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  • Devon Dale
    Devon Dale 51 minute ago

    Everyone has an opinion just like everyone has to sh1t 🤷🏿‍♂️🤣

  • alice wondercannel

    Show me where i can find the poison arrow plant :D

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan Hour ago

    The only reason why i played it so much was because of my friends. I think the reason why red dead online is still so broken and basically still a beta is because rockstar doesn't care about it since it doesn't make as much money as gta online.

  • R?
    R? 2 hours ago

    If they just added in those automobiles from the first game.

  • AdMan
    AdMan 2 hours ago

    I would be HAPPY to play the game if they could ONLY fix the fucking animal spawns! It's completely unplayable currently and I haven't played it in 5 weeks...

  • Tom Hall
    Tom Hall 2 hours ago

    😂 Great vid man really funny

  • Lucas v.d.B
    Lucas v.d.B 2 hours ago

    Patience 100

  • Jan Giurg
    Jan Giurg 3 hours ago

    I tried coming back when the roles patch went live. My first bounty was a teleporting invisible man who eventually drowned himself by falling through a bridge. 11/10.

  • Nail Trop
    Nail Trop 3 hours ago

    This is funny as hell

  • Mead Juice
    Mead Juice 3 hours ago

    your accent fucked up G

  • Sara Michelle Clark
    Sara Michelle Clark 3 hours ago

    Its funny....its not gtav but yet everyone runs around in a gunfight like a gtav tryhard ... lmaoo ...

  • Robin Brutus
    Robin Brutus 3 hours ago

    Strauss Zelnick does not approve.

  • Robin Brutus
    Robin Brutus 4 hours ago

    Where is The Benz when you need him?

  • Nugget Master
    Nugget Master 4 hours ago

    I mean to be fair I want more ponchos. Specifically just one that actually goes around the front and the back but isn’t shaped like the Guerra poncho

  • Ben Myatt
    Ben Myatt 4 hours ago

    Solo lobbies would fix every single problem. Just give us that until they fix it or next gen.

  • Mexican Power
    Mexican Power 4 hours ago

    What an interesting video, never would have thought

  • InsideAlive
    InsideAlive 4 hours ago

    Tbh I like online it’s relaxing and stuff. Never really was into GTA online since everything is high octane pewpew shiny flying bikes and stuff. Red dead is relaxing and even if it is just fetch quests right now just hanging with my posse is pretty dope. I would like to see more content and bug fixes too. Also taking dead eye out of online since everyone relies on that to get insta kills.

  • Alfa Astrawt
    Alfa Astrawt 5 hours ago

    I’m a fresh grinder, I have been grinding for 2 days now and it’s going well with my own strats instead of pro strats I made nearly 1 mil but I could do better either way honest money, In the grinder that plays in races 2X money and rp missions and then grinding a single heist every 2 days then businesses for the rest of the time honest money honest grinding

  • javie_OG 13
    javie_OG 13 6 hours ago

    Thats pasole in the thumbnail PUTOO!

  • ShaneOfThrones
    ShaneOfThrones 6 hours ago

    Aaaand subbed. The script for this video was fantastic.

  • danglez
    danglez 7 hours ago

    laughed so hard at 3:58

  • isss the eshayy
    isss the eshayy 10 hours ago

    This video is a load cheeks I walk through the main entrance and get derailed by armed guards with shotguns

  • Nerdiest Kids
    Nerdiest Kids 12 hours ago

    GTA Online had a record money-making year in 2019. Red dead will get there, but that shizz boing AF. Maybe it needs zombies DLC

  • Miles Upshur
    Miles Upshur 13 hours ago

    I heard rockstar employees are kind of assholes now a days They make great games but now they’ve become like the kid in class who has potential who the teacher pushes to be better, but hasn’t quite grown up yet

    • Sonny Evans
      Sonny Evans 11 hours ago

      That's the biggest load of arse I ever heard

  • Nick Rios
    Nick Rios 13 hours ago

    I was enjoying Red Dead Online before the bugs from the Moonshiners update hit and I am extremely bored of GTA Online and can’t get back into it

  • pmknlive
    pmknlive 14 hours ago

    You had me at Rootin Tootin Cowboy Shootin. + Sub (Btw. Whats the song used from 8:00? - Much obliged in advance)

  • Cdt Massoud
    Cdt Massoud 19 hours ago

    They let us down so we too must let them DOWN...

  • NicoNoInteresa
    NicoNoInteresa 19 hours ago

    The content isn't the problem, the problem is that with every content update they broke the game even more. if what we have right now at least worked i 'd trow another 100 hours onto it, but right now i literally can't, i'm not even trying to stir drama, i literally cant play my favourite game. and before i get attacked i play on ps4, im glad you dont have any problems on other platforms

  • NicoNoInteresa
    NicoNoInteresa 19 hours ago

    oof, i love this game but on ps4 its literally not working. for example moonshine bussines resets every time i die or do an activity, the only way to make it work is to stay on the same place without doing anything for 60 mins hoping that i will not get disconnected. it's sad because when it actually works it's amazing but sadly it doesn't

  • Garrett Navo
    Garrett Navo 19 hours ago

    Biggest waste of time.

  • Stephen WILLIS
    Stephen WILLIS 19 hours ago

    Rockstar doesnt know how to make an MMO, sad really.

  • ItsYoBoi YoBoi
    ItsYoBoi YoBoi 21 hour ago

    This guy has a Internet Historian vibe to him.

  • Steve Fuchsgruber
    Steve Fuchsgruber 21 hour ago

    But u need animals, lol ok, fuck gta

  • Steve Fuchsgruber
    Steve Fuchsgruber 21 hour ago

    At least in beta we had animal spawns without having to do bullshit

  • Itriyum
    Itriyum 22 hours ago

    The fact that they still use peer to peer system instead of dedicated servers just blows my fucking mind, a multi billion mediocre company using a fucking ancient system

  • Wookie Cookie Bot
    Wookie Cookie Bot 22 hours ago

    yo this guys kinda funny

  • TheSollyLama
    TheSollyLama 22 hours ago

    I gave up on it completely. It wasn't hard to do either after the disappointment of GTA Online. Rockstar should be embarrassed, but instead they are laughing all the way to the bank. They reskinned GTAO and sold it as a new game, and we all threw our money at it. I bet they will put out another sequel in 5 years and the online will still be broken. Rockstar scammed us, and next time they put out a RDR or GTA people will give them billions again.

  • Coke Weasel
    Coke Weasel Day ago

    Finally someone says something

  • Arthur Looby
    Arthur Looby Day ago

    I noticed that. I play solo and do they test nat type glitch on xbox one to be alone in a puplic lobby because I tried to play legit make money and don't need all the shit that happens if there is actually ppl involve in the lobby. Unlike RDR2 online. Gta is not fun with ppl in the lobby. I started gta online sit at 5 million and kinda feel like I am already bored the fuck out of this game. I can make easily 300k every 2 hours roughly and that isn't even doing anything. Just have the nightclub passive fill up and srll the supply and the cocaine business as well. That's good enough for me. The passive only needed to sell the supplies. All the other shit I can't be bothered by. Gta to sum it up isn't such an enjoyable game. Did win the progen emerus podium car thought. GTA 5 online just feels like it is played to much by little kids that just want to be stupid and play like idiots. And by the way ur driving sucks. I almost never ever get in to accidents in gta. It is actually pretty easy to drive in gta. Even high lvl players often drive like shit. SMH.

  • Mattchester
    Mattchester Day ago

    Rockstar has had problems with online stability since GTA IV 12 years ago and they still can't get their shit together. GTA IV - near unplayable on PCs. Max Payne 3 - took 30min to connect to a decent lobby. GTA Online - absolute clusterfuck of a release that took 2 years to get any worthwhile content and was slowly turned into a microtransaction monstrosity and every griefer's soaking wet dream. RDR2 - still unstable and dysfunctional 1 year after release. Literally every R* game with multiplayer has been plagued with technical issues and they're doing jack shit to change it. It's fucking embarrassing.

  • lucas Rozmus
    lucas Rozmus Day ago

    what an emmberesment RD2 online was

  • Samuel Baldwin

    no offence but what noob players call a greifer I call a skillfull player, if some noob is so stupid to waste time grinding all day to fill up a wagon with supplies and not expect me to blow it up I cant really be blamed can I, if some lvl 4 or 5 is so unskillfull to let me kill them 20 or 30 times it means they suck and I am powerfull, if im on some rooftop in St Denis overlooking the fast travel station with my tnt and my sniper rifle and a buch of grinders are rageing about blown up horses and wagons and sending me abusive xbl messages it means I am powerfull and the boss of the session

  • Adi Popex
    Adi Popex Day ago

    I hate The online content... A New game, IP would be best

  • Ukyo82
    Ukyo82 Day ago

    Stew probably get spoiled..... animals when get spoiled also dissapear

  • Ukyo82
    Ukyo82 Day ago

    Everything in online is opposite of story is total crap, everything what made game good locked behind pay wall and grindy crap with boring quests, I really love Red Dead 2 story but online is crap

  • OneButton Dash

    i log in each day just to do the most simple daily quest possible, it could be somethin like changin your hairstyle. Just to keep my streak goin so when I do play for real I can make a ton of gold since I have the daily bonus. But that's it, the game right now needs more shit to do, really wonderin when the bank heist are gonna come.

  • mikesdigitalshorts

    Because a country shooter, can't compare to a city shooter. That's just how it is cowboy.

  • SJ
    SJ Day ago

    console he said 🤣

  • Gm 4L
    Gm 4L Day ago

    i think its fun

  • Good human be happy

    Riding a horse that gets tired constantly across the map bringing things back and forth and back and forth while shooting the same guy and killing them 3 times over and over again ughhhhhh

  • gamer v
    gamer v Day ago

    Easiest fix for red dead online is 2 new roles Lawman Outlaw Depending on your honor decides which u can be outlaws have missions where they rob banks wagons homesteads and have gang wars Lawman have missions taking down gangs of outlaws preventing robberies could even make a mode where one team tries to rob a bank and another try to stop them

  • Kirk Hutchins
    Kirk Hutchins Day ago

    A huge problem with this game was when it was released it lacked content! It should have been released with the Frontier Pursuit. Another issue is a total lack of progression rewards. Nothing after level 100 and roles max out at 20? And the stuff we do get is either limited time stuff or rehashed stuff we already have. Don't get me going on the total lack of fixes and communication with the community!

  • Dragon Beast
    Dragon Beast Day ago

    Literally everytime I order pizza

  • Andy Claessens

    I like the slow gameplay of Red Dead Online. I can spend hours just starting on a point on the map and travel to my camp shooting all 3 stars animals and come home to cripps. Do some supplies and call it a day. I like that there isn't really much to actually play for but the game itself. Although they should've implemented the daily challenges in the game some more. Like cripps hanging out a list with special orders for example. Now the challenge menu feels a bit sterile.

  • Andrei Paul Anastasiu

    Red Dead is a masterpiece. Red Dead Online is a piece of shit!

  • ApexDevil
    ApexDevil Day ago

    its all the 2000 kids that fucked up online gaming..they are shit tryhards that literally ruin every online game from gta to rocket league lol

  • betonshows
    betonshows Day ago

    This is the end product you get when you have a no-accountability work environment, populated with a generation used to get participation trophies.

  • Andy
    Andy Day ago

    Just lots of missions where i can toot and shoot lots of npcs solo or with mates...and bank robberies.

  • disdained flatulence

    Money ruined videogames

  • Stephen Molloy

    What's the point its boring buggy bullshit

  • Silvio Amir
    Silvio Amir Day ago

    great video, said everything that needed to be said. no one have 6 years to wait for this game to be decent

  • Stink Stinkel
    Stink Stinkel Day ago

    Without something like shark cards kids all what gta gets cant be possible or maintained, rite now its not pay to win so watch wat you ask4 cas you jus may get it...

  • Lord Sourmash
    Lord Sourmash Day ago

    This guy's delivery on all his lines are fucking hilarious. Subbed.

  • Jay Dowg
    Jay Dowg Day ago

    No SP dlc, broken online. Welcome to the new Rock star.

  • flobadosh
    flobadosh Day ago

    RAID SHADOW LEGENDS!!! That had me dying 😂😂😂 Have a like and sub bro

  • SHADOWripper 02

    me: atleast theres no opressors and widowmakers that would be annoyi... lasso: hold my beer

  • P 7 5 D
    P 7 5 D Day ago

    oh my gosh graphics yaaas. 😍 more guns 😍 more killing people. yaaaas. 😍 It's essentially gta 6 with horses and revolvers. Gta 6: caveman edition. It's honestly perfect for gta and rockstar fanboys. Very little intelligence lots of passion going nowhere.

  • Shark Wrestler

    Both of them are the worst two things I have ever played, RDR is only somewhat better because it hasn't baked in rockstars liquids long enough for players to be given god-like advantages for either spending IRL money or spending 5,000 hours of their life grinding the same content over and over and over and over and over. Theres only so much fun you can have with either of these before they become a chore to play, especially when the level 200 players plague servers and ruin it for anyone under level 80. They're both designed to stroke the ego of xbox players, and people enjoy them so I have now lost hope in multiplayer gaming.

    • P 7 5 D
      P 7 5 D Day ago

      so so true "for players to be given god-like advantages for either spending IRL money or spending 5,000 hours of their life grinding the same content over and over and over and over and over." big facts.

  • Eric R. Shepherd

    You made a few good points, but I can't take anyone seriously who says that RDR2 Online is boring. For example, to complete all of the daily challenges takes several hours. Clearly there is quite a bit of variety. Today the challenges include fishing, showdowns, horse races, bootlegger missions, searching for collectibles, and bounties.

  • firebird_SPLEEN

    The ability cards ruined the game

  • Reign kiser
    Reign kiser Day ago

    Thank you for doing this shyt so I won't have too 💪🏾

  • Heavenlyhounds96

    Please tell me you didn't Accept their parley? :P I would've declined it, cause THEN they'd be scared. (Accepting it in some cases could encourage the offender to do it again, figuring "Oh if I parley, that means they'll stop...but I won't." )


    This guy clearly never got into a posse war with explosives and shit

  • Cherif Mihoub
    Cherif Mihoub Day ago

    The game was better in the Beta days, i am lvl 454 and i completely stopped playing this shitty game, they don't care about us we should to stop playing it, that's it.

  • Brandon Cook
    Brandon Cook Day ago


  • Andrew
    Andrew Day ago

    That's my boah.

  • Jonathan cool Boss man awesome!!!

    I honestly wish i could make a 2nd character, that would make it fresh for me again

  • Morbid_Avenger


  • dave pressey
    dave pressey Day ago

    You are so dead on


    “Apart part par pa p...”

  • zack cook
    zack cook Day ago

    RDO is still better than gtao

  • Joel Morris
    Joel Morris Day ago

    Dutch has a plan.......But he needs more stew........

  • whatisbestinlife

    Nearly everything in online feels absolutely geared for aggravating grind to push us into spending real world money. SP feels like an experienced and inspired game developer really flexing their muscles and delivering an incredible experience they actually care deeply about. MP feels like a cravenly calculated box solely intended to pry open my wallet. And a min/max griefer's paradise.

  • Mathieu Perreault

    When u realize Rockstar didn't mention buying gold bars , or even online knowing the reviews would tank. Shot out to rockstar for an amazing single player, but they fucked the online buy making it like gta online. Should've made it John and Aurthur coop. Now that's a fu**ing game bros.

  • Legit Jj
    Legit Jj Day ago

    Fuck you if you think this game is stable, and you think it’s good where it lays. This game is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr from stability, and there is no excuse for a company to take this long, when they make billions. Fuck you fuck you fuck you. I’m sitting here patrolling valentine because I’m level 263, maxed out roles, and have enough money to buy a million ponchos. I’m dying from the drought. Thanks to a billion dollar gaming company that leaves people in the dust.

  • Patrick Gormly

    IS there a Stew boarder?? Ancient alien theorists say yes!

  • Young Glitch
    Young Glitch Day ago

    I don’t play red dead online bc of ability cards.

  • Jason Castillo

    they cured his lumbago by burning his back. Thanks to skinners

  • Joseph Lechmann

    Nobody else could have put it better!!

  • GalaxyKane
    GalaxyKane Day ago

    Honestly, bad sport lobby that's like an apocalyptic city would be awesome

  • Dylan Metzger
    Dylan Metzger Day ago

    wait how did they get the stew passed the maximum stew range? i still don’t understand what they did differently

  • Winston Churchill

    I grinded up to 20 gold bars just to get the moonshiner business, and then it’s fucking broken. I haven’t played since.

  • Douglas Yang
    Douglas Yang Day ago

    To be fair. I love hunting modders with my bounty hunter outfit.

  • Dino Person
    Dino Person Day ago

    It's only available during stuff like new year aka events

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy Day ago

    This was such a disappointment. The first month was golden though the whole community was essentially larp'ing as retarded Cowboys and it was the funniest shit.

  • Celisar1
    Celisar1 Day ago

    Is there a KDR in RDR2? Wondering what is to be expected from RDR2 Online and if it’s going to be as toxic as GTA5.

  • Dorijan Rigo Conte de Rigo

    Hahahhahahahahha I enjoy his rant stile! 💖💪🤣🤣🤣💕

  • Dacu'
    Dacu' Day ago

    So emotional , i cried ....... Rockstar FIX YOUR GODDAMN GAME!

  • Matt Telepenko

    Rockstar turned GTA5 into Saint's Row... started out doing street crime and now there's orbital cannons and flying rocket bikes. They don't know when to stop.