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Cole reaches 200 K's
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Yaz homers at Fenway
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  • Bradlas
    Bradlas 2 hours ago

    That's definitely a dagger. Probably a season changing win if you could get it but as its been all season, they just don't have enough. We started 2-7 and then had our only good stretch of the year to get to about 31-20 and have basically hovered around that 11 over .500 range for the entire season. Now that we've missed the post season this year can Theo please make changes to the team? Do we need to have like 8 different players between 2B and CF? Can we finally just get another lead off hitter instead of thinking that its adorable to have power hitters lead off? Can we get rid of Joe and get a manager that can figure out lefty/righty matchups and doesn't just go with his gut feeling even if its wrong every time?

  • Jacob Jensen
    Jacob Jensen 2 hours ago

    I hate phones. Just look behind home plate. More than half the people aren’t even cheering and clapping at all just because they want to hold their phones and capture the perfect video without them screaming over the whole thing. I miss the old days when stadiums would get loud. I was at the Tokyo dome for Ichiro’s last game and to be honest the crowd never got that loud during the game or when Ichiro came out of the game for the last time because all the people were holding their phones taking video. Just enjoy the moment.

  • saigonbond
    saigonbond 2 hours ago

    Cubs bullpen is still straight trash. The Cubs year-over-year horrendous inconsistent performance by their pen is clearly Theo's biggest failure during his time in Chicago.

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 2 hours ago

    Did anyone really think the cubs would win this game after losing to the reds in front of this intense crowd. They just don’t have it this year it’s injuries. This is a team I believed in a lot but sadly I have to let it go I think this season is over. Cards beating them by default. Injuries already beat this team

  • Cezer TheGreat
    Cezer TheGreat 2 hours ago

    This kid is the best in the game pound for pound. Forget Trout. Give me Mookie Betts!!!!!

  • Devin Shelley
    Devin Shelley 2 hours ago

    That diving catch Hicks made against the Twins to end the game 100% solidified that as game of the year

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 2 hours ago

    This is a team I believed in to go deep but I have to let it go I’m conceding. Way too many key injuries Baez Russell Rizzo and half the damn bullpen. Injuries destroyed this team

  • Esparza Juan
    Esparza Juan 2 hours ago

    I really hope this is the year for the NEW YORK YANKEES 😎😎❤❤

    ORONA ARCE 2 hours ago

    Yankees 28!

  • boogie on
    boogie on 2 hours ago

    They're not going to make it. This is as far as they go.

    • boogie on
      boogie on 2 hours ago

      @ORONA ARCE They're going to fail miserably.

      ORONA ARCE 2 hours ago

      😂you crazy the kings of baseball are going for 28!

  • 해피아사히
    해피아사히 2 hours ago

    3:08 ruy i'm so sad ~

  • Jon Elton
    Jon Elton 3 hours ago

    Eduardo needs to team up with the Yankees

  • ronjon83
    ronjon83 3 hours ago

    2:02 ... 'Sammy Doesn't Need Andro' lmao!

  • good good
    good good 3 hours ago


  • Katy Tones
    Katy Tones 3 hours ago


  • good good
    good good 3 hours ago


  • Ted Rowland
    Ted Rowland 3 hours ago

    98 :)

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 3 hours ago

    That call at first that got overturned was disgustingly bad... Vogt was 3 steps past the bag when he made the call.

  • Gio Gurio
    Gio Gurio 3 hours ago

    In your opinion, can CUBS still qualify for playoff? Could someone explain me a thing? Why points' graphics change everytime ? Thank you!

  • Robert Elkins
    Robert Elkins 3 hours ago

    Either way... this division won't beat the Astros or the Dodgers.. or even the Yanks

  • MOE Stock
    MOE Stock 3 hours ago


  • Lisa C
    Lisa C 3 hours ago

    Madden's little tricks didn't work for him. Jack F best pitcher in the game right now!! This Buds for you Cardinals🍻 Enjoy your win!!

  • Kemal Mustafa
    Kemal Mustafa 3 hours ago

    Congratulations! New York Yankees! The Road To Destiny!⚾⚾⚾🚀🚀🚀

  • chris
    chris 3 hours ago

    2019... still watching this

  • Daniel Jackson
    Daniel Jackson 3 hours ago

    How does that commentator still have a job?

  • Chris Li Loia
    Chris Li Loia 3 hours ago

    I could watch that catch by Hicks all day long lol There's NO DOUBT in my mind that this is the game of the year though!!!

  • Genesis
    Genesis 3 hours ago

    Great win Red Sox! Solid pitching performance by E-Rod today! 👍🏼 ⚾️. Glad we got to MadBum!

  • Palaghianu Florin
    Palaghianu Florin 3 hours ago

    And the post season is gone

  • don brassco
    don brassco 3 hours ago


  • don brassco
    don brassco 3 hours ago

    Now Get A Ring😤

  • cardsblues219
    cardsblues219 3 hours ago

    Pretty obvious that the Cubs are in need of some changes. They need a new manager, pitching coach and a new bullpen and frankly 2 new starters. They aren't a good team this year.

    • dandaman12199
      dandaman12199 2 hours ago

      Jon Davis yeah but Joes time is up

    • Jon Davis
      Jon Davis 2 hours ago

      dandaman12199 Are u on pot? Maddon is one of the best

    • dandaman12199
      dandaman12199 2 hours ago

      Just a new manager

    • Jon Davis
      Jon Davis 2 hours ago

      cardsblues219 Nah. They just need to stay healthy

  • Austin
    Austin 3 hours ago

    Can't stand the yankees, hate everything about them, and all the money that won those championships. BUT, through all the injuries they had this year, their lineup was basically a AAA club that just tore through everybody. Whoever is scouting over there needs a raise.

    • waleuska
      waleuska 2 hours ago

      @Daniel Golus poor hitting? Yankees have been shutout once this entire year.

    • Daniel Golus
      Daniel Golus 2 hours ago

      It's the Red Sox that have literally bought championships. Not the Yankees. But yes they do have a AAA lineup, that will be eliminated in first round of the playoffs due to their sucky pitching and poor hitting.

  • Supreme Superior99
    Supreme Superior99 4 hours ago

    Think he’s gonna end up with a Latin grl... 👌🏼

  • king papa
    king papa 4 hours ago

    Carlos Gomez is a Crazy dud

  • Jay Sharp
    Jay Sharp 4 hours ago

    Yankees win division, in spite of Aaron Boone's horrendous management

  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez 4 hours ago

    I Can't ask from more this far is awesome let's get all the way good luck Yankees 👍😃

  • Samuel Clayton
    Samuel Clayton 4 hours ago

    Come on Cubbies October is close.

    P TREVINO 4 hours ago

    Thats a winning franchise r Thur Go .... Yankees

  • SalmonBIGBOMB
    SalmonBIGBOMB 4 hours ago

    Astros: 1st to clinch playoff spot Cole gets 300Ks 1st to 100 wins Yankees: clinch playoff spot the next day MLB: 8 min video over the whole clinching yankees game 7 min video about how the yankees got there 3 min video about Cole's 300Ks

    • Supreme Superior99
      Supreme Superior99 2 hours ago

      NY will be a breeze... Htown bbyyy

    • SalmonBIGBOMB
      SalmonBIGBOMB 2 hours ago

      @waleuska As if the Texans were worth watching, especially not over the Astros.

    • waleuska
      waleuska 3 hours ago

      @SalmonBIGBOMB Football season. They have drop baseball by now.

    • SalmonBIGBOMB
      SalmonBIGBOMB 3 hours ago

      @Ray Scott Houston I presume

    • Ray Scott
      Ray Scott 3 hours ago

      Who cares about the Astros

  • Daniel Berri
    Daniel Berri 4 hours ago

    NEVER A DOUBT !!!! What a STATEMENT win for the GREATEST team in the league and NINE more triumphs to come. Sure is good to beat a NL Central opponent in extra innings, the biased TV announcers AND the umps all in one night! Cubs fans, how's it feel knowing your team is GARBAGE and will never sniff the playoffs again?! One of your players faking an injury ... that's REAL classy. William Dexter Fowler had a CRAFTY move to get Thomas Hyunsu Edman home for the first run in the top of the third. Then in the top of the fifth, Harrison Joseph Bader had a ROCKET of a RBI single to drive in Edman. Yadier Benjamin Molina turned back the clock with an OUTSTANDING RBI single in the top of the sixth inning to drive in Paul Edward Goldschmidt and then Bader lines a RBI double to bring in Paul Sterling DeJong! Matthew Martin Lee Carpenter aka the SALSA MAN with a SCORCHING home run to the Illinois state line in the top of the 10th for the GAME WINNER !!!! The 33-year-old from Galveston, Texas has had a LOT of criticism this season from some "fans" but he sure shut those folks up tonight! Cardinals Nation, join me in a standing ovation for Cap'n Jack Rafe Flaherty after his absolutely DOMINATING performance on the mound. It's no secret that he is the greatest pitcher in the league and to think that he'll be winning a World Series for the first time in October ... CHILLS !! Get better soon, Kolten Kaha Wong. We need the best second baseman in the league healthy for the World Series! NL Central is OURS ! Why wait until October, just give my squad the World Series trophy already! Time To Fly!!

    • Lisa C
      Lisa C 3 hours ago

      You got that right! Glad we are all in agreement!😂

    • Lisa C
      Lisa C 3 hours ago

      You got that right!!🤣🤣🤣

  • kev127
    kev127 4 hours ago

    Nice to see our friend division championship again. It's been a while. Now we're off to see our good old friends AL and then hopefully world series championship.

  • 陳緯倢
    陳緯倢 4 hours ago

    Chapman is the beast 💪

  • Daniel Berri
    Daniel Berri 4 hours ago

    Once again Ladies and Gentleman for the 3rd Day in A Row Its Time To Fly That Big Ol "L" Flag...

  • Wayne Hasch
    Wayne Hasch 4 hours ago

    Baseball team with the longest current drought in all of American professional sports. This was a clue in an acrostic puzzle in the Wall Street Journal Aug 24-25. Answer is MARINERS. I thought they won over 100 games one year. They had Ichiro all those years. Head scratcher.

  • David Kim
    David Kim 4 hours ago

    DO YOU HEAR #28!? #LGY

  • Paul Blair
    Paul Blair 4 hours ago

    His only hit! He was great at Fresno State!

  • teddytac253
    teddytac253 4 hours ago

    It took forever for the dr and medical staff to get to him :/

  • Westside 4LIFE
    Westside 4LIFE 4 hours ago


  • - segovia -
    - segovia - 4 hours ago

    Lasorda's still alive??

  • bulls on parade
    bulls on parade 4 hours ago

    My Bronx Bombers dropping bombs on California ✈ 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • 54321Newcomb
    54321Newcomb 4 hours ago


  • Starlin Peña
    Starlin Peña 4 hours ago

    i miss when baseball had no replays lol

  • Hueso B
    Hueso B 4 hours ago

    New York stand up baby #28 championships on sight 👀👁️

    • Dominican Justin
      Dominican Justin 4 hours ago

      Hueso B astros gon smoke ya for the third time 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tisha Steen
    Tisha Steen 4 hours ago

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  • Ken A
    Ken A 4 hours ago

    Win Twins! I hope we outslug the Astros or Yankees.

  • chiefmegadeth
    chiefmegadeth 4 hours ago

    Good to see Cards flying high! Cubs have had their playoff run in the last few years. time for some new teams to shine!

  • Big country's poundcake

    Biggio is looking like Roman Reigns out there smacking balls

  • Nathanael Gion
    Nathanael Gion 4 hours ago

    Watched this game live. Glad we won, but we cut that way too close in the 9th. Carlos Martinez is not fit to be a closer. Dude does not have the clutch gene in him to be a closer. He just came back from the hospital after having respiratory problems. Know why? Cause he breathes like a racehorse whenever he steps onto the mound in a save situation! Give Gallegos the closing spot he deserves it for closing the door in this game. On the bright side Cardinals are one step closer to the playoffs 👍 Go Redbirds!!!

  • David Canada 1975
    David Canada 1975 4 hours ago


  • Jay Stewart
    Jay Stewart 4 hours ago

    What is that, no more than 5000 people in the stands in each of their last 2 games? That’s still not as bad as the Pittsburgh Pirates.

  • Deendyal nayak
    Deendyal nayak 4 hours ago

    Great sissaon

  • Big country's poundcake

    I remember when they clinched back in ‘12. They laid an Egg against the Tigers

    • richie bee
      richie bee 4 hours ago

      The tigers have laid about 105 eggs this season!!!!

    • richie bee
      richie bee 4 hours ago


  • Brian Leetch
    Brian Leetch 4 hours ago

    Team: NY Yankees How They Got There: They bought everyone (like always). The End.

    • Daniel Golus
      Daniel Golus 2 hours ago

      Wrong: Its the Red Sox who buy the big-name players the last 15 years. You're still living in the late 1970s at the dawn of free agency when NYY did spend the $$. But name one since.

  • robbieyh
    robbieyh 4 hours ago

    Damn it Craig! Will get the next one

  • Dart1337
    Dart1337 4 hours ago

    Win of the season

  • Big country's poundcake

    I was 16 or 17 when Kimbrel was pretty good.

  • Jatin Rao
    Jatin Rao 4 hours ago

    As a Red Sox fan, and as much as I have hated the Yankees, I gotta give it to em, you guys did extremely well.

  • Daniel Vacca
    Daniel Vacca 4 hours ago

    Nice, the one hundredth win gets the division.

  • Diego Palacios
    Diego Palacios 4 hours ago

    Congratulations Yankees on your AL East Division title, Good Job tonight, Yankees!, my second favorite MLB team. Congrats!

  • AnimatedAaron
    AnimatedAaron 4 hours ago

    I was at this game baby!!!! lets go yankees

  • Henry Fanelli
    Henry Fanelli 4 hours ago

    One pitch from Kimbrel and all the poor little cubby fans go to the parking lot and cry! Ha ha ha ha ha ha CUBS LOSE CUBS LOSE CUBS LOSE!!! It's called the September CHOKE!! Overpaid underachievers!!

    • Robert Elkins
      Robert Elkins 3 hours ago

      Ima cubs fan and your comment literally made me laugh lol... good one 👍

  • LuigiRocks07
    LuigiRocks07 4 hours ago

    Good lord, that 9th inning got me on the edge of my seat. Good thing Carpenter and Gallegos both came in to save the day. What a clutch win this was for our boys! Let’s get another win tomorrow and end the scrubs playoff run. Go cards!

  • Omar Espinosa
    Omar Espinosa 5 hours ago

    come on cubbs wake up.

    • jesse10049
      jesse10049 4 hours ago

      @David Canada 1975 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • David Canada 1975
      David Canada 1975 4 hours ago

      Naw they fixing to Hibernate for the fall!!😂😂😂

  • cancerxnd
    cancerxnd 5 hours ago

    yankees <3

  • Big country's poundcake

    Low key don’t sleep on the Cardinals Yankees might be meeting them this Fall Classic

  • Abort ObamaCare
    Abort ObamaCare 5 hours ago

    The Braves own the NL East.

  • The G.O.A.T.
    The G.O.A.T. 5 hours ago

    They should have included Gary's 100th home run too

  • Danse Macabre
    Danse Macabre 5 hours ago

    In this instance, I believe the Jack Buck call of this home run was just a little more exciting, and better . They are both legends and great,but that Jack Buck call, man that gives ya the goosebumps.

  • Omar Espinosa
    Omar Espinosa 5 hours ago

    brewers will end up 3rd

  • Captain Star
    Captain Star 5 hours ago

    As a Sox fan, I can't help but tip my cap. Good on you, Yankees

    • Jon Elton
      Jon Elton 2 hours ago

      @Daniel Golus the Yankees? Hm. Dont sound like them, well just the pitching part. But anyways, hope you eat your words. Its a matter of time now. Wish us luck.

    • Daniel Golus
      Daniel Golus 3 hours ago

      But Sox will prevail in the playoffs - they're a great, seasoned playoff team. Yankees will be eliminated in the first round, as they have no pitching, and poor clutch hitting. Too many weaknesses.

    • Jon Elton
      Jon Elton 3 hours ago

      Respect. Cant wait till next year when yanks face off the sox once again.

    • notsosilentmajority1
      notsosilentmajority1 4 hours ago

      Thanks for the class act attitude. I was around the stadium when the Yankee/Red Sox thing was at it's height. Those guys were always cool with each other off the field. The fans finally treated each other better after the Sox finally broke the curse of the Bambino. We were rooting for you guys brother. Thanks again.

  • Vernon Hardapple
    Vernon Hardapple 5 hours ago

    Who Is that lovely old woman?

  • Timothy Anderson
    Timothy Anderson 5 hours ago

    Sure was nice of Cmart to give the scrubs fans a chance, then for Miller & Marp to rip their hearts out. Nothin' better than to see scrubs fans cry. Seven games to go. Go Cards!

  • Barış İnan
    Barış İnan 5 hours ago

    Yess Yankees yess

  • Tman Goodguy
    Tman Goodguy 5 hours ago

    lately tommy edman has had more production than dejong, fowler and carpenter all combined it seems like....very happy carp got that homerun today.

  • Cobra Saint
    Cobra Saint 5 hours ago

    The Fox Sports broadcast team couldn't stop slobbering Cub chubs.

    • Lisa C
      Lisa C 3 hours ago

      Yes, it was sickening.

  • Shaarubo Qalaf
    Shaarubo Qalaf 5 hours ago

    Our pitching is probably the worst of any playoff team. If we make it to the postseason, our only shot would be to out-slug teams like the Yankees and Astros. That is gonna be fun

  • Hugh Ho
    Hugh Ho 5 hours ago


  • Michael Caywood
    Michael Caywood 5 hours ago

    I was hoping that The Yankees would lose, maybe next game.

    • Daniel Golus
      Daniel Golus 2 hours ago

      They'll lose in the ALDS. Get swept.

    • TSgt Officer24
      TSgt Officer24 4 hours ago

      Nice terminator shades dork, go watch your team lose

  • cristiano almeida
    cristiano almeida 5 hours ago

    Indians guy mad lol, they're mad all the time, the crowd is mad, u cant hear reactionsnfrom them in the games, they're trash

  • Joned Agil Setyawan
    Joned Agil Setyawan 5 hours ago


  • Philip Miller
    Philip Miller 5 hours ago

    I remember watching this game. Most likely the greatest game in world series history. You had the some of the greatest pitchers - Dennis Eckersley and Orel Hershiser. The greatest coaches. And everyone forgets that he didn't even play the first 8 innings. He was called in the 9th inning. The greatest clutch hit in World Series history. It's why it's the greatest game. And to top it off, legendary Vin Scully calling the play-by-play.

  • Hugh Ho
    Hugh Ho 5 hours ago


  • 123ABC
    123ABC 5 hours ago

    This is an accurate representation of Super Bowl LI.

  • luxon4
    luxon4 5 hours ago

    well now to wait for pitching and cashman to cost us the postseason yay.

  • Jivan Scarano
    Jivan Scarano 5 hours ago

    Why would the umpire signal foul when the ball hadn't even stopped moving?

  • Adam Briseño
    Adam Briseño 5 hours ago

    That’s cute

  • Tonya Reddinger
    Tonya Reddinger 5 hours ago

    Poor arron cheer arron up for me down there

  • JohnnyWhispers
    JohnnyWhispers 5 hours ago

    GREAT JOB KIMBREL!!👍👍👍🤣🤣🤣🍺🍺🍺

  • Arman GE
    Arman GE 5 hours ago

    All great but... what about the song on the background? looks like its sick!

  • Cliff M
    Cliff M 5 hours ago

    Gonna be Yanks n Dodgers in October!

    • Daniel Golus
      Daniel Golus 2 hours ago

      No. Astros and Dodgers. And Astros win again!

    • notsosilentmajority1
      notsosilentmajority1 4 hours ago

      There's a lot of history between those teams. It would be nice for a new generation to get to learn about a once great rivalry. Of course, the Dodgers are originally a New York team, specifically a BROOKLYN team. Being from Brooklyn I will always have a soft spot for the Dodgers.......... except when they play the Yankees, lol.

    • angel rios
      angel rios 5 hours ago

      You crazy men