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  • madhava reddy reddy
    madhava reddy reddy 3 months ago

    *I filled it up with air to test the BCD〉〉〉 **** and it has held air in the bladder for over 4 days. Very good quality for the money. I will buy again!*

  • Dylan Van Wyck
    Dylan Van Wyck 7 months ago

    Those fins are awesome

  • Olegan Dolgov
    Olegan Dolgov 7 months ago


  • David Hamilton
    David Hamilton 7 months ago

    Another breathtaking adventure shared many thanks,

  • david saada
    david saada 7 months ago

    Epic !

  • Dan Bowkley
    Dan Bowkley 7 months ago

    I have to wonder how many people have ever been down there...can't be too many. Truly beautiful.

  • Dan Bowkley
    Dan Bowkley 7 months ago

    I always thought I was a water baby, she did way better on her first dive than I did on mine!

  • Ranger77
    Ranger77 7 months ago

    I found your channel a few weeks ago and have since subscribed. I really enjoy your straight forward easy to understand content. quick question, what size tanks are those in the video?

  • My St Kitts Dive Buddy

    Very detailed video. A must for any sidemount diver or would be sidemount diver. I appreciate the amount of work that goes into video production, I am an avid publisher of warm water diving vids.

  • My St Kitts Dive Buddy

    I am still relatively new to sidemount. Just getting comfortable now. Your videos are extremely useful. I actually produce a lot of warm water Caribbean diving videos so I appreciate the work that goes into these.

  • Blair
    Blair 7 months ago

    Nicely said. Thank you, agree on the training

  • Pan Pakabutr
    Pan Pakabutr 7 months ago


  • Arnold Stollar
    Arnold Stollar 8 months ago

    Don’t forget to hydrate.

  • Arnold Stollar
    Arnold Stollar 8 months ago

    Clean water clear warm water

  • Arnold Stollar
    Arnold Stollar 8 months ago

    Rebreathers are regulator s of death.Breathing directly from a tank or l.p.hose is stupid.Buddy breathing mis safer.

  • Arnold Stollar
    Arnold Stollar 8 months ago

    Master diver, E.R.Cross, had done thev’technifscts column in ‘ Skin Diver ‘ magazine,which no longer publishes , as PaulTzimolis is gone.

  • Hidup Ribet
    Hidup Ribet 8 months ago


  • Arnold Stollar
    Arnold Stollar 8 months ago

    Multiple tanks are for long swims, deeper swims , decompression

  • steven budd
    steven budd 8 months ago

    Great video..

  • DH Jin
    DH Jin 8 months ago


  • RapidMetric
    RapidMetric 8 months ago

    The ultimate training in stress management, skill execution and team awareness. For the rare few, it's a damn good time!

  • Azul Unlimited
    Azul Unlimited 8 months ago

    great information! optimal weighting is so essential 👌🏻

  • Wally Brown
    Wally Brown 9 months ago

    Thank you sir

  • Kasper K
    Kasper K 9 months ago

    Hardest kick to learn....

  • Simone Righetti
    Simone Righetti 9 months ago

    In this case, at what point on the gav is it necessary to fix the weight? At the height of the head it is not possible to fix anything ... What do you advise? Thank you

  • Stratos Dimitriadis
    Stratos Dimitriadis 9 months ago

    Dear friend! where did you get this aluminum tube crimp for loop on the fungus? Is it possible to link to this product?

  • Pierre Garland II
    Pierre Garland II 9 months ago


  • jkirk1626
    jkirk1626 9 months ago

    A lot of experience. Thanks for passing it on.

  • Corey baldwin
    Corey baldwin 9 months ago

    Thats awesome!! Glad to see hum getting into diving

  • ezzedien rabie
    ezzedien rabie 9 months ago

    We dive to relax and see the wonders and beauty of the underwaters, not to squeeze ourselves in cracks and holes. What you gained from seeing the inside of a rusty wreck. I was worried about your safety while watching the video. Amazing but not interesting at all.

  • Tamer Salah Elden
    Tamer Salah Elden 10 months ago

    what do u preferred scubapro or Apeks regulator ?

    NEIL HAY 10 months ago

    A credit to the lady and the instructor. very well done.

  • Octavia S.
    Octavia S. 10 months ago

    I'm majoring in marine biology, and don't know the first thing about swimming. However, I want to be active in my field and scuba dive and stuff. I really liked your video because it's from a student's perspective.

  • NumberMaximus
    NumberMaximus 10 months ago

    The girl is beautiful))

  • John Rice
    John Rice 10 months ago

    Are you over filling the cylinders ?

    JCA ELITE SCUBA 10 months ago

    Nicely done. I really appreciate seeing the videos and knowing that there are instructors that take time to teach students the right way -- that care about the quality of the education they deliver. We have a mutual (student) diver (Diana, the oldest one) and she tells me often how much your training means to her, too. Our water doesn't have the clarity to make the videos that I've wanted to sobering yours is a pleasure. The first thing I do with my open water students in the Pacific Northwest is a weight check. With 2-piece farmer John's or drysuits it's a slow process of adding a pound at a time until they can exhale and drop to the sea floor in 4ft of water... One puff of air in the drysuit to relieve the squeeze and get neutral or one puff in the bcd to get neutral. Then they get to ditch their weights right then and their and then we get out out of the water to set everything back up and talk about that activity. I've actully overheard students from dive shops (I'm an independent instructor) say to their instructor, "why are they taking so long to get in the water, start their dives..." It's so frustrating to see these students... If one learns correctly from their first excursion into the water, it never is an issue. Sometimes it's just so frustrating.

  • Diving Madd
    Diving Madd 10 months ago

    His Steve, I was just wondering how you find the fourth element Drysuit and why your trim was off slightly? Not criticizing here, was it the position of the tanks? Also have you ever owned a Santi Drysuit and do you think they’re worth the extra money? Thanks Frank

  • Christopher Thompson
    Christopher Thompson 11 months ago

    I purchased the complete set of lessons and have enjoyed watching everything so far. I hope that you will add more product reviews and diving techniques/ skills.

    DREVON AGULTO 11 months ago

    You are cool can you teach me how.

  • bronks76
    bronks76 11 months ago

    Blind Mask!!! - I know this.I am fresh cavern diver!!! Good luck.

  • Chris_Is_Narc'd
    Chris_Is_Narc'd 11 months ago

    Is there ever any problems with the inflator being mounted on the outside of the bladder? Like going through restrictions?

  • Yggdrasil42
    Yggdrasil42 11 months ago

    Holy shit, there's actually a Steve video I hadn't seen yet. Very cool and looks like a real challenge. Cavern and Cave are definitely on my wishlist (after a few more seasons of experience).

  • TheCuilinn
    TheCuilinn 11 months ago

    isn't the answer realy to keep your kit in good order and change 'o' etc regularly. Also don't just rely on the electronics, work out your stops etc. befor and keep info on a slate

  • Hellrazor
    Hellrazor 11 months ago

    Great Video ! thank you

  • Tamer Salah Elden
    Tamer Salah Elden 11 months ago

    very useful movie ever seen about Sidemount Congrats

  • Francesca Hall
    Francesca Hall 11 months ago

    Where is part 2?

  • william symons
    william symons 11 months ago

    thank you

  • Never2old-SD
    Never2old-SD 11 months ago

    Great dive and Photos 🤙

  • Never2old-SD
    Never2old-SD 11 months ago

    Awesome video , great adventure. The more I see videos like this the more I want to become a cave diver 🤙

  • Never2old-SD
    Never2old-SD 11 months ago

    Oh boy that is some tuff training 😱

  • ultimatdestroier

    I am thinking about buying my first sidemount gear, but I am not sure about the size of the bladder. I want to have the possibility take 1 deco stage and some basic tec equipment with me. I can choose 25 or 45 lbs of lift. Which one is better for my use?

  • Widget
    Widget Year ago

    Well that was very informative! I remember watching 47 meters down with a bunch of friends on a scuba placement and remember seeing the bits where the people trapped underwater end up swapping the first stages onto different tanks... Didn't think it would be possible (especially since it's a hefty beer fine to leave the dust cap off when washing the regs) but what you describe makes sense to me. (It occurs to me that the film makes literally no sense in many ways, they wear full-face regulators to allow for dialogue and exposition underwater but I don't think this would work with that kind of kit) Don't mean to say that's all I learned, it's very cool to see some of the skills used in tec diving and certainly food for thought... I dived with a guy using sidemount once and I'll admit it's got it's uses and advantages... Certainly worth consideration if I was to go for getting my own BCD in the next few years...

  • Fabian
    Fabian Year ago

    Hey i am a Apnoe diver and I have a question for side mount diving. I am interested in scuba diving but never had a lesson. But it looks cool to dive with full face masks, so could I do this with side mount to? I am only seeing people with normal masks

  • Diving Madd
    Diving Madd Year ago

    I think sidemount is the right tool for the right job ie: cave restrictions where a twinset cannot fit. But yes, twinsets on a rib are difficult if there is no ladder.

  • tdegler
    tdegler Year ago

    nice music! :)

  • MrLotrecht
    MrLotrecht Year ago

    Some days mago i watched the history of cavediving,how it developed himself,one of the earliest Sheck Exley-and then one where people explore caves without diving-the situation weather changes and suddenly a rush of water came down-one stuck and like bottlecork the water above him began to pile up and....what a horror he hangs headdownwards...all the water over him...horror pur but they managed to get out by themself forteen hours later-cave diving-with enough space is cool-but like a worm climbing to muddy ,cold ,dirty ,muddy and not well smelling...never will understand that.Being one time borned is really enough!

  • John B
    John B Year ago

    Really enjoyed your video.

  • t h i a g o
    t h i a g o Year ago

    gozo kkkkkkk

  • Alexander Murashev

    It's really beautiful))

  • P G
    P G Year ago

    I wish you were my instructor!

    • Sidemount Scuba Diving
      Sidemount Scuba Diving Year ago

      Thank you, but I can be with my online training courses. They are actually better than me live in some respects -

  • Bisse Eliæson
    Bisse Eliæson Year ago

    Great stuff !

  • Prætorian
    Prætorian Year ago

    How do you manage to observe the pressure info on each tank on the wireless dive computer? On a wrist mounted dive comp.

    • OffRoadRN
      OffRoadRN 8 months ago

      You will find very, very few technical divers relying on air integrated systems.

    • Chuck P
      Chuck P 10 months ago

      Each tank has its own SPG.

    • M1ND_BL0WN
      M1ND_BL0WN Year ago

      There are electronic pressure sensors attached to the HP 1st stage that relay the info to the dive computer.

    TO IMAGIN Year ago

    Thanks for the démonstration 😉👍🏼

  • Melissa Miltiades

    Hi Steve, love your videos. If I want to get into cave diving from the recreational diving side, whats the best way? I would like to also incorporate it with side mount. Is it better to start off with a side mount course and then when you are comfortable move on to a cave course? I was thinking TDI but not sure where to start. Thanks in advanced

  • Skeeter Saurus
    Skeeter Saurus Year ago

    Excellent video!!!

  • Mike Neeves
    Mike Neeves Year ago

    Great video thank you

  • Aegean Epiphany
    Aegean Epiphany Year ago

    Great video quality...

  • Aegean Epiphany
    Aegean Epiphany Year ago

    Someone gotta ticking off then...

  • Quarry Diver
    Quarry Diver Year ago

    Stupendo. Bravi !

  • Destry
    Destry Year ago

    If I was younger I would do this . . .

  • Eliza Arroyo
    Eliza Arroyo Year ago

    Only in México.

  • TradeWindgng
    TradeWindgng Year ago

    I wanted to subscribe to your online courses but not sure about the payment method!?

    • Sidemount Scuba Diving
      Sidemount Scuba Diving Year ago

      You can pay securely on the website by credit card or paypal through our woocommerce system, no personal or credit card details are stored during the process.

    • TradeWindgng
      TradeWindgng Year ago

      Sidemount Scuba Diving thanks for the explanation, by what means I can pay!? Credit card! Thanks in advance

    • Sidemount Scuba Diving
      Sidemount Scuba Diving Year ago

      Thank you, the payment is for a 2 year subscription. Basically the full price is split between a "one off" joining fee and a 2 year subscription card which is optional if you want to continue after 2 years. I also have in place a unique refer a friend system so for every one person who buys our online training because of you, you get an additional year added. The total price for everything (package 1) is 150 GBP, which is actually cheaper than a single day of in-water training with me, so I hope you really see the value in this online training, I priced it in a way that means everyone can afford it. Regards, Steve -

  • Hueman Creative
    Hueman Creative Year ago

    Who else is here because of the Thai football kids rescue?

  • African Twin
    African Twin Year ago

    Lol now try it again with normal 2x 12 Liter Steel cylinders a 16 KG each empty, and not 80 cu aluminum 10 Liters.

  • Stro Via
    Stro Via Year ago

    did anyone feel pulse raising from claustrophobia? just from watching this?

  • Vitomir Maricic
    Vitomir Maricic Year ago

    underwater things kick ass. Cool.

    JCA ELITE SCUBA Year ago

    All the doubles I've ever used have been steel. Even in cave country, steel. There would definitely be a buoyancy difference from steel to aluminum. I use neutrally buoyant aluminum 80's (3300psi) for doubles and sidemount.

  • rixogtr
    rixogtr Year ago

    Where is Steve from ? From his vids i would say he is from Australia because of accent :D

    • rixogtr
      rixogtr Year ago

      Sidemount Scuba Diving you sound good, i like to listen to your vids 😄 i am from Slovakia tho, so i am not expert in accents but for me you sound like pure australian 😄 i started watching your videos because i am interested in making sidemount course so i subscribed instantly. I am also considering buying acces to your vids on your page.

    • Sidemount Scuba Diving
      Sidemount Scuba Diving Year ago

      haha I am from Manchester, United Kingdom. But spent a few years in Australia 2009 to 2012 and a few visits inbetween. Then 6 months between Mexico and Malta each year after that, so who knows what my accent is any more :D watch the latest videos for how I sound now

    JCA ELITE SCUBA Year ago

    I just realized that a line entanglement inside mount could possibly be easier if the line was at angles on one of the tanks.

  • gyula kiss
    gyula kiss Year ago

    What your mask brand?

    JCA ELITE SCUBA Year ago

    Excellent. I teach a group of students that have just gotten into the swift water and rescue dive team for a local sheriff's department. I do something similar at the end of our first excursion. I have them take off their fins to make the last 10ft towards the exit. It's very illustrative. These guys aren't going to be in still water so the exercise won't help them build skills if fins are lost, but it does emphasize how important their fins are and how important the equipment is to their survival. These types of exercises are critical to develop the nuances required for where dives are primarily conducted. I did a dive with one fin in my cave training and it was a good experience... Cookie-cutter programs just can't offer students a robost program thurough enough that they can make mistakes that are not injourous while still under the care of an instructor. The crazy thing is, I find single fins in my open water location all the time. Either those instructors don't want to spend time looking for lost fins or the student isn't encouagemement enough to get their ass back in the water and go get it. They're there! With all if the equipment they rented. Do more diving!

  • Vitomir Maricic
    Vitomir Maricic Year ago

    deep things are awsome. Cool.

    JCA ELITE SCUBA Year ago

    That fish came up tell you that compared to him, your trim and buoyancy sucks! LOL. Nice video.

  • sed6
    sed6 Year ago

    Steve, is this the standard level of training required to get cave certified? Should I expect this much training from another outfit? How much of that gear would I need to buy vs. rent/borrow? If I want to explore a cave for a day or two prior to getting cave certified is that something you do? Very inspiring video and training by the way!

    • Sidemount Scuba Diving
      Sidemount Scuba Diving Year ago

      Thanks for comment, this is what a cave course should cover yes in my opinion. Different places in the world, the training will differ quite a lot due to the types of caves and conditions they have, Mexico is one of the best places for learning. I sometimes provide everything except mask, wetsuit and fins. Most cave instructors would expect you to have all your own suitable equipment before you start. Before a cave course starts, yes for sure take a guided cavern tour for a day or two this gets you inside a cave so to speak but safely with a guide, you will stay in the cavern area where you are in the overhead but you can still see open water and daylight at all times.

  • MrWadstw
    MrWadstw Year ago

    Amazing , Great Job , Awesome filming and editing

  • TheGearLocker
    TheGearLocker Year ago

    Nice series of core exercises

  • HealthSupercharger

    Buoyancy test with a 207 bar full aluminum cylinder is going to not be good way to test your buoyancy because all cylinders no matter what size or material they are made from will be more positively buoyant and best way to do a buoyancy is with an empty cylinder because the important thing is to be able to maintain neutral buoyancy even at end of dive even if you had an emergency and had to use all your air in the tank. Every 13 cubic foot of air in your tank will have 1 lb buoyancy difference so an AL80 will be 6lbs lighter when empty and that is most important to maintain neutral at end of dive. I would just add how ever many pounds of air is in your tank on top of a check that is with a full tank. I use a 120 and 133 cf tanks so even thought they are steel and might be negative empty I do not care because they will be 9 or 10 lbs lighter at end of dive and to maintain a safety stop or deco stop I want to make sure I can be neutral with it. Actually my pony 23 cf tank is another 2 lb positive buoyancy if I were to use that so I need to weight myself for a possible 11 or 12 pound positive change in the event of an emergency when I need to use my tanks

    • Sidemount Scuba Diving
      Sidemount Scuba Diving Year ago

      Thanks for comment, understand you point very well. My surface weight check procedure will get you to plus or minus 1 KG when done with full cylinder(s) so is very accurate, however I do agree an underwater weight check, done at 5 metres / 15 feet with 50 ABR or 700 PSI in tank, with empty BCD holding still is the way to go for best accuracy and have that covered in several online training videos on in all backmount and sidemount courses, here is an preview of one of the those videos Regards, Steve

  • Diane Bays
    Diane Bays Year ago

    Off topic here, but what a beautiful man!

  • David Smith
    David Smith Year ago

    I thought at a couple points it was one tank no mount, and all I could think was nope!

    JCA ELITE SCUBA Year ago

    I use this with open water with new students to learn good buoyancy! My cave course taught me more about diving than I ever could have expected!

    JCA ELITE SCUBA Year ago

    Nice video Steve. Lots of info I use and teach to my students, too. I am so bewildered how some organizations and instructors say they are teaching scuba but the final outcome, their divers, are atrocious. The foundation of the experiences of every diver comes from the skills they learned first. I procede with proper weighting, breathing, moving through the water, regulator clearing, switching to alternate regulators, and then mask clearing. It really does lay the foundation of everything the diver will become and where most of the issues occur from the divers I've seen that were poorly trained. Thanks for the continued dedication and sacrifices you've made to help keep the skills required to be a great diver a true art form! --carlos

  • stephen oliver
    stephen oliver Year ago

    Great tipp

    NEIL HAY Year ago

    As always, good info and great skills. Thank you Steve.

  • Marc OC
    Marc OC Year ago

    What is better for sidemount, DIN or yolk (international) ?

    • Sidemount Scuba Diving
      Sidemount Scuba Diving Year ago

      DIN is better, lower profile under the arm and technically safer in terms on getting a knock and a complete gas loss. I would say get DIN then if you need to use yoke then get a DIN to yoke adaptor, this way all bases are covered

  • Ross F
    Ross F Year ago

    Awesome video Steve! Really like how weighting was stressed. Hope you’re well mate!

  • Yiftah Granot Ginzach

    Steve Martin, that's absolutely brilliantly professional and just awesome to watch. I'm so into your technique . It's such a safe, smart and easy way to gear up and dive!!!

    • Sidemount Scuba Diving
      Sidemount Scuba Diving Year ago

      Thank you, that video is just 1 of currently 169 online video based lessons at Take a look the prices of our training might very well suprise you. They are priced so that almost everyone can afford them. Regards, Steve

  • Bisse Eliæson
    Bisse Eliæson Year ago

    If you are feeling heavy at the feet. Just Bend the knees a bit more. Problem fixed.

  • gyula kiss
    gyula kiss Year ago

    Which manufacturer best cold water regulators? Thnk you!

    • A F
      A F Year ago

      Regulator 1st stage R5 TEC BLACK

    • Sidemount Scuba Diving
      Sidemount Scuba Diving Year ago

      Apeks and Scubapro, do very good cold water regualtors

  • Edward Hall
    Edward Hall Year ago

    Thanks for testing!