Best!

  • Joey Alianciano Tv
    Joey Alianciano Tv 23 minutes ago

    At first I thought it's a Boy😅 but it's a girl😁 Who's confused with that Blind Audition?😅

  • Joey Alianciano Tv
    Joey Alianciano Tv 25 minutes ago


  • Malak Hassan
    Malak Hassan 25 minutes ago

    Boring without Adam, will not watch it

  • G Summy
    G Summy 26 minutes ago

    Unbelievable band. What a voice. What a song.

  • echi echi
    echi echi 29 minutes ago

    I missed Adam..imagine how great if he's there with them..

  • Stranger Things
    Stranger Things 38 minutes ago

    i was a fan of blake before the voice, now i am an air conditioner

  • Macr Thur
    Macr Thur 47 minutes ago

    Falling in love with this 😍❤

  • local tourist
    local tourist 48 minutes ago

    Good god can you be a little more dramatic Kelly? 😐

  • NJ Rob
    NJ Rob 48 minutes ago

    Still hoping for Adam but this season seems to be exciting lol

  • topan Oneng
    topan Oneng 53 minutes ago

    So where is adam???

  • Hanun Amra
    Hanun Amra 53 minutes ago


  • جيني كيم
    جيني كيم 54 minutes ago

    Kelly I love you 😂😭🖤

  • Texasstar4
    Texasstar4 55 minutes ago

    Is she one of those white people that identifies as black??? Bc those are usually pretty controversial situations. You know..

  • Fernandho Satrianno
    Fernandho Satrianno 57 minutes ago

    That's how you make it in music industry. 😆😆😆

  • Tanya O Mara
    Tanya O Mara 57 minutes ago

    Ok that was savage

  • Salej Ahmad
    Salej Ahmad Hour ago

    Oh ma ma ma may..

  • Mariah1243
    Mariah1243 Hour ago

    She’s so pretty!!!

  • LaToyah Sanders
    LaToyah Sanders Hour ago

    All the FEELS 😍💙💙❤💙 You can hear the Love in all y'alls Voice! This is Awesomeness Lawwwwwd the music! Amazing

  • Junior Vieira
    Junior Vieira Hour ago


  • snaz76
    snaz76 Hour ago

    I get that it’s for the fun of it, but I think it sucks for the singer if they wanted that particular coach

  • Mavicity
    Mavicity Hour ago

    Sometimes I forget that Blake can sing.

  • Jon Querequincia

    I thought this was Panda Ross at first

  • Julio Cesar Marbun

    It's a bit funny to see her sister (maybe) saying "she is blocked" before her mother's face at 1:15 lol

  • mikel fernandez
    mikel fernandez Hour ago

    1:30 to 1:33 sounded like brian mcknight

  • Miss Hazel Q.
    Miss Hazel Q. Hour ago

  • Codename_Slim
    Codename_Slim Hour ago

    Love love loooove!!!

  • Jorginho Luiz
    Jorginho Luiz Hour ago

    I love this show!

  • Stevan Ruutana
    Stevan Ruutana Hour ago


  • Gisela Vianney
    Gisela Vianney Hour ago


  • Tiara Adiratna
    Tiara Adiratna Hour ago

    Simply beautiful

  • The girl from Africa

    I miss the combination of Adam and Bleack it feels like without Adam there is no bleak I don't feel the vibe

  • Sheri Lynn Bettevy

    Love this ya’ll🎶🎶🎶🎶🍂🍁🍂🍁🍁❤️❤️❤️❤️💫💫💫☀️☀️🙌🙌🙌🙌👍👍☕️☕️☕️☕️👏👏

  • Sarah Scofield
    Sarah Scofield Hour ago

    Who did she pick?? 🤔

  • Lenawati Widjaja

    I'll love this season 💖💖😍

  • Guilherme Moreira

    Does anyone miss Levine? Someone else? Kkkkk

  • fathi gaming
    fathi gaming Hour ago

    wtf thiss 14 whtf they eating

  • WinnieJ
    WinnieJ Hour ago

    I love the band behind her.

  • c.a.f.c fabbi
    c.a.f.c fabbi Hour ago


  • Cameron
    Cameron Hour ago

    not excited about the judges at all.............

  • William Noah
    William Noah 2 hours ago

    She sounds nothing like Adele, lol John legend.

  • Ms Linda Luu
    Ms Linda Luu 2 hours ago

    Is this on Spotify? Please? It was so beautiful.

  • Stefanie Thrasher
    Stefanie Thrasher 2 hours ago

    I wonder how they decide who sits where? Interesting that Kelly and Blake are so far apart. Are they the next arguing duo?

  • Fernandho Satrianno
    Fernandho Satrianno 2 hours ago

    That's how u make it in the music industry. 😂😂😂

  • Kat Naps
    Kat Naps 2 hours ago

    Dang it I forgot it wasn’t the actual show and was waiting for her to answer. I think she going to choose Blake.

  • Jacquiline Somera
    Jacquiline Somera 2 hours ago

    Im not updated with the voice usa.. im wondering if where is adam?

  • isthatnickmark f
    isthatnickmark f 2 hours ago

    Her voice is unique and the texture and timber of her voice is just out of this world. She's probably singing a gospel song on her journey.

  • Mitch Domingo
    Mitch Domingo 2 hours ago

    Where is ADAM😲😲😲

  • Ginny Dodge
    Ginny Dodge 2 hours ago

    Yesss that confidence ❤️

  • Deny

    Her voice cross between tree Marvelous Queens: Tina Turner, Kim Cherry and and Kyla Jade i can't wait she redintion some , 90s (Whitney H Mariah C Celine Dion and pree and Milenial Divas (Christina.A, Beyonce and Ariana.G)

  • Azoz Saleh
    Azoz Saleh 2 hours ago

    The white version of brittany Howard. 😀😀❤️❤️

  • Mavicity
    Mavicity 2 hours ago

    I would buy her music now. Just my kind.

  • Prince Ladia
    Prince Ladia 2 hours ago

    'just don't hit block john' 😂😂😂

  • Nil Nor
    Nil Nor 2 hours ago

    damn ! where the hell is Adam ? this show is sad without him .

  • Cristina M
    Cristina M 2 hours ago

    Whom did she pick??

  • Billie Whyers
    Billie Whyers 2 hours ago

    Can’t watch this enough.

  • sneha shrivastava
    sneha shrivastava 2 hours ago


  • Robin Justice
    Robin Justice 2 hours ago

    I absolutely hate the block. It is taking away the artist's choice. It ain't right.

  • D
    D 3 hours ago

    Too bad Adam's didn't return this season.

  • Pritam Kumar
    Pritam Kumar 3 hours ago

    Whaaaattttt??? Why'd she pick Blake over Kelly????? 😳😳😳😨😨😱😱

  • R winoto setiawan
    R winoto setiawan 3 hours ago

    I think she gonna pick Gwen! tell me if she does!

  • 1 Lamar
    1 Lamar 3 hours ago

    Total crap..especially with legend

  • 1 Lamar
    1 Lamar 3 hours ago

    Legend and his fake attitude like disgusting wife

  • Malia M
    Malia M 3 hours ago

    Her hair reminds me of Mulan for some reason

  • JoJo M
    JoJo M 3 hours ago

    This is getting me through a lot right now

  • zo sanga
    zo sanga 3 hours ago


  • Melanie Watkins
    Melanie Watkins 3 hours ago

    She is AMAZING!!!!!!

  • lion
    lion 3 hours ago

    Gwen is a wrong choice as a coach sorry we need a great voice for this show

  • Nino Candare
    Nino Candare 3 hours ago

    Who did it? You did it cowboy. 😂 Kelly kelly 😗

    • lion
      lion 3 hours ago

      I love kelly she's an amazing artist why did you do this Mr. Tin man😂😂😂

  • lion
    lion 3 hours ago

    We miss you Adam you'you're a great coach

  • bazzingaification
    bazzingaification 3 hours ago

    Loveeee her !! One of the best early auditions they've ever had !!

  • J
    J 3 hours ago

    She's got a lovely sweet calming voice, but she's a boring singer, she doesn't belong on this podium. If she makes an album of calming sweet honeys for the soul, and leaves it at that, doesn't try to be a megastar, that would be just lovely.

  • Saxophone and Clarient - Austral

    I still don't understand the title of this video What is the mystery?

  • J
    J 3 hours ago

    I get an unpleasant vibe from Celia's singing. I haven't had this before with a singer, and don't like posting stuff that adds to negativity, but I'm curious: am I the only one?

  • Ruth  Hariandja
    Ruth Hariandja 4 hours ago

    I think, no fun without Adam..

  • iya_cruz 1977
    iya_cruz 1977 4 hours ago

    Where's Adam? :'(

  • Roger Williams
    Roger Williams 4 hours ago

    But the most talentless people get 4 chairs smh this show is rigged

  • Nickie Jonas
    Nickie Jonas 4 hours ago

    The fact that he and Panic! In general has stayed relevant since 2005 is amazingggg, most so called artists struggle to stay relevent for a week nevermind 14/15 yrs

  • Cameron Cooke
    Cameron Cooke 4 hours ago

    Anyone else find it disrespectful to run around like a lunatic while they perform and make it all about you? Idk just a thought 😶

  • Steve Billups
    Steve Billups 4 hours ago

    WOW! Awesome!

  • AllenElite
    AllenElite 4 hours ago

    They both sing better than every Counting Crows concerts.

  • Delfina Raimondo
    Delfina Raimondo 4 hours ago

    Por que no esta Adam

  • The Samuel Antenor
    The Samuel Antenor 4 hours ago

    I hope she picks Gwen! This girl has a unique personality and so does Gwen! 🥰

  • Peggy Morris
    Peggy Morris 4 hours ago

    She is AWESOME!!🌹🌹🌹💞💕💖

  • Bramanto Wijaya
    Bramanto Wijaya 4 hours ago

    damn, the harmony between kelly and john is so sweet and subtle. eargasm

  • Edith Shelly
    Edith Shelly 4 hours ago

    I don't get it.. Why sometimes someone is blocked? Why and how? XD

  • Feras_
    Feras_ 4 hours ago

    He might be good but this seem like auto tune

  • Niutoli L Yeptho
    Niutoli L Yeptho 4 hours ago

    God I miss Adam The show will be so incomplete without him☹☹☹

  • AlexLifeStyleVlogs
    AlexLifeStyleVlogs 4 hours ago

    She most definitely picked Blake

  • calisurfer04
    calisurfer04 4 hours ago

    Wtf did I just witness... omg that VOICE. Get it guuurl woooo. Yeah baby.

    LUREDADDY52 4 hours ago

    This is the second (Sneak Peek) of the same audition as in as many days.

    PUBG MOBILE NOOBS 4 hours ago

    Coach Adam??😀