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  • Bakunawa BenHierro
    Bakunawa BenHierro 52 minutes ago

    warframe noob: what they made a movie about warframes nezha? me: ignorant fooooooooools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why are you still breathing my air!!!!!!

  • Sandeep Acharya
    Sandeep Acharya 53 minutes ago

    Naruto lives

  • Cole Valdespino
    Cole Valdespino 56 minutes ago

    Movie is awesome!!

  • Legion Studios
    Legion Studios Hour ago

    OI VEY

  • D3ADZ0N3
    D3ADZ0N3 Hour ago

    Bruh this came out a week ago why I'm seeing this now 😂

  • The Overcast
    The Overcast Hour ago

    Seems like a lot of special effects quality with little writing quality. I'll pass.

  • Serina Wong
    Serina Wong Hour ago

    for the other people who grew up with their relatives watching Chinese dramas You start to see a certain pattern but now it's animated *jazz hands*

  • Big Mike Cordova

    Well that looks stupid

  • Rishabh kharat
    Rishabh kharat Hour ago

    My overseas social media friends often ask me "why do Indians hate Pakistan so much"? I suggest them to watch this trailer. Now they hate Pakistan too.

  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones Hour ago

    I liked this movie the first time I saw it when it was called Invasion of the Body Snatchers

  • Rishabh kharat
    Rishabh kharat Hour ago

    We will never forgive Pakistan.

  • Khairi Khan
    Khairi Khan Hour ago

    This movie/show is filled with nothing but racist Black stereotypes ; single Black Mom, who stifles black boy, light-skinned/mixed wife, missing or dead Black Dad, a White Man being the savior - C'Mon, people !

  • Chris Woodman
    Chris Woodman Hour ago

    This movie would be better with Dolph Lundgren

  • Dean Woodford
    Dean Woodford Hour ago

    Year 3022, still have plastic push buttons on a space station. OK.

  • arab.c
    arab.c Hour ago

    lol > American people are afraid of everything, even from their shadow.

  • John Andrei Facultad

    Ling VS Moskov ROUND 1 FIGHT!!😋😆😝🤣🤣

  • Beem B
    Beem B 2 hours ago

    Decent horror film, much better than most recent released

  • arab.c
    arab.c 2 hours ago


  • UJR78
    UJR78 2 hours ago

    Holy shit!!! Go Jim Gaffigan!

  • Jose Tul
    Jose Tul 2 hours ago

    So lets just show a bunch of creepy shit and not really tell ypu what the movies about. Or is it demon posseses kid, they do an exorcist, demon laughs at them amd throws some shit around the room etc. Ill just watch the exorcist.

  • Jeremy john Hall
    Jeremy john Hall 2 hours ago

    My God to zombie makes good movies

  • George Brailey
    George Brailey 2 hours ago

    Wow soooo fucking scary ...step in magic mud you get eaten but the mulch man 😂😂😂 lame

  • TheRaziel07
    TheRaziel07 2 hours ago

    0:09 i miss the flash

  • TenneyBox
    TenneyBox 2 hours ago

    The Jurassic Park movie we deserve.

  • David Barksdale
    David Barksdale 2 hours ago

    Once seeing the cover, its fanfic of One Piece' s Wano Arc when Luffy faces Kiado again. Now that's really creative.

  • Mr Voorhees
    Mr Voorhees 2 hours ago

    Boy, I bet you'd stick you're head in fire if I told ya you could see hell

  • Luc1547
    Luc1547 2 hours ago

    I’d rather watch avatar the last airbender movie

  • Sir Grumples
    Sir Grumples 2 hours ago

    lol wut

  • DoctorChained
    DoctorChained 2 hours ago

    Supersize Me is a disgrace to real documentaries. How can drivel seriously entertain the idea that you can be "addicted" to fast food. Dumbest shit I've seen. I'm sure this shit will be more of the same. "Herp I'm depressed because I've become addicted to I mean KFC". Fuck outta here.

  • John Argires
    John Argires 2 hours ago

    Finally an original and interesting take on WW2

  • Monsters Parks
    Monsters Parks 2 hours ago

    It's the boyka origins 😱😱😱😱

  • Scott Gordon
    Scott Gordon 2 hours ago

    Turk looks weird with hair.

  • elaztic
    elaztic 2 hours ago

    Valley of death.

  • Aldo Ramírez
    Aldo Ramírez 2 hours ago

    So glad Cisco hasn’t left the show

  • J C
    J C 3 hours ago

    In the end he was dreaming

  • Mike Prasz
    Mike Prasz 3 hours ago

    No worries Netflix! You will get my money if I watch it or not!

  • Game Change
    Game Change 3 hours ago

    The next word that comes out of your mouth better be some brilliant mark twain shyt.. 😂😂

  • C. W. Johnson Jr
    C. W. Johnson Jr 3 hours ago

    I was expecting lions

  • DanthegorexX UwU
    DanthegorexX UwU 3 hours ago

    Song please

  • A Simpson
    A Simpson 3 hours ago

    When they say viking movie they meant they made a movie with the sets from the TV show Vikings.

  • Dean Solistino
    Dean Solistino 3 hours ago

    Dark tower 7 seasons would roco

  • Wayne Hanks
    Wayne Hanks 3 hours ago

    Next Villain = Sylar

  • Theomite
    Theomite 3 hours ago

    Okay, I'll see it for the explanation of what it is.

  • Gunsta X
    Gunsta X 3 hours ago

    Loving the whole retro vibe

  • ben 1981
    ben 1981 3 hours ago

    I got lost in a corn field when I was a kid once. I only remember being lost but not getting out. You feel like your not going anywhere because it all looks the same. Just thought I’d share that...enjoy your 🌽

  • Theomite
    Theomite 3 hours ago

    Looks a little too Oscar-Baitey for me. I'll bet there's some great performances, but the film looks too elegant to be truly harrowing. I've been wrong before, but that's my call for now.

  • Marky mark and the bunky funch

    Im intrigued..

  • Alice Lu
    Alice Lu 3 hours ago

    this is where labors united

  • Kevin Nelson
    Kevin Nelson 3 hours ago

    🤔sounds like the "CERN" project in Geneva Switzerland 😒js.

  • John veris
    John veris 3 hours ago

    Not bad,the ending could be better but if you like saw with a mixed of texas chainsaw massacre then this is a movie for you. 7/10.

  • LaowzyBoi
    LaowzyBoi 4 hours ago

    Yo is this the farm from Torchwood?

    HAALO 4 hours ago

    the fact they would wanna make James Bond a women is dumb bro James Bond is James Bond for a reason no sexism or nothing it’s plain a simple story line that needs to be kept the same meaning just for the Bond franchise

  • kurt
    kurt 4 hours ago

    To this day, house of a thousand corpses is by far one of the most disturbing movies I've ever seen. Devil's rejects was good, but not a mind fuck like the first one

  • Peach Cola
    Peach Cola 4 hours ago


  • Wendy Cohen
    Wendy Cohen 4 hours ago

    Waaay too much monster for a short trailer. I don't mind a bad movie, but I hate knowing the entire plot from the trailer before hand.

  • fogwat
    fogwat 4 hours ago

    This story needs a cross over with the Lawn Mower Man.

  • Konrad Stollsteiner
    Konrad Stollsteiner 4 hours ago

    How did I miss in the theaters? Would've loved to see it in IMAX!

  • Mahdi
    Mahdi 4 hours ago

    Me thinking this is gonna be a gritty, historically accurate depiction of ww2- :) Me realizing it’s just a stupid ass sports movie- :(

  • PreApocalypseJitters

    Stupid stupid stupid.

  • Maurice D
    Maurice D 4 hours ago

    Hey look...I found Kevin Costner if he builds it THEY will come. Failing that just call Cheech and Chong!

  • ProfFell
    ProfFell 4 hours ago

    Somebody call The Lawnmower Man.

  • ProfFell
    ProfFell 4 hours ago

    Children of the Grass :)

  • Kevin Nelson
    Kevin Nelson 4 hours ago

    😒Yea satan is also the beaure of light. The angel of light. The enlighten ones. You get what I'm trying to say. Didn't mean to expose 🤭😁

  • Kevin Nelson
    Kevin Nelson 4 hours ago


  • Benji Boy
    Benji Boy 4 hours ago

    He's regreting becoming ra's al ghull now😭😂😂😂

  • Brian Baer
    Brian Baer 4 hours ago

    I hate when they have scrawny ass women beating up adult men. So fucking fake, takes he out of it

  • EJP79
    EJP79 4 hours ago

    Well, i think horror films these days suck but this one looks kinda spooky! I don't like it when it involves kids in these types of movies!

  • Samuel Sam
    Samuel Sam 4 hours ago

    We humans suffered thousands of years ago and are suffering. only us helped our selves to make changing in our lives and in the world meanwhile god did not give a damn fuck.

  • Samuel Sam
    Samuel Sam 4 hours ago

    You used pray to god like you were addicted to and always hoped he is out there for you and will grab you to save you from bad but it's a shame that no one ever told you that those fairy tails you have been told since you were a kid were only fiction stories of a fictitious god. It's a shame if you still think god exists then what a cruel god. we don't want, We don't deserve that god! We deserve better and what we deserve is us and our love to each other!!!

  • Kevin Nelson
    Kevin Nelson 4 hours ago

    😕Freaking GARBAGE!😒

  • Kyle M
    Kyle M 4 hours ago

    I’m sorry. But I just can’t see this being exciting other than some jump scares

  • Doug Helle
    Doug Helle 4 hours ago

    "This looks so awesome!!" Said every wannabe badass dweeb everywhere...

  • Kevin Nelson
    Kevin Nelson 4 hours ago

    😟A Stephen King and Patrick Wilson😲film😬😰

  • Yvan
    Yvan 4 hours ago

    Obviously the sofa represents society Soft and cuddly from the outside but bloody and vicious from the inside OR it represents our government Soft and caring from the outside But Bloody and murderous from the inside Or No more movie ideas

  • Scott Klingensmith
    Scott Klingensmith 4 hours ago

    Patrick Wilson? hell yeah

  • Callsign Bones
    Callsign Bones 4 hours ago

    Love all the right wingers in the comments jerking each other off about how "oppressed" they are. Irony is obvious, and apparently lost on them.

  • Jonathan Holland
    Jonathan Holland 5 hours ago

    no chance this will be on the level of 1995.. get real guys.

  • Matthew Clement
    Matthew Clement 5 hours ago

    saw "viking movie" and was excited but then I realized this is a low budget film. maybe this could have been something really cool if it had the budget of a massive blockbuster film

  • pizzaguy7
    pizzaguy7 5 hours ago

    ... not that yo yo yo shit music again !!! John Barry must be turning in his grave !!!

  • Adam R
    Adam R 5 hours ago

    its like children of the corn,but instead of's grass.

  • Linda Taghon
    Linda Taghon 5 hours ago

    Should watch the 1930's secret garden with Margaret Obrien. I ti s WONDERFUL!

  • Jun Song
    Jun Song 5 hours ago

    Is it really true that James Bond is to be replaced by a woman????

  • Sean Harrison
    Sean Harrison 5 hours ago

    That’s not even a sofa

  • einc70
    einc70 5 hours ago

    Literally homeless.

  • Laguna2013
    Laguna2013 5 hours ago

    Where's Danny T.?

  • Wayne Marshall
    Wayne Marshall 5 hours ago

    Not gonna hate but this is trash it’s taken me 5 episodes to say so the biggest insult is the made up wu tracks the casting of ashton sanders as rza is an appalling choice reminiscent of dres character in nwa albeit a great actor but hes too dark to be rza and short. This is a complete waste of time and Rza again has lost the plot on what quality is. Shame really as the guy is a genius

  • Wayne Marshall
    Wayne Marshall 5 hours ago

    Not gonna hate but this is trash it’s taken me 5 episodes to say so the biggest insult is the made up wu tracks the casting of ashton sanders as rza is an appalling choice reminiscent of dres character in nwa albeit a great actor but hes too dark to be rza and short. This is a complete waste of time and Rza again has lost the plot on what quality is. Shame really as the guy is a genius

  • Patrick Baitman
    Patrick Baitman 5 hours ago

    Gay !

  • endang rusmala
    endang rusmala 5 hours ago

    Kira kira kalo Sadako di ganti Ama sundel bolong nya Suzanna, lebih serem mana yak? Bokiir.....???? Hahahaha 😨😨😨

  • Stephen Kershaw
    Stephen Kershaw 5 hours ago

    netflix? what? not any good unless it's in cinemas

  • Ayla123Hemora
    Ayla123Hemora 5 hours ago

    I hate it when trailers tells basically the sum of the entire movie. They shouldn't have included so many spoilers/reveals.

  • Annie Mosienko
    Annie Mosienko 5 hours ago

    Wow - this looks really, really stupid.

  • Carol Downing
    Carol Downing 5 hours ago

    Looks pretty damn good. Clancy Brown ❤️

  • Felipe Espinoza
    Felipe Espinoza 5 hours ago

    terrible choice of music, why ?

  • DormantArtist98 Gamer

    I’m chinese and know mandarin so I can understand all

  • Epic Chill Gamer
    Epic Chill Gamer 6 hours ago

    This looks cute

  • duststorm80
    duststorm80 6 hours ago

    Deadspace! But with no monsters.

  • Robbish
    Robbish 6 hours ago

    So, Corn is much worse than Grass...

  • Cameron Pearce
    Cameron Pearce 6 hours ago

    I mean the costumes look pretty good

  • Badikhs Kardashiam
    Badikhs Kardashiam 6 hours ago

    *Es la segunda parte de "The Woman"?*