B is for Build
B is for Build
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  • Chuck abbate
    Chuck abbate 17 minutes ago

    Why make that humungus mess in the paint booth? Why on earth would you need 2 - 300 amp relays? What could pull that kind of amperage?

  • livinthedream92109
    livinthedream92109 45 minutes ago

    Awesome job getting it all put together in time for SEMA, Chris! You know we respect you and will never know how much work you put into this. But one thing bothers the hell out of me: You transported this thing to Vegas with the turbos pointing into the wind, but you didn't take the 30 seconds it would take to throw a layer of tape over the turbo openings to protect them.

  • deR B
    deR B 2 hours ago

    good project , nice people but man was this video unwatchable.

  • Michael Culhane
    Michael Culhane 3 hours ago

    How have you not started a fire yet? Love the channel!

  • Rob Pitney
    Rob Pitney 3 hours ago

    Oscar did a great job.

  • Remon Tharwat
    Remon Tharwat 4 hours ago

    nice job 👍👍

  • Droideka
    Droideka 4 hours ago

    next car - 87 Lotus for electric conversion

  • Vujos Bulatovic
    Vujos Bulatovic 4 hours ago

    Sounds like Chelsea needs Cybertruck.

  • Joost Hendriksen
    Joost Hendriksen 6 hours ago

    What 3d modelling software do you use? Thanks! Ps) i really like the video's!

  • Diagnostic Haus
    Diagnostic Haus 7 hours ago

    Center console inspo - Zyrus LP1200

  • Steven West
    Steven West 7 hours ago

    Getting rid of an M5, with your skills? Doubt you could get a better car for the price of fixing it yourself.

  • mitch pender
    mitch pender 8 hours ago

    Awesome i see what you have done , buy boat , rip out proper marine furniture, install cheap crappy backyard furniture... cant wait to see the state of said furniture in time ... remove good navigation equpment , install iphone ... actually that riva will suit the marinas you didnt want to stay in ... they have all the same mods

  • Thomas Vittetoe
    Thomas Vittetoe 10 hours ago

    I’m sure Texas Speed was like please don’t hurt the motor we gave you

  • Ret Samwal
    Ret Samwal 10 hours ago

    I could not help but wonder if she would be with you if you did not have the money or builds you have done? Most women have snake skin wrapped around them. Just saying!

  • genxer39
    genxer39 11 hours ago

    Don't fix it. Just let her keep crashing it, till you have another project car.

  • Jakub Hanousek
    Jakub Hanousek 11 hours ago

    i am building something almost the same, but i want to have a Dodge Charger Daytona 1969 glass fibre body on it :D

  • Whayne Padden
    Whayne Padden 12 hours ago

    Damn how'd you buckle the back rim?

  • John-Murray Hofmeyr
    John-Murray Hofmeyr 12 hours ago

    Crumple zones on the front frame? Can you move the gear lever forward? Looks very awkward to drive.

  • Mike Genson
    Mike Genson 13 hours ago

    check the cover plate on this video for the back of the fender to the front lip of the door.. you guys NEED this cover plate BADLY ruclip.com/video/YAWt-gktZqM/video.html

  • Freddie Zack
    Freddie Zack 15 hours ago

    Should do entries via merch for cars ya selllll

  • Danameless
    Danameless 16 hours ago

    I wish the both of you the best <3

  • TwoFoot Giant
    TwoFoot Giant 16 hours ago

    "tastes like apple garbage" lmao! check out The Whisky Vault. one of my favorite channels.

  • George G
    George G 18 hours ago


  • Robert Dean
    Robert Dean 18 hours ago

    Channeling Rob... Why? His car will never make it to the race my dude lolol

  • Michael Shiel
    Michael Shiel 19 hours ago

    Not a fan of Chinese made Printers, plus these is always a big learning curve with every printer regardless of brand, when you get everything right it makes it all worthwhile

  • Fiona Cumming
    Fiona Cumming 19 hours ago


  • Garagem do Buda
    Garagem do Buda 19 hours ago

    It would be great if you could to do a quick episode on the Venturi with some illustration....

  • Garagem do Buda
    Garagem do Buda 19 hours ago

    It would be great if you could to do a quick episode on the Venturi with some illustration....

  • Darragh B
    Darragh B 19 hours ago

    Where is B is for boat come in it’s been five months

  • Margo Velasquez
    Margo Velasquez 20 hours ago

    How much does wrk lik dat cost if u hav to pay out of pockets.?

  • Tim Arellanes
    Tim Arellanes 21 hour ago

    Please buy 2 more belts. For your pants!

  • DIY Autobody
    DIY Autobody 21 hour ago

    Great build so far! Can't wait to see this beast on the dyno!!

  • DrewBoyFTW
    DrewBoyFTW 21 hour ago

    Is it comfortable to drive with the shifter back by your waist?

  • Sean Cervantes
    Sean Cervantes 21 hour ago

    Take the fabric off the seat and bend the aluminum. Easy fix.

  • Boba Nofat
    Boba Nofat 21 hour ago

    dang that is one ugly car ..

  • Sintetic
    Sintetic 22 hours ago

    For the next project you should make a Slav Lada with a T20 Swap

  • mr powers
    mr powers 22 hours ago

    5:30 What kind of Laptop is he/are you using?

  • Toothfairy
    Toothfairy 23 hours ago

    Buying a car from you is better than buying a new one. I wish I lived in the US.. Love the vids

  • Petenice
    Petenice 23 hours ago

    i would love to purchase one of these builds but everything seems so jimmy rigged ;(

  • Shane Black Lord
    Shane Black Lord 23 hours ago

    Chris things like this happen, it will be fixed tomorrow. Great job finding the problem.

  • Jessy Normand
    Jessy Normand Day ago

    It's a truck not a car !


    Dude that exhaust needs a x pipe your loosing power

  • Matthew Abrams

    If you took of all the quarter panels off it would look like the delorean

  • recongeek
    recongeek Day ago

    Chris, I sent a message on Instagram as well, but am kinda local and interested in the M5, depending on price that is... after seeing this video last night i went back and watched the whole playlist of the M5.

  • Oscar Cuchilo
    Oscar Cuchilo Day ago

    Wow! you are really talking a lot of BS that you don't fully understand, and the result is a sad rant. If you want to know about the chemistry of a lithium battery you can have a much better understanding of the issues with BOTH solid state and liquid electrolyte.

  • Flinski
    Flinski Day ago

    Oh someday I will have my own wide-body car. Please like if you want it too :-)

  • jonathan murray

    The back wall needs a b is for build logo be cool

  • Martyn Turner
    Martyn Turner Day ago

    Any body else think, gas spray and battery sparks are a good idea 🤪

  • Eatongee
    Eatongee Day ago

    At 4:40 why did you hang the poster on the wall?

  • WolfX
    WolfX Day ago

    The M5 is the reason why I started watching you.

  • vale vazquez
    vale vazquez Day ago

    What bov you running ?

  • Steven Ecklund

    She's going to want the hurican....lol

  • Steven Ecklund

    That extension should've been hard piped,that's going to be a problem soon,knowing from a past experience

  • Jeoffrey Sanchez

    Finally the comment section is all in agreement with something positive for a change.the wheels are bad ass but still fix those non functional turbos

  • Damogan g
    Damogan g Day ago

    IDK Chris, Rob Dahm's 4 rotor is a monster..

  • Jeoffrey Sanchez

    Anybody remember watching DragonBall Z and right before the greatest fight you’ve ever seen is about to start, Booom “Next Time on DragonBall Z”

  • hondafan20111
    hondafan20111 Day ago

    I feel like most of these mistakes was because you guys were rushed to finish for sema

  • Alan Alan
    Alan Alan Day ago

    👍 🖒

  • Paul Scarpa
    Paul Scarpa Day ago

    B is for bullshit

  • 5ociopathic
    5ociopathic Day ago

    Just strap a damn fuel cell to the roof and be done with it! It'll match those turbos sticking out

  • cheekygirlferret

    I've a vx Commodore. Trying my hardest with little resources to get it rebuilt

    EZOPERATOR Day ago

    This week's sponsor is REALTE Mens Underwear

  • 1fastg8gt
    1fastg8gt Day ago

    I saw the accident on 213. Sorry about the car.

  • Tom B
    Tom B Day ago

    Bring back boat content

  • Kaitlin McCall

    Why are you in the painting booth, and not the actuall building space?

  • kogul ragavan
    kogul ragavan Day ago

    Wow 1.16 million subs. TBH I haven’t been paying attention to the subs since the 240z build.

  • Mal Young
    Mal Young Day ago

    The Solid State Battery is a reality and within a very short space of time it is going change our lives dramatically.

  • Brabus 76
    Brabus 76 Day ago

    Maybe if you put 2 sexy fat b's on the hood Pipol woulda clapped

  • Brabus 76
    Brabus 76 Day ago

    Is it gonna be painted on time......? I think I like Alex Choi's L. Huracan better!

  • Zippy TheChicken

    get her a 1985 ford escort you can't get those things going fast enough to get in much of a crash

  • jesse kimanj
    jesse kimanj Day ago

    Where's the z4 though

  • James Torrey
    James Torrey Day ago

    10:25 oh god all that fuel and that battery.....

  • Liten Fara
    Liten Fara Day ago

    But actually those U choose suck. They should be in the shape of a Corvete C 4 but smaller. And the holding piece more like a Ferrari or Lambo. U know, swung.

  • Danny Gal
    Danny Gal Day ago

    How is the GTR doing? Does it have all the 3 piece wheels already?

  • Liten Fara
    Liten Fara Day ago

    I really appreciate U care for the right size and shape of the foor mirrors. Good job!


    I was nervous and on the edge of my seat watching them work around extremely volatile materials and so so close to a car battery. All it takes is one good spark ⚡️ and Kaboom!!!

  • rjulrich1
    rjulrich1 Day ago

    Love you guys...please use water instead of gas in the testing of fuel cells

  • Joseph azariah

    Unsubed just cause of this.!

  • Mr. Wig.
    Mr. Wig. Day ago

    Kool vlog love it..

  • TheMK
    TheMK Day ago

    The adds got you tube could not finish watching this.

  • TrAvy_K_Malllo

    What happened to the other shop? Another project or something?

    CORN HUB Day ago

    The fact that 5 thousand dollars is considered cheap shows you just how amazing these vehicles are

  • Oddly Right
    Oddly Right Day ago

    Kinda weird but that thing has a ton of deck space and low sides....basically looks like a legit fishing boat

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward Day ago

    Soooo many timelapse sections :( I get why you do it but, anything over 20 seconds of timelapse just makes me fast forward and not care about what you're actually doing.

  • Nad
    Nad Day ago

    7:12 you could have just flipped it over and had the fan speed on high

  • Carl Warnett
    Carl Warnett Day ago

    What's the song called at 1:00?

    • Carl Warnett
      Carl Warnett Day ago

      Nevermind, found it. Still Broke - Oomiee

  • Benny
    Benny Day ago

    When are you going to do the amphibious car ou truck?



  • Mark Johnston
    Mark Johnston Day ago

    chelsea gotta stop hooning around haha

  • 78jroll
    78jroll 2 days ago

    Short hoes are usually fun, not in this application!

  • Cris Moctezuma
    Cris Moctezuma 2 days ago


  • DonQuixote DeLaMancha

    B is for botched.

  • Wesley Blasdell
    Wesley Blasdell 2 days ago

    I don’t watch this channel too often. Will there ever be a part 2 of B is for boat?

  • Aled Griffiths
    Aled Griffiths 2 days ago

    I've watched you for such a long time now, very impressed on the whole, but this last build was a little bit shite to be honest. I know its really difficult to better an already amazing car, but does all the expense warrant what you've just done? When push comes to shove...its still a lambo!!!! Get more creative, you've got plenty of sponsors ffs. TBH, I've seen better kit cars.

  • Chris L
    Chris L 2 days ago

    Hey Chris, you need to fuse the battery(s). LittelFuse makes what they call “Mega Fuses” for this purpose. Also, check that the power relays are the latching type, if not they will overheat. Too many fire stories to take shortcuts.

  • Bob Repola
    Bob Repola 2 days ago

    B is for... Bumper car

  • P Miller
    P Miller 2 days ago

    Kinda looks like the bat mobile from the back with the white fenders off of it.

    • P Miller
      P Miller 2 days ago

      He just needs to make the end of the transmission look like a jet engine exhaust shoot thingy.



  • Ty Tucc
    Ty Tucc 2 days ago

    B is for buy a new shop

  • BlaCkK Vegas
    BlaCkK Vegas 2 days ago

    Chris, i followed you on the M5 project, i feel so sad 😞 it’s a legendary car... i hope u will get a nice bimmer on the future 😊