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Never Doing This Again.
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My Pink VAULT Closet Tour
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  • Khelly Potato
    Khelly Potato 32 seconds ago

    Not gonna lie *he looks hot*

  • Aeriana Kaufman
    Aeriana Kaufman 37 seconds ago

    my aunt and uncle live in grand rapids lol say hi to them

  • Pxmp , Rodriguez
    Pxmp , Rodriguez Minute ago

    I loveee!!!

  • JustJ8
    JustJ8 Minute ago

    Why do you use a plastic straw when you have your own? Just pack one with you.

  • Heidi Herterich
    Heidi Herterich 2 minutes ago

    He looks like Ethan and Greyson in his new video 😂

  • Jamielyn Gonzales
    Jamielyn Gonzales 2 minutes ago

    You should do a video where Nate picks your makeup but you don't know what it is, like he covers the brand name with tape and everything or just pumps the foundation out somewhere and then you do a full face and try to guess how much it is and what brand it is!! that'd be an amazing video!!!!

    • Jamielyn Gonzales
      Jamielyn Gonzales 47 seconds ago

      also with like brushes!! and lashes and everything!!!

    BYE12FAQ UNO 2 minutes ago

    Dave Chapelle 4 PREZ!!!

  • Ze King of Limbo
    Ze King of Limbo 2 minutes ago

    Jeffree Bowie

  • iesha Robinson
    iesha Robinson 2 minutes ago

    Wow! You look very different! 😮 But you still look cute though 😁. What a good idea to experience the Dolans Twins lives, they are so nice and hot! too 💙.

  • Ardianty Amalia Artono
    Ardianty Amalia Artono 2 minutes ago

    wtf jeff is so hot lol

  • Lucy Croughan
    Lucy Croughan 3 minutes ago

    I died when he was rolling on the floor doing hand stands 😂😂😂

  • Rachel Ellison
    Rachel Ellison 3 minutes ago

    I doubt very much I would buy Haus Labs much prefer your line Jeffree…...great review thank you xx

  • Tessa Dawn
    Tessa Dawn 4 minutes ago

    Jeffree: I love getting blazed Me (as I'm hitting a dab) : bitch me too

  • Marianne Abegail Eugenio

    Jeffree looks like Ruby Rose

  • erre
    erre 5 minutes ago

    is it just me or does he look like an anime character lol very cool

  • reggie segers
    reggie segers 6 minutes ago

    makeup tutorial on edibles? is that even alllowed??? 👀

  • Cathrace Sayson
    Cathrace Sayson 6 minutes ago

    Hello Jeffreestar🤗 I wish you will give me make up😄😄 🙏

  • Slime Girl
    Slime Girl 6 minutes ago

    LOVED THE VID!! please do a house tour <3

  • Diana Bownds
    Diana Bownds 6 minutes ago

    Oooo love that mirror is that color for sale 🤩

  • h o n e y s u g a r
    h o n e y s u g a r 6 minutes ago

    He is just over dramatic

  • BeautyByNeda
    BeautyByNeda 6 minutes ago

    I literally hadn't even heard of this until you posted on Snap 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Celeste C
    Celeste C 6 minutes ago

    I love you Jeffree because how respectful you are as a person to others. You are a star ⭐️ but more an angel 👼🏻.

  • Advocate Sheera
    Advocate Sheera 7 minutes ago

    Hey jeffree I love you. I love your look as Jeff Dolan.. You are a beautiful person so whatever looks you chose you look stunning in it. Naat is really lucky to have you in his life. @):-

  • idontknowwhatnametouse soiputthissit

    He low-key looks like a Tomboy 😂

  • hulk smash
    hulk smash 8 minutes ago

    He looks so tough when he is Jeff dolan😠😠

  • Winwin Llenos
    Winwin Llenos 8 minutes ago

    I am your new subscriber jeffree!!! Love u goddess!

  • Tagataro Lian
    Tagataro Lian 8 minutes ago

    i hope he dosen't bullshit on Lady Gaga cause that's bullshit

  • Miss J O Blue sketch
    Miss J O Blue sketch 8 minutes ago

    I’m really confused why he’s not using a star mirror. Did he not uses these then?

  • Zoe Feldberg
    Zoe Feldberg 9 minutes ago

    this ruby rose style

  • beamae llasos
    beamae llasos 9 minutes ago

    Jeffrey is like a handsome badboy.

  • kat mastro
    kat mastro 9 minutes ago

    Slut me: 7:59

  • BH UnEz
    BH UnEz 10 minutes ago

    Bro I love my subs plz be one

  • Taehyung's voice is deeper than the Mariana trench

    Jefree looked like that one wannabe Jimin guy

  • marleen flips
    marleen flips 10 minutes ago

    26:39 the hydroflasks tho...

  • global warming
    global warming 11 minutes ago

    I think she held off on the lipsticks bc of miss jaclyn hill...

  • C H
    C H 12 minutes ago

    Jeff is the physical embodiment of Metro Station

  • Crystal Mae
    Crystal Mae 13 minutes ago

    That side profile in 17:48 though. He looked like one of those bad boys you meet in college.

  • Kamrie Kim
    Kamrie Kim 13 minutes ago

    I’d be happy to watch a series of this. I mean, Jeff Dolan looks so *_fine_* .

  • Ana White
    Ana White 13 minutes ago

    This camera noise in the background gets me some type of way

  • Rachelle Arroyo
    Rachelle Arroyo 13 minutes ago

    Bro I live in Michigan that’s cool how you went there ❤️

  • HSP
    HSP 14 minutes ago

    i loved that makeupp

  • Crystal Mae
    Crystal Mae 14 minutes ago

    OMG, the nailssss don't they hurt when flexed?

  • Ana Mercia Andrade
    Ana Mercia Andrade 14 minutes ago

    You look so naked!!! Thank god was just makeup!!!! 👏🏻🤩🤩🤩

  • sdfsf asd
    sdfsf asd 15 minutes ago

    He speaks so fast. No waste of time, 30min of 100% talk.

  • Crystal Mae
    Crystal Mae 15 minutes ago

    Jeffree looks so Dolan but still him like yeah you get me

  • Michelle Miller
    Michelle Miller 15 minutes ago

    Hell~O Jeffree*

  • zєq αѕчrαf
    zєq αѕчrαf 15 minutes ago

    Haus is a malay word which mean Thirsty 💦

  • Morbidumbra
    Morbidumbra 16 minutes ago

    He looks like breaking benjamin

  • Ash Luster
    Ash Luster 16 minutes ago

    I can tell you why the stars are so low with dollar keep the prices at a dollar, they can't employ a lot of people. The policy is to have one cashier and if lines get deep,the cashier is supposed to call for the back up cashier.(who is to be stocking). The thing is though,the cashier doesn't always pay attention and call for help when needed.

  • emiliajosefin
    emiliajosefin 16 minutes ago

    Omg i really think you look like amber rose

  • Patti Harvey
    Patti Harvey 17 minutes ago

    Nobody cares Kathy Griffin. Quit mooching off your friends to get relevant again.

  • Avie
    Avie 17 minutes ago

    Jeff looks good

  • Ben Clements
    Ben Clements 17 minutes ago

    Sub to aneson go. So he can fight Jake paul

  • ChloeSlayernight l
    ChloeSlayernight l 17 minutes ago

    What the hell I knew what I was in for

  • Andy Tellez
    Andy Tellez 18 minutes ago

    i regret watching this high

  • chlomydia
    chlomydia 18 minutes ago

    *sorry, i haven't been a dude in awhile*

  • jades vlog town
    jades vlog town 18 minutes ago

    love your nails

  • Donna Liska
    Donna Liska 18 minutes ago

    Lol welcome to the mid west those were some crazy storms that week in Ohio as well I live for these storms

  • soph mc
    soph mc 18 minutes ago

    Partnering with Amazon allows the whole world access to her products. I can appreciate.

  • jades vlog town
    jades vlog town 19 minutes ago

    jefree you are so beautiful

  • Charlotte Starbuck
    Charlotte Starbuck 19 minutes ago

    Jefree made a shade called get off my property I aM QuAkiNg In My HeAd

  • Shosho Jawhar
    Shosho Jawhar 20 minutes ago

    I *LOVED* the green eyeshadow Jeffree rocked it really . Also the lipsticks were amazing 🤙🏻 , i wasnt that surprised with the - 69 Armour wingtip - thing , but i really liked it ✨✨

  • Adellya Lakshita
    Adellya Lakshita 20 minutes ago

    I’m dying to get on of those 😭😭

  • Mia K
    Mia K 20 minutes ago

    I Love you jeff

  • Ksyusha Forever
    Ksyusha Forever 20 minutes ago

    There are can be a 100 lipglosses in the market, and 99 don’t believe in you

  • cutelime kai
    cutelime kai 20 minutes ago

    Who else went straight to “omg does Jeffree star have a kid ?” when he said “we have a new addition and it’s not a Pomeranian”

  • Carlos Pastor
    Carlos Pastor 20 minutes ago

    Voy a tener pesadillas 😫😫😫😨

  • Maha Khursheed
    Maha Khursheed 20 minutes ago

    F**k yeah

  • Denise Gifford
    Denise Gifford 21 minute ago

    “I love to do a little bit more just because that’s the type of hoe that I am” 😂😅 same J⭐️same

  • problematic princess
    problematic princess 21 minute ago

    When are you gonna make the JS cosmetics app ?

  • Jayden Twyman
    Jayden Twyman 21 minute ago

    those red bulls are gonna kill u

  • Stella Z
    Stella Z 21 minute ago

    you look so good in this wig and outfit

  • Maria -m-army
    Maria -m-army 22 minutes ago

    You look like voldemort Without makeup

  • rosè k
    rosè k 22 minutes ago

    Ok but why Jeffrey looks hot as a guy

  • Scarlet
    Scarlet 22 minutes ago

    He looks like Ruby Rose

  • Matthew Flawless
    Matthew Flawless 23 minutes ago

    If anybody wondering who "jefreestar" is he's the defenition of a demon and your looking at one always moody doesn't look happy with nate produces mind blowing makeup tutorials that nobody could ever "recreate" coz he's that much of a perfectionist yes that's a demon in the workings brain washing you and fucking with you thank fuck he's toned down his makeup look coz bitch he use 2 be hell scary how close 2 the demon do you wanna get

  • AC Brizuela
    AC Brizuela 23 minutes ago

    We had the same face when they said "dairy free" OHMYCHEESE 😅😅

  • Jessen Cowan
    Jessen Cowan 23 minutes ago

    Jeff is hot! Then again so are the twins! 🔥

  • Davii DarkAngel
    Davii DarkAngel 24 minutes ago

    Why was this so weird for me to watch

  • Angelita Citrahany
    Angelita Citrahany 24 minutes ago

    Haus means thirsty in Indonesia

  • Jo-Anne Winmill
    Jo-Anne Winmill 25 minutes ago

    Loks ok why u lot so negative

  • eveliina
    eveliina 25 minutes ago

    "Okay, i did a cute LITTLE wing."

  • Ro-ee Yap
    Ro-ee Yap 25 minutes ago

    Low key Jeffery looks cute!! Wtf?!

  • Lola Vanderplas
    Lola Vanderplas 26 minutes ago

    Jefree’s tattoos look so Good with that outfit

  • xXJorgeGamerXx
    xXJorgeGamerXx 26 minutes ago


  • Patti Harvey
    Patti Harvey 26 minutes ago

    Griffin never lets anyone else talk. She's past 50 and isn't cute anymore. Jeffree gets an A+ for patience and tolerance.

  • Selena Squad
    Selena Squad 26 minutes ago

    But now your in ulta ayeee

  • Ally Rae
    Ally Rae 26 minutes ago

    AM I THE ONLY ONE who noticed that Jeff (😂) drank Ethan's C4? 😂

  • Jo Win
    Jo Win 26 minutes ago

    Jeff‘s kinda hot to be honest

  • en x void
    en x void 26 minutes ago


  • the galz
    the galz 27 minutes ago

    It should be a pig. Pink, adorable, fit right in. They can make great pets

  • Aleesha
    Aleesha 27 minutes ago

    She's the Man (2006)

  • hilda moreno
    hilda moreno 27 minutes ago

    No way I should have come

  • Rebecca Brunke
    Rebecca Brunke 27 minutes ago

    I fucking love you Jeffree welcome back to my gym, how are ya 😂😂😂

  • Océane Pinkerton
    Océane Pinkerton 27 minutes ago

    you should review Florence by Millie Bobby Brown :)

  • CrazyWonder4298
    CrazyWonder4298 27 minutes ago

    Jeffrey looks like Finn wolfhard

  • Deena Mc
    Deena Mc 27 minutes ago

    I was born in 69!!!! Lol!! Well, you look great!!!

  • Laura Salas
    Laura Salas 28 minutes ago

    I live in Ada, which is a really small, cute rural township in GR, and it’s literally the greatest place on earth. Gr/Michigan really does get forgotten but I will fight till my death Saying that it’s the greatest place in the US to live

  • Christina D
    Christina D 28 minutes ago

    "Will you see if I'm high on bath salts?" 🤭

  • Olivia Kester
    Olivia Kester 28 minutes ago

    I died when they were at the gym 😂😂😂