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  • Victor Martinez
    Victor Martinez 5 minutes ago

    Food orgasm

  • Toxic Eros
    Toxic Eros 7 minutes ago

    I’m from Kuwait and these colors r the same colors in the Kuwait flag lol

  • Ellie *
    Ellie * 9 minutes ago

    2:45 my brain: bEaNs grEenS potAtoes tomAtoes

  • Marta Márquez Sobrados
    Marta Márquez Sobrados 19 minutes ago


  • trinh nguyễn
    trinh nguyễn 20 minutes ago

    Ở đây có ai người Việt Nam k ạ 🇻🇳

  • Aggeliki Raptaki
    Aggeliki Raptaki 31 minute ago

    Απαίσιος ήχος μασιματος!

    Elif YETİM ÖZDEMİR 31 minute ago

    Blue is mint, Red is strawberry, Orange is orange, Yellow is lemon, Green is kiwi, White is 🤷‍♀️.

  • xXdivakaXx
    xXdivakaXx 33 minutes ago


  • Lena Hopefrey
    Lena Hopefrey 35 minutes ago


  • Tatiana Ilic
    Tatiana Ilic 37 minutes ago

    Yummmm 😍

  • Mind Mind
    Mind Mind 37 minutes ago


    ŇXM! XNOLMEX 37 minutes ago

    imagine she ate bee's

  • elisabetgigja
    elisabetgigja 38 minutes ago

    Can you please do more of these kinds of videos <3 frozen stuff

  • Robert Cisneros
    Robert Cisneros 39 minutes ago

    Aparte de mi alguien mas habla español? 😅🤗

  • Apryl Ayon
    Apryl Ayon 40 minutes ago


  • Apryl Ayon
    Apryl Ayon 40 minutes ago

    🤤🤤🤤 sooooo gooooooood I get so hungry just by watching this and gain like ten pounds hahah

  • Shital surati
    Shital surati 43 minutes ago

    Your smile is beautiful 😘

  • Emily Menetrey
    Emily Menetrey 57 minutes ago

    SAS, Do you ever listen to your videos outside of editing them? Like I need to relax, I am going to listen to myself eat 😆

  • Zeynep Unsal
    Zeynep Unsal 57 minutes ago

    I'm watching the video and eating gummy worms with sas. It feel content for the first time!

  • Jamal Azzouz
    Jamal Azzouz Hour ago

    WOW.. 😋😋😋😋

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer Hour ago

    Guys is just me or does she have sauce for everything

  • Sammiie _xoxo
    Sammiie _xoxo Hour ago

    You posted this on my birthday! 🥳🥳

  • JuliC
    JuliC Hour ago

    Objetivo dormir Obstaculo hambre

  • paula schubert
    paula schubert Hour ago

    When You eat this ,ist that warm or Cold? #Foodporno

  • Nesya Fertel
    Nesya Fertel Hour ago

    Day 2 of requesting half burnt bread! Please like so sas can see it thanks❤️

  • Heena
    Heena Hour ago

    I was watching this video and eating extra cheesy macaroni 😋

  • Rin ja
    Rin ja Hour ago

    Hello..what kind of cheese that and how to prepare..thanks

    ALHASNA FAHAD Hour ago

    Before the million

  • Sama Khan
    Sama Khan Hour ago

    No one can beat u... U r the one ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Selinay Davarcı

    Canım çektiiiiii

  • Maninder SINGH
    Maninder SINGH Hour ago

    Any Indian

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl Hour ago

    EVERYTHING is better with cheese sauce 😎 lol loved it.

  • Bidya Rani
    Bidya Rani Hour ago

    will u please tell me... name of ur lipstick products

  • Dulci Lloyd
    Dulci Lloyd Hour ago

    i wish i could eat for a living!!! XD love your channel

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia Hour ago

    Don't like the sound that he makes

  • GrevyX Channel
    GrevyX Channel Hour ago

    Day 2 of requesting to do the first vid on the channel with the same recipe (sushi)

  • Grace Katilynn
    Grace Katilynn Hour ago

    he seems so sweet.

  • Galaxy Ruby
    Galaxy Ruby Hour ago

    I tried aloe Vera before and to me it didn’t taste that bad... Or am I just going crazy?!?,

  • sanya arora
    sanya arora Hour ago

    I think ur videos should be *no talking asmr* coz thats better... Otherwise u speak moreand eat less...which is not nyc..!🙃

  • Lìly
    Lìly Hour ago

    Love how you ate one at a time at first but began to shove a handful in ur mouth 😂

  • Samreen Azam
    Samreen Azam Hour ago

    You are so cute ❤️ when you eat 😘 and your face is so beautiful 💖💕

  • not today satan
    not today satan Hour ago

    I think the one that you soaked in sugar water are sweeter because you ate the cherry thingy before

  • Alisha123 Mirza456

    you make good crunches xoxo

  • Abhi Rami
    Abhi Rami Hour ago

    That egg 🤥lol

  • Jessica Hinojosa

    That meat is screaming for some butter 🤤

  • Roberta Borghesan

  • Roberta Borghesan

    Wow 😍

  • Fish & Noodles Ms. PINCOCK


  • beth darley
    beth darley 2 hours ago

    the game sushi bar is using an add with your content, just wanted you to know incase you werent aware. move your content<3

  • Tahmina Saddiq
    Tahmina Saddiq 2 hours ago

    The thing inside of alo vera looks like slime

  • ميرال ستارز Hosaoe


  • Jimin is mine
    Jimin is mine 2 hours ago

    Day 3 of requesting rice sandwiches/onigiri Like so SAS can see?? ⬇️

  • melaa.
    melaa. 2 hours ago

    can sas eat pumpkin pie or anything halloween relateddd

  • ȘtefaniaRM Fire
    ȘtefaniaRM Fire 2 hours ago

    Min 2:o3

  • ȘtefaniaRM Fire
    ȘtefaniaRM Fire 2 hours ago

    Min 2:o3😅😅😅

  • หลาว ลาว

    2 20 201 2019 2019 201 20 2 👇👇

  • Candy Ze queen
    Candy Ze queen 2 hours ago

    Ok has anyone in there life dipped a plain chip.. in frosting or ice cream or is that just me?

  • Taenin Cypheri
    Taenin Cypheri 2 hours ago

    Next time you should try Turkish Food trust me I’m sure that you’ll love it !! ❤️🥰❤️🥰🥰💜❤️

  • Michael Elcano
    Michael Elcano 2 hours ago

    Hey baby <3 <3 <3 love you.... mmmm yummy.... Mmm....

  • Elmar Piqs
    Elmar Piqs 2 hours ago

    the thumbnail looked like ur sister.....

  • Elmar Piqs
    Elmar Piqs 2 hours ago

    makes want to crave sashimi!!!

  • Ice Eat
    Ice Eat 2 hours ago


  • Nargaes Rafied
    Nargaes Rafied 2 hours ago

    والله شهتني لي اشتهى يحط لايك

  • Malec
    Malec 2 hours ago


  • Sztella Sarkadi
    Sztella Sarkadi 2 hours ago


  • Naina Noor
    Naina Noor 2 hours ago

    Why do always first bite tastes like phone

  • Omar Haid
    Omar Haid 2 hours ago


  • Nafisa Yasin
    Nafisa Yasin 3 hours ago

    Her : *Enjoys Eating* Me : *Dont eat those cute puppies* In mind : *Give it to me looks yummy i will eat all of it*

  • 赵君怡
    赵君怡 3 hours ago

    love your talking videos!

  • Shagufta Sarwar
    Shagufta Sarwar 3 hours ago

    What's price of these fruit

  • 阿笨
    阿笨 3 hours ago

    Im upset that none of the asmr-ers will finish their food

  • My Name Is Esperança

    Que besteira é essa kkkk

  • Mary keron
    Mary keron 3 hours ago

    I love this video because I love it when you talk so much 😍😍😍😍

  • Lemon_Juice _ Gacha
    Lemon_Juice _ Gacha 3 hours ago

    "You can have the first bite :)" 6 y.o's: *bites screen and it cracks* 6 y.o: mMm yOuR RiGhT It iS DeLiCiOuS

  • Bts Army
    Bts Army 3 hours ago

    Her first bite is always the best

  • *Candie *
    *Candie * 3 hours ago

    I could eat them all in one bite 😂😂

  • Rose Mckelt
    Rose Mckelt 3 hours ago

    Who else loves corn dogs?💖💞

  • ERRiS •
    ERRiS • 3 hours ago

    Сука как меня бесит это чавканье

    NHO NHO 3 hours ago

    1:24 Y’all can ignore me, I’m just time stamping the first bite for myself.

  • Samaria Yeager
    Samaria Yeager 3 hours ago

    What Kind of chesse sauce is that love to try it

  • Princess Fullbright
    Princess Fullbright 3 hours ago

    Looks like a jumbo mozzarella stick

  • Dahlia Badis
    Dahlia Badis 3 hours ago

    J’ai jamais vu sa tête j’aimerais bien la voir sa tête !

  • Seo In JUNG
    Seo In JUNG 3 hours ago

    u are soooo pretty

  • Sofi M
    Sofi M 3 hours ago

    Jesam li jedina sa Balkana koja gleda? 🙈😂✌️

  • virginia Bügler
    virginia Bügler 3 hours ago


    AYLA AHMEDİ 4 hours ago

    It's an interesting for me,how is tasting the meat of lobster...??? It look's like to the fish meat from that view... And look's very bad your nail polish than their view,they are very untidy...

  • Manish Ray
    Manish Ray 4 hours ago

    Who wants that sas try's Indian maggi 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Ehsly Bernardino
    Ehsly Bernardino 4 hours ago

    I ask my mom if we had fruits to eat after watching this

  • Hani Mohamud
    Hani Mohamud 4 hours ago

    Dw ur still my favourite

  • Ehsly Bernardino
    Ehsly Bernardino 4 hours ago

    6:56 In the phillipines we call it sampalok or sampaloc

  • virginia Bügler
    virginia Bügler 4 hours ago

    This is nice👍🏼😂

  • Mohd Imran
    Mohd Imran 4 hours ago

    Very nice video

  • rashmi gurung
    rashmi gurung 4 hours ago

    Do you mean yellow wee snow

  • Siwani Tamang
    Siwani Tamang 4 hours ago

    I love salmon with seafood sauce

  • Amybunny 05
    Amybunny 05 4 hours ago

    This looks sooooo bloody good. Dammit I wanna try it

  • rashmi gurung
    rashmi gurung 4 hours ago

    Do you like everything

  • Tutik Setyowati
    Tutik Setyowati 4 hours ago

    ini it sogod

    WOLFIRE 4 hours ago

    4:27 "Get me out of here!"

  • Village Life Easy
    Village Life Easy 4 hours ago

    super eating show wow

  • my name is Taylor
    my name is Taylor 4 hours ago

    Those little mushrooms are so delicious to see her eating🤤