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  • head turner
    head turner 4 hours ago

    2 points for both samsung and apple. And this I think Samsung gave a Chinese version camera of xiaomi 🤣🤣

  • Ravi Kng
    Ravi Kng 5 hours ago

    y ur subs r nt increasng🤔

    ALBERT EINSTEIN 5 hours ago

    *_"Over dynamic range just destroys the reality of whole image"_*

    ALBERT EINSTEIN 5 hours ago

    The only way to identity MI note 10 is to just zoom in😅

  • - Werksmith
    - Werksmith 6 hours ago

    A little off subject here I know but how does the offerings from Exnyos (did I spell that right?) slot into this discussion about performance. Samsung and Qualcomm have a very tight relationship.

  • Vinod Terry
    Vinod Terry 6 hours ago

    Yep Nothing is best ! By the how about Mi Note 10 + GCAM may cause a difference 😜

  • Don't Tread On Me
    Don't Tread On Me 6 hours ago

    C, A, B, C Honestly, I'm not an Apple fanboy at all, I hate a lot of things about Apple but their camera wins for me.

  • Aadarsh Kannan
    Aadarsh Kannan 7 hours ago

    Plz do with Huawei mate 30 pro

  • Saimun sobuz
    Saimun sobuz 8 hours ago

    Still I using this phone and Watching on my J7😍

  • Ujjwal Kumar
    Ujjwal Kumar 8 hours ago

    Realme x3 pro with dimensity 1000

  • manoj sharma
    manoj sharma 9 hours ago

    Plz tell s9plus or oneplus 7t

  • dennys wang
    dennys wang 10 hours ago

    Sorry for asking Which has faster focus on object during video with back camera?

  • sarthak tandon
    sarthak tandon 10 hours ago

    Please add redmi k30 also when u get the device

  • syed ibad
    syed ibad 11 hours ago

    5:45 samsung's dynamic range is really something else.

  • Parth Soni
    Parth Soni 11 hours ago

    Apple iPhone 11 pro max is great phone

  • Ganesh Saud
    Ganesh Saud 11 hours ago

    3 📸

  • Ramanujan Dt
    Ramanujan Dt 12 hours ago

    Its a good video ash,your sharing is inspiration to my life too...thanks a lot

  • Pavan Nimmala
    Pavan Nimmala 12 hours ago

    Watching on my IPhone 7😍

  • maczpiku
    maczpiku 12 hours ago

    Which LTE bands does this support? Any chance to unlock it from jio and use abroad?

    SARTHAK PRUSTY 12 hours ago

    Well in my all 4 option i choosed 2 of Samsung and 2of Apple but who wants sell a kidney for a camera anyway....😂😂😂

  • Nilesh Tapase
    Nilesh Tapase 12 hours ago

    Samsung 🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴

  • Kousttabh Saha
    Kousttabh Saha 12 hours ago

    the video is looking crisp

  • Sabeer Shamsudeen
    Sabeer Shamsudeen 12 hours ago

    Apple shows that MP doesnt matter, its the processing

  • Sabeer Shamsudeen
    Sabeer Shamsudeen 12 hours ago

    iPhone is the best

  • Pi A
    Pi A 12 hours ago

    Many a times it's a toss up between how true the image is and how good looking it is. Many phones add their own saturation or tend to go one way or another with saturation. I, for one, would like images with more true to life colors, how our eyes perceive objects, even if they look bit flushed out.

  • piyush sorathia
    piyush sorathia 13 hours ago

    i phone 11 pro is best

  • Sheeba Rajkumar
    Sheeba Rajkumar 13 hours ago

    I've not experienced any ads on my k20 pro

  • shiva shaw
    shiva shaw 13 hours ago

    More pixel means more noise.. So 108 mp is just a gimmick. MI need to reduce the pixel count and increase the pixel size.

  • Vaibhav Tech
    Vaibhav Tech 13 hours ago

    I think after this test we can clearly deduce that apple's software processing and 12 mp camera beast >>>108 mp mi gimmick 😂


    Heyy ashhh please make a giveaway of iphone 11 ...

  • Deepanshi Deepanshi
    Deepanshi Deepanshi 13 hours ago

    kya yeh redmi note 7 k liye bhi h

  • Abhishek Gupta
    Abhishek Gupta 13 hours ago

    Oh yeah!😎😋 I got estimates correct the pattern was mi, Samsung and apple and here's why If you look around the images in 1080p format it's easy to tell the pixel difference A was giving more pixel per inch than others which let me know that he photo was clicked by mi. Now it was slightly difficult to guess between Samsung and apple but not impossible. As there is a slight catch when you click images with apple phones as iphone has wide angle camera and the images feel little closer than normal in apple phones whereas in Samsung note 10 it isn't present by default. Second difference Between Samsung and Apple was the white balance in images. Apple gives a complete whitish furnish to whole image which makes image looks balance and sturdy whereas i n Samsung Note 10 the image is little punchier and uniform on edges. Mi may have biggest camera on hand but the AI of camera still needs a lot of attention because a lot of details were missing which makes difference while videography plus photos also get worse as when you take group photos if only center of the frame is focussed and the edges are poor it will look odd on bigger displays.

  • Prateek Pujara
    Prateek Pujara 13 hours ago

    I think if samsung S11 comes with their own 108 Mp sensor , the photos will be way more better than Xiaomi bcz flagship level optimisation and huge lead over ISP of 730G of xiaomi to the latest Sd 865 .

  • victor Igwe
    victor Igwe 13 hours ago

    Galaxy note 10 won 2 categories

  • Rakshit D
    Rakshit D 13 hours ago

    Apple hands down has the best image in every respective scenario.

  • AK advice
    AK advice 13 hours ago

    Your voice sounds much better now

  • the cride
    the cride 13 hours ago

    next year Samsungs hdr, 108mp detail, 27mp pixel binning in low light and last Samsungs image processing in s11 will be crown

    THE TECH ADVISOR PRO 13 hours ago

    I have the best cameras, that are my EYES ... Thanks to my creator.

  • Sheeba Rajkumar
    Sheeba Rajkumar 14 hours ago

    Wow, I have a redmi k20 pro and have been complaining abt it's battery but now I feel that it actually has a pretty good battery

  • Insane Sibs
    Insane Sibs 14 hours ago

    I love the fact oeople stood up on their opinion and didn't get totally influenced by your commentary😃😃

  • Mohammed Hasan
    Mohammed Hasan 14 hours ago

    Bro This year best gaming phone Will be this ?

  • Rifat Hemel
    Rifat Hemel 14 hours ago

    choose 2 for apple 2 for sammy. mi 😪

  • Peddi Ganesh
    Peddi Ganesh 14 hours ago

    Even If if u compare an 8 mp photo In a video they look similar to 108 mp. The true details are not seen untill u zoom or crop.

  • Raja Ji
    Raja Ji 14 hours ago

    Waiting for Christmas bumper give away 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁

  • Swapnil Rupanwar
    Swapnil Rupanwar 14 hours ago

    Surprisingly all my Blind test vote goes to iPhone 11 Pro Max.

  • pandu sarath
    pandu sarath 14 hours ago

    My choice is C..

  • aditya singh
    aditya singh 14 hours ago

    Time to switch to apple ... 😄😄😄

  • Syed Shaukat Ali
    Syed Shaukat Ali 14 hours ago

    Mediatek best hai 4g me band toh change karsakte ho

    AKASHTELUGUTECH 14 hours ago

    Nice video

  • Akshay Raghav
    Akshay Raghav 14 hours ago


  • Sourav Chatterjee
    Sourav Chatterjee 14 hours ago

    dynamic range on note 10 is unbelievable

    TECH AND TRAVEL DUDE 15 hours ago

    note 10+😘

  • Cars Cars N Cars
    Cars Cars N Cars 15 hours ago

    I break so many phones i bought this in august 2019. The repair of its so cheap Spare display is about under 1500rs. If you want to go with cheap repair then do not go with oled phones and in screen sensor.

  • Cars Cars N Cars
    Cars Cars N Cars 15 hours ago

    Yes it is

  • k p
    k p 15 hours ago

    Galaxy note 10 seems to be the winner for me.

  • Tanay Kewalramani
    Tanay Kewalramani 15 hours ago

    Finally someone genuinely asked is to dislike the video of we really disliked it. Kudos to C4E tech for this!!!

  • Satya ZX10R
    Satya ZX10R 15 hours ago

    iPhone 11 pro

  • Hyun Ji 16
    Hyun Ji 16 15 hours ago

    im impress with Xiaomi on first shot........i chose that but then all other photos is Samsung

  • Rock Kharayat
    Rock Kharayat 15 hours ago

    Rip 108 camera

  • Jishnu
    Jishnu 15 hours ago

    Samsung did it good! 😯😮

  • Biswajit Paul
    Biswajit Paul 15 hours ago

    108 Is nothing but a number.It doesn't really work well.

  • makhi machar
    makhi machar 15 hours ago

    iPhone 😍

  • 3dr14n G
    3dr14n G 15 hours ago

    When someone asks why Samsung's not using their own Quad-Bayers in flagships YET, show them this. 😁

    CZARNYEU 15 hours ago

    Great Comparison Ash 😃👍 Like always 😃 Regards from Europe from my channel Bro's and Sis 😄😃

  • Rakesh Roy
    Rakesh Roy 15 hours ago

    do people still care about dxomark scores

  • Arpan Chourasia
    Arpan Chourasia 15 hours ago

    Please make a video on flipkart smartbuy 16W Bluetooth speaker

    CZARNYEU 15 hours ago

    Nice tutorial Ash 😃 I think every scene is new story but if Xiaomi is comparable to best cameraphones on the market is big point for Mi 😃

  • akhil
    akhil 15 hours ago

    Three different image processing algorithms & three very different processors

  • Gaurav Nyaik
    Gaurav Nyaik 15 hours ago

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is more effective in price to camera performance.

  • Mad4Manga
    Mad4Manga 15 hours ago

    Bsdk 8 lense wala mi note10 la fr compare kr

  • Lingaraj Sahoo
    Lingaraj Sahoo 15 hours ago

    You're always nice bro..

  • Prajjwal Laad
    Prajjwal Laad 15 hours ago

    Apple-4, Samsung and Xiaomi 0, coming from an Android fanboy! Wow! Apple really nailed their game with the camera this time.

  • ankit singh
    ankit singh 16 hours ago

    Big boys that was cool 😂

  • Amara Kausikh
    Amara Kausikh 16 hours ago

    Why don't you try a comparison with Huawei mate 30 pro

  • Vishal Sharma
    Vishal Sharma 16 hours ago

    108 mp vs 64 mp camera comparison ......

  • Prakash Kotdiya
    Prakash Kotdiya 16 hours ago

    Nice comperition 👌🔥

  • N
    N 16 hours ago

    No Huawei in test - no real conclusion. Mi is killing it though

  • babbe2222
    babbe2222 16 hours ago


  • Sovik Dey
    Sovik Dey 16 hours ago

    Sd735 can't handle actual 108 mp. So it isn't an actual 108 mp image. 27 mp gives you the actual scenario

  • Sheikh Miraj
    Sheikh Miraj 16 hours ago

    Iphone 11

  • Fanis Muhammed
    Fanis Muhammed 16 hours ago

    Ash, more and more of such blind tests please, especially for mid range devices.

  • Logan Crews
    Logan Crews 16 hours ago

    Hey look that camera has phone

  • TikTok Vigo Likee Fun
    TikTok Vigo Likee Fun 16 hours ago

    watching on redmi note 8. here for downloading gcam😄

  • Pravin Pandey
    Pravin Pandey 16 hours ago

    My choice was C, Surprised that it was Apple 11 Pro.

    • head turner
      head turner 4 hours ago

      Lol C wasn't always the iphone 🤣

  • K Lokesh
    K Lokesh 16 hours ago

    Iphone vers easy

  • ً
    ً 16 hours ago

    If I had money apple for sho

  • Gohil Digvijaysinh
    Gohil Digvijaysinh 16 hours ago


  • shravan deepak
    shravan deepak 16 hours ago

    Note 10 plus is the best

  • Amar Mishra
    Amar Mishra 16 hours ago

    Not fair to compare these double or 3times the price

  • Bandhan Jha
    Bandhan Jha 16 hours ago

    Finally someone did it. This video was so damn necessary.

  • Dark master
    Dark master 16 hours ago

    Samsung- 3 mi- 1 iPhone 2nd in all

  • Nang Phan
    Nang Phan 16 hours ago

    mi:A, SS:B, IP:C

  • hubdarali masoomi5
    hubdarali masoomi5 16 hours ago

    helloo please do a comparasion s7 edge exynos v snapdragron again in 2019 on oreo OS we want to see again oreo Os V is more fast n smooth

  • Varunkumar Singh
    Varunkumar Singh 16 hours ago

    Is it 6 Lens of 8 lens??

  • Johnno van der Velpen
    Johnno van der Velpen 16 hours ago

    1. xiaomi 2. apple 3. samsung 4. apple

  • Naga Sai
    Naga Sai 16 hours ago

    Hi Brother..

  • Naga Sai
    Naga Sai 16 hours ago

    Hi Brother..

  • Deepak Roshan
    Deepak Roshan 16 hours ago

    From every sets I could easily guess which one was iPhone. iPhone's images are little dark so that it could give a look of dslr.