SmartBSD - RC and Tech Reviews
SmartBSD - RC and Tech Reviews
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  • SmartBSD - RC and Tech Reviews

    Hi Khartoo, I haven't configured 3CX in the way you did, but I want to believe your cloud installation have all needed ports open, on the FXO side you have to allow 3CX and the GrandStream to talk to each other, this is done at minute 1:30 and on minute 3:15 I talk about ports needed on your Router/Firewall, for your particular setup you have to open ports 5062 and 5012, both of them on TCP/UDP, these ports are for Local SIP and LocalRTP. Hope this helps. About outbound calls I have them blocked from the ISP but I think you just need to create an outbound rule and add there the users you want to allow to do this task, as for inbound calls, they should work out of the box with what you saw on both of my videos.

  • Khartoo
    Khartoo 5 months ago

    sorry small note i have a cloud 3CX

  • Khartoo
    Khartoo 5 months ago

    i have this (Grandstream 4-port FXO Gateway, GXW4104) i want to connected to pstn its ask me about (Main Trunk No) so please what is (Main Trunk No)and how i can get it . and what i want to do is to call from the cellphone (3cx app) through PSTN and receving calls alsow from the PSTN so please can u give me all the steps that i need and do i need static ip for Grandstream thank you so much