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  • Muneeb Iqbal
    Muneeb Iqbal 21 hour ago

    The price of gold is being manipulated. The only way we see the real high of gold is if recession hits.

  • Curtis Womack
    Curtis Womack Day ago

    Ag is purely a Pump-n-Dump, like Ripple. Historically, it’s pumped and manipulated by the rich, because they know the shits worthless. Needing it for "industry" is a bullshit scam from years ago. Just study the history of Ag and how Lord Rothschild used it to completely break England and take possession of London City. Just look how he did it. Same shit as today. Rumors and lies. I bought Ag years ago at 17 an Oz. Sold it 1 year later for 17 an Oz. What is it now? Industries don’t need it like they say. It’s all bullshit rumors. The low volatility says only the rich can profit with any seriousness.

  • Master Builder

    That’s how I like things, Right and Proper

  • Hiccup
    Hiccup Day ago

    I have wanted to sign up for your service for a couple years but you still require a PayPal account. And the $1 trial also requires a PayPal account. Happy to pay with a credit card. Shall I try again in a couple years?

  • B H Gardeners
    B H Gardeners 2 days ago

    The RATIO of gold to silver prices is likely to hold near 2019's three-decade highs according to analysts and investment managers speaking at this week's LBMA conference in Shenzhen, China. The precious-metal market's premier annual event, this year's conference of the London Bullion Market Association met with the price of gold trading at 85 times the price of silver, making gold more than 50% more expensive than its half-century average against silver. This year's highs in the ratio came after silver prices fell by $2 per ounce over the 18 months to July 2019, but gold held steady. Silver prices then surged by 30% to peak at 3-year highs of $19.65 in early September, and that crushed the Gold/Silver Ratio from a near all-time record of 93 - its highest since March 1991 - to dip below 80 less than 2 months later. But the ratio has since reversed half of this drop, and guest speakers on Day Two of the LBMA's 2019 conference in Shenzhen saw little cause for it to fall steeply, meaning silver is unlikely to outperform gold. Over the last 30 years, said James Luke of Schroders, the Gold/Silver Ratio has only contracted when either global economic growth has been accelerating or world central-bank gold buying has been weak. Official-sector gold demand last year set a half-century record, and looks set to match or beat it in 2019. Global GDP growth is meantime forecast at 3.2% this year and 3.4% in 2020, down from 3.5% in 2018. Yan Wei of Elephas Investment also said he see little chance of silver catching up with gold's percentage gains, because the yellow precious metals is more like a currency, whereas a much bigger component of silver demand comes from industrial use. "Inventory keeps building," Wei went on, and that's "not healthy" for silver prices. What gains silver has made in 2019 look less sustainable than gold's, he suggested, because they came on a surge of short-term speculative trading rather than long-term investment. For instance, Wei said, silver trading through the Shanghai Gold Exchange has exploded, most likely driven by retail investors. Average daily silver volumes on the SGE had doubled by October, reaching $7.5 billion the Friday before this year's LBMA conference and overtaking the US Comex derivative exchange's volumes by value. This jump has come from private investors trading on leverage, said Cai Zhenwei from Bank of China's Trading Center (Shanghai), making it a "short-term volatility trade" driven by speculators, rather than long-term holders. However, SGE gold volumes have also reached all-time records in 2019, added the World Gold Council's John Reade, chair of this year's investment panel at the LBMA conference. Indeed, this is the first time that Chinese gold investing has participated in a global rally for the yellow metal, Reade said. For silver, China's technological demand remains strong, most notably in solar energy. The world's second largest economy suffers the worst pollution, said James Kynge of the Financial Times, and so Beijing is driving the most aggressive "green revolution" policies. China in 2019 became the first country in the world to achieve "grid parity" for solar power, Kynge told the LBMA conference, with the cost of electricity generated by photo-voltaic panels - in which silver is currently a key material - falling as low as the most common existing source of energy. For China, that means coal-powered electricity plants. Even so, silver still lacks any compelling story attracting investors, said Suki Cooper of Standard Chartered, speaking on this year's price forecast panel at the LBMA conference and saying that it's difficult to find a strong reason for investing in gold near term. Yes, a high Gold/Silver Ratio has encouraged some investors to think that the white metal is under-valued, Cooper went on, and when the GSR has risen above 80 in recent years, the following drop has come from silver prices rising rather than gold falling, because the cheaper metal played "catch-up" with gold's underlying trend.

  • Eli
    Eli 2 days ago

    Great info AGAIN!

  • edward gofsky
    edward gofsky 2 days ago

    Great chart work as usual!

  • Marc Bailey
    Marc Bailey 2 days ago

    You are brilliant Christopher. Thank you for this.

  • Tyrone Austin
    Tyrone Austin 3 days ago

    Look at my baby grow an grow. #Bitcoin I wrote the outline "How to create, store and trade your #WorkEffort" BUT wile working on it in 2003 my computet mysteriously locks up. I then took it to a computer repar shop owne by a Chinese Student who was attend the area college. He was baffled and couldn't get it to reopen. He then ask me what was I working on and I told him. Creating money but "not" out of thin air like the US Treasury, but with work effort you proformed. I then broke down how it works and how we keep track of who trading and spending and creating. I then warned him that people with traditional mone will not like this and will come for whomever release it into the US economy. We made a traded for a working computer. The Chinese repair man while in the bastment of his small shop on Big Ben blv in St.Louis county told me he will release it but not under his name. He then told me he will take his new wife to be last name when he returns to China to get married. Then I'll let it go! The only thing wrong is that all of the currency (MONEY)need to be compounded in one placed in one bank to intice more people to join. "STOP SPENDING THE CASH" Fix this and it will be a wildfire and explode! Your welcome world 🌎 #TLA #STLA #STL. "Work for $ trade with #Bitcoin

  • BCPM vancouver
    BCPM vancouver 3 days ago

    The banks are involved with the take down of the miners as well as naked shorting gold/silver, on a daily basis. !!!!

    • iGold Advisor
      iGold Advisor Day ago

      They may be -- but the markets are always more powerful in the long run.

  • Tony L
    Tony L 3 days ago

    I have been saying it will be going up for the last year. Every month i have kept thinking like you that it will be going up but they keep pushing it sideways to down. If it was doing what it is supposed to be doing it would be over 2500 now and much higher of it was tied to debt but for some reason it detached from debt and has been manipulated down by all the banks. I don't know if they can keep it up but I am sure they can do it for longer than I think and they will for as long as possible.

  • naveed javid
    naveed javid 3 days ago

    Hi would just like to add i really enjoy watching and find very beneficial however being based in the uk it would be really good to see similar analysis in GBP terms

  • Anthony Brookes
    Anthony Brookes 3 days ago

    Just an opinion,,,,,But, I think the gold price action is caused by Central Bank buying, getting themselves into position, When the Invester and Hedge Funds kick in, then we will see the Miners Smile,,,,,,Just Opinion

  • Goldenpill
    Goldenpill 3 days ago

    On point and sharp - thanx!

  • Robert Moraws
    Robert Moraws 3 days ago

    Sounds like a good deal. Thanks

  • Manjit Atwal
    Manjit Atwal 3 days ago

    Great Service, good deal to take a shot at it. I am very happy to be a subscriber. Still remember calling Chris in March of 2016, at time I was very excited and was thinking that metals going parabolic (was listening to many other experts), but Chris opened my eyes when he told me that there was a long way to go as nothing happens overnight. He proved to be right. Now I am very satisfied because every week I get very valuable analysis of PM sector along with broad markets, now I can make my decision with great confidence having Chris on my side.

    • iGold Advisor
      iGold Advisor Day ago

      Thanks Manjit -- really appreciate the time you took to write this.

  • Yak Yak
    Yak Yak 3 days ago

    I took the two new positions today. I love being premium. Thanks Christopher.

  • Sam Sum
    Sam Sum 3 days ago

    Thank you Chris for the videos.

  • Michael S
    Michael S 3 days ago

    Looks like a bull flag forming. Been a strong year for gold, especially the massive surge it makes sense for it to consolidate that way. Thank you for the video, Christopher!

  • Paul Plouffe
    Paul Plouffe 3 days ago

    I would encourage anyone interested in a comprehensive and systematic approach to the metals to give this a try. What I most appreciate is Christopher's perspective to view the metals in a broader context with the other asset classes. It's a seasoned and disciplined approach to investing which I find necessary to help balance my own subjective views. Its a balance I have learned to trust. Thank you Christopher!

    • iGold Advisor
      iGold Advisor 3 days ago

      Thanks Paul, really appreciate your review. Let’s get ready for an exciting 12 months. Cheers, Christopher

  • Rod Brumley, Sr. USMC Lt. Colonel ret. Semper Fi

    Gold and Silver will end Dec 31st at much higher prices than at present

    • Mike Dobson
      Mike Dobson 2 days ago


    • Tony L
      Tony L 3 days ago

      I have been thinking that for the last 3 months. It does not happen? They keep lying and manipulating the entire market can't see what is real anymore. Would like to believe the end of the year but think they will keep manipulation to new highs.

  • Dpp 1235
    Dpp 1235 3 days ago

    Thanks Chris so appreciate your work!!!

  • iGold Advisor
    iGold Advisor 3 days ago

    ---------- Limited Time Special Offer - $1 for Two Weeks Premium Membership igoldadvisor.com/pmi-trial/ ---------- Consultations: igoldadvisor.com/consultations/ ---------- Silver & Gold Summit, October 27-28, 2019, San Francisco, CA: cambridgehouse.com/silver-gold-summit/register Promo Code: AARON50 ---------- If you would like to support the creation of these free videos, your donations are most appreciated. www.patreon.com/christopheraaron ---------- Christopher Aaron is senior editor for the Gold-Eagle & Silver Phoenix investment portals: www.gold-eagle.com/authors ---------- Thank you for watching. This channel is dedicated to providing unbiased analysis of the precious metals and global capital markets. ----------

  • OcOmega Shadow
    OcOmega Shadow 3 days ago

    Wow really amazing video!!! :D

  • Max Ralston
    Max Ralston 5 days ago

    The question is what will pay more. Scaling up with futures over time on the way up or going in with options. I think options honestly.

  • Max Ralston
    Max Ralston 5 days ago

    Yeah, exact same thing I’ve been seeing since the beginning of its formation. You’re missing some key points tho. Throw the 20 sma on the weekly. Go back 20 years. You can see the exact same setup like 3-4 times. Slv will run to 20/22 in before end of year out of this.

  • Max Ralston
    Max Ralston 5 days ago

    Very very nice technical setup forming. Glad to see a video titled with this. Let’s see what you got to say.

  • Shi
    Shi 6 days ago

    Crash to what it’s already under 20 dollars it’s not that far off the ground

  • ARGENT pièce .999
    ARGENT pièce .999 7 days ago


  • goapsyfreestepforlife

    make or break at 16.5

  • Malibu 340
    Malibu 340 7 days ago

    Let me guess before watching. Silver going to the moon!!!

  • Markus Lissheim
    Markus Lissheim 7 days ago

    Request for platinum & Palladium update?

  • richard c
    richard c 7 days ago

    I like gold holdings, smaller, more value and fits in safe deposit box easy! If you leave with a company, that company can go under, that is a higher risk than a bank box. So I always take my gold and hold it myself.

  • Martin Voulminot
    Martin Voulminot 7 days ago

    Keep these videos coming! Good job Chris!

  • Sean Buckner
    Sean Buckner 7 days ago

    Silver is going to 13.. keep your powder dry.. you have 2 down legs with support at 14. You see movement when banks fail. thats it.

  • Hernando Cortez
    Hernando Cortez 8 days ago

    On Monday, the People's Bank of China will be entering the Comex gold market. This concerns me as it seems likely they will work with the US bullion banks to cap gold and thus silver. Any thoughts?

  • Dred Scot
    Dred Scot 9 days ago

    u killin' me

  • J S
    J S 9 days ago

    I think the JPM RICO will allow silver to adjust “naturally” to 20-22 by the end of the year and people will sell off driving it down just in time for a debt crisis. The FED will have to pump in trillions again and we are going to see a massive inflationary correction leaving silver 30-34/oz min after the panic public buys stop. The only wild card is Trump trying to push this off until elections.

  • Yahn Ferral
    Yahn Ferral 9 days ago

    Or possibly a number of higher lows under the trend line? Hmmm

  • richard c
    richard c 9 days ago

    Got to buy more of the gold bullion

  • Jemille Hardy
    Jemille Hardy 10 days ago

    I think your vids are the best on pm; I'm close to SF but dread the city and traffic and parking.

  • Mike Dobson
    Mike Dobson 10 days ago

    Terrible set up. Lower highs, lower lows.

  • Charles Swoboda
    Charles Swoboda 10 days ago

    Dude it could also just stay roughly where it's at for a long time silver is fickle

  • Eli
    Eli 10 days ago

    In your opinion; while the price of silver is still a good deal, what silver do you favor buying before there may be a bull market coming..which would you try and load up on--ASE’s or trusted generic rounds ? I realize the points in buying each, but sometimes I like to hear what others like to buy. Thanks. (And I’m not sure if gold would be thrown into the mix. As I can only afford to buy 1/10oz gold at a time every few months. ASE’s or

  • Isaac Greenough
    Isaac Greenough 10 days ago

    I'll answer you're question silver is gonna fuckin explode !!!!

  • Kevin Paulsen
    Kevin Paulsen 10 days ago

    Great analysis Aaron, thank you so much!

  • profnasty
    profnasty 10 days ago

    So the prognosticators say it's worth $5.00. But you say it's worth $50.00. Who's right; the experts, or ewe? Silver will prevail!

  • Kaptain Lightcoin
    Kaptain Lightcoin 10 days ago

    Paper silver market is manipulating the physical market

  • Sofian Hadjdjilani
    Sofian Hadjdjilani 10 days ago

    Thanks 🙏🏻 there are many bullish confirmations

  • Silver Bean Counter
    Silver Bean Counter 10 days ago

    Appreciate the chat action and opinion brother. 👊

  • Girish Hinduja
    Girish Hinduja 10 days ago


      MIAPBALLER 10 days ago

      Girish Hinduja you got that backwards

  • Girish Hinduja
    Girish Hinduja 10 days ago


  • Floyd Rosini
    Floyd Rosini 10 days ago

    You're a great teacher Christopher! Always so informative and helpful in making wise decisions. Thank you!

  • kevin wilson
    kevin wilson 11 days ago

    Who would you suggest for silver mining companies to invest in? I'm new at this and at 49yrs old, I could use some help and dont want to loose money.

    • iGold Advisor
      iGold Advisor 10 days ago

      Hello Kevin: please schedule at least a 30-minute consultation so I can devote time to assisting you: igoldadvisor.com/consultations/

  • Kevin Vandeweyer
    Kevin Vandeweyer 11 days ago

    Love your intel, greetings from Belgium

  • Aeromet TC
    Aeromet TC 11 days ago

    What’s the best silvers miners

  • John P
    John P 11 days ago

    With the bank bailouts, Turkey starting a new Middle East war, the fall of the Democratic Marxist Party, the Trump lynching and the Communist China over through of America I believe the metals will shoot up soon.

  • acjitsu
    acjitsu 11 days ago

    I think it breaks upward. Brexit and FED meeting at end of October where they may cut rates again.

  • Goldenpill
    Goldenpill 11 days ago

    When a sober man raises his voice like this my ears perks ups!

  • V Stefan
    V Stefan 11 days ago

    Gold has a similar pattern, trend line going up from 1381 01/07/2019, 1410 31/07/2019, 1472 30/09/2019 format price DD/MM/YYYY on XAUUSD, looks like it is set to retest that upward trend around 1480 bounce up and break the downward daily trend. Both gold and silver look like they are in bullflag consolidation zones. I expect both to break the current downward consolidation to the upside as early as late October but almost definitely Nov/Dec. Nov/Dec-Feb usually bull time for precious metals. There is also another interesting upward trend line on XAGUSD connecting 16.99 30/09/2019 to 11/07/2018 15.09 which if it holds the retest would indicate silver may break trend to the upside even earlier.

  • njsharkee70
    njsharkee70 11 days ago

    Congrats on Silver Summit...Will be there, from san jose. Sfo a dump but silver summitt worth attending.. Was very informative last year so anyone close should definitely go...

  • Glen H
    Glen H 11 days ago

    Christopher, thanx for this educational video. I am a stacker and bought silver in 2011. I am sticking with silver until the silver to gold ratio gets into the mid-40's. I have no idea what I will do after that. I will probably be stuck with my silver for a few more years though. At least. Even if silver rises to 21 or 22 dollars per oz, I will not sell my silver unless the silver to gold ratio falls below 50. I am not willing to sell my silver at a loss and I do believe that most likely silver will rise much faster than gold over the next 3 years. I do believe that gold is the best place to put savings over the long haul if you are a retired person. I regret buying and holding silver back in 2011. Very big error.

    • iGold Advisor
      iGold Advisor 10 days ago

      Glen, don't beat yourself up too much. Many people bought in 2011. But do make the best decisions going forward based on your situation. Best regards, Christopher.

    • Gigi D
      Gigi D 11 days ago

      I am a little worried about where to buy and later, where to sell, I hear they always have to take off a dollar or so to make a profit with silver, I called a local dealer and they told me that, but when it comes time to sell, are we guaranteed that we will get the money for it? Thats why I havent started yet

  • Work With Nature - How to Grow Food!

    Look at the silver chart on the daily. We are making lower lows and lower highs.

    • Scott Rusty
      Scott Rusty 10 days ago

      You clearly didnt watch the video

    • l jessel
      l jessel 11 days ago

      Is that not what he showed - but it is the daily and not the long term trend.

    • silver fox
      silver fox 11 days ago

      do you mean how to help food grow?

    • Henry Hein
      Henry Hein 11 days ago

      That's what the falling wedge pattern is

    • V Stefan
      V Stefan 11 days ago

      Yes both gold and silver are in daily downtrend making lower lows and lower highs, but it looks like a bull flag that will break to the upside, health consolidation after the big move up. I expect gold and silver to break to the upside out of the bull flag consolidation as early as late October but almost certainly before the end of this year sometime in Nov/Dec. Nov/Dec to Feb is usually a bull period for gold and silver.

  • DGC Castile
    DGC Castile 11 days ago


    • iGold Advisor
      iGold Advisor 10 days ago

      Thank you -- look forward to meeting you!

  • Richard
    Richard 11 days ago

    As always Mr. Aaron thank you so much for all you do to help us newbies. Peace and good health.

  • Jon Runyan
    Jon Runyan 11 days ago

    IGold Bull !!!

  • edward gofsky
    edward gofsky 11 days ago

    Great video.

  • John Allen
    John Allen 11 days ago

    Thanks Christopher! Extremely glad to have your premium member updates. How high do you think silver will go on this run?

    • Mark Nordgård
      Mark Nordgård 10 days ago

      Down !!!!!

    • iGold Advisor
      iGold Advisor 10 days ago

      Assuming the pattern discussed in this video holds, low - mid $20's as an initial target.

    • Aeromet TC
      Aeromet TC 11 days ago

      John Allen would you recommend any silver miners you like?

  • Silver Surfer
    Silver Surfer 11 days ago

    Thank you for your time and knowledge. I am 100% in the previous metals market as of 1 yr ago and will continue to ride this wave higher. Your expertise is enlightening.

  • David Singleton
    David Singleton 11 days ago

    Hoping your bullish is right as invested.

  • LIX 59
    LIX 59 11 days ago

    SFO is the last place I wanna go !

  • El Sols
    El Sols 11 days ago

    Congrats on the Summit!

  • Tony Blaylock
    Tony Blaylock 11 days ago

    Thanks Christopher! Any thoughts on numismatic pre33 coins?

      ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL 2 10 days ago

      Get as many as you can!

    • TR P
      TR P 11 days ago

      Tony Blaylock - if you can find for near the same premium as bullion, Why not? Maybe some day people will value them as collectors again. Probably not since sneakers are larger collector market 🥺

  • Yak Yak
    Yak Yak 11 days ago

    Teach those technicals Mr Aaron!

  • William Fowler
    William Fowler 11 days ago

    I seen this setup last night my jaw almost dropped!

  • Gray Fox
    Gray Fox 11 days ago

    glad you do sound bullish again, good video

  • Gray Fox
    Gray Fox 11 days ago


  • Gray Fox
    Gray Fox 11 days ago

    yeah, new video 👏

  • James Hibbert
    James Hibbert 15 days ago

    Thanks, Chris .... But are we not just forming a 4th wave correction before the final crash ?

  • Roy R
    Roy R 18 days ago

    Great video! Very educative! Looking forward to see more videos like that! Thumbs up!

  • Ricardo Afonso
    Ricardo Afonso 21 day ago

    Chris, trying to donate to you (one-off basis) in Patreon but there's only the option to support you monthly. Any way around that?

    • iGold Advisor
      iGold Advisor 21 day ago

      Thanks Ricardo! Patreon tells me the best way to do it is like this: support.patreon.com/hc/en-us/articles/204606215-Can-I-make-a-one-time-payment-

  • DRC L
    DRC L 21 day ago

    Nicely done, glad your going to take each further

  • Retirement Crisis
    Retirement Crisis 21 day ago

    Silver always crashes.

  • SouthTxRoughneck
    SouthTxRoughneck 22 days ago

    Where can I buy silver

  • Richard
    Richard 22 days ago

    Mr. Aaron thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and explaining it in a way that we newbies can understand. Much gratitude and appreciation. Cheers

  • Tyler Webb
    Tyler Webb 22 days ago


  • Mystic
    Mystic 23 days ago

    Could also go heavier gold for physical and heavier silver in stock market so it's liquid if u think silver will go to the moon, but only for a short while.

  • M1A1 Abrams
    M1A1 Abrams 23 days ago

    You took half the profits out of your trading. You made a $1000 & took $500 to physical metals. But I got your point. I love your video very informative. And can't wait till you expand your videos into how to trade.

  • Simply Jef
    Simply Jef 23 days ago

    Well done !!!!!!!

  • smoka1984
    smoka1984 23 days ago

    Thanks for the good overall picture Chris! Id love any and all info with in the sector, especially on identifying and finding small companies and how to go about it. Keep up the good work

  • Thomas Crowne
    Thomas Crowne 23 days ago

    Been listening to you for years Christopher and I have to say this is one of your finest videos by far 👌

  • John Murray
    John Murray 23 days ago

    Chris - I appreciate the detailed and thoughtful overview of how to construct a portfolio. Many thanks for sharing your insights, and I hope you continue to do so! Best Regards, John

  • Jack W
    Jack W 24 days ago

    Thanks helps very much please continue.

  • Skydiver711
    Skydiver711 24 days ago

    You;re crazy if toy;re buying any of this right now. They are destroying the metals and I see no end in sight.

  • banksofgreenwillowproject@gmail.com

    Excellent video Chris. Very succinct and informative. Thank you from the Steel City of Sheffield UK.

  • Goldenpill
    Goldenpill 24 days ago

    Enjoying the ride - Thank for posting these videos. You are one of the rare ones that have a sober view!

  • Work With Nature - How to Grow Food!

    Was thinking as low as 1360$, but as you said nobody has a Crystal ball.

  • Danny Mc phee
    Danny Mc phee 24 days ago

    Excellent video, thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience.

  • Paul Mullins
    Paul Mullins 24 days ago

    Thank you for excellent content.

  • Randseed Bin
    Randseed Bin 24 days ago

    I didn't understand what warrants were, so thanks for explaining that. Also, I'm now going to start learning more about miners and following GDX.