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"love is the death of duty"
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  • octavia moldovan
    octavia moldovan 22 hours ago

    Vince Gilligan is a good director and the only reason for me to watch the show. The theme of the series Breaking Bad is really sick.

  • Zara B
    Zara B Day ago

    Thanks so much for the recap... I am a Breaking Bad fan with a poor memory so this was gold for me... Bring on El CAmino!

  • Cuppa Tea
    Cuppa Tea Day ago

    Thank you!

  • Ahmad Muhlisin

    elcaminoabreakingbadmovie2019f 🎥 WATCH NOW ► ► Questo film è come altri 2 episodi di BB. Non ti deluderò. Non è un thriller ma un film a ritmo lento che mostra il destino di Pinkman.

  • Kristian Eagle
    Kristian Eagle 2 days ago

    Great recap

  • Holden Caufield
    Holden Caufield 3 days ago

    This show sucks nards

  • Land Of The Eagle - RC Videos

    Great job! This is what I needed to refresh my memory before El Camino :-)

  • BinBurr
    BinBurr 3 days ago

    Perfect recap... thank you ...

  • Amy Crista
    Amy Crista 3 days ago

    Why do I remember a different ending?

  • kin pin
    kin pin 3 days ago

    False: They did not buy the RV from old Joe. He got it from his friend Combo.

  • DiKool Jamaican
    DiKool Jamaican 3 days ago

    Thank you because I was lost

  • bismarck gutierrez
    bismarck gutierrez 3 days ago

    There’s a recap on Netflix literally before the movie starts

    • Amy Crista
      Amy Crista 3 days ago

      bismarck gutierrez it sucks - I literally came on youtube directly after to find a better one. If you watched the series when it originally aired the Netflix recap is useless

  • Draugr Hessler
    Draugr Hessler 3 days ago

    El Camino was a HUGE let-down. I kept waiting for suspense, drama, and some humor but the movie ended first. There were so many perfect paths the movie could have taken but it didn't. It turned out to be exactly what I had expected and that is contrary to what made the series so great. I'll wait about ten more years and re-watch the series. As for El Camino, I'd rather forget it.

    • waquzy
      waquzy 7 hours ago

      Agreed, they should have left the series alone

  • Lee Cochrane
    Lee Cochrane 3 days ago

    El Camino was terrible

  • Jcarroll 41
    Jcarroll 41 3 days ago

    Get ya facts straight buddy. Combo got Jesse the RV.

    • Alpha Wolf
      Alpha Wolf Day ago

      Jcarroll 41 Give this guy a break. Literally the only “fact” he got wrong out the hundreds

  • Osama Naser
    Osama Naser 3 days ago

    Fan theory: Jesse is going to meet up with Dexter and start lumber jacking together

    • Michael Kelly
      Michael Kelly 3 days ago

      @akr010hvt Dexter gave up the thug life.

    • akr010hvt
      akr010hvt 3 days ago

      Osama Naser man dexter would kill jessy because jessy is a killer and meth cook

  • J M8
    J M8 4 days ago

    I want a longer recap

  • Aldo Apache
    Aldo Apache 4 days ago

    It sucked Yo!

  • anny chua92
    anny chua92 4 days ago

    Great recaps 👍👍👍

  • Charlie P
    Charlie P 4 days ago

    Of all the recaps on YT, this is BY FAR the best one. Like to help others so they dont waste time watching anything else.

    • Charlie P
      Charlie P 4 days ago

      @Recap and Chill Well done. I appreciated that you focused on the key points, and also the format of the video. Others out there are over editing/producing unecessary stuff and/or being try hard with humour, overlaying pop culture references - it makes it difficult to consume the video, especially when its a recap of several seasons of a show that's all about the details. Thanks for the no nonsense recap and getting to the "need to know" in a clear and concise manner. Much appreciated.

    • Recap and Chill
      Recap and Chill 4 days ago

      Charlie P I appreciate it!

  • It's me Danny
    It's me Danny 4 days ago

    I think this is wrong. Walter White taught Jessie how to cook with science bitch. Lol. But Jessie was a dealer before. Also Jessie was one of his students

  • WeGottaSituation
    WeGottaSituation 4 days ago

    I binged this show in a week during school break 6 years ago and forgot all of this happened. Thank you so much for this recap video 😁

  • Lee Soyka
    Lee Soyka 5 days ago

    Great video.

  • Steve LaFleur
    Steve LaFleur 5 days ago

    Decent recap. Off on a couple of details, but then I found I was off on a couple of recollections of the series. Kudos.

  • tres tacos
    tres tacos 5 days ago


  • beatniece
    beatniece 5 days ago

    i just don't understand why this show is so acclaimed. i personally found it broad, clumsy and tedious, full of loathsome characters (and not in an interesting way). reminds me of how i didn't understand why people liked "house of cards". i was proven right in that case.

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 5 days ago

    *R.I.P Robert Forster (The vacuum shop guy) He just died of brain cancer. Apparently he was very ill when he did his last movie ever.* 😔

  • The Real Keto Glow
    The Real Keto Glow 5 days ago

    Who thanks a lot for the video 💯 exactly what I needed... A good recap ✨

  • Jacqueline Hadid
    Jacqueline Hadid 5 days ago

    Initially Walt and Jesse were cooking with the standard pseudo cook which doesn't produce blue meth. The RV was stolen from Combo's mother, not purchased from Joe. Jesse wasn't mad that the dealers killed Combo, he was mad because they used his girlfriend's brother (a child) to do it, and then after being told off by Gus they killed the kid.

    • Recap and Chill
      Recap and Chill 5 days ago

      Jacqueline Hadid the point of this recap is to be as efficient with details as possible and give relevant details for El Camino. The majority of the series features Blue Sky, so Blue Sky is the meth that’s mentioned. They DO eventually get the RV from Old Joe and because he was revealed to be in El Camino, I made sure to highlight his involvement as it was more important than Combo’s mother.

  • Timmy Morgan
    Timmy Morgan 5 days ago

    Super helpful!! Thanks!

  • Jesse Gilbertson
    Jesse Gilbertson 5 days ago

    Nice recap!

  • Kaialoves_cookies 123

    i litterly just watched IT 1 like an hour ago

  • Midnight Respawn
    Midnight Respawn 5 days ago

    I feel bad for Gale, but if it was him or me I could understand what Jesse did.

    BLUEKHALIFA TM 5 days ago

    I didn't know he was BTK but thanks a lot. If it was in s1 my apologies, but if not you just ruined it.

  • Michel Noordam
    Michel Noordam 5 days ago

    I saw the movie today.. It was good.. But not amazing.. I think i expected to much from it....

    • TheForsakenGamer1
      TheForsakenGamer1 3 days ago

      I think they're goal was closure to what happened to Jesse afterwards, and they did good with it. At least it wasn't they fly episode.

  • blake shaw
    blake shaw 5 days ago

    A much needed recap, I totally forgot all about the supremacists and todd

  • Utopia Maneira
    Utopia Maneira 6 days ago

    I didn't remember half of this things, thanks for the recap

  • Lucmusicz
    Lucmusicz 6 days ago

    Nice video pal!

  • Mesfen Sahle
    Mesfen Sahle 6 days ago

    Thanks man🙏🙏

  • Marcos Hernandez
    Marcos Hernandez 6 days ago

    RV was stolen from Combo's mother; not purchased from Joe. Although it was destroyed by Joe.

  • ebin thomas
    ebin thomas 6 days ago

    Short and perfect recap. Thank you

  • Trupal Patel
    Trupal Patel 6 days ago

    el camino is not a spin off

  • MistakenMystery
    MistakenMystery 6 days ago

    Finally, in a hour and a half I can watch this movie! Better than fucking Christmas!

  • WakeWorkRepeat
    WakeWorkRepeat 6 days ago

    Finally! A recap that isn't commentated by an overly enthusiastic moron. Watching El Camino with my family later today and this is will be perfect. Thanks for making this.

    • waquzy
      waquzy 7 hours ago

      Just finished watching El Camino and what a letdown, I wish they never made it

    • Aldo Apache
      Aldo Apache 4 days ago

      It sucked Yo!

    • Henrik Skjolden
      Henrik Skjolden 5 days ago

      Dropped into one of those, a minute into it he called Skyler a bombshell... Ugh.. So I came her instead. Not disappointed!

  • Blaknificent09
    Blaknificent09 7 days ago

    Good breakdown kudos!

  • Lord Touch Me
    Lord Touch Me 7 days ago

    Holy shit, I forgot how good this show was

  • Kent Adrian Baker
    Kent Adrian Baker 7 days ago

    You forgot Zurg the father of Buzz and the whole Buzz Lightyear toys display.

  • Negans Mayo Sandwiches

    Angela kang said Negan will meet Beta this season so i expect him to kill Alpha aswell

  • GreatSpaceToaster
    GreatSpaceToaster 14 days ago

    Cersei was lucky that Mac was just some lowly Euron Greyjoy jabroni. If he had the opportunity, he would win the game of thrones with his unmatched ability to play both sides.

  • Bubble Blower
    Bubble Blower 19 days ago

    "Pivotal cornerstone" Nah... I'm out

  • Johnny Roberts
    Johnny Roberts 19 days ago

    “Baby Diesel”

  • hanna thompson
    hanna thompson 20 days ago


  • Akhilesh Tekade
    Akhilesh Tekade 21 day ago

    I'm not crying, you're crying

  • Randy Barat
    Randy Barat 22 days ago

    Its a great show. Its not a Netflix production always pushing SJW agenda.

  • STB Gags
    STB Gags 22 days ago

    i loved the film! love the vids btw 👍🏼

  • Sim Stewart
    Sim Stewart 25 days ago

    Thanks for the spoilers mate!

  • Grace X
    Grace X 26 days ago

    Thanks g

  • Hoseok Is My Hope
    Hoseok Is My Hope 26 days ago

    You're a lifesaver! I only saw Part 1 in cinemas once & couldn't make time to rewatch before seeing Part 2 today. Your video helps a lot

  • Ferrox
    Ferrox 26 days ago

    Finally just a simple summary! :D thanks alot going tonight.

  • Abdullah Qumper
    Abdullah Qumper 27 days ago

    just watch chapter 1... 2morow for chapter 2

  • Bling Ey
    Bling Ey 27 days ago

    Thank You. Gonna watch IT Chapter 2 tonight! ❤️

  • slav_ taylor
    slav_ taylor 27 days ago

    These McDonald’s commercials are getting weird

  • DrCola
    DrCola 29 days ago

    This was the video since my brother watched it an I did not cause it was his sleepover

  • Hemsingh Panwar
    Hemsingh Panwar 29 days ago

    Your video is hillarious

  • househeadericmd Househead

    Awesome show. Writing is amazing. Except every character is an asshole and no one is redeeming or likeable but it sure is entertaining.

  • Angie
    Angie Month ago

    Thanks for this!!

  • NachoMuchacho
    NachoMuchacho Month ago

    I've never been able to see it but my friends offered to take me to see the second one so knowing this really helps

    • The Golden Sloth
      The Golden Sloth Month ago

      Watch the first one on netflix

    • Brooke M
      Brooke M Month ago

      NachoMuchacho same here! My friends and I are going but I’ve never seen the first one

  • Jacek K
    Jacek K Month ago

    Thanks, good short recap!

  • Slim Pickens
    Slim Pickens Month ago

    The writing in this series f'n extraordinary - on par with Breaking Bad - gut wrenching, funny and clever one liners all at the same time.

  • Slim Pickens
    Slim Pickens Month ago

    The writing in this series f'n extraordinary - on par with Breaking Bad.

  • grumpy tank
    grumpy tank Month ago

    Missand- i -e

  • Eric Howry
    Eric Howry Month ago

    I just finished watching chapter one. I cannot wait for chapter two!!

  • YoyoJager
    YoyoJager Month ago

    Thanks. Have a date tomorrow and don’t have time to watch the first chapter

    • Douwe Evenhuis
      Douwe Evenhuis 12 days ago

      @YoyoJager good shit bro, went on a date myself yesterday aswell, went great. She was holding me the whole time and I had a great time just chillin afterwards

    • YoyoJager
      YoyoJager 13 days ago

      @Douwe Evenhuis at first. Im over it.

    • Douwe Evenhuis
      Douwe Evenhuis 13 days ago

      @YoyoJager daym dude that sucks

    • YoyoJager
      YoyoJager Month ago

      @Emmah Fisher indeed

    • Emmah Fisher
      Emmah Fisher Month ago

      @YoyoJager oh.. oh shit. that's fucked up..

  • Kaitlyn Kuebelbeck

    Great recap !!

  • Most Theatrical
    Most Theatrical Month ago

    Just watched it. Umm. Pennywise technically said, “last night took a L but tonight I bounce back.” RIP the 2 losers who died. No spoilers

    • Jquan2020
      Jquan2020 25 days ago

      @ShoddyMussels37 True, haha, but if u seen the mini series, then you'll immediately know who they r, I haven't seen chapter 2 yet, it I kinda already know which 2 r gonna say bye-bye to earth, I'm weird, lol. 😅

    • ShoddyMussels37
      ShoddyMussels37 27 days ago

      Saying that 2 losers died is still a spoiler ffs

  • Devon White
    Devon White Month ago

    Thanks so much! This channel has a lot of potential

  • jimmiegie gie
    jimmiegie gie Month ago

    Just finished s1 awesome

  • Federico Fissore
    Federico Fissore Month ago

    Hey! Check this out! A game horror demo Stephen king's IT inspired!

  • maynor Flores
    maynor Flores Month ago

    I want the little kid back I don’t like little kids die

  • tvim31
    tvim31 Month ago

    Thanks for recap seeing it tonight 😊

  • x and Fortnite213

    Thank u so much this was helpful

  • Dean Solistino
    Dean Solistino Month ago

    Chapter one was really like a long episode of stranger things and was not really a great movie. Plus it’s a about a killer clown and the clown didn’t really eat too many kids which sucks..

  • ximena110
    ximena110 Month ago

    Nice recap - thanks!

  • Skykwakrz
    Skykwakrz Month ago

    1.25 speed makes him sound normal.

  • e.moylan
    e.moylan Month ago

    Play it at 1.5x speed thank me later

  • VeryTastySoup
    VeryTastySoup Month ago

    Great video

  • existenceisrelative

    I don't think it has too much to do with porn. I think they're in an old relationship, and are both looking for something they feel has been missing. And while her solution is to lean on him harder and harder about it, his is to reconnect with his past by finding the freedom to act upon some tension that was probably always there subtextually between him and his friend. Then the rest of it is basically trying to reconcile the fact that they're enough of one thing, but too much of another. They're not outright gay, but what they are is too real to avoid being a problem. She wants the attention and excitement of new relationships, while he wants... well, what he wants. I think the fact that they were shown to let each other have that kind of space is a little bit refreshing. Even if it is a bit too neat and happy for a Black Mirror episode.

  • TT Splash
    TT Splash Month ago

    Totally great video man. Super super informative. Absolutely stoked to watch the kids go back to Terry and take over that bastard IT once and for all.

  • Marc Thomas
    Marc Thomas Month ago

    Thanks for the refresher hun!

  • Shahrukh
    Shahrukh Month ago

    Wow you made it sound so good but in reality IT was so gruesome..... Cannot wait for part2 going today...

  • The Possy
    The Possy Month ago

    Love this video! Exactly what I was looking for! No crazy, click bait theories. Just 100% what you need to be back up to speed.

    • slim_davo
      slim_davo 26 days ago

      @Jquan2020 what

    • Jquan2020
      Jquan2020 Month ago

      Ey, I like that, u made it rhyme, that's something I wish I could do all the time. 😅

  • Randommichel
    Randommichel Month ago

    Watching IT Chapter 2 tonight & this helped a lot!

  • abhis1995
    abhis1995 Month ago

    A very well worded and explained summary!

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    Krizia Month ago

    Thank you for the recap! Didn’t know there was a youtube channel like this.

  • Asli Asees
    Asli Asees Month ago

    I can’t wait for part2

  • SupportGaming 2019

    the ending would've been better if bran;s eye's turned blue at the end.

  • Antoinette Hobbs
    Antoinette Hobbs Month ago

    Wow just finished season 1. I cried so hard on the finale. I literally love this show ♥️ thank you

  • Hero In U
    Hero In U Month ago

    I'm really curious to see how this movie will turn out.

  • GhostDoggo
    GhostDoggo Month ago

    Thank you finally someone who doesn’t explain what might happen in chapter 2

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    Cameron Evans Month ago

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