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  • Yesara Perera
    Yesara Perera 3 hours ago

    Mmmm Very Yammy

  • I’m the yeeting Waffle

    OMG i think I saw u at Walmart with Emma lol

  • Matthewplayz 123
    Matthewplayz 123 8 hours ago

    Who is jealous 👇✌

  • Julia Lynn
    Julia Lynn 8 hours ago

    At the end I was like : COMMON EAT THE LAST 3 ONION RINGS lol 😍 love you girl :) Edit: I prefer mozzarella sticks 😋

  • a-wanderingcloud 0-0


  • iz. cindy
    iz. cindy 9 hours ago

    not really extremely crunchy but nice cheese pulls

  • That's Krazy Kailey!
    That's Krazy Kailey! 10 hours ago

    Have you ever tried onion rings in ranch?

  • Melina HEWITT BURT
    Melina HEWITT BURT 11 hours ago


  • Miss Sarra
    Miss Sarra 11 hours ago

    What microphone do you use ? Xxxx

  • Bowin ASMR
    Bowin ASMR 11 hours ago

    Help me to the 100 subscribers! I make asmr aswell!

  • Элла Грудзинская


  • Peaches Jones
    Peaches Jones 13 hours ago

    Love yr channel I wish some of the over channels were like this more eating less talkin great video 👍

  • Kara Luong
    Kara Luong 13 hours ago

    Oh wait, the comments aren’t disabled!

  • Shannon Speed
    Shannon Speed 13 hours ago


  • Yanness Chan
    Yanness Chan 13 hours ago

    I want to know how much it cost ?

    THE POTATO SISTER’S 14 hours ago

    I just wish comments section stays even with kids

  • Женис Кулсейтов

    Е озингана жисинба абжора балаларыңды да ойласай

  • Sarah Khadka
    Sarah Khadka 15 hours ago

    I prefer mozzarella cheese sticks with cheese sauce

  • Galaxias World
    Galaxias World 15 hours ago

    Better than the school's cheese sticks

  • jakiya sanford
    jakiya sanford 15 hours ago

    I love mozzarella sticks 😋😋

  • Regan Cunningham
    Regan Cunningham 15 hours ago

    Mozzerella sticks

  • Mahiya Mim
    Mahiya Mim 15 hours ago

    Wow beautiful I want some .... Can u give me some cuty?? Love u so much sweetheart ...... You look so fabulous

  • Unique Define
    Unique Define 16 hours ago

    Any 1 else like to watch her videos for entertainment not tangles😂

  • elinhelgad
    elinhelgad 16 hours ago

    How about eating something healthy?:)

  • Erica Torres
    Erica Torres 17 hours ago

    Looks 🔥💯

  • Mei ASMR
    Mei ASMR 17 hours ago

    Yummy onion ring..

  • anchel oedjaghir
    anchel oedjaghir 17 hours ago

    Love you

  • Erick Espinoza
    Erick Espinoza 18 hours ago

    I love ya video

  • Tiana Vlogs and more
    Tiana Vlogs and more 19 hours ago

    I like both bc they are both so good 😊 👍🏼

  • Unicorn pie
    Unicorn pie 19 hours ago

    That is so fake crunch! I’ve tried onion rings nope not crunchy at all!

  • Thế Giới Ốp Xinh

    OMGGGGG finally the comment section is back 😊😊😊

  • Cloé
    Cloé 20 hours ago

    anyone else upset that she used cheese dip and not her famous spicy mayo dip

  • Taiba Hussain
    Taiba Hussain 20 hours ago

    I always get hungry when you are eating! I love your videos with Emma and Nico I hope you have a good day!😇❤️ P.S were do you get your noodles from they look delicious! 👌🏼🤤

  • Hisako90
    Hisako90 21 hour ago

    Pudding video please!!!!

  • Vera
    Vera 21 hour ago

    Wait what the comment section is on?? 😍

  • Vera
    Vera 21 hour ago

    Sissy: loves how the onion rings are bite size Also sissy: *takes two onion rings at a time so it isn’t bite size anymore and she has to take two bites* 😂

  • Harper Wood
    Harper Wood 22 hours ago

    Wow, I can comment :o

  • Panda 101
    Panda 101 22 hours ago

    cheese on cheese hm.....

  • Sharon Steimle
    Sharon Steimle 22 hours ago

    Love the crunch Sissi!!!!

  • Niccolò Amato
    Niccolò Amato 22 hours ago

    I love you family ❤❤❤sas asmr and you love

  • Riyad Uddin
    Riyad Uddin 22 hours ago

    I have no school next week. So imma relax and watch ne lets eat.

  • Jay Lau
    Jay Lau 22 hours ago


  • QueentjeDina
    QueentjeDina 22 hours ago


  • Anika
    Anika 23 hours ago

    What cheese sauce is this? 😍😍😍

  • หัวมัน หมก


  • بنت بغداد
    بنت بغداد 23 hours ago

    الي عربي هون خلي يضغط لايك

  • Emma Leal
    Emma Leal 23 hours ago

    Eu sinto mais fome do q sono vendo isso 🥺

  • Maheen Siddiqui
    Maheen Siddiqui 23 hours ago

    Cheesy Sticks & Cheese Dip Wow Amazing

  • Jamya W
    Jamya W 23 hours ago

    You dip mozzarella sticks in cheese.... girl that’s WILD!

  • Cherry Apple
    Cherry Apple Day ago

    Oh yeah! U've Just reise my spirit! 💋 Love mozzarella sticks! 🤩🤩

  • Cute girls
    Cute girls Day ago

    You are the best ❤ ☺ 👌

  • •Twinies•
    •Twinies• Day ago

    Someone Have to go to burger king

  • Din Din
    Din Din Day ago

    How is Emma and Nicholas have not seen them for a long time and tell us that how many hrs you spend in gym ???

  • Missqueen ASMR

    Onion ring my favorite😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • 김예슬
    김예슬 Day ago

    yummy yummy❤❤❤

  • Bi Bi
    Bi Bi Day ago


  • sonya losoya
    sonya losoya Day ago

    Love the crunchy sounds❤️❤️👌🏻👌🏻

  • elina Mae
    elina Mae Day ago

    I ordered mozzarella sticks from burger king and it did not look like that, it was dry and the cheese wasn’t stretchy, and it tasted weird idk

  • Kalynn Grace
    Kalynn Grace Day ago

    I prefer mozzarella sticks!

  • Autum Hillyard

    I was hoping for pickles to be paired with the fried foods but still yay!😍👌

  • FitAngie
    FitAngie Day ago

    Onion rings and mozzarella sticks 😍😍😍

  • Afraa M
    Afraa M Day ago

    Mozzarella sticks any day!! 😋

  • Jada Ngeth
    Jada Ngeth Day ago

    The food Looks good can you giv me some plae

  • Cooking with Tracy

    I love onion rings and mozzarella sticks. This was a great video sis. Thanks for sharing

  • Michelle Liang Eats

    Cheese pullll 🧀😍.. need to bring those mozzarella sticks to our bk here 😢.. i’d choose onion rings as well tho 😅😋

  • Parul Chauhan
    Parul Chauhan Day ago

    I just love the cheese pull ...the deeping 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 delicious..i m hungry now😭😭😭😭😔😅😅❤❤❤❤❤

  • health and beauty remedies

    I prefer morzella sticks 👼👼

  • Little Williams

    I love crunchy eating sounds 🥰

  • chely M
    chely M Day ago

    Yay comments on!! Really enjoy your videos!! Also you and your sister videos are my favorite very funny!!

  • ASMR Toda 토다

    I like cheese stick and onion ring😍👍 👍👍👍

  • Alexa Victor
    Alexa Victor Day ago

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for N.E’s video to have the comment section back!

  • Md Rajafaisal
    Md Rajafaisal Day ago

    I love your vedios though you make me hungry...

  • Chelsea Marie
    Chelsea Marie Day ago

    what kind of cheese dip is that? Like where from? brand?

  • Venice Amberr
    Venice Amberr Day ago

    i m h u n g r y

  • Harun Khan
    Harun Khan Day ago


  • Azaeliah Ama
    Azaeliah Ama Day ago

    "Happy Friday" isn't Saturday and u posted this today ?????😕

  • Niome Star
    Niome Star Day ago

    Dipping fried cheese in cheese. It’s official y’all are obsessed with cheese lol

  • Kaitlyn Phillips

    You know you like cheese when you dip a mozzarella stick in cheese dip lol

  • Cherrie Ortega

    wow the comments aren’t disabled yet,,, i’m early!

  • Erica Torres
    Erica Torres Day ago

    Another delish video Sissi🌸 love how your a genuine foodie, you look like you enjoy your food and that’s why your the best...great food, beautiful face, awesome personality makes for great asmr🌸 love ya!

  • I am in Army and proud BTS

    Please big cake video

  • Katherine Garcia

    Mozzarella sticks are the best! I think olive garden has the best ones 😋

  • Rena Chan Kitty


  • Rosy ASMR
    Rosy ASMR Day ago

    So good😍😍😍

  • Ibadu Rahman
    Ibadu Rahman Day ago

    I love you 😘

  • Starlight ASMR

    Omg love every video that you guys do love you guys so much!! Looks so yummy 😋 and I prefer onion ring

  • Cookie swirl love

    👧🏼👸🏼👰🏻🤵🏻🤵🏼🤴🏻👸🏻👧🏼 👗🧥👗👕👕👘🥼👗

  • Morgan Holt
    Morgan Holt Day ago

    Can you do a deep fried soft shell crab video? You and Sas haven’t done one of these in a while

  • Adriana Moreno

    that's very delicious 😋 👍

  • no videos 100 subscribers

    I just ran into the door R.I.P. pinky toe.i think I broke it: Edit I'm going shoe shopping today with my toe. Found out my tos is swollen it still hurts

  • Jorge Marrufo
    Jorge Marrufo Day ago

    Can you please do more races with your sister please

    SEOKAN- ASMR Day ago

    Who watchese her viedio every day almost 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

  • amit beniwal
    amit beniwal Day ago


  • Osuani Garcia
    Osuani Garcia Day ago

    Le puso queso al dedo de queso xd

  • Franco Dangelo

    Omg.. the sound is the best ! Si Crunchy~

  • GodlyGP
    GodlyGP Day ago

    Hmong gang happy mea weekend

  • YouTube Hacker Hacker

    I love your videos

  • lopez montanez

    😋Yum! Onion Rings & mozzarella sticks I definitely need to have me one of these feast 😮💜

  • حياة الغامدي

    Delicious Les Maazmtony 😍😂 Joking ♥️♥️😜