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Are Orgasms Ruining Us?
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  • Paul Connelly
    Paul Connelly 14 seconds ago

    Under the precepts of atheism, why is it wrong to be a charlatan? What objective morality is Dawkins referring to?

  • Dominik Doherty
    Dominik Doherty 18 seconds ago

    Oh my god can the woman please keep quiet for two seconds 😂

  • bunkyspunkmeyer
    bunkyspunkmeyer 22 seconds ago

    I'm fine with ppl being what they want to be. I'm not fine with ppl who force it on their prepubescent children for the sake of showing society how "progressive" they are!!!

  • Damien Stone
    Damien Stone 53 seconds ago

    Women are getting screwed by the trans thing but then again, they asked for it.

  • Or Acle
    Or Acle 59 seconds ago

    America has put this on us. 🖕

  • mvc 89
    mvc 89 Minute ago

    This guy must of been raped by a priest, Because he really hates God.

  • Tahm Kench1
    Tahm Kench1 Minute ago

    Damn, what you said about those fucked up children who didnt have attention when they were young kinda hurt me a little... Fucked up shit for real...

  • Mattie P
    Mattie P Minute ago

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I get it

  • SuperVince93Kaioken Advance

    The LGBT was a mistake. No transexual should be allowed to play sports.

  • Brian
    Brian 2 minutes ago

    SMH the kid will regret his existence in 15 years!!! Poor guy/girl.

  • Martin Durhuus
    Martin Durhuus 2 minutes ago

    Rogan has an amazing ability at being mellow, honest and curious. It seems that almost regardless of the topics coming up, Rogan tries to reduce any prejudice that he might have, which leads to good faith conversations that bring insights to the entire audience. That is why it is so disappointing to see veganism be met with such a stone wall. I can't tell if it's cognitive dissonance, or just bad faith. Recognizing veganism as a healthy and beneficial diet, doesn't necessarily mean you have to become vegan. And as a counter-point, vegans that would oppose Rogan's philosophy of only eating game that he hunts, I'd say there's a spectrum of ethical choices. Hunting as oppose to supporting the cruelty in keeping livestock is by far the more ethical choice of the two.

  • Naughty Dawg
    Naughty Dawg 2 minutes ago

    What was that noise she made? Eeeeee LOL

  • Johnny Blazengame
    Johnny Blazengame 3 minutes ago

    Ole Joe "Red Wings" Rogan

  • Razr Ramon
    Razr Ramon 3 minutes ago

    Gtfoh u fanuk

  • Brett Chambers
    Brett Chambers 3 minutes ago

    I sometimes think people just like their addicts to stay down, so they can feel good about themselves

  • Ichsuka
    Ichsuka 4 minutes ago

    This girl has Roxy Striars voice wtf.

  • Silent Hashassin
    Silent Hashassin 5 minutes ago

    Why aren’t feminist upset about transgender men dominating and taking over female sports? Like seriously!?!?! Why no protest?

  • John McL
    John McL 5 minutes ago

    "Guys are scared of pussy blood?" 😂🤣😂

  • Brian
    Brian 5 minutes ago

    Guarantee sh sucked joes toe!!!!

  • Workhorse
    Workhorse 5 minutes ago

    You are too used to the Mercator map

  • Han Yolo
    Han Yolo 6 minutes ago

    Every religion is a cult.

  • Daud Hicks
    Daud Hicks 6 minutes ago

    This generation is already half way down the toilet, may as well flush them out now in another world war. How do you let a man break woman's world records? pathetic.

  • SuperLordpig
    SuperLordpig 6 minutes ago

    I'm disappointed that many Joe Rogan fans are religious morons.

  • super john
    super john 6 minutes ago

    Young men this days are confused because of the liberals attempt of redefining society. We don't have this shit in the past because men and women know their role in society. But in 2019 men can become women because they felt like it and women can become men they feel like it. Sigh..

  • Moses89
    Moses89 7 minutes ago

    Absolute legend !

  • Traversy
    Traversy 7 minutes ago

    hang on, wait a minute, just had a stoner though. Joe says "these made up words" talking about zim ze zer whatever. but.... all words are made up bro.... dafuq? we literally just made up sounds that fit things....? what? XD

  • awis linear
    awis linear 7 minutes ago

    Dawkins would definitely have a bad trip given that he'd be reduced to almost pure being and try to make sense of the conceived ontology with very specific and high level onticizations... in other words, he would for the first time see his worldview/religion as not being epistemically necessary i.e. necessarily true... so he's right to fear it. It would change him forever, for better or worse.

  • Brian
    Brian 7 minutes ago

    This woman is fucked!!

  • robert Zimmerle
    robert Zimmerle 7 minutes ago

    I call bull shit...I started smoking weed at 10 a fuck load every day till 30 so 20 years...I only had two weeks of night sweats and weird air bubbles forming in my lungs and or heart that kinda scared me but that went away lol...I had to quit cuz I lost my job n searching for new one in case testing...but got one that didn't test but need another or better one that I'm still sober just incase testing lol but that's it...

  • Alec
    Alec 7 minutes ago

    Jesus I couldn't imagine being that young and having to take a rock to another humans head like its just another object

  • Adrian D
    Adrian D 7 minutes ago

    I fckin love whitney cummings

    JST DRVN 7 minutes ago

    I have this quote hanging in my office from J Peterson, "When you have something to say, silence is a lie"

  • Mellowcanuck
    Mellowcanuck 8 minutes ago

    Competition sports should be based on DNA and that's it. Really joe? Canada doesn't have free speech? What was his name? Oh yeah Kaepernick.

  • Filemonefly9
    Filemonefly9 8 minutes ago

    Joe "Unachievable for me" Rogan.

  • Jeremy Elliott
    Jeremy Elliott 8 minutes ago

    This is all just a fad it will burn out.....

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez 8 minutes ago

    I dont particularly like it when women talk openly about their periods. Not because I'm "squeamish", I saw the birth of my son, grew up slaughtering pigs etc. But because I dont like the idea of women putting themselves out there like that. Why would you broadcast something that personal out to other men? Around other women who gives a sh!t but not around men.

  • OXY
    OXY 8 minutes ago

    Me: We are living in a simulation. People: Hahaha you fucking idiot, you are so stupid. Life is real, you just lost your mind. - Elon Musk: We are living in a simulation. People: Oh yes that's true! I knew it man omg Elon knows it too!

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas 9 minutes ago

    This chick is awesome!

  • Andre Richardson
    Andre Richardson 9 minutes ago

    Lol trans cyclist?...you mean a dude with a dick that dresses like a woman...

  • Kuroganemk2
    Kuroganemk2 9 minutes ago

    Guess women got fucked over with feminism xD

  • Ol Beef
    Ol Beef 9 minutes ago

    Rogan would lay an egg if he found out the greatest ultra runners are vegan

  • Ali
    Ali 9 minutes ago

    Joe” OOOOOHHHH” Rogan

  • shane 1
    shane 1 9 minutes ago

    Donald Trump should step to the podium one day and identify as a woman. Allow the world to either acknowledge the absurdity of transgender OR rewrite history and welcome our 1st female president.

  • Evan Lyall
    Evan Lyall 10 minutes ago

    This girl so ugly she's cute Like a pug

  • Mike
    Mike 10 minutes ago

    What they are both describing has a name its fascism

  • Trey5003
    Trey5003 10 minutes ago

    If it's upside down it could be MP just a thought might be military police.

  • J H
    J H 10 minutes ago

    u cant shame a healthy body type try its funny

  • WP SN
    WP SN 10 minutes ago

    Joe: "Mormonism is INSANE. Mormons don't even know that DMT is a portal to another dimension where mechanical elves and fractal jesters reveal the meaning of the universe to people and how everything we know and think is part of a simulation probably started by advanced alien civilizations that my buddy Bob Lazar hung out with, which might be what Jeffrey Epstein was going to tell the world about, which is why Mosaad had to fake his death because Epstein also was going to reveal that Hillary Clinton is a satan worshipping baby eating reptile that Alex Jones learned about at Bilderberg Meeting in a redwood forest." Richard: "Yes well...we can uh...we can agree that Mormons are quite silly indeed, Joe."

  • Pedro Strom
    Pedro Strom 10 minutes ago

    of course germans were able to escape from germany , WTH jews were why wouldnt they ?

  • Andrew Decker
    Andrew Decker 10 minutes ago

    Well I care,I'll call HIM Caitlyn since anyone can change their name but biology is objective, regardless on what u "feel" or believe there are only 2 genders. Now I'm not hating, everyone deserves to be happy but u don't get to just wake up and say I demand u call me insert pronoun here. Now I have an older cousin John who relatively recently decided he was a girl and is now being called Sarah and I have no problem with that and he's family and I'll always love him but at the end of the day he is a HE. I mean so can I say I identify as a man from the early-mid1800s since it was legally acceptable to hit your wife in certain places (arguments sake only, I don't believe in hitting women like that) and e allowed to strike my wife?? The answer is no, the bottom line is if u feel like a woman or man that's fine but u don't get to demand speech and u don't get to throw biology out the window simply because u refuse to acknowledge it even though it's truth.

  • MrB1923
    MrB1923 11 minutes ago

    Trimming weed for 13 hours is definitely mind destroying.

  • Anna the unicorn
    Anna the unicorn 11 minutes ago

    fuckyou deepstate joe

  • Delhi Delirium
    Delhi Delirium 12 minutes ago

    Very simple - while life´s balanced and ´healthy` , do THC at will - will only amplify your well being . ´Problem` is when that balance/health deteriorate and you carry on smoking - THC being an amplifier of who you are at any given point ...do your maths .

  • STRETCH 93
    STRETCH 93 12 minutes ago


  • LoLshark99 B
    LoLshark99 B 13 minutes ago

    she’s the absolute worst

  • Bear C137
    Bear C137 14 minutes ago

    Diaz is one of my favorite people that I haven't met

  • External power
    External power 14 minutes ago

    Live pd isn't live half the time and the way they get people's consent is illegal most of the time.

  • Bare Jon
    Bare Jon 16 minutes ago

    All words are made up Joe

  • Patric Strawdor
    Patric Strawdor 16 minutes ago

    4:30 randomly says banana in the middle of a sentence

  • b4l funny times
    b4l funny times 16 minutes ago

    Facebook kills

  • sacr3
    sacr3 17 minutes ago

    I don't care if you're the most respected man on the planet, you're still a human. Your visual senses are unreliable portals to reality, everyone's is. I'd love to believe this but eye witness accounts are always the most unreliable, even if its military personnel. People are people. But it would be incredible if it were true, massive undiscovered intense technologies sitting in the ocean just doing their own thing.

  • LuxiClickbait
    LuxiClickbait 17 minutes ago

    Marshall better not be on DMT Joe.

  • edit11
    edit11 17 minutes ago

    this is the dude that is correcting the rap game and he dont even rap!

  • Jihn Chu
    Jihn Chu 18 minutes ago

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz why are we here. 3 year old taking drugs

  • James McCabe
    James McCabe 19 minutes ago

    Russian influence in social media! Damn Joe your smarter than that. It isn't forigen influence, it isn't even abnormal, a person is reasonable, can be reasoned with, can debate and discuss. People in large sums are herds, hives, collective mind and incapable of being human. Enmasse we default to our baser instincts. Civil war is coming to America, it has too, the divide is too wide. Bloodshed has to happen sometimes simply to remind people how wonderful and rare oeace really is. Secondly America has become apathetic, lazy, lax in governing their govt. Now we see the fruit this behavoir has wrought. We are in need of a huge resett, all great socieities go through it and so must America, indeed western culture in general. A wake up is coming, our children will teach their children about the civil war not from history books they have read, it will be from the books that they write from first-hand expierence and memories.

  • z17seattle
    z17seattle 19 minutes ago

    This segment brought to you in part by your local methamphetamine dealer

  • Foroogh Jabbari
    Foroogh Jabbari 19 minutes ago

    Joe "you didn't take enough "rogen

  • Alex Pare
    Alex Pare 19 minutes ago

    If Smith was 14 when he came up with Mormonism no wonder he adopted polygamy.

  • LuxiClickbait
    LuxiClickbait 19 minutes ago

    I'm getting triggered by people who get triggered. Checkmate.

  • kalle kanin
    kalle kanin 20 minutes ago

    Jesus fucking christ that bitch is annoying as fuck

  • Max G
    Max G 20 minutes ago

    Listen, the world hates USA too much already. Only taking everything to yourself, so arrogant. I hate that the Netherlands, France, Russia and others who sold important territories to USA.

    • Max G
      Max G 3 minutes ago

      @Wallaby Ted Well, I don't blame the circumstances, I hate that it happened. Though I must admit, it probably was better for the world.

    • Wallaby Ted
      Wallaby Ted 17 minutes ago

      Nobody forced them to do it.

  • wiire time
    wiire time 21 minute ago

    Consort was her title

  • Vasil B.
    Vasil B. 21 minute ago

    I like how you are excited for an idea of "buying" a sovereign country without even knowing where it is on a map. No offense, but that's so american :D

    • Wallaby Ted
      Wallaby Ted 19 minutes ago

      America has already tried to buy Greenland three times. In 1876, in 1910, and again in 1946.

  • Joseph Richard
    Joseph Richard 21 minute ago

    I saw two fly by here in Kenya.

  • Turnip Juice
    Turnip Juice 21 minute ago

    The day there are no jokes about DMT on a Joe Rogan comments section, is the day a black hole will finally devour us all...

  • Blake Blake
    Blake Blake 22 minutes ago

    That's a cute dog, he looks very gentle. My female malamute has a wild streak, I love it.

  • RacerEckss
    RacerEckss 22 minutes ago

    This bitch....

  • xyz39808comments
    xyz39808comments 22 minutes ago

    That bit about how the Rick James sketch permeated throughout every school is too real. Some say, you can still hear echoes of Lil' Jon in the hallways WHAT

  • Benedikt Braun
    Benedikt Braun 22 minutes ago

    I would love to put that shock collar on that bitches neck. Shock collar smfh. Stupid bitch

  • StONe AGe
    StONe AGe 22 minutes ago

    Who's this bitch again?

  • Ankur Gupta
    Ankur Gupta 22 minutes ago

    Easy to change your mind, assuming it’s an open one, willing to do some research: Pro-guns? If you read the Federalist papers and the Constitution, the 2nd Amendment was written for the express purpose of creating a well-regulated and trained-what we’d call today-National Guard, as an envisioned alternative to a professional army. You can still be pro-guns, but you’d be so outside the purview of the Constitution. Pro-Life? Guess what-Roe v. Wade passed in 1973 as a 7-2 decision, and evangelicals were indifferent/agnostic about it, and those who weren’t, tended to support it. Then in 1979, the GOP teamed up with segregationist and televangelist Jerry Falwell to try to recruit evangelicals into their party by spreading propaganda/lies (such as the Bible being against abortion-it’s not, and it even says the remedy for a pregnancy resulting from a cheating wife is abortion) and touring fictitious horror films in churches across the U.S. (showing baby dolls washed up on the Dead Sea with the Grim Reaper, for example), and the modern pro-life movement was born, and it never should have been (see what I did there?). Even our founding fathers/ the Constitution didn’t consider it murder or a crime, despite abortion being common then. It was considered a misdemeanor if done in the 3rd trimester. Doctors in the 1800s successfully lobbied for pro-life laws, in order to corner the market on abortions (outlawing anyone else such as women healers who used to perform them), until Roe v. Wade. So you can be pro-life, but chances are it’s based on lies, and not on any actual authority or text. Only 2 sexes? Yes, two chromosomes determine whether you are male or female. But about 140 genes contribute to your gender, so there are technically an infinite number of genders you can be, which is why men and women vary so much in their degree of masculinity and femininity and adherence to respective male/female norms. A person can be born with XY chromosomes (male), but have more “feminine” genes, so they may feel more like a woman. So, yeah, it’s the wrong question. 2 sexes, and a ton of genders. Now, you have a few options. You can attack the messenger (me), which is usually how these types of conversations predictably go (which would make us sheep and tribal), or we can search for the truth together, whereby you can research and let me know if any factual assertions I’ve made above are incorrect (and please cite sources), and I’ll gladly look into it and make corrections, and gladly change my mind. Peace ✌🏼✨

  • EMZjester
    EMZjester 22 minutes ago

    Joe "Gender is confusing" Rogan. What are you all on out in LA ? Funny how the coasters think people in the midwest are idiots. Maybe you should take a look at yourselves coasters !

  • Roy Wilhelmus
    Roy Wilhelmus 23 minutes ago

    Worst guest in a long time

  • Joshena Musique
    Joshena Musique 23 minutes ago

    💚 you Joe 💚

  • OnerBash
    OnerBash 23 minutes ago

    Ohhhhhhh yea yea ohhhhhhh.

  • Orobus
    Orobus 23 minutes ago

    Jesus Christ lol it’s so obvious that it’s the OK game. They even said the Ok hoax thing is in the air not OBVIOUSLY PINNED AGAINST THEIR LEG

  • Kim Tate
    Kim Tate 24 minutes ago

    It is simply about intention.

  • Mikey
    Mikey 24 minutes ago

    Trans people need to be committed in a psychiatric hospital and evaluated

  • A Kent
    A Kent 24 minutes ago

    Joe "I love pussy blood" Rogan!

  • Mikko Körperich
    Mikko Körperich 24 minutes ago

    JUST WATCH MIC THE VEGAN DEBUNK ALL THIS BULLSHIT: ruclip.com/video/KKa7dDTX0Ww/video.html

  • Gumball's Gameroom
    Gumball's Gameroom 24 minutes ago

    For me coffee is more addictive than marijuana. I got clean from shooting heroin for a decade and it took over a year and half for my brain to heal enough to feel any sense of normalcy. THC addiction is insignificant in comparison to anything I've ever kicked.

  • A Kent
    A Kent 24 minutes ago

    Jordan has helped just as many women as men in his clientele... This man only bullshit is the mainstream medias bullshit spin.

  • Low Pulse
    Low Pulse 24 minutes ago

    Jeez...she could tell me I was the ugliest thing ever and I'd still be hypnotized

  • Dominic Strutton
    Dominic Strutton 25 minutes ago

    she's fuckin hilarious

  • lupe556
    lupe556 25 minutes ago

    You get rid of traditional religion and people just adopt new dogmatic beliefs. The idea that people will just go by facts is nonsense.

  • Nino Romello
    Nino Romello 25 minutes ago

    Dont know who She is... So i looked her up on porn hub 🤓..

  • ln stks
    ln stks 26 minutes ago

    Joe over the past few months has really doubled down on claiming his opinions are facts. Not everybody has the exact same opinion on whether or not Dad bods are attractive to people same as some men are attracted to heavier women it's the same for women being attracted to heavier men. Some people just like different things. But according to Joe everyone basically is attracted to the same thing and if you aren't with someone with that ideal body type then it's because you settled and genetically you just didn't have the capabilities of dating a model. He couldn't even tell that she wasn't agreeing with him because he just assumed she would. She was saying e cringe is into there own thing a bff he was saying most or all people are into the same thing and are just too much of a loser to get it.

  • Tothesavedlifeon Earthistheonlyhelltheyllevrknow

    Hahah we’re a bit stunted. I went to a local district school and majority of my class was alrdy “stunted” . There were not many computers then!!

  • RacerEckss
    RacerEckss 26 minutes ago

    Id beat this dumb bitch soooo hard......

  • Brenton Draper
    Brenton Draper 26 minutes ago

    Who is this goblin