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  • Noah Bird
    Noah Bird 4 seconds ago

    The label got caught thinking comical memes equate future success. I usually don't celebrate ignorance, but am proud to not have heard one of his songs. lol

  • Peeku
    Peeku Minute ago

    whats he gonna rap about?

  • Something New
    Something New Minute ago

    Any would be gang banger is gunning for him. I would pull an El Camino and head for Alaska

  • Jared P
    Jared P 2 minutes ago

    is mayonaise an instrument?

  • khrisna khristian
    khrisna khristian 3 minutes ago

    i bet they legit broke up

  • Jared P
    Jared P 3 minutes ago


  • fpalillero 7
    fpalillero 7 3 minutes ago

    where is Fred Durst on this list?

  • AureaPersona
    AureaPersona 3 minutes ago

    Snitching and being proud of it makes you harder than any other these other soft ass niggas. It takes a real stone cold G to send you own friends to the penitentiary. #snitchgang #makingdeals

  • exisco
    exisco 3 minutes ago

    Don’t be a hater you bald vegan homosexual.

  • Eric Doogan
    Eric Doogan 8 minutes ago

    50 cent should have been dead by now with how much he plays around, 69 is gonna be good as long as he doesn't short change his security

  • Dixon Animals
    Dixon Animals 10 minutes ago

    “if it’s commas it’s drama” melon already rivaling the lyrical expertise that is Tekashi 6ix9ine

  • MadGhost
    MadGhost 11 minutes ago

    I dont really care that Tekashi snitched, what really matters to me is that he raped kids. Can we maybe focus on that?

  • BounciestBen
    BounciestBen 12 minutes ago

    cool to see the young up and coming actor from Dunkirk is making music!

  • Evan Fields
    Evan Fields 13 minutes ago

    Ok we're starting the betting right here. You give me the month and year and way that 69 gets taken out and I'll give you the odds that it will happen. I'll start it off. July 2020, assassin pretends to be tattoo artist and stabs his jugular with tat' gun. >odds 1 in 6,969

  • Eric Whang
    Eric Whang 13 minutes ago

    can someone tell me how he is filling out the bracket with the actual template song fonts?

  • RubenCat
    RubenCat 13 minutes ago

    High-Risk High Reward. Absolute gamer of life

  • Javier S
    Javier S 13 minutes ago

    He's telling all their business Sat in the court as his own star witness He saw the perpetrator, "yeah I'm right here" Fucked around and got the whole label sent up for years

  • Complain Or Gain
    Complain Or Gain 14 minutes ago

    really great analysis on why he is still popular, I completely agree

  • Tyler Longhofer
    Tyler Longhofer 15 minutes ago

    “... made many enemies he may not even be aware of...” *Melon cocks .45 under the table*

  • Kxrmxni
    Kxrmxni 15 minutes ago

    Karma will catch up to him eventually.

  • Dogmo Satchmo
    Dogmo Satchmo 15 minutes ago

    That money will help his family with funeral costs. The inevitable funeral costs....

  • Iury Thomaz
    Iury Thomaz 16 minutes ago

    3:23 Melon got some bars godamn

  • Storm UMG
    Storm UMG 17 minutes ago

    aesop rock should collab with 6ix9ine

  • Dylan Kingery
    Dylan Kingery 17 minutes ago

    What is he even going to rap about?

  • Brandon
    Brandon 19 minutes ago

    This man just decreased his life span by like 10 years

  • Young, The Cardigan
    Young, The Cardigan 19 minutes ago

    If I see 69 anywhere he's gonna catch these hands on god

  • Raptur Jragon Producing
    Raptur Jragon Producing 20 minutes ago

    Hopefully he lives a successful and fruitful life...just like Xxxtentacion. ...oh wait.

  • Heuristics
    Heuristics 21 minute ago

    im stoked because i love his kay fabe antics bro

  • Tartan Beats
    Tartan Beats 22 minutes ago

    this aged as well as a melon left in the sun

    MNDFND 22 minutes ago

    You made a very good point. His fans don't give a crap about actual street cred and being accountable. Infact his fans prefer him to be as over the top and fake as possible.

  • Sweet George
    Sweet George 23 minutes ago

    Lawful Good = Chills Chaotic Evil = Ricegum

  • Heuristics
    Heuristics 23 minutes ago

    DUH fucking duh if you couldn't see this happening from a mile away you're a just a small brained dipshit

  • Agent Of Apathy
    Agent Of Apathy 23 minutes ago

    Kevin pulling a Pharcyde, convince everybody to kickout an integral member then run to make your own solo career

  • Sykotic Productions
    Sykotic Productions 24 minutes ago

    Why do people think it is OK that this guy fucks kids? You know? Children, he has sex with children and openly admits it and everyone thinks that's ok. He's a Pedophile, fuck the snitching, he is a fucking pedophile. Fuck that asshole, i hope someone fucking cuts his balls off

    • Jj ru
      Jj ru 20 minutes ago

      That whole thing was a misconception a lying 15 year old girl. Nothing more nothing less

  • ColonelJak42
    ColonelJak42 25 minutes ago

    God, this punk will not go away!!

  • What is this
    What is this 26 minutes ago

    thats a fat fucking bruh moment

  • Roberto Arsenal
    Roberto Arsenal 28 minutes ago

    He can definitely collaborate with another snitch rapper Rick Ross

  • Xiu Xiu
    Xiu Xiu 28 minutes ago

    His fans aren't like Drake's. Drake is a borderline pedo yet people still actively listen to his singles.

  • 900cats
    900cats 29 minutes ago

    If he did get shot he will go down as a legend. So it all works in his favor

  • Dwarf Casmo
    Dwarf Casmo 29 minutes ago

    It's actually a brilliant tactic from the label too because even if he does get killed they will make bank based off numbers the most recent post death hip-hop albums as he will still be under contract for the albums

  • G_Boy
    G_Boy 29 minutes ago

    Yep he’s def getting shot

    NON SON 29 minutes ago

    Guess I’ll do it myself

  • —
     30 minutes ago

    tekashi: _literal criminal, has mxrdxred and rxped people_ *this bald roach praises him and is excited about his comeback* azealia banks: _internet troll and provocateur she doesn’t even take herself seriously_ *bald roach hates her with his entire existence and rages like a virgin to the extent of rating her albums very low even though EVERYONE likes them*

  • SortOfDashy
    SortOfDashy 31 minute ago

    Well played, melon. The "Bloods" you're talking about wear red, so if 6ix9ine gets his next NOT GOOD and will be found strangled with a red flannel, they'll call it "gang violence" as "retribution" for "snitching on them". But we know what you're up to. 👁

  • guy3090
    guy3090 31 minute ago

    the "gcode" is the biggest joke in the streets. its something everyone "respects" but no one actually follows. also, does the gcode even apply? he snitched on a gang that was doing him dirty, they technically broke the gcode first but no one cares about none of that.

  • TheCreepingDeath1984
    TheCreepingDeath1984 32 minutes ago

    This is what this music industry has come to...

  • Sean M
    Sean M 33 minutes ago

    @fantano your nose is runni- oh....

  • Flaming Bagel
    Flaming Bagel 33 minutes ago

    Can’t wait to see how he leaves this world

  • Joe Dillehay
    Joe Dillehay 33 minutes ago

    All you gotta do to see how 69 can make a rebound is look at Rick Ross's career. If Ricky Rose can have a career based on a made up persona why cant 69 come back from a snitch case?

    TITAN WILKINS 34 minutes ago

    Give me x back murder 69 instead

  • Quantum Passport
    Quantum Passport 34 minutes ago

    Zoomers are gonna be real sad when 6ix9ine gets got.

  • Richard Vlášek
    Richard Vlášek 35 minutes ago

    he is absolutely going to fucking die

  • Oztrog 6
    Oztrog 6 36 minutes ago


  • Anon Maxima
    Anon Maxima 36 minutes ago

    Idgi whars "morally wrong" about 69s "snitching"?

  • NATAS 23
    NATAS 23 37 minutes ago

    So I guess everyone forgot officer Ricky who stole a real drug dealers name ,bragged about moving weight ,forgiven apparently because he is very wealthy,now 69 made some very poor choices and got fucked up for it but he has talent and his music is dope deal with it💰🤷

    TITAN WILKINS 37 minutes ago

    Damn fuck this guy never liked his music so I guess it don’t matter to me, but you shouldn’t take people down with you it’s just selfish

  • Patricio Zambrano
    Patricio Zambrano 39 minutes ago

    He is gonna get fucking shot and I'm gonna wait for it

  • MrGNugget
    MrGNugget 39 minutes ago

    "He's made a lot of enemies, some he may not even be aware of" Fantano got snitched on? 👀

  • Guy W Blackwell III
    Guy W Blackwell III 39 minutes ago

    I love me some 6ix9ine. Bulletproof. Daniel is gonna blow up, again.

  • Konkey
    Konkey 40 minutes ago

    To led veracity to the point that many of 69's fans are kids: In a small village in England I was ridden past by some kids (must have been 12-14) playing 69 from their phone while riding scooters. We basically live in the sticks, if they weren't playing music you could have heard the cows mooing from the field over, and they were playing 69 thinking they're down like that. 69 fans are whiter and younger than Drake's fan I would put a lot of money on that.

  • steve you
    steve you 40 minutes ago

    Man i cant wait for this foo to get killed

  • x _
    x _ 41 minute ago

    Why are people angry at 69 "snitching" like.. Reporting criminals and gang members is bad now? People upset at him "snitching" make me think that they've got something to hide themselves that they don't want being "snitched"

  • 6 6 6 ‡
    6 6 6 ‡ 41 minute ago

    "If its drama its commas"

  • andocalrisian1
    andocalrisian1 41 minute ago

    I guess he'll pay off the hits who want to kill him?

  • POP Up!
    POP Up! 41 minute ago

    Melon iffy uh

  • Crappy HR
    Crappy HR 42 minutes ago

    Fuck that’s a bad investment

    • Jj ru
      Jj ru 3 minutes ago

      @Crappy HR 69 was the most realavent thing in the past 3 months so idk what our talking about

    • Crappy HR
      Crappy HR 17 minutes ago

      Jj ru he’s not going to now 😂

    • Jj ru
      Jj ru 19 minutes ago

      Nah he used to make them a million a week when he was out

  • Neuken?
    Neuken? 42 minutes ago


  • Devin Warren
    Devin Warren 42 minutes ago

    Fantano and 6ix9ine definitely need to collab

  • Feargal O'Reilly
    Feargal O'Reilly 42 minutes ago

    What a waste, I would have killed myself for half that much

    • Jj ru
      Jj ru 18 minutes ago

      At 69s peak he wants making his label almost a million dollars a week

  • A H
    A H 43 minutes ago

    That aint a record deal dawg that’s a life insurance policy 😂

  • 3571113
    3571113 43 minutes ago

    Whatsup with that mustache!.

  • Steve Harvey's White Clone

    Industry Weeds(yes hes not a plant but a weed) have the Tendency to grow no matter how much Round up you put in their Cheerios...

  • Roundhead Anderson
    Roundhead Anderson 44 minutes ago

    Isn’t the concept of snitches get stitches pretty childish and retarded? Like he got criminals locked up so what’s the issue

    • Will Feider 27
      Will Feider 27 36 minutes ago

      I mean for people who live outside of that whole gang world sure it is childish, but if you are in a gang they take they stuff seriously.

  • skoopty wooop
    skoopty wooop 44 minutes ago

    That's it I'm calling it 69 is going to be murdered he's staying public

  • Brandon
    Brandon 44 minutes ago

    Realistically he's always been looked at like a clown so nothings changed. Same people who didn't fuck with his music still wont, same people who did will continue to.

  • harry P
    harry P 48 minutes ago

    Be interested to see what he raps about this time round loool

  • Cameron Moody
    Cameron Moody 48 minutes ago

    They just wasted money 🤷🏾‍♂️. Good luck finding security knowing that their lives are in jeopardy everyday

  • Joe Plonsker
    Joe Plonsker 48 minutes ago

    Video two weeks from now: '6ix9ine Record Deal Falls Through'

  • John Murray
    John Murray 49 minutes ago

    Snoop dogg a rat... T.i. a rat... 50 a rat... Meek a rat... There is no g code in the rap game....

  • Savin Florea
    Savin Florea 49 minutes ago

    This dude is gonna get murdered for sure

  • NeoKingGhidorah
    NeoKingGhidorah 50 minutes ago

    Why the fuck is Tekashi69 being a "snitch" something that gives him more flack and a worse rep than him being a sex pest?

  • Dylan Arthur
    Dylan Arthur 50 minutes ago

    It's over Anthony, 6ix9ine has told the judge all about your human trafficking ring.

  • Heath Salter
    Heath Salter 51 minute ago

    TI is a snitch too

  • Smiley Junction
    Smiley Junction 52 minutes ago

    Oof shits cray, Vibe check?

  • Psychonaut
    Psychonaut 53 minutes ago

    69 wasn't scared straight, he was scared gay.

  • Aidzwolf
    Aidzwolf 53 minutes ago

    It isn’t the early 2000s or before anymore the whole snitching thing doesn’t apply and the g code is silly, and no I am not a 69 fan lol

    • Justin Finch
      Justin Finch 49 minutes ago

      You know he already had to cancel shows before all this went down over death threats, there are people with a lot of money going to have a hit put on him, he already got kidnapped and robbed and they never caught those people that i heard of, if people that murder people already want you dead there are ways to make that happen and it will be really hard to keep him safe 24 7

  • Kyle
    Kyle 54 minutes ago

    As long as 69 can produce at minimum, a TikTok banger/trend, he’ll be good 👌

  • Isaias Guevara
    Isaias Guevara 54 minutes ago

    8 hrs a day??? those are roockie numbers.

  • Trippin Moonjuice
    Trippin Moonjuice 56 minutes ago

    I really don´t think it´s a good idea for you to openly say that "you wanna get his ass shot!" but, who cares anyways!

  • ZMM
    ZMM 56 minutes ago

    Is he gonna keep rapping about being a 9 trey blood?

  • jweez313313 Why
    jweez313313 Why 57 minutes ago

    I'm telling u 69 will be perfectly ok. People seriously over estimate how quickly people in general will use serious violence. Someone on Twitter said it best. George zimmerman is still alive.

    • jweez313313 Why
      jweez313313 Why 44 minutes ago

      @Justin Finch nobody's that mad at some meme wack ass rapper that they will throw their life away when they have people in their neighborhood trying to kill them. Grow the fuck up.

    • jweez313313 Why
      jweez313313 Why 52 minutes ago

      @Justin Finch ok I'll follow u on that. If u believe the conspiracy then Epstein's enemies were billionaire elites with unlimited resources. Tekashis enemies are... A small bloods set out of new York.

    • Justin Finch
      Justin Finch 53 minutes ago

      When you piss off thousands of people that have no problem murdering people you are not in a good position

    • Justin Finch
      Justin Finch 54 minutes ago

      Lol, ok, what about Jeffrey Epstein?

  • Richard Batchelor - Composer

    Turns out completely abhorrent actions don't have any form of consequences. So go nuts people.........

  • Ben S.
    Ben S. 57 minutes ago

    What a waste of money. Death to mumble rap.

  • Admiral Pepe
    Admiral Pepe 58 minutes ago

    T.i n 69 song: a tale of 2 snitches

  • aeragonia811
    aeragonia811 58 minutes ago

    You people need to stop glorifying the worst people on the planet

  • my stummy hurt
    my stummy hurt 58 minutes ago

    His stache makes me crave some pizza.

  • Aaron Shea
    Aaron Shea 58 minutes ago

    watch i wiull get the whole internet completely unacsessable

  • Aaron Shea
    Aaron Shea 59 minutes ago

    this privlage you have is really aboiut to be taken right asway laughing,honest..

  • fuzzydunlop45
    fuzzydunlop45 59 minutes ago

    “Drama gets commas” DAMN

  • Toni
    Toni 59 minutes ago

    I’m not crazy about rap but it is music.....wth?