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Selena Gomez - Bad Liar
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Selena Gomez - Good For You
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  • savannah saenz
    savannah saenz 11 minutes ago

    Who listens to this song when it rains

  • Daniel Nishida
    Daniel Nishida 12 minutes ago

    Anahí?! Eres tu?!

  • LA Kiwigirl
    LA Kiwigirl 22 minutes ago

    They use phones to film a music video

  • Khushi Ahir
    Khushi Ahir 26 minutes ago

    you rock

  • Neto Mendes
    Neto Mendes 29 minutes ago

    08 de dezembro de 2019. Brasil aqui disponível...🇧🇷🎧🕪😍😙🤘😊

  • Khushi Ahir
    Khushi Ahir 31 minute ago

    im sorry you have to suffer from your friend(s)

  • Esteban G.A.
    Esteban G.A. 35 minutes ago

    Pensé que era nueva jajaja pero es de hace 5 años. Me apareció en recomendación

  • yale angel
    yale angel 36 minutes ago

    Amo está canción.❤️

  • Adrián Rojas
    Adrián Rojas 47 minutes ago

    Her first #1!!!...Go for it girl!!!

  • Dayanne Dias
    Dayanne Dias 47 minutes ago


  • oriana armas
    oriana armas 48 minutes ago


  • jdsxd507 reactive
    jdsxd507 reactive 50 minutes ago

    A quien prefieres: Like: selena gomez Comenta: taylor switf

  • David Ryan
    David Ryan 53 minutes ago

    Str3am Lose You To Love Me on Spotify

  • EdeyMR
    EdeyMR 54 minutes ago

    thousands of questions, it's time to choose: *LIKE= TUSA* 💗 *COMMENT= LOSE YOU TO LOVE ME* 🖤 love u yourself 💖

  • Eba Galvez
    Eba Galvez 58 minutes ago

    Love you

  • David Ryan
    David Ryan Hour ago

    Everyone str3am Lose You To Love Me

  • David Ryan
    David Ryan Hour ago

    Still my favorite song

  • Jacob Jackson
    Jacob Jackson Hour ago

    There are 276,000 comments and out of all of the comment you found mine

  • Jim Ren
    Jim Ren Hour ago

    Can relate this song lyrics...but as a guy😂😞😭

  • Jacob Jackson
    Jacob Jackson Hour ago

    Justin Leave a like👎

  • Jacob Jackson
    Jacob Jackson Hour ago

    Selena Leave a like👍

  • Blue Hunter
    Blue Hunter Hour ago

    Some of the lyrics of this song I totally get

  • Ivana Milic
    Ivana Milic Hour ago

  • Ivana Milic
    Ivana Milic Hour ago

  • Renae Snyder (Student)

    "do you wanna steal a car?" "sure" me: UHHHHH-err-UMM that escalated quickly.

  • Risky Gai Official

    This is how life is.I also lost my first girlfriend to a guy with a new school bag

  • Amanda Victoria
    Amanda Victoria Hour ago

    All I know is I'd have a really hard time with my husband having an ex that looks like this. Must be tough for Hailey.

  • Cassey Ramoutar
    Cassey Ramoutar Hour ago

    Jacob Latimore

  • Ludmila Felema
    Ludmila Felema Hour ago


  • Basema Otom
    Basema Otom Hour ago

    You tell me no need my help so I do what you tell me ))

  • Laura Sesma
    Laura Sesma Hour ago

    Uno queriendo deprimirse aun mas con esta musica y tienen q aparecer los pinches comerciales😢😭

  • Nadia Muniz
    Nadia Muniz Hour ago

    Un tema hermoso ...

  • Turkman Turkman
    Turkman Turkman Hour ago

    Jemand deutsch? 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Sana K
    Sana K Hour ago

    she’s so cute

  • Dani Morgenstern

    Como es que esto aparece hasta 2019?

  • Orlando Colina
    Orlando Colina Hour ago

    Dile al vigilante que siempre esta en la esquina, que me ayude para comprar medicamentos, porque de verdad estoy mal de salud! Ayudame! Esto no es un juego, no tengo ni un peso y tengo endeudada la vida. que paso?

  • Jay Rose
    Jay Rose Hour ago

    Even though they are toxic for each other, i still believe they will end up together and some how, just some how. Be better than what they were before

  • none ya
    none ya Hour ago

    Sucks to love someone so much and then realize they don't want you.

  • Living Dead
    Living Dead Hour ago

    Hum hum hum hum hum hum hum a Lú quer anal

  • Emily T Reed
    Emily T Reed Hour ago

    Found this cos I was watching the film anyone else ?

  • Erika Medina
    Erika Medina Hour ago

    i remember when they played this when alex and mason were dancing 🥺

  • N3kura -
    N3kura - Hour ago

    this is so deep, I‘m actually crying..

  • Rachel CottonCandy

    Camila Cabello VS Selena Gomez who will win? tell me in the comment-

  • Fikriansyah Kuala Saifilia

    Aku bisa merasakan apa yang kamu rasakan💪💪💪 -Indonesia

  • R. Gonzalez
    R. Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    Where was this energy @ the AMA’s? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Aaron Diaz
    Aaron Diaz 2 hours ago

    I’m listening to this in December 2019

  • Clémentine
    Clémentine 2 hours ago

    I've just realized after many years watching this video that the couple is no longer together but just close friends during the party part. I'm so dumb haha. But yeah you can feel the real pain, especially when she cries. Ain't no fake.

  • Daniela Pena
    Daniela Pena 2 hours ago

    i am still listening to this and all other songs from our decade

  • Joe Sekelsky
    Joe Sekelsky 2 hours ago

    LIKE. if you like her with straight LIKE. if you like it curly Like. If you like her with black hair in pony tail

  • Zeke Mcintosh
    Zeke Mcintosh 2 hours ago

    looks like shes lip syncing

  • Joe Sekelsky
    Joe Sekelsky 2 hours ago

    She should make a christmas song 1 like = 1 agreement

  • Joe Sekelsky
    Joe Sekelsky 2 hours ago

    Who did her hair and makeup

  • Melissa Fellows
    Melissa Fellows 2 hours ago

    Selena really deserves Grammy nominations. I'm sick and tired of them snubbing her.

  • Trisna OFFICIAL
    Trisna OFFICIAL 2 hours ago

    Desember 2019

  • ForTruth NotError
    ForTruth NotError 2 hours ago

    63,360 Inches in a mile..... Told ya something you don’t know

  • Tiago Freire
    Tiago Freire 2 hours ago


  • Jéssica Cardoso
    Jéssica Cardoso 2 hours ago

    Selena Gomez. Brazil

  • Jéssica Cardoso
    Jéssica Cardoso 2 hours ago

    Selena gomez. Beijing

  • Tiago Freire
    Tiago Freire 2 hours ago


  • Jéssica Cardoso
    Jéssica Cardoso 2 hours ago


  • Panda Panda
    Panda Panda 2 hours ago

    Wtf it was shot in iphone 11 pro. 🙄

  • Tanmoy Biswas
    Tanmoy Biswas 2 hours ago

    Why the boy looks like Justin?

  • Maria Paz
    Maria Paz 2 hours ago

    I love Selena gomez

  • Santos Armenta
    Santos Armenta 2 hours ago

    Bella, Hermosa, Bonita....!!!😍😍😚😚😊😄

  • DeNay Blanche
    DeNay Blanche 3 hours ago

    I love this song

  • AndrewxJackson
    AndrewxJackson 3 hours ago

    I made my own song outta this music. lol. it goes great with it. I never had a start, trusted them with my heart. then they betrayed me, once again i was lonely. I Now understand, why i had to get banned. Everything that i did, after all i'm a kid. Of course i was mad, but now i am glad i roasted there nuts. but i wished that i was the best, at being a guest, cuz i go.. mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm. look at me now. watch me go mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm. wow. look at me now. mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm. x2 the end. i hope you liked it. dedicated to selena gomez.

  • Daniel Jimenez
    Daniel Jimenez 3 hours ago

    3:17 Marshmello DEATH?

  • kat ed
    kat ed 3 hours ago

    This song hit home for me and i think many other's who've dealt with trauma from an unhealthy relationship. Sometimes i feel like she had been in a narcissistic relationship with Justin Bieber. Not saying i know her or their situation but what i do know is she found her strength to leave.

  • Santos Armenta
    Santos Armenta 3 hours ago


  • Marie battle
    Marie battle 3 hours ago

    I love song 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  • Michelle Ensley
    Michelle Ensley 3 hours ago


  • Dariel Bueno
    Dariel Bueno 3 hours ago

    Love You Queen👑❤

  • 한나오미 사오라

    Very nice

  • Alaa Basha
    Alaa Basha 3 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 .. justin Broken your heart 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Fares Sallemi
    Fares Sallemi 3 hours ago

    This song really show clearly how powerful your filings , i really love it<3

  • Bruna Bruna
    Bruna Bruna 3 hours ago

    🍹good for you!

  • Fithe Diarra Obasuyi

    I think this song is not only to express the love she had for Justin, but it's also for her. It is like that with this song she is telling us that she is growing, she is moving to another chapter of her life. With this song she is has herself.

  • Sami Mies
    Sami Mies 3 hours ago

    Im A" vege vege vege vege.

  • marlon costa
    marlon costa 3 hours ago


  • Emmi Sa
    Emmi Sa 3 hours ago

    I think that she still isn’t over him. If he wanted, he could get her back:( I’m feeling with her, and hope that she will not fall back, 7 years is a long time. Maybe it will take 7 other years to heal from it. But she has to break the old boundaries of old habits and people, he clearly is over her and he only needed her to feed his damaged ego and to prove that he could get her back ever single time. She needs to work on her self confidence and this will take time, but she will be better then ever. Much love for you Selena 💗

  • Bader Eddine
    Bader Eddine 3 hours ago

    I think She's talking to justin face to face 😢

  • Kim Seohyeon
    Kim Seohyeon 3 hours ago

    I still can’t believe she still looks the same as from wizards of Waverley place,like she hasn’t aged at all🤭😳😍

  • Andrej Pehcevski
    Andrej Pehcevski 3 hours ago

    Justin is complicated. I support what u say👍🏻👏🏻

  • jairo aguirre
    jairo aguirre 3 hours ago

    That’s song is copy in some parts

  • Farshid
    Farshid 3 hours ago

    She was so lovely back in the day

  • زهرة البلد brjl

    َٕكلَْ الَحٍبً سيلينا ❤…

  • Ljubomir Milojevic
    Ljubomir Milojevic 3 hours ago

    Hit. I have not comment...🏆🥇

  • Bader Eddine
    Bader Eddine 3 hours ago

    To be honest i wouldn't loose someone like her 😢😯😒😞

  • Bruna Bruna
    Bruna Bruna 3 hours ago

    El ❤ quiere lo que quiere/💔

  • CscrewDriver
    CscrewDriver 3 hours ago

    2020 : Selena Gomez - Seek & Destroy

  • Arslan Amer
    Arslan Amer 3 hours ago

    this feels like a sequel to Everytime by Britney spears.

  • Em Salvatore
    Em Salvatore 3 hours ago

    Selena siempre demostrando lo fuerte que es.

  • Yash K
    Yash K 3 hours ago

    Forget Justin, Alex will always have Mason 😅

  • Emilly Oncer 2
    Emilly Oncer 2 3 hours ago

    8 years later and this song still amazing...

  • CscrewDriver
    CscrewDriver 3 hours ago

    I can't find anywhere the four horsemen and seek & destroy by Selena. Somebody send me a link

  • ammar nahas
    ammar nahas 3 hours ago


  • meine brennenden Flammen

    this was my 'midnight drive' song about 6 years ago and brings back unholy amount of memories, gah, i feel like I'm going to cry

  • Belén domínguez
    Belén domínguez 3 hours ago

    No sean pense que era nuevo el video me ilusione que saddd Neta es selena Gómez ó Selena Quintana

  • Sara of Isla
    Sara of Isla 3 hours ago

    *"i needed to hate you to love me"* *"in two months you replaced us"* *“i saw the signs and i ignored it“* ugh this song hits you right in the feels💔😩 i made a cover of it, would love for you to check it out if you have a minute