Fueled By Ramen
Fueled By Ramen
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  • Onika Queen
    Onika Queen Minute ago


  • Yiotto CHANN
    Yiotto CHANN Minute ago

    Alyska repeating it every time now it glued to me so, hearing it in my toughts all day

  • Maïlys BRUIMAUD
    Maïlys BRUIMAUD 3 minutes ago

    Il love des song hohoo yeee

  • q 1
    q 1 4 minutes ago

    La amooooo

  • Evie Howlett
    Evie Howlett 8 minutes ago

    Oh god that poor piano

  • MorePara8
    MorePara8 9 minutes ago

    This song means so much to me... its lyrics inspire me, they touch my soul. Even if I'm depressed this song is able to let me see a spark at the end of the tunnel.

  • KiryaShow
    KiryaShow 17 minutes ago

    Русские есть?

  • Brenda Karina
    Brenda Karina 19 minutes ago

    MK Ultra and drugs

  • Нурдоолот Абдумаликов

    Like 👍👍👍

  • Andrej Lopato
    Andrej Lopato 24 minutes ago

    A very beautiful song 👏👏👏

  • ᴍᴀʀɪɢᴏʟᴅツ
    ᴍᴀʀɪɢᴏʟᴅツ 25 minutes ago

    Two more days and this video is going to be 11 years old.

  • Fattie grunt
    Fattie grunt 26 minutes ago

    The first time I heard this song I thought he was saying "Wish we could turn back time to the good dope days."

  • Spike man
    Spike man 26 minutes ago


  • Tuấn Minh
    Tuấn Minh 27 minutes ago


  • Jarryn Taylor
    Jarryn Taylor 32 minutes ago

    Okay honestly 3/4 of the people watching could care less if you're here in 2019. I know you feel cool watching it here, cause you listened to as a kid and all, so do I a little, but like just saying it for likes and stuff... it's bothering me, and others. You can pretty much go on any song older than 5 years and see these kinds of comments.

  • 佐々木紫馬
    佐々木紫馬 32 minutes ago


  • Laís Castro
    Laís Castro 40 minutes ago

    was looking for that vine of the kid dancing, the dad talking and dog yawning, found this gem

  • Manatee 0
    Manatee 0 41 minute ago


  • Lucas Camargo
    Lucas Camargo 44 minutes ago

    Well those are terrible lyrics

  • maria hernandez
    maria hernandez 45 minutes ago


  • Jordan Contard
    Jordan Contard 51 minute ago

    Nat be like: (please tell me someone gets this)

  • ET_Luke
    ET_Luke 52 minutes ago

    lean with it rock with it when we ganna stop with the lyrics that mean nothing *we were gifted with thought*. bro thats so true and so awesome

  • Corporal Slip-TiT
    Corporal Slip-TiT 53 minutes ago

    u guys have no idea what this band does for my self esteem, no joke.

  • i robbed a taco shop and asked for a refill

    and to think my suicide letter is sitting in my drawer right now. I was going to kill myself on nov 22 2019 music gives me hope you are not alone please know that

  • ali Syria
    ali Syria Hour ago

    danke mein Freund heute war schön mit dir🤗

  • 1m d'abonnés avec 0 vidéos challenge -yannick

    One more who says who is there in 2019 I find him Who is there in 2019ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

  • 1m d'abonnés avec 0 vidéos challenge -yannick

    If you are against who is there in 2019

  • Meliodas
    Meliodas Hour ago

    i miss 2016 like adults miss their childhood.

  • 1m d'abonnés avec 0 vidéos challenge -yannick

    2018:done 2019: Who is here 2020: 2021: 2022: 2023:

  • joyce perez muratta

    I cast her for the next twilight lol

  • Danse Joyeux
    Danse Joyeux Hour ago

    1:53 they look like middle schoolers fetus panic!

  • Alfi Artya Diwanda

    Can't wait for Suicide Squad 3


    I like how he just casually has everything ready and set in his mind how he was gonna kill somebody .Brendon You got something to confess eh?

  • Lilyana’s World

    i watch this when im STRESSED OUT!

  • My name Is
    My name Is Hour ago

    This song is always Nostalgic .

  • My name Is
    My name Is Hour ago

    Who else is listening this in 2081 ?

  • Erebus
    Erebus Hour ago

    Shout out to the peeps watching this in 2020

  • Dhanesh Pratap
    Dhanesh Pratap Hour ago

    Can't you just let a man play his damn paino, but no, you have to spill the spaghetti...😡

  • Никто
    Никто Hour ago

    Я тот самый русский коментарий, который ты искал🇷🇺

  • Matthew W.
    Matthew W. Hour ago

    Fricc i don't want to grow up anymore

  • Raiyan Wasim
    Raiyan Wasim Hour ago

    Try listening to it in speed 1.25 or 1.5.... both are too good


    This looks like a better version of a tik tok but then when this was made it was musically

  • Dea Plaku
    Dea Plaku Hour ago

    If us, the dudes in the comments, were there instead of the audience, we'd all be deaf rn.

  • Gilson 123
    Gilson 123 Hour ago

    Cadê os BR?

  • ahmet taşır bu oyunu

    old panic tho

  • Thais Silva
    Thais Silva 2 hours ago

    Eu ainda amo essa música! 23/10/19

  • Raven Claw
    Raven Claw 2 hours ago

    Here we go again

  • Uri Nakai
    Uri Nakai 2 hours ago

    Stop asking who is here in 2019. We will be here til the end of time

  • Isabella Madden
    Isabella Madden 2 hours ago

    I’ve always loved this song, but I just found out that my drama teacher was actually in this music video. I just find that so cool and this song is forever changed for me. Oh, if anyone is wondering who he is he’s at 2:33

  • Skai Jjjj
    Skai Jjjj 2 hours ago

    At 6-7

  • Skai Jjjj
    Skai Jjjj 2 hours ago

    I watched this when I was younger

  • Waso
    Waso 2 hours ago


  • Destiny Van
    Destiny Van 2 hours ago

    Found out about them after seeing twenty one pilots last night, I’m so glad I did, love you guys!

  • AxelRyan Lisboa
    AxelRyan Lisboa 2 hours ago

    very cool and fun he sings a lot Note 100 million

  • Emma White
    Emma White 2 hours ago

    I still listen to most songs that are old but idc because it brings back memories and help me also remember the good time....

  • Hoàng Minh Trần
    Hoàng Minh Trần 2 hours ago

    I'm here because I'm still trying buy for my mom house of gold :)

  • Thalis Costa
    Thalis Costa 2 hours ago

    ruclip.com/video/8DvjLQbhwxY/video.html Quem é do Brasil vai entender 🇧🇷

  • Yoru Soka
    Yoru Soka 2 hours ago

    The food ffs

  • AJAX 214
    AJAX 214 2 hours ago

    2:14 Thats gotta hurt...

  • Oscarito07
    Oscarito07 2 hours ago

    Xd no dejo de escucharla

  • beatriz Espinoza
    beatriz Espinoza 2 hours ago

    Well mom I guess it's not a phase.....

  • Sheyla Anderson
    Sheyla Anderson 2 hours ago

    hayley's voice is indescribably beautiful.

  • Sheyla Anderson
    Sheyla Anderson 2 hours ago

    paramore is so underrated and that needs to change.

  • AK cristo
    AK cristo 2 hours ago

    first 46 seconds are pure poetry

  • J’aime KOP BAD GONES


  • anthony psilocybin
    anthony psilocybin 2 hours ago

    what the fuck happened to this guys face? plastic surgery?

  • Sadigullah Ahmadi
    Sadigullah Ahmadi 2 hours ago

    اهنگ ترکی

  • Kiro
    Kiro 3 hours ago

    1.862.671.343 views wow

  • Eckert Manfred
    Eckert Manfred 3 hours ago

    Ist jemand Deutsch

  • Deivid
    Deivid 3 hours ago

    Vamos por los 2kM !!!

  • Tyler hodge
    Tyler hodge 3 hours ago

    so he can say Whore but not god damn

  • Verónica Molina
    Verónica Molina 3 hours ago

    200 likes y otra cancion

  • Liane Fabre
    Liane Fabre 3 hours ago

    this was posted when i was 3 years old :)

  • Heri Dragolia
    Heri Dragolia 3 hours ago

    Am i the only one here just to see the way brendon act toward dallon? Am i the only one to ship brallon like heck?

  • squillies
    squillies 3 hours ago

    This is still my go to cry song. how has so much time gone by

  • squillies
    squillies 3 hours ago

    Forever a favourite

  • squillies
    squillies 3 hours ago

    Feeling so nostalgic now. I loved watching TAI... tv and obsessing over these guys. Seems like forever ago

  • NO
    NO 3 hours ago


  • Evelyn Gutierrez
    Evelyn Gutierrez 3 hours ago


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  • Itay K
    Itay K 3 hours ago

    Too violent

  • Eric Arriola
    Eric Arriola 3 hours ago

    Who's in here after watching the duet of Pink and Nate?

  • Sanguinyrio skin
    Sanguinyrio skin 3 hours ago

    Algum BR?

  • rafa gar
    rafa gar 3 hours ago

    Dallon weekes looks so different

  • Preety Bansal
    Preety Bansal 3 hours ago

    I m here after his song in rakhtcharitra

  • Syns gates
    Syns gates 3 hours ago


  • Yaghi Ziad
    Yaghi Ziad 3 hours ago

    i wish youtube removes every comments saying "2019??"

  • Nadia Wallace
    Nadia Wallace 3 hours ago

    this video just sCREAMS 2006

  • zjem_ci_kotka
    zjem_ci_kotka 3 hours ago

    Ojejkuu ZAJEBISTE

  • Gerard Way
    Gerard Way 3 hours ago

    Calendar: sept- Me: *this video*

  • Yoi Nuñez
    Yoi Nuñez 3 hours ago


  • Khalid Sabri
    Khalid Sabri 3 hours ago

    Listen to radio when doing scheme.

  • Floofy Catto
    Floofy Catto 3 hours ago

    2:10 he's a mango now

  • Destiny Van
    Destiny Van 3 hours ago

    Last night I got to experience this song live in Cincinnati, it was 8 years of waiting finally paying off getting to see my favorite band in the world. Tyler said it was the best show of the BANDITO tour so far and I’m so grateful I got to be apart of that moment. I’ll never forget it!

  • le bg
    le bg 3 hours ago

    Je la kiff

  • M A T H O N H A 1.0
    M A T H O N H A 1.0 3 hours ago


  • Someone Out there
    Someone Out there 3 hours ago

    Wow this blew up 😟

  • santiago ortuño
    santiago ortuño 3 hours ago

    Es bellísimo :)