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  • T-Series
    T-Series 5 minutes ago

    *forgets to record*

  • ignacio fernandez
    ignacio fernandez 18 minutes ago

    ALIVE POWER VISION🌟💢🌟💢🌟💢🌟💢🌟💢🌟

  • ガブリシニア
    ガブリシニア 45 minutes ago


  • Toto09_giordano best
    Toto09_giordano best 45 minutes ago

    oo O

  • Dan Albert Creus
    Dan Albert Creus 54 minutes ago

    I think he's the Second Mr. BEAST

  • Maicol Ortiz
    Maicol Ortiz Hour ago


  • sri hidayatin
    sri hidayatin Hour ago

    Mubazir coca cola sama mentos

  • Userzxcvn
    Userzxcvn Hour ago

    I love these videos keep em coming

  • Alessandra.R. Silva

    Ele disperdisa muita coisa tanta gente que não tem

  • HDS02
    HDS02 Hour ago

    Demasiado idiotas!..

  • Yrsuvails
    Yrsuvails Hour ago


  • Hasram Shivcharan

    7:59 Best part

  • Roger Mulet Solà

    quina merda tarat

  • wasker483
    wasker483 Hour ago

    **coughs in background of comments**

  • Mustafa Elshaafy

    Fuck you

    LEO GAMER Hour ago

    Podemos ver como clara mente está contaminado tirando plasticos

  • Byrohn Graham
    Byrohn Graham Hour ago

    Regular coke 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 Diet Coke 😐😐😐

  • Vince Black
    Vince Black Hour ago

    Boring boring.

  • Judith Catalan
    Judith Catalan 2 hours ago

    Stop wasting money on coca and mentors it not going to work the way you do it

  • MeAnthonyLee
    MeAnthonyLee 2 hours ago

    Didnt this trend already happen a few years ago???

  • Blake Hoffman
    Blake Hoffman 2 hours ago

    Go big or go home

  • Fire Boy
    Fire Boy 2 hours ago

    Тут есть 14 октября

  • Jorge Galeano
    Jorge Galeano 2 hours ago

    Coca-cola VS soda in 2019????!

  • juan gaytan
    juan gaytan 2 hours ago

    Es lo mas tonto

  • Cauane Dias
    Cauane Dias 2 hours ago

    O pessoas é o cara se liga tem gente que não tem nem cola para tomar e você fica estragando

  • W. Roberts
    W. Roberts 2 hours ago

    When this guy is finished, where does he dispose of these chemical messes? They have to be toxic. He's probably some failed chem student with some daddy cash to do a quintessential Jack Ass.

  • toy parody t
    toy parody t 3 hours ago

    5:05 is what u came here for

  • Celeste Florencio
    Celeste Florencio 3 hours ago

    Lol nice video

  • Craig Hewlett
    Craig Hewlett 3 hours ago

    DIET COKE works 100x better. every time you opened the diet coke you spilled some into the coke side.

    РОБИН 3 hours ago

    Добил за 5 месяцев 10 лямов,красава. Ай эм фром раша.

  • Viral Slime
    Viral Slime 3 hours ago

    Do you see the mega viral slime ??? check my channel

  • Zachery Hamilton
    Zachery Hamilton 3 hours ago

    This is pretty lame dude.. you guys made all of the fizz go away before the mentos even touched the coke

    MARSHAL 3 hours ago

    Как заебали эти эксперименты с колой, и ментосом. У друг друга идеи пиздят

  • Fabio Silva
    Fabio Silva 3 hours ago


  • Plu x
    Plu x 3 hours ago

    I am from belgium

  • Salsa uk Blog
    Salsa uk Blog 3 hours ago

    Na waste of money

  • Addison Browning
    Addison Browning 3 hours ago

    Am I the only one who watches these during class.

  • DillonBets 69
    DillonBets 69 3 hours ago


  • le 3 lmf 5
    le 3 lmf 5 4 hours ago

    7:22 When you try to win Rubik, cube to 9:00 to be 16:45

  • KauanDy
    KauanDy 4 hours ago

    Mdss 😑😑😑

  • Anonymous 073
    Anonymous 073 4 hours ago

    idfk why but I HAVE to see this!!!!

  • Jarrett Kirkwood
    Jarrett Kirkwood 4 hours ago

    I think you are losing a lot of the carbonation when you are pouring it. Try pouring in a way that it won’t go flat and I think your results will be better.

  • Daniel Al
    Daniel Al 4 hours ago

    Waste of drinks,why don't you send them to homeless people in London?

  • JH Nation
    JH Nation 4 hours ago

    Can u do a face and voice reveal

  • Макс Мороз
    Макс Мороз 4 hours ago


  • leandromendoza galvan

    5:38 esto es lo que buscaban... Dame tu like 👇👍😉

  • TheVukicevic
    TheVukicevic 4 hours ago

    Joca TF likes this 😂😂

  • Loana Gutierrez
    Loana Gutierrez 4 hours ago

    Que ganas de gastar gaseosas no?? Like si piensas que es un desperdicio

  • Ozgu
    Ozgu 4 hours ago

    Every video is ”coca cola vs mentos” you only waste food😓 forget youtube moneys and go real works...

  • Catroush
    Catroush 4 hours ago

    R.I.P La Nature

  • BiGoLD BiT
    BiGoLD BiT 4 hours ago

    Единственный полезный лыйфхак это с туалеткой

  • Monstr55
    Monstr55 4 hours ago

    And where are you from. Mr, Gear

  • Mr Back stabber
    Mr Back stabber 4 hours ago


  • Dazahev Hernández
    Dazahev Hernández 4 hours ago


  • Hamed Chemil
    Hamed Chemil 4 hours ago

    Avc tout les millions de vue coca mentos il vas faire que ça jusqu’à que ça ne marche plus 😂😄

  • Kainan Vaz
    Kainan Vaz 5 hours ago

    Wtere aids

  • luxury roblox
    luxury roblox 5 hours ago

    You had a coca cola war xd

  • Ice6erG
    Ice6erG 5 hours ago


  • M3RCATOZ 69
    M3RCATOZ 69 5 hours ago

    Could i get some mentos an cola pls

  • Jose Villa
    Jose Villa 5 hours ago

    Mucha plata en este video like si eres pro

  • Reviews Because-I-Care

    Our ancestors: dried the marshes, plowed the prairies, withstood all kinds of hardships. We: axe Coca-Cola bottles relentlessly

  • Giulia Bracciale
    Giulia Bracciale 5 hours ago

    To much plastic and wastes....

    ARTUR FF 5 hours ago

    Subscribe to my channel help

  • Lordtop
    Lordtop 5 hours ago

    3:46 XDDD

  • Pedro e Esther
    Pedro e Esther 5 hours ago


  • Piyush Sonar
    Piyush Sonar 5 hours ago

    When you have to much money - !

  • ぬちー
    ぬちー 5 hours ago


  • erlin susilowati
    erlin susilowati 5 hours ago


  • Galaxy Surprise Eggs


  • Mundo fantasia.
    Mundo fantasia. 5 hours ago

    Hello. Aquiiii eee br caraiiioooo kkk

  • Jose Acevedo
    Jose Acevedo 5 hours ago

    I swear I'm never ever going to view or like your stupid videos.

  • alishba ullah
    alishba ullah 6 hours ago

    Your supposed to put the mentos in the coke

  • Valeria Griera (Student)

    You do know how much plastic you are using, right?

  • Galaxy Surprise Eggs

    Where you from ? 😛😛

  • Printo Boss
    Printo Boss 6 hours ago

    Iată o sticlă de Cola și puneți în capul pune bată fie prin cap

  • Galaxy Surprise Eggs

    Nice experiments. Exiting 😃😃😃

  • Flamebonk RIP
    Flamebonk RIP 6 hours ago


    REFLEX C.D 6 hours ago


  • Howard C
    Howard C 6 hours ago

    Stupidity on the trend

  • Howard C
    Howard C 6 hours ago

    Why are there so fucking many so called experiments on RUclip just making tons of wastes

  • cjshoe 1990
    cjshoe 1990 6 hours ago

    Anybody know what the clear liquid was?

  • eulalia Caroline
    eulalia Caroline 6 hours ago

    Que esperdício de coca cola ;-;

  • Ndella Kane
    Ndella Kane 6 hours ago

    Oh wow save the turtles🐢

  • mohamed farouk
    mohamed farouk 6 hours ago

    واو رايع

  • Martynka Mieczkowska

    Try Sprite and mentos

    FUN MAN 6 hours ago

    Can you drink Coca-Cola & mentos

  • Abood Khan
    Abood Khan 6 hours ago

    Is this is condom 😂

  • Liana Ter-Simonyan
    Liana Ter-Simonyan 6 hours ago

    пора переименовать канал на Coka ColaVsMentos

  • れんと
    れんと 6 hours ago


  • Youdont Knowme
    Youdont Knowme 6 hours ago

    Do you have mentos factory😁

  • Gökhan Sidar
    Gökhan Sidar 6 hours ago

    Tüşşşş amınnaa

  • Bedroom Soundz
    Bedroom Soundz 6 hours ago

    Who tf wastes flavored mentos smh

    TWISTED ARROW 6 hours ago

    Yup these boys are city boy stuck on stupid smh

  • Naveen Naanu Annonu
    Naveen Naanu Annonu 6 hours ago


  • Ольга даша Жирова кулыда

    Хочу три пачки ментоса пажалуста

  • Tozil
    Tozil 6 hours ago

    Same Experiment Different way to Put Cola/Mentos in😂😂

  • Ευστρατιος Παπαδοπουλος

    What a waste.....

  • lucas Lima
    lucas Lima 6 hours ago

    Muito legal

  • Débora Braga Braga
    Débora Braga Braga 6 hours ago

    Oi tudo bem sou sua fã olha só você pode mostrar o que que tem dentro de um overboardpara mim por favor que eu tenho muita dúvida disso tá bom obrigado um beijo e até o próximo vídeo 🤔🤭☺️🤣😳 fiquei assustada do que eu falei mas mas foi legal falar com você um beijo eu tenho Oi eu tenho 7 anos meu nome é meu nome é Larissa

  • Melwin Olsen
    Melwin Olsen 6 hours ago

    *Coca Cola watches this video and sponsor mr gear*