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  • Fletch
    Fletch Hour ago

    It’s strange how Jim’s voice sounds so good on this track, he sounds like he did on the first album before he went slurred on some tracks. He sounds sober.

  • Lynn Kanerva
    Lynn Kanerva Hour ago

    I'm not a Doors fan but I love this song. Jim Morrison had a fantastic voice.

  • PolishMetalKAT
    PolishMetalKAT 6 hours ago

    0:20 finely starts

  • Koil
    Koil 7 hours ago

    The lyrics kinda remind me of bladerunner.

  • Antoine Thomas
    Antoine Thomas 11 hours ago

    Gone too sone

  • mario fabris
    mario fabris 11 hours ago

    LEGGENDARI The doors

  • Camilo Ortiz
    Camilo Ortiz 12 hours ago


  • Evon Hesso
    Evon Hesso 12 hours ago

    Basketball diaries anyone ?

  • Shawn Berry
    Shawn Berry 15 hours ago

    I love The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, and the 1960’s!!!! I wish I could’ve grow up throughout the hippie era!!!! Real music and real times, not artificial like today.

  • Vegan Guru
    Vegan Guru 16 hours ago

    Light my fire, my Twin Flame!

  • Brandi R
    Brandi R 16 hours ago

    Lol sittin here thinking my girls better play the best if im unable to. Lol im 39 my oldest is 18

  • ᔕ丅ᖇᗝᑎǤᕼ Ƶ


  • józsef nagy
    józsef nagy 19 hours ago

    Igazából nem ez az album volt a best .

  • zebonaut smith
    zebonaut smith 21 hour ago

    This song puts you in some sort of mood as you pass through the Universe.

  • Orne Marlene
    Orne Marlene Day ago

    19 de septiembre 2019❤

  • Ramona Grīnberga

    Who else is feeling that basketball diaries vibe

  • Jacob Jones
    Jacob Jones Day ago

    This is the greatest rock song of them all.. Without question..

  • guille 33
    guille 33 Day ago

    Verdadero rock and roll viva el rey lagarto

  • Pietro Boselli


  • Jeff Roche
    Jeff Roche Day ago

    Did anybody else see that native family back there...?

    IDONTCARE Day ago

    I remember when he was arrested in my hometown, New Haven. Yeah, I’m that fxxking old.

  • Roy Curley
    Roy Curley Day ago

    😎😈👍💩💥🙉 turn it up as far as it can go

  • Wendy Davis
    Wendy Davis Day ago

    The DOORS come alive; the first resurrection was when Apocalypse Now was released, AGAIN with Forrest Gump.

  • Gabriela Camey


  • rttmx
    rttmx Day ago


  • Joe Erdei
    Joe Erdei Day ago

    You tell em jim

  • photonrayswaves

    Children this is from back in the day when music was art and poetry and complex and deep ~ An Old Hippy

  • Imelda Gaspar
    Imelda Gaspar Day ago


  • daniel antonov delgado

    The Doors la única banda capaz de opacar a rolling stones y the beatles

  • Jessica Eernisse

    So alone!

  • Joosep Kõressaar
    Joosep Kõressaar 2 days ago

    Listened to this whole time when I was doing pub crawl in Edinburgh. God those were the times.

  • Thelonious Coltrane

    2019 Sex in a car!

  • Thelonious Coltrane

    2019 This is art music.

  • Pat Downs
    Pat Downs 2 days ago

    Gotta love the album cover visual where the despicable and odorous Morrison impersonates Yahveh. What a sadistic, overhyped wreck of a human being who should have never been born. I doubt if he ever did a good thing for anyone in his whole miserable life. I certainly have never heard anyone testify to that effect, probably because he never did. As an experiment, google 'images Jim Morrison' and the same for Janis Joplin. Look for one example of Morrison smiling or laughing. With Janis, plenty of examples. Morrison? Bupkis.

  • Russel_
    Russel_ 2 days ago

    2:02 B A S S

  • Josh Davis
    Josh Davis 2 days ago

    You got to roll.... roll.. roll...roll... thrill my soul ;)

  • ambar collazo
    ambar collazo 2 days ago

    Why do legends keep on dying? people with this talent and pure beauty deserve as much freedom and privacy as regular people. It's so unfair that celebrities take their lives bc they can't stand such pressure and stress. But we don't take about it... Jim Morrison was one small but brilliant star as a poet and artist, out of the million there are out there.

  • Coco Tedness
    Coco Tedness 2 days ago

    My heart pumps between this and Sunday Valley. Around a lot of pop. Does anyone relate?

  • Alfonso Yeverino 3rd

    Absolutely not.

  • NJ Adventure
    NJ Adventure 2 days ago

    Gonna play this on September 20

  • Bhu-Mandala Universe

    Great LSD music I saw among the hippies, I was already a devotee when it came out so no LSD for me, already given that up long before it came out

  • Yadi Nuryadi
    Yadi Nuryadi 3 days ago

    most of them are payment soldiers but we are born and grow here from centuries to centuries, stand your ground

  • Midwest Siren Productions

    When I first heard this song I imagined an old ship riding rough waves during a storm, all alone on the ocean. The wary crew try their best to beat the storm, but to no avail.

    • Jeff Roche
      Jeff Roche Day ago

      I always pictured a bunch of Western horsemen riding across the dark stormy open plains the only light, lightening silhouetting their outlines as they ride for their lives

  • Cristian Gameplays
    Cristian Gameplays 3 days ago

    need for speed 2 :C

  • sippa dagirou
    sippa dagirou 3 days ago

    if vocals could kill... this is it


    Peter Griffin: *kicks the door* roadhouse.

  • Erim ayd
    Erim ayd 3 days ago

    I'm at my fathers balls right now waiting to come out , love this music

  • Eu, a Rainha e 3 princesas.

    great song

  • meanwillie
    meanwillie 3 days ago

    Brahman Naman

    FOOEL 3 days ago

    Whenever it starts raining, I crank this shit up

  • J.L. Outlet Deals
    J.L. Outlet Deals 3 days ago

    Whiskey Bar!

  • Julio Ramírez
    Julio Ramírez 3 days ago

    Rey lagarto tu legado sigue vigente eres mi ídolo tus rolas tu voz tu forma de ser eres unico

  • oscar hassan mendieta

    2019 escuchando música de verdad

  • Adrian Villavicencio

    I hate my generation. All these kids listening to Drake and XXXTentacion. The 70s 80s 90s years were the best. Just give me a time machine and get me out of this stupid generation already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elvys Santos
    Elvys Santos 3 days ago

    Amazing Ray Manzarek's work.

  • Tito Caio Graco Diaz Tamburrini

    Old id Gold

  • metal shadow
    metal shadow 3 days ago

    the horror the horror

  • Adimilson Jesus da Silva

    Doors Forever!

  • Johnny MFan
    Johnny MFan 3 days ago

    X does a superpior surprisingly upbeat cover of this. Check it out.

  • A v
    A v 3 days ago

    Fire fire

  • Jesus
    Jesus 3 days ago


  • Daniel Oliveira
    Daniel Oliveira 3 days ago

    Balalaika kissed the pumpkin with light balloons and flew into the darkness of solitude! It rained in the gutter of the romantic Queen of redheads! Poetry Man has little strawberries in poetic boxes covered in blue ice cream! The Ballad of the beautiful shook my navigating heart! Shake off the beautifull beauties of bellicose ramparts! The Noisy Ballad of Drunks has messed up the booze drink! The Whale Ball bikini bikini! The greedy Gala thrashed the flirtatious bottle! The loudmouthed woodpecker closed the window pretending to make merrymaking! It's all worth it for the brave firefly in the dark! The wide-eyed lizard gazed at the crowd in the procession! The Lamp flashed resounding rays in the vastness! Poetry Man will unmask the foil bathed in red strawberries! Poetry Man has ships bombarding the backs of his bound hands!

  • Marc Batlan
    Marc Batlan 3 days ago

    Absolute favorite song of all time

  • robert messier
    robert messier 3 days ago

    This could be the Theme Song for the Democratic Party

  • John el-amin
    John el-amin 3 days ago

    Came to SoCal in the summer of '69 from Deep South. Never heard of the Doors. Mind blowing! This band and others at the time were putting out the right sounds at the right time.

  • Ivone Zubieta
    Ivone Zubieta 3 days ago

    me encanta

  • irene gronewald
    irene gronewald 3 days ago

    was 19 listenin ` to the doors ...in my own world...now 69...still the same

  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown 3 days ago


  • Justin Trimble
    Justin Trimble 3 days ago

    Mr cools song

  • Justin Trimble
    Justin Trimble 3 days ago

    Good song thank you morrison and jack black

  • Jack Joseph
    Jack Joseph 3 days ago

    i need a mark 2 1970's car and high proof speaker so i can bust me ears with is voice ,, amazing

  • john gordon
    john gordon 3 days ago

    Sick of these bloody adds between songs!!!!!!!!

  • Rosa González
    Rosa González 4 days ago

    Beautiful men!!! ❤

  • Lauri Mikkola
    Lauri Mikkola 4 days ago


  • Beach Boys - Topic
    Beach Boys - Topic 4 days ago

    This is one of the Doors' best songs.

  • Herbert Goerner
    Herbert Goerner 4 days ago

    take hell long hollyday,....tlalpan.................

  • Herbert Goerner
    Herbert Goerner 4 days ago

    condesa cdmx 00.00 hrs driving arround....,....lol

  • flyingmerkel6
    flyingmerkel6 4 days ago

    1981. I've just snuck into a topless bar at the age of 20. This was the first song. The dancer was a small-titted curly haired brunette not much older than me. She was beautiful. If I live to be a hundred, I'll never forget. Perfect.

  • flyingmerkel6
    flyingmerkel6 4 days ago

    A few beers on a hot late summer night. This song is perfect, it's about where I'm from

  • 65wiseman
    65wiseman 4 days ago

    Originally done by Lotte Lenya of all people!

  • juan campos
    juan campos 4 days ago

    Pinches anuncios te quitan la inspiración

  • NerolNiethsreg
    NerolNiethsreg 4 days ago

    I have been listening to this and The Doors' classics for years but after seeing the video where Ray Manzerek explained how they came up with this beauty I am here again with a new sense of curiosity and wonder. And I'm still amazed....

    • Devrim Zeki Erdogan
      Devrim Zeki Erdogan 18 hours ago

      Same reason here 2

    • Takuna Raekarasu
      Takuna Raekarasu Day ago

      same reason 😂😂

    • BassYakwards TV
      BassYakwards TV 2 days ago

      Just watched that same video. Came here instantly after. A brief glimpse into writing on of the most easily recognized songs in history.

  • Diego Escobar
    Diego Escobar 4 days ago

    Muito top esse som!

  • Keef
    Keef 4 days ago

    If you can’t enjoy this, seek immediate help.

  • alicia algañaras
    alicia algañaras 4 days ago

    esto es una mierda

  • Šhïvâ
    Šhïvâ 4 days ago

    His nipple bugs me so much

  • Ross RC Fallacaro
    Ross RC Fallacaro 4 days ago

    Normally I don’t listen to the doors, but when I do, so do my neighbors

  • it'sPIG
    it'sPIG 4 days ago

    This works way too well in The Worlds End

  • RadzYt
    RadzYt 4 days ago

    Lawrence is good at piano

  • Andrew Reed
    Andrew Reed 5 days ago

    I thought it was about being famous & dieing ?

  • Javier Mendoza
    Javier Mendoza 5 days ago

    I'm an illegal 👽..and I dig the Doors 😎

  • ุ ุ
    ุ ุ 5 days ago


  • Garfunkle
    Garfunkle 5 days ago

    They are really truely great musicians, don’t forget it.

  • Simone Gilli
    Simone Gilli 5 days ago


  • Batuhan Yıldırım

    don kafa don

  • Julian Molina
    Julian Molina 5 days ago

    I love myself some hip hop and rap, but my god can I always respect and just fucking tap my foot to the beat to greats like these.

  • Jose Luis
    Jose Luis 5 days ago

    Piece of shit!

  • partik kumar
    partik kumar 5 days ago

    Thanks to Snoop Dogg and NFSU 2 for The doors...... introduction

  • sebas hess
    sebas hess 5 days ago


  • Arturo Lopez
    Arturo Lopez 5 days ago

    If you ever drive through L.A. from Boyle Heights to Santa Monica, along Cesar Chavez, Sunset, Sepulveda and all the streets that lead to the beach and beyond, this is the perfect road song.