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  • Lila Jackson
    Lila Jackson 3 hours ago

    Make a part 2 please.

  • Malia Curl
    Malia Curl 3 hours ago


  • Mia Betancourt
    Mia Betancourt 3 hours ago

    To your hair is so beautiful I love the diy

  • Jessica Tardif
    Jessica Tardif 3 hours ago

    I thought I was the only one that tried dog treats! 😂😂 love you videos by the way!

  • yael cohen
    yael cohen 3 hours ago

    “I feel like a little-furry amnimal” “Like I feel like a baby seal”

  • Karla Chavez
    Karla Chavez 3 hours ago

    Zombies them cupcakes 🧁🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♀️

  • Kathleen Vayhinger
    Kathleen Vayhinger 3 hours ago

    You should do something Riverdale themed because the new season just came out

  • Alexandra Nol
    Alexandra Nol 3 hours ago

    Make a Mal from decentents cake plz love u rosanna

  • Summer Kitty
    Summer Kitty 3 hours ago

    Ro Rebecca 2. 2

  • esmegirl _799
    esmegirl _799 3 hours ago

    Who saw the died hair

  • Dana Genevieve
    Dana Genevieve 3 hours ago

    I do make them

  • M&M Dragon
    M&M Dragon 3 hours ago

    Who’s Greg

  • Unituber YT
    Unituber YT 3 hours ago

    What do pockys taste like I've never had one, or macha

  • Richard Watterson
    Richard Watterson 3 hours ago


  • Peyton Baldry
    Peyton Baldry 3 hours ago

    The last Disney movie i watch was Malificent! I love your videos, i watch you every single time you post!, keep up with the great work! Also can you make a Castle themed cake!. You make my day every time you make me laugh and smile, you are so kind and beautiful i hope you know that.

  • PanoRose
    PanoRose 3 hours ago

    Wow now I see how short Ro is..

  • Myren Wilson
    Myren Wilson 3 hours ago

    in the uk u have a slice of bread with crips

  • yael cohen
    yael cohen 3 hours ago

    “Let’s just move you aside you dangerous PIG”

  • Zaniyah Foster
    Zaniyah Foster 3 hours ago


  • Lillian’s Reborn world

    I luv you ro have have been watching you for years 🍑🍰🍑🍰

  • Niamh Barclay
    Niamh Barclay 3 hours ago

    Your hair looks so nice ro

  • avrilroxxss
    avrilroxxss 3 hours ago

    where did u get ur top/ dress? it's so cute!

  • Marsh puff
    Marsh puff 3 hours ago

    What.. happens if she gets hair in the cake..?

  • Emma Shae
    Emma Shae 3 hours ago

    I love everything about this. I love Ro's goofy personality and I love how she stays happy. Beautiful meaning. ☺

  • IvanPlayz
    IvanPlayz 4 hours ago

    at least the girls didnt do anything

  • Fabiola Palacios
    Fabiola Palacios 4 hours ago

    Wasn’t the second skirt shorter , then it looks longer on the next slide?? Or was it just my eyes deceiving me

  • Harley Rayphole
    Harley Rayphole 4 hours ago

    U should do an. The clown it cake

  • Layla Lee
    Layla Lee 4 hours ago

    Uhhh umm this didn’t go as I planned when I tried. (I made a big mess) it tasted good but didn’t look like it. Oops

  • Akari Onizuka
    Akari Onizuka 4 hours ago

    Ro: 9 for me, 9 for you Her mind: 16 for me, 2 for you

  • Alice Drew
    Alice Drew 4 hours ago

    Where’s your shirt from

  • Preeti Kaur
    Preeti Kaur 4 hours ago

    You should make a vlog channel

  • Sattish Garapati
    Sattish Garapati 4 hours ago

    where did you buy the kits

  • Destiny Nielsen
    Destiny Nielsen 4 hours ago

    For Halloween it should be called nerdy mummies

  • PotatoPotato! Meh
    PotatoPotato! Meh 4 hours ago

    I made the maleficant cake!!

  • Rifaya Kabir
    Rifaya Kabir 4 hours ago

    yerr posted on my bday

  • Dagalaxygrl .Sharky
    Dagalaxygrl .Sharky 4 hours ago

    Every Christmas, my family gets crushed oreos and melted marshmellos to make "coal" and its AMAZING

  • Dora Delarca
    Dora Delarca 4 hours ago

    You need to bake with lily again!

  • Belinda C
    Belinda C 4 hours ago

    you have to make more kitchen Gadget

  • x SuusTijger
    x SuusTijger 4 hours ago

    Giiiiirl you look absolutely gorgeous today!😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  • SuperCoolLegitBoss
    SuperCoolLegitBoss 4 hours ago

    I love the little cookie timer and graphics and stuff. And your Halloween decorations :) Also when the cake was just green, it looked like the weird blobby ghost from ghostbusters.

  • Preet Brar
    Preet Brar 4 hours ago

    No1: Ppl:There are gonna be millions of ppl at the restaurant for pictures only

  • Dagalaxygrl .Sharky
    Dagalaxygrl .Sharky 4 hours ago

    1:58 Me: Hansel and Gretel. "Walking dead?" Me: You failed.

  • neriah Williams
    neriah Williams 4 hours ago

    You should make something Beetlejuice (Betelgeuse) themed

  • Manat Matharu
    Manat Matharu 4 hours ago

    I make those literally all the time

  • snow berry
    snow berry 4 hours ago

    This is the best Bob Ross remake I have ever seen and it was done by a person who never painted before and used buttercream...

  • Grethe Bue
    Grethe Bue 4 hours ago

    He funny

  • Club Barnacle
    Club Barnacle 4 hours ago

    B I G T A S T E

  • Scott Decker
    Scott Decker 4 hours ago

    you forgot the watermellon

  • The Random Potatoes
    The Random Potatoes 4 hours ago

    Hey! I love your mech but you don’t have any children clothes!!!

  • Jacqueline Diaz
    Jacqueline Diaz 4 hours ago

    Excellent video as always!

  • Darren Carroll
    Darren Carroll 4 hours ago


  • Christine Johnson
    Christine Johnson 4 hours ago

    I'm going to be a unicorn for Halloween

  • AishD Productions
    AishD Productions 4 hours ago

    Me:smashes the like button and breaks my iPad Mum: what the heck are u doin Me:Rossana told me to smash the like button Mum:smacks her hand on her head

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 4 hours ago


  • Shake n' Bake
    Shake n' Bake 4 hours ago

    I got curious and looked up her age.. this chick does not look 34.

  • Shannon Brister
    Shannon Brister 4 hours ago

    Would you ever do vegan/dairy free treats?? I love to bake but can never do anything that both me and my very lactose intolerant free boyfriend can both enjoy

  • Mackenzie Balderaz
    Mackenzie Balderaz 4 hours ago

    I love you and look up to you

  • سجاد ياس

    لك نافذة

  • Brendi Fry
    Brendi Fry 4 hours ago

    Can you do something Carmel pecan flavored

  • isela leon
    isela leon 4 hours ago

    You now what they say your more like your father

  • Cameron Mitchell
    Cameron Mitchell 4 hours ago

    He is so cute

  • Iman Zafar
    Iman Zafar 4 hours ago

    Ro: idk what episode we’re on. It’s like episode 25!?!?!? Title: sit down hun it’s part 5

  • Caitlyn May
    Caitlyn May 4 hours ago

    Wow!! How are you so good??!! That was amazing!!! I love you Ro❤️❤️

  • Angie Meredith
    Angie Meredith 4 hours ago

    #1: Ro #2: Justine #3: Ro #4: Both of them #5: Ro

  • stephanie williams
    stephanie williams 4 hours ago

    Can u do a desendants 3 dessert PS...Love your hair (it looks more blonde today)

  • shawny bony
    shawny bony 4 hours ago

    Colab with derek gerard please

  • Brydie Keighley
    Brydie Keighley 4 hours ago


  • Mackenzie Balderaz
    Mackenzie Balderaz 4 hours ago

    Will you make a hunger games cake

  • Chamomile Tea
    Chamomile Tea 4 hours ago

    nobody: absolutely no one: not a single soul: beetlejuice fans flooding in:

  • Lacey Worker
    Lacey Worker 4 hours ago

    starburst flavour is strawberry pink

  • Patrick Zhou
    Patrick Zhou 4 hours ago

    Ro said tall drinks but it looks small

  • Chamomile Tea
    Chamomile Tea 4 hours ago

    hi my name is skyyyy and i’m here today to support the girl scouts by selling cookies $4 A BOX WOULD YA LIKE SOME

  • Ava Camacho
    Ava Camacho 5 hours ago

    do a vampire cake please !!!!!!!!!!

  • Kendall Brown
    Kendall Brown 5 hours ago

    I ♡♡♡♡ you Ro

  • Soleil Reyes
    Soleil Reyes 5 hours ago

    That hair color looks gorgeous on you girl

  • Teya Hanna
    Teya Hanna 5 hours ago

    Mal? From descendants 3 or audreyy💜

  • Christie Ramirez
    Christie Ramirez 5 hours ago

    I like Elsa and my sister that is little like them too and I am 8 and my sister is 7

  • Emerson Hodges
    Emerson Hodges 5 hours ago

    I'm not trying to mean but Ro your such a natural beauty you don't need all that hair dye. it looks good just you're beautiful as you are😘❤️

  • Christine Johnson
    Christine Johnson 5 hours ago

    I love you ro Pansino

  • Katryce Villamarin
    Katryce Villamarin 5 hours ago

    Where do you get your cake plates

  • Dianas Darlings
    Dianas Darlings 5 hours ago

    Thank you I followed your recipe and worked out great but it didn't look as good as yours of course

  • Chris Domjan
    Chris Domjan 5 hours ago

    2019?? Anyone

  • Cool girl Traveler
    Cool girl Traveler 5 hours ago


  • Twin Dorks
    Twin Dorks 5 hours ago

    Girl u the literal definition of talent😀😊

  • Gamer Kat
    Gamer Kat 5 hours ago

    Is that husky as ro’s prince? I just realized it😂😂😂😂

  • Helene Ruan
    Helene Ruan 5 hours ago

    19:49 you not sepose to bite in to it you just get the little part of the flavor of the sushi and it falls apart if you take a whole bite of the sushi you get the whole flavor and it doesn’t fall apart