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Movie Sequels
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Talking to Strangers
Views 20M5 months ago
The Spiders and the Bees
Views 46M8 months ago
Views 23M9 months ago
Christmas Carols
Views 15M11 months ago
Our Cats :3
Views 39M11 months ago
Tabletop Games
Views 43MYear ago
Wrong Numbers
Views 49MYear ago
Buying Clothes
Views 52MYear ago
My Horibal Speling
Views 45MYear ago
Getting Recognized part 2
Views 36M2 years ago
My Poetry Teacher
Views 41M2 years ago
My Teachers
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Harry the Moth
Views 36M2 years ago
Starting Conversations
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Getting Recognized
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Peeing Yourself
Views 28M2 years ago
a Q and A
Views 13M2 years ago
Sooubway Part 3
Views 56M2 years ago
Chaperoning 7th Graders
Views 35M2 years ago
Times I Plagiarized
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Our Hamsters
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Adventures in Cub Scouts
Views 42M3 years ago
The Indestructable Piñata
Views 20M3 years ago
My Thoughts on Roommates
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Garfild Comic Explained
Views 10M3 years ago
Laser Tag
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Happy Birthday Miranda
Views 4.9M3 years ago
My Thoughts on Sports
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Annoying Customers
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Work Stories (sooubway)
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I Read Fanfiction About Me
Views 12M3 years ago
My Thoughts on ASMR
Views 26M3 years ago
Reacting to my old art
Views 20M3 years ago
Pi Equals 4 Explained
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Reading Fables
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Tales of Donating Blood
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Physical Education
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Boy Were They Wrong
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My Collection: Day 16
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Stupid Riddles: Day 14
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Old Audio Files: Day 12
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Twin Life: Day 10
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Names For Your Kids: Day 9
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My Favorite Reptile: Day 7
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My Speech Impediment: Day 2
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  • Mewy Natlia
    Mewy Natlia 46 seconds ago

    You know in baby its cold outside there's actually a storm not just cold

  • Jatz Crackers
    Jatz Crackers Minute ago

    I’m in Australis fairy bread is not disgustan

  • Maxxy T
    Maxxy T 2 minutes ago

    J - Just A - a M - man E -eating S - sugar

  • Frεε Heart and Paw Necklace on my Profile

    Such meow! 🐱🐾

  • Hard Nation
    Hard Nation 3 minutes ago

    And I thought I am antisocial. This is worse. I feel better now.

  • Austin Thomas Le Grand
    Austin Thomas Le Grand 3 minutes ago


  • That_random_guy
    That_random_guy 3 minutes ago

    I love penguins of Madagascar 🤣🤣

  • Nathan Green
    Nathan Green 5 minutes ago

    "like that smash Button" 🤣🤣

  • Im Purple
    Im Purple 7 minutes ago

    I almost died Cuz I'm soo allergic

  • Eliplaz ฅʕ•̫͡•ʔฅ

    I'm a cub Scout. just finished the camp (the uniforms are green

  • Dayna Gamer
    Dayna Gamer 8 minutes ago

    speaking of camp i just got back from camp today

  • Octane🧪
    Octane🧪 11 minutes ago

    Mother I would be most great full of you let me consume a pastry with high levels of sugar and simple carbohydrates

  • The VaguePlay
    The VaguePlay 12 minutes ago

    Milk isn't vegan. It comes from cows.

  • John Warren Sitckney
    John Warren Sitckney 13 minutes ago

    i loved cyber chase and i realy love it

  • Connor The boyo
    Connor The boyo 15 minutes ago

    Jaiden: Empty ft boyinaband James: Life is Fun ft boyinaband

  • Shrek
    Shrek 17 minutes ago


  • Lamisa lucky
    Lamisa lucky 18 minutes ago


    CODE DEMNTZ 18 minutes ago

    Teacher: your word is cat My cat: *nuzzlelz me when she said that* MEoWWWWWW

  • WONG KA HEI 王嘉希 6C20

    soo james eat me *died

  • valeria Amor
    valeria Amor 22 minutes ago

    I was a PBS kid

  • Luey & Chinny
    Luey & Chinny 23 minutes ago

    3:00 deep

  • M a r g
    M a r g 26 minutes ago

    7:15 all of the Paul’s fan base

  • Ojaswani Joshi
    Ojaswani Joshi 26 minutes ago

    I think you should put lip balm

  • minecraft memes
    minecraft memes 28 minutes ago

    5th legal scam. Sign in your neopet account

  • Egg 2
    Egg 2 28 minutes ago


  • Kristoff Care
    Kristoff Care 28 minutes ago

    Do you no wind fish from legend of zelda

  • Thunder Beagle
    Thunder Beagle 29 minutes ago


  • The Terminator Buds
    The Terminator Buds 29 minutes ago

    1:55 Yugi! From Yu-gi-oh! Edit: guy with spiky hair and with some yellow

  • The Terminator Buds
    The Terminator Buds 33 minutes ago

    Hrrm... Odd1sOut: loves drawing Me: loves drawing WE ARE VeNoM

  • Marla’s Animations
    Marla’s Animations 37 minutes ago

    Lol the woman had an Irish accent. She sounds like my whole family 😂

  • Ralph Barnard 123
    Ralph Barnard 123 38 minutes ago

    Farrahb is my

  • Jake Pieper
    Jake Pieper 38 minutes ago

    I don’t trust James with a sword

  • beef mince
    beef mince 39 minutes ago

    but if we are dealing with cm for example, you wouldn't need more than 3 decimal places... pi just gives you what you need no one would ever need the full perimeter/Circumference of a circle and it wouldn't be logical because of the Planck length

  • Martin Solorzano
    Martin Solorzano 39 minutes ago

    IT is 💩

  • Xi Liu
    Xi Liu 40 minutes ago

    *_-Gee I can’t even build a boat James!-_* _-i can’t even draw a cartoon character!-_

  • Roofless Doggo
    Roofless Doggo 41 minute ago

    I talk to my dogs and the same with my dogs

  • hotwheelkid12
    hotwheelkid12 42 minutes ago

    I told my mom and dad this but they... KILL IT!!!

  • legendaryYT 4
    legendaryYT 4 42 minutes ago

    I have a mask and i Hzududysyaysuwuwuajajwjwjsusid8dudysysys canser

  • Flimsy
    Flimsy 42 minutes ago

    ℐ 𝒹𝑜𝓃𝓉 𝒷𝑒𝓁𝒾𝓋𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊

  • CRAZYCUKOOKID the robloxian

    HeY, YoUr pEEinG

  • Nova Vik
    Nova Vik 45 minutes ago

    pretend I said something funny 😄

  • The Terminator Buds
    The Terminator Buds 47 minutes ago

    Wed nes day = Wednesday

  • Germany and bayern
    Germany and bayern 48 minutes ago

    You know why because 0×infinity is undefinable. Ok. It's like moyenne de cesaro in math first year. Second their is a real problem to square a circle an idian mathematician solve it Third these 2 guys don't knkw what they are doing

  • Anna Gerhardt
    Anna Gerhardt 50 minutes ago

    But moooottthhhhssssss!!!

  • Einar Fleagle
    Einar Fleagle 55 minutes ago

    This is me and my self trying not to commit sodoku

  • ret리틸이
    ret리틸이 56 minutes ago

    Jeez my battery has 100 percent Yeah right btw. My 1 percent blows every 5 mins wtf

  • Baby Jesus
    Baby Jesus 57 minutes ago

    Chapping sticking

  • Coco
    Coco Hour ago

    “Banks can crash and capitalism is flawed.” *“AND IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF MY HARD WORK”*

  • Lucricious The Trainer

    7:34 When you see something you want on a 50% sale

  • Anna Gerhardt
    Anna Gerhardt Hour ago

    There are a lot of animals in your neighborhood

  • Anthony Harmer
    Anthony Harmer Hour ago

    n n not heard of the mmmupets!!!???

  • namjung kang
    namjung kang Hour ago

    Well I guess I’m the one of blue 9 millions sub

  • Sarah Alfadhli
    Sarah Alfadhli Hour ago

    Tricking us the odd ones out

  • ishani
    ishani Hour ago

    What abt Indian subs?

  • HaoBoiis
    HaoBoiis Hour ago

    Thats why the bus should just have 2 seats on each side of the bus, not three seats

  • this user is dead


  • Rich D
    Rich D Hour ago

    I talk to and for my dogs as well xD small world hehe

  • Karl Rytlewski
    Karl Rytlewski Hour ago


  • Luy dm for help
    Luy dm for help Hour ago

    If One of u dont got The Lay d Onr With air Is bcs Lays have more ait Than chips


    Pros and cons of living in australia: Pro's: ... Con's: its bloody f!$%ing hot (even in winter!!), everything kills you, there's a drought every single day, bush fires surround you!! + 900,000,000,000,000 more reasons!!!!

  • this user is dead

    The dark crystal didn't scare me it confused me Frends: the dark crystal scared me Me: the dark crystal confused me Frend: but ho- Me: I dont know know why but it just did

  • Karabinek GROT kal. 5.56x45 mm

    I can easly read 400 300 sheets books in 2 days

  • Mareta Moetu
    Mareta Moetu Hour ago

    Ouryay a alentedtay animatoray amesjay

  • Esmond Lo Yi
    Esmond Lo Yi Hour ago

    Did you know mom hamsters eat their babies

  • Nitrox 247
    Nitrox 247 Hour ago

    I love Math and Art Too..HAA

  • Antonia Lim
    Antonia Lim Hour ago

    i would rather watch mindless television 2:01

  • Egg 2
    Egg 2 Hour ago

    COPPA is gonna be the end of RUclip, BUT YOU AND OTHERS CAN PREVENT THAT!

  • Antonia Lim
    Antonia Lim Hour ago

    those ARE TELLATUBIES 1:16

  • Antonia Lim
    Antonia Lim Hour ago

    i feel like he doesnt aprecciate the old and he dumb

  • TheChrisBrent
    TheChrisBrent Hour ago

    This is awesome!! I had no idea you lived in AZ!!! Let’s be friends 😂🙌🏼

  • Anya_vaniska :3
    Anya_vaniska :3 Hour ago


  • minecraft memes
    minecraft memes Hour ago

    Its been a month i miss ur awsome vids

  • MrNerdyGaming
    MrNerdyGaming Hour ago

    You know caillou hadan urban legend that he had cancer. Why he was bald and Probably why his parents were like “let him be he’s dying”. Also the actor who voiced him died in a car crash at the age of 17 I believe.

  • Starling Baez
    Starling Baez Hour ago

    Im going to miss this video when COPPA FTC rips apart RUclip );

  • GCP Kaylen
    GCP Kaylen Hour ago

    I remember watching cailluo and HATING it when he got away with everything but I think once he got spanked or maybe that was just in my dreams

  • Noah Mccoy
    Noah Mccoy Hour ago

    I am currently a Eagle Scout and my brother is a wolf

  • Lea Murphy
    Lea Murphy Hour ago

    You were very correct at the start, I am an introvert.

  • Ivan Trujillo
    Ivan Trujillo Hour ago

    i got sting in the neck

  • Izzy Love
    Izzy Love Hour ago

    From watching this vid too much 'juIcY JuIcE' and 'wHeRe a KiD CaN bE A Kid' Is already engraved in my memory...AND WAS BORN AFTER 2006

  • Jammy The demon
    Jammy The demon Hour ago

    He killed him

  • Kalthom Ahmed
    Kalthom Ahmed Hour ago

    I'm in 100k zone/Canadian viewer

  • KingDog
    KingDog Hour ago

    "Their webs are too weak to trap you." "The silk that makes up a spider web is stronger than the fibers of a bullet proof vest."

  • WeaponisedRaccoon

    i love pepsi's face

  • Wino Galaxy
    Wino Galaxy Hour ago

    We are young, life is Cruel! We gotta make the less of it , Make the less of it! 🙂

  • JustSomeGuyMakingVideos

    James: Who needs trees MrBeast: what did u say

  • Elizabeth Betzer

    James: James:aaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • JJ siblings
    JJ siblings Hour ago

    My hobby is teakwondo and I hate it and tried talking to my parents and they still force me to go but thats what happeneds if your Asian

  • Kalthom Ahmed
    Kalthom Ahmed Hour ago

    I want him to eat the blended sprinkles

  • Delaney Kidman
    Delaney Kidman Hour ago

    When you talk about the kid wearing swimmers i actually experienced that before but three of the them

  • Teresa Tuley
    Teresa Tuley Hour ago

    :As James wastes 10$ (if that's a footlong) by burrying soobway! <3 RIP SOOBWAY 2019?

  • GDJustDash
    GDJustDash Hour ago


  • Anakin5417
    Anakin5417 Hour ago

    Did James get pocket money because i can't think of a different way he could get money as a kid.

  • Anthony Harmer
    Anthony Harmer Hour ago

    oy im aussie i don't know half of these

  • Scout I like smosh

    I also hate Christmas carols

  • Lilly Arnold
    Lilly Arnold Hour ago

    Ya like jazz?

  • Seven Teen
    Seven Teen Hour ago

    Watching odd1sout old videos

  • Scout I like smosh

    I hate Christmas

  • Habib Aydan
    Habib Aydan Hour ago

    Im in november 2019

  • Tayyaba Zafar
    Tayyaba Zafar Hour ago

    Rip Harry 💔 we will remember you